Lilly’s Training of Fulfillment

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The Master had spent the evening preparing for His long-time slave, Lilly, to come lay with Him. He had lowered the lights softly and placed candles in smaller corners of room, adding a golden glow of ambiance. In the background, soft sounds of His own compositions played as He took her by the hand and led her into the room.

Softly cupping her face in His hands, He kissed her lightly, almost not touching her lips at all. Lilly’s breath lifted into His as His hands slid down her jaw, outlining the gentle curves of her face and down the softness of her throat. His slave kept her hands by her side, wanting so badly to reach up to Him and bring Him fully upon herself, but knew her restraint would be her rewarded. His fingers glided to her shoulders, pushing back her long, brunette hair before gently lifting the straps of her dress over and down her arms, allowing it to fall to the floor.

His was now before Him, fully as He had requested…. there were no bra or panties to prevent Him from seeing the full, plump breasts and the neatly trimmed hair of His slave. He looked over her and slowly led her to His bed.

“Take your place on your knees, girl, up on My bed. Lilly bit her bottom lip and stepped onto a small stool at the foot of the elegant king-sized bed, placing her knees on the soft gold and garnet silk as He brought a large round pillow in front of her. “Bend over this pillow,” He said, leading her body over the pillow, exposing her nether hole for Him.

“Tonight you will open for Me. You may use this pillow to help you stay comfortable. You may also use your safe word if you feel uncomfortable, but other than that, I do not want you to make a sound. I want you to solely concentrate on the feelings of this training. You will be stretched tonight. You will be filled fully…and find fulfillment in the training. Do you understand?”

Lilly nodded her head. She was readily prepared to use her safe word as a last resort to some sort of pain that she could not transcend into pleasure, but her sex was already wet and swollen at being in this position of presentation to her Master. He carefully slipped a black leather hood over her head, covering her eyes and leaving only a single hole over her mouth and two small passages for her nostrils. He tied it firmly behind her head. “This will help you to keep your mind’s focus on the senses of your training, little one.” Lilly nodded once again as feeling the air passing over her moistness and her openness.

Her Master started slowly, taking His time to prepare her for His training. Lilly felt His hands move to the inside of her thighs, spreading them further apart, opening her up even more. Slowly taking a single finger and running it up and down her wet slit, she instantly moaned in want.

SMMMAACKK! Lilly felt the sting of her Master’s hand on her ass. It was not a light, but rather a firm hand that had made its mark.

“slave, I thought you understood, you are not to make a sound… but only feel. I do not want you to cum until I am ready for you to cum,” the Master proclaimed. Lilly did her best not to wince or moan at the stinging of her bottom. “Nod if you understand,” Lilly nodded in silence.

Once again, she her felt Master’s single finger toying with her slit, running up and down her wetness, toying just with the outside of her hole. The wetness and excitement was so evident to Him, He smiled quietly. His slave felt the first of His penetrations as He took His finger and gently inserted it into His slave’s pussy. Subconsciously, Lilly held her breath, awaiting His next movement. She felt Him circle around inside, pulling the edges of her hole in almost a gentle stretching motion. Oh, how she loved that feeling of being stretched.

His finger withdrew and then re-entered, feeling thicker, she guessed that He had now inserted two-fingers. Together they move inside of her, again stretching then they begin a small, barely noticeable bahis firmaları pumping. This is so teasing to her as she so much wants to feel His fingers pump faster, yet she is not in control, Lilly had given control to Him long ago.

He felt her body tense below His touch, nearly restless and knew His little slut was craving more of what He was giving. He wanted her to crave it, so He stopped and removed His fingers, preparing for her what He knew would be the focus of the evening.

He slipped two fingers from each of His hands into the slave’s cunt,. He now used both hands to pull and gently stretch her hungering holes. Moving gently in and around, deeply and then outward, His slave felt His fingers gently pull out of her cunt as they gently run upwards towards her nether hole. His slave took a deep breath waiting…

He saw her breath and knew it was her wanting… “This is good,” He thought to himself, “but not yet.”

He re-inserted His fingers into her wet hole and drew them back out and upward, drawing her juices along that path that He will follow soon. Her breathing was a little more rapid as she knew that the wetness she was providing for Him would also provide a gentler beginning for her.

Lilly felt more pressure inside of her now slick pussy. He now used three fingers from each hand and she felt the in and out pumping motions of His fingers much more vividly. Lilly loved the feeling of fullness and began to wonder how many fingers He would allow her to have. Her sex began to tighten as her arousal built.

He felt her tightening muscles around His fingers and knew she would cum too soon if He did not take control. “I don’t want you to cum unless I give you permission. You are not to speak or beg until I say it is time. You are only to feel and explore this pleasure at this stage, slave. Nod your head if you understand.” Lilly nodded quietly and wondered if she could manage that type of control of her body… oh, the testing of His control was the testing of her own will to submit to Him.

He felt her relax slightly, but not completely and He was pleased. He knew Lilly was a good slave and she did as commanded. He continued His process of bringing wetness upwards towards her darker hole. He felt His little slut slightly tense every time He touched her there and knew this would pass, that she would begin to reach for and crave His presence there… and He was correct.

Lilly felt Him touching her “there,” wetting her more and she tensed slightly in anticipation. The more He wet her, the more excited she became, and the more wanting. The anticipation began to fade and she felt herself slightly push backwards toward His hand in wanting, the tension leaving her body as she began to relax for Him.

“Very good, Mine” He let her know that He recognized her passing into the next stage of preparedness for His first entry. “Almost,” He thought.

Lilly felt even more pressure this time a fourth finger of one hand began to pump slowly into her sex, then more quickly. His other hand rose and began to softly massage her now moistened dark button. Her body tensed again. Oh how she wanted to cum so bad. She wanted so much to cum… the feeling of the fullness inside her sex was nearly unbearable now, the pressure He generated against her ass was so teasing.

He knew she was feeling the want of an orgasm as He felt her now fully swollen sex tighten around His fingers. He stopped the pumping motion and held His hand still in her while keeping a steady pressure on her ass, but not entering her…. her breathing still rapid, she is so close…so, so close.

“You may speak but not beg. You want to cum don’t you, my slave?”

Finally able to voice her desires… “Oh, yes Master…. slave wants to cum.”

He slowly reinserts all of His fingers into her … pushing deeper and deeper until He sees her grip the sheets as her pushes back onto His hand. His other kaçak iddaa hand now presses fully against her ass, feeling her muscles there also tightening and relaxing.

“Release, slave.” Lilly’s body tightened then let go as her body quivered, releasing of her orgasm into His hand. He felt her nearly push His hand out and so He pushed back more forcefully. Her orgasm was intense. The forceful build up of this pleasure made her release so powerfully, cum slowly dripped down her legs.

“It is time,” He thinks. He pulled His cum-covered hand out of her sex and coated her dark button with her cum. He began to gently open her with His fingers. She was ready for the training of true fulfillment that He had planned all evening.

He felt her muscles relax under His hand as He gently inserted not one, but two fingers into her ass. Lilly’s body slightly tensed as she felt Him begin to enter. “Relax, slave, and feel this. You know how to feel these pleasures.”

Lilly listened to His words as He continued to push forward. Slowly, He moved past the outer rings. His words making her forget all else as He made His entry. “Very good, my slave… I can see you are enjoying this.” He noticed that every time He spoke to her, her body relaxed increasingly. Lilly felt Him deeper and deeper, His words comforting; she wanted more though… and He knew it.

He watched as slowly He withdrew His two fingers and entered three. His fingers disappeared into her and she began to rock softly against Him. He reached around, fingering her clit. Feeling her cum dripping, He took a small bit of her juices to keep the hole moist.

“It is more than I can handle,” Lilly thought … “I just can’t hold back any more.” She felt His fingers slowly edging and pulling her asshole around… relaxing the muscles.

“Good girl. Now take a deep breath in and exhale for Me.”

Lilly took a deep breath, felt His widening fingers withdraw, then exhaled as she felt more pressure than ever enter her… oh, the filling of her ass… her head began to spin.

“Yes, my slave… oh, yes… very good…. You now have four of My fingers in your ass, My lovely whore… Very, very good.” His fingers moved all around her stretching hole, sliding around as His other hand joined. His used His fingers side by side to pull gently outward, leaving her gaping before Him. He saw puddles of His slave’s creamy cum gathered beneath His hands, at the opening of her cunt and watched as her pulsate more and more.

“Your Master knows what you want…. You may beg for release now…”

As if a light switch had been turned on, Lilly’s breathing rapidly increased. “Oh, please take me… please take your ass slut. Oh, harder and deeper Master, please????!! please????!…”

He began to slam a single hand, minus His thumb, into her wildly, pumping the four fingers, past His knuckles in and out. Her muscles were gripping and pulling, pushing yet wanting… “Please, Master… let Yours cum… please let your slave cum… oh my god… please I beg you…”

“Cum for Me my little ass slut,” was all her Master had to say. Her bucking became uncontrollable to her… all she could feel was her ass being filled and slammed by her Master’s hand into what was now HIS ass. He pumped her and felt her body tighten around His fingers as she submitted her release against Him.

“You may cum as often as you’d like now until I say otherwise my little cum whore. Do not speak any further… just enjoy your releases.”

He continued to pump her hard. Her ass was now wet and as open as her cunt, He opened her in a way He had needed to for so long now. Over and over again she released orgasm against him.

Lilly could not believe the intensity of her orgasms. She could not stop cumming. All of a sudden, He pulled His hand out of her ass and slammed His cock into her sex. He felt her nearly rise up off the bed as His cock pumped into her other wet kaçak bahis hole.

“Oh my little slave likes to be fucked doesn’t she.”

“Oh yes, my Master…”



The sting of His slap only served to excite her more… she backed up more into Him, wanting more. He felt this and pulled from His bag a large toy fitted for filling so He could continue His pleasure of stretching and filling her ass. His slave felt him withdraw from her sex.

“Lift one leg, slut” He commanded as He brought a round cushion between her legs for her to straddle. Lilly felt the cushion between her legs and wondered what Master had planned for her. She then felt broad coldness at her outer lips, then her inner lips as her realizes He was inserting a large dildo into her. “I see I must take more control since you can not control yourself….Now wait for my command for your next release, whore.”

The dildo slowly slid inside of her and filled her completely. It felt larger than His hand before it, filling and stretching her cunt. The large flat base and the bottom rested on the cushion providing her ‘grinding grounds’. She wanted to say something, anything. He took His cock and finally entered her ass easily. Now with two holes filled she was in heaven with every stroke. She would match His pace, meeting His cock as her entered her ass and would feel the dildo rubbing inside of her heated sex at the same time.

“Hold your cum, girl…” the Master spoke as her pussy was getting tighter… “Hold your cum, girl….” It was getting harder… the feeling so intense… “Don’t you DARE you cum unless I permit!! Her body relaxed just a bit… “Good slave” He thought to himself, but her was only a small relaxation…

He continued to fuck her… she was so open… her ass had been as readied as her cunt… “Oh yes…now the my little slave will have her all…” He thought as He withdrew and picked up the final dildo from His bag.

His slave felt Him withdraw and then the pressure of something very large entering her ass, so wide and so deep into her that the pain teetered to unbearable… but, oh how sweet it was. Her body began to tense with this new pressure and pleasure.

“Don’t you cum yet, slave….” He reached walked over and placed a rubber phallus gag into her mouth, moving it back and forth over her tongue. Her body instantly tensed once more. He knew her would not be able to take much more…

Lilly felt Him next to her face… “Your ass is now stretched five inches wide… you have done well… Your cunt is filled with a dildo almost as wide, and now your mouth is now filled as well, my little cock whore… but that is how you like to be filled isn’t it?”

She lay there feeling the fulfillment of her body. She felt the feeling of fullness of her ass, stretched so well by His caring hand. She felt the feeling of fullness in her cunt. Even with just the picturing in her mind of how she must look, her breathing became more labored. Now her mouth was filled as well and with her eyes blinded by the hood, she was forced to focus only on the feeling of fullness… her head began to spin as her started to enter subspace at last…

Master looked below at His, filled in everyway, her body glimmering with sweat. He touched her skin and felt a cold heat emerge as her breathing began to stutter…”You like to feel yourself filled fully … you have done well. You may cum as many times as you’d like now, My good slave.”

Finally she was here, His control had taken her to this new height… she released like none other as she screamed into the gag, her body too overcome with sensation to do anything but orgasm into the subspace He had created for her. She felt her own cum releasing over and over as she felt nudges here and there of the different rubber cocks filling her holes… the one in her ass being pushed deeper in, prolonging her orgasm…. The only knowledge she now had of the feeling of being under His control. She could think of nothing else but the fulfillment… just as He had commanded her to do… just as He had planned.

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