Like a Good Neighbor, Rachel is There

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It was turning out to be a wonderful spring day. Highs in the upper 80’s and not a cloud in the sky. Over the weekend I had managed to get the pool in shape and decided it was time to play hooky from work so I could lay out and work on my tan.

Playing hooky isn’t hard for me. I work mostly at home, going into the office two or three times a week. Plus, working as an advertising consultant requires me to be alone with my thoughts so I can remain creative. It has been five years since I worked full time at the office. The company was very understanding of my situation and it didn’t hurt that I managed some of the top accounts.

Still, I would rather not have a special situation and wish nothing more than to go to the office every day so I could come home to my wife and children. Unfortunately, my wife and young daughter were killed in a car accident five years ago. It was very traumatic for awhile on my boys and me. In the end, the insurance and settlement was very helpful in the fact that I was able to pay off the house and all our major bills. And like I said the company was very understanding.

I pick up the phone and dial my secretary’s number. She works in the office and basically runs interference for me. I don’t answer my phone at home, letting all calls go into voice mail. Nancy has my private number and if it’s important will call me before transferring someone to my other line.

“Hi, Nancy. Just wanted to let you know I have a doctor’s appointment and will be out for a while.”

“Gee, Mr. Robinson. I don’t see an appointment on your calendar. You’re usually very good about keeping me informed of such things. Maybe, you’re going to see a dermatologist. What was his name, Doctor Sunshine?” Nancy kids.

“There’s just no fooling you is there Nancy.”

“You get the pool all cleaned up? When you going to invite me over and dip me?” she asks with an obvious double meaning. Nancy and her husband are devout swingers and after the first year without my wife she had tried to get me with them.

“Now you know I don’t go that way,” I reply.

“Well you never know until you try, have a nice time,” she says hanging up the phone.

I probably could get Nancy as a solo act but just never pushed it. I just leave her in the back of my mind when I masturbate, something I seem to do a lot of. With a 9 and 11 year old boys running the house most of the time, I do good to have any time other than day time to myself.

I head down to the pool after stopping to slip on a fairly skimpy cut swimsuit. I don’t wear the suit in public but I prefer to tan in it since it is as close as I dare come to an all over tan. I don’t like tanning beds, finding the artificial rays not quite giving the skin the same natural tone. I situate my chair for maximum rays, splash on some lotion and enjoy the warmth of the impending summer.

I must have fallen asleep, because I never heard the gate open. What I did hear shocked, surprised and embarrassed me.

“Hi. Mr. Robinson. I thought you might have the pool ready. Hope you don’t mind me stopping by. Wow! Now that’s a great swimsuit, Mr. R.”

It was the daughter of my good neighbors Bill and Amy Hanson, Rachel. Waking and registering her comments I look at my swim suit and notice that as usually happens when I sleep, I was rewarded with a sentry on duty in the form of a nice hard on pressing the spandex material. I throw a towel over myself and attempt to greet her.

“Rachel, I didn’t know classes were out already.”

“Yeah the last day was yesterday and I came right home.”

“You still majoring in psychology?” I asked the 20 year old.

“Yeah, for now. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Right now I’m thinking of maybe a therapist or something. I like to help people.”

“Well I’m sure you would be good at it.”

“Mr. R. if this is a bad time I can come back. I didn’t mean to intrude,” Rachel says referring to the bulge she is eyeing still very prominent even under my towel.

“Don’t mind him. He has a mind of his own and tends to wake up when the rest of me is asleep. Sometimes he stays up all night,” I joke.

“It still hurts doesn’t it. Even after five years. I was only fifteen but I remember babysitting. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t bring this up.”

“It’s really okay. You know from your studies that it’s good to talk about your emotions and feelings. For me, I have good days and I have bad days. It’s all in how bahis firmaları you learn to live with it,” I explain.

“Can I ask you a personal question Mr. R.?”

“Yes if you will stop calling me Mr. R and call me Chuck. That is what my friends call me and I do consider you a friend.”

“Chuck, do you date much?”

“I did for awhile, about six months after, and it just didn’t seem right. People were trying to set me up with dates saying it would help me get over it. It didn’t and so I stopped. The boys keep me plenty busy and even though to the outside observer it may not look like I work for a living, I actually get a lot more done here at home than I ever did at the office.”

“But don’t you miss sex?” she asks bluntly.

“Of course I do. But I’ve decided not to try and have a relationship until the boys are a little older. I have to consider their feelings too. It wouldn’t be right to just replace Mommy.”

“So do you just…you know…do it yourself?”

“If you mean masturbate, yes I do that. Maybe a little more than most guys, at least the ones with some access to a normal relationship,” I tell her trying not to show my embarrassment of the conversation.

“What do you consider a normal relationship?” she continues with what appears to be a game of twenty questions.

“Well normal may mean different things, but I was refering to some type of committed relationship where there is understanding of needs, love, desire. That sort of thing. Yes there can be purely sexual relationships but I think those are mostly fantasies put in magazines by writers trying to make you believe they are sexual superheroes.”

“So you don’t think it is possible for two people to have a purely platonic relationship, based entirely upon sex, or at least satisfying sexual needs?”

“I don’t know if it is or not. I’ve never been in one and like I said, I think it is basically a fantasy. That would be of course other than a one night stand type event.”

“Better not tell my Mother that,” Rachel mumbles just barely audible from where I am sitting.

“So why all the questions. You doing a paper on me?” I wonder.

“No, but no offense, it could be a good one. I think you have a wonderful imagination. It is refreshing to hear a man talk who knows what he thinks. Guys my age tend to wander about looking for what they believe in. I just keep my mouth shut or ask a lot of questions. I hope I didn’t offend you,” Rachel tells me forcing a smile.

“Not at all, it’s actually kind of nice to have an adult conversation once in a while. The only opinion the boys think I have is whether they should clean their rooms,” I joke.

I also look for the first time at Rachel as an adult. Not the little girl from next door that is now growing up. She has been coming over to use our pool for years. She has baby sat all my kids. The death of my wife and daughter had to have an effect on her as well. But now I see her as a young woman, coming into her own. And quite a beautiful young woman at that. My god has she been standing here all this time in that yellow string bikini. I have got to start taking more cold showers.

“Chuck, do you mind if I get something cold to drink? Can I bring you something?”

“Sure. How bout a beer for me?”

“Mind if I have one?” she asks wondering how I feel about giving alcohol to someone not 21.

“The way I see it, you can join the military at 18, carry a gun and die for your country. In my world that is enough to qualify you to drink alcohol, as long as you do it responsibly.”

“Thanks. I promise not to do anything too wild then,” she tells me glancing over her shoulder as she walks into the house.

I have got to stop thinking this way. Rachel and her parents have been my best friends since we moved here almost ten years ago. We have watched after each other’s kids. While not old enough to be Rachel’s Dad, I could be an uncle or something. And here I am looking at her tight ass in that swimsuit that barely covers it. I better keep this towel in my lap awhile longer.

Rachel returns setting the beers on a table before she pulls a chair up facing mine. I can’t stop myself from looking at her tits. Damn they are beautiful. So young and firm looking covered in the same barely covering bikini material as her ass. And so large for her age. I wonder what that would feel like wrapped around my hard cock?

“What are you thinking about?” she asks.

My eyes kaçak iddaa avert to her face and I realize I am busted.

“You don’t want to know.”

“You thinking how much fun it would be to titty fuck me and cum on my face,” the little darling says with an evil grin.

“Actually I hadn’t got past the titty fuck part,” I admit blushing.

“You know I think it is possible for two people to have a physical only relationship. In fact I know it is. I know people that do it. Maintain a non-emotional involvement relationship that is. Do you think you could do that with me? I would like to help you. I don’t think it’s good that you don’t have a totally effective outlet for sex. But I don’t want you to fall in love with me either. I have needs and urges too. And I spend a great deal of my time studying so I have very little time for a social life. And I don’t like one night stands either.”

Okay. I know it’s not polite to stare. But for maybe the second or third time in my life I am speechless. Did I just hear her right? Is she proposing that we have a sexual affair for no other purpose than to satisfy each other? Okay, must be time to wake up now. I probably need to turn over and tan my back anyway.



“What do you think?”

“I’m not sure. You are a beautiful young lady. No man in his right mind would turn you down. But I’m not sure I can make love to you and stay emotionally detached.”

“There’s your problem and your key,” she tells me, “We are not going to make love. That’s what lovers do. We’re going to fuck each other’s brains out. Pure animal lust, nothing less. If I want to make love, I’ll get a boy friend. And the same for you. You want a love affair, you should find someone that needs and wants that. What I need and want you keep hiding under that towel,” she tells me before pulling the towel from my hands.

“Let me see if I can help convince you.” Rachel moves the top of the lounge chair back and then unties her bikini top, letting her magnificent young tits go free. She leans back on the lounge chair and looks at me. “If you’ll lose that Speedo, I can get you good and wet and you can find out for yourself what it would be like to titty fuck me.”

I stand up in a trance and have to maneuver my swimsuit to get it over my hard cock. Rachel holds her hand out and I take it. She sits up slightly and as I move closer her hand goes to my cock, pulling it to her mouth. She wastes no time and moves up and down the shaft wetting it with her spit. She parts her lips and slobbers up and down before pulling her mouth away and lying back down. Her hands move to her tits holding the sides waiting for me.

I throw a leg over the chair and kneel above her, letting my cock rest in the valley of her tits. She immediately closes them around my cock and I savor the feel of her warm soft skin around me. I pull back a little and then thrust forward, getting used to the tension she is placing on my cock with her young breasts. I push forward letting my balls drag across her skin and notice her head tilted up watching as I push back and forth. I take a chance and push as far up as I can and she opens her mouth and takes the head in, sucking it and letting her tongue twirl around.

I pull back and push forward, watching my cock disappear between her tits and occasionally the head disappearing in her mouth. It has been years and I can’t hold back. I can feel my face twisting up with the need to cum. Rachel must sense this need.

“Chuck, you can cum wherever you want baby. Face, mouth or both. Just do it how you need to do it,” she tells me.

I begin to fuck her tits faster, ready to cum. I push forward and reach down and pull her mouth to my cock. She sucks and twirls her tongue around the head and in a flash I start to cum. After the first shot or two I pull out of her mouth and she reaches up and strokes the rest on her face and a few dribbles on her tits.

“Here. Let me get the towel,” I offer.

That’s okay, I can get it,” she says. I think she means the towel. What she does is use her fingers to scoop my cum off her face, neck and tits and then licks her fingers clean. “That’s better than letting some old towel have it now isn’t it?” she says with that mischevious grin.

“Now it’s my turn buddy. On your back and clear me a place, oh, say, around your tongue for me to sit.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” I reply as I quickly reposition my lounge chair and lay back kaçak bahis about halfway down. Rachel stands before me and removes her bikini bottom. Her pussy is bare except for a small strip of light brown hair. She straddles my chest and lowers herself down and wiggles her pussy on my hairy chest. After a few moments she moves herself up so she is lowering her pussy to my mouth. Her hands hold on to the back of the lounge chair and I reach my tongue out to taste her for the first time.

It has been awhile, but it must be like riding a bike. You never forget how to eat pussy. I let my tongue stroll along her outer lips. I kiss her softly before I let my tongue slip gently into her wet hole. I snake my tongue back and forth, trying to stimulate every part of her pussy. I continue to stretch my tongue until as much of it as I can is in her. Then I pull it out and push it back in, slowly tongue fucking her cunt. She works her hips in the same rhythm but I know she will need more to get off. I return to licking up and down her slit, however this time I go all the way to the top past her clit. As my tongue touches her clit she gasps and her body jumps.

I reach my hands up along her body and find the tits I had just fucked. A couple of strokes later and her nipples are hard under my touch. I run my tongue the length of her pussy again and she grinds her clit to my mouth.

“Pinch my nipples hard, Chuck. Suck and lick my clit. I am so fucking close. I want to cum on your face like you did me,” she begs.

I can not refuse her and do as instructed. I pinch and pull on her nipples causing her to whimper slightly. She grinds her pussy to my face and when I find her clit again, I suck it in between my lips. I tongue lash her and continue to abuse her hard nipples. Her panting turns to moans and her moans into a low squeal as I feel her body tense above me. I keep lapping at her clit but now slow stroke her nipples, keeping them at full hardness as she cums. When Rachel lifts slightly I let her clit go and lift my head to tongue her slit again. I run my tongue the length and when I touch her clit again with my tongue, she grinds her pussy back onto my face and cums again. I allow her to regain her composure before she lifts herself and slides off my face.

Her face is aglow with contentment as her eyes half open to look at me. She looks at my face and grins.

“Looks like you face is the wet one know. Guess I better clean that up too.” Her face moves to mine as she licks her juice off me. Only after covering my entire face with her tongue does she place her lips to mine and slides her tongue into my mouth.

“You think it would be okay if I come over tonight after the boys go to bed?” she asks.

“Only if you promise to let me eat you again and then fuck your hot pussy.”

“Deal. I’m going to go shopping and find something naughty to wear for you,” she says putting her bikini back in place. “Say around ten?”

“I would wait all night to get at that pussy again.”

Rachel kisses me again and then heads out the gate.


I wake up feeling a little groggy. I look up and it’s Amy Hanson. A quick glance around to see my towel neatly folded where I left it and no beer bottles on the table and I know I was just dreaming. Great.

“Hi Amy.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think you were asleep. I didn’t want to disturb you but I saw you laying out and thought I would see how you were doing.”

“I guess I’m doing okay, how ‘bout you?” I ask. Amy is an older version of Rachel, except her hair is more blonde and her hips a little wider.

“Not too bad. I knew you got the pool ready last weekend. You know Rachel is home. I thought she would have come over for a swim. She always enjoys coming over to see you. But she said she had to go shopping. Says she has a hot date later tonight.”

“Yeah, she’s a great kid. She’s welcome any time.”

“I’m sure.”

Wait a minute. City ordinance requires a solid eight foot fence around a yard with a pool. How could Amy see me lying out? And Rachel has a hot date tonight? Amy moves a lounge chair close to me before sitting down.

“How could you see me laying out with the fence?” I ask.

“Oh, you can see it from our spare bedroom upstairs. The view is excellent from there,” she says with that same mischievous grin as…Rachel?

“In fact, I would be willing not to tell my husband about the view for a price.”

Oh, shit. It did happen and Amy saw me. “What do you want?”

“Oh. Just my share of what you gave my little girl,” she says letting her hand run over my Speedo.

It really is nice to have good neighbors.

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