Lisa Returns Ch. 01

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Friends don’t come easily. Sometimes, you meet a person and get along from the first second. Sometimes you know a person for years, but get betrayed in the end. Sometimes you find a lover and stay loyal, only to know that he/she has cheated and lied on you. Friends don’t come easily.

I am glad to have Lisa.

When I was 18 and went to America to study, I was lucky to find a cheap place to stay. Lisa was my landlord. Although older than me by almost 18 yrs, at 39, she slowly become my friend, my close companion, my soulmate. For two years, she was someone who advised, who shared, who cared, who befriend, who made me not feel lonely in a foreign country. They say that a man and a lady can never have a relationship without sex, but we in fact had that kind of relationship.

The only time we got really physically intimate was when we were both slightly drunk from beer one night. We were hugging each other on the couch like we always did as companions, when a kissing scene on tv made our bodies rub against each other in unison.

“Greg, kiss me”, she turned me head towards her and whispered into my mouth.

I kissed her lightly, then pressed my lips harder as she opened her mouth and invited my tongue in. We sucked, kissed and wrapped onto each other before she abruptly broke the kiss as my hands reached her breasts. We both knew it was alcohol that did the job, and not wanting to jepordize our pure friendship, instinctively, we didn’t go further. We went back to our rooms as usual. I did not even masturbate that night and that was pendik escort that, a one-night-almost-stand, and our friendship remained the same after that night.

Then Lisa met George online. I was happy that she finally found a man she loved, though at the same time I was jealous and worried. They started to talk on the phone and I would hear loud moans late at night coming from her room. Sometimes she masturbate on the cam for him as I peeked into her room. The more they did, the more worried I got that he would take her away.

It came true in the end.

Lisa fell madly in love with George over 2 months, and moved to LA with him when I was 20. They had only known each other online, but I don’t know what spell he cast on her. She left me nothing but her house, an empty shell with no emotions. She never came back. George never allowed her to answer my calls, and her occasional log ins onto the messenger were often ended suddenly by, “gotto go, george’s back.” I never had a chance to know what kind of life she lived with the possessive George.

As abruptly as she had left, three years later, the door bell rang. I nearly teared when she was standing in front of me. I didn’t know why she was back and didn’t ask for weeks.

Three weeks later, we were on the couch, talking about life like we always did.

“Lisa, why did you come back?” I asked suddenly.

“Why, don’t you want me back?” She laughed.

“Lisa… why are you back? What happened?” I looked at her seriously, and she sensed it.

She cried. Damn! I made her cry.

“I escort pendik should never had gone to LA with him. Never. It started off well in the first week but that was it. He started to control me, control who I met. I was scared… Then he started to invite men over… They groped me, but he didn’t seem to care. I told him, but he DIDN’T cared! He then… cheated on me… after I refused… to… have sex with his clients…” Lisa sobbed.

I said nothing but hugged her tightly. She never felt more important to me than this moment in time. The sadness must have drained her. She rested her head on my knees as her tears subsided. I bent over and kissed her forehead lightly.

“Greg, kiss me.” She whispered into me.

The same couch, the same people involved, she and I, the same emotions. I kissed her lightly on her lips as she sat up to meet my mouth harder. We both layed on the couch and wrapped onto each other side by side. The kiss got intense, more intense than the last one we had. My hands moved onto her tits, as I waited for her next action. She would break the kiss and we would stop, i thought.

She did break the kiss, but it didn’t stop me. She would not get away from me this time. I held her close to me as I forced my way back onto her lips. She tried to push me away with her knees but I conquered them and wrapped her between my legs. Her breathing got harder and quicker as I flicked my fingers on her nipples through her tshirt. In one swift motion I pulled her shirt off and then mine. I attacked her soft white breasts pendik escort bayan with my mouth, sucking and licking on them hard.

She held my head tight against her, as I noticed her hands were on her crotch. I turned her over and positioned her beside me and slipped her shorts off. I pull my own shorts halfway to knee level and immediately slipped my cock into her wet pussy from behind. It was slow, but she squirmed to get a firm grip on the couch. She was tight, but I slidded in and out of her juicy pussy with relative ease.

“Oh Greg… Greg….. Greg….”, she panted and panted and called my name, as her body shook against me.

I pulled out, repositioned her and pull off my shorts totally. I was on the outer side of the couch, facing her this time, we were on our sides. I moved my hips backwards and forwards as she made love to my mouth with hers. She was now sandwiched between me and the couch. Every time I slammed my cock deep into her, the leather couch would slap her ass. We both sweated and moaned together and tasted every inch of our bodies.

“Lisa… I’m close… ahh…”.

I tried to pull out, but could only unload my sperm inside her unprotected vagina.

“Uhggh….” She moaned and her body shook as I shot deep into her.

Our climax subsided. She then pull out my cock (still hard) and rubbed it slowly as she sucked my nipple. With no warnings, she attacked my wet cock with our juices into her mouth. If she had wanted to clean my cock with her mouth she did it all wrong, because my cock got even dirtier with her saliva and our cum as she sucked the whole length of my 6 inches. It did not take long for me to cum again. This time, she unloaded my cum onto my stomach, spread them evenly on our skins as we rolled and fell asleep.

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