Legal Issues Ch. 02

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Having worked with Janet on a number of cases, I had always considered her a very sexy and talented attorney. The morning’s events had shown me that she had a very different, and even more sexy side than I had ever thought possible. After having to give a deposition on nude day to a nude female attorney, and then ending up not only getting fucked by my attorney, but screwing the opposing attorney silly too, Janet and I were off to “have some fun” and do some shopping, still nude of course. Before today I didn’t know what Nude day was, but now, I wondered how I could celebrate it every year.

Janet and I finished a nice lunch at an outdoor café, the glass table allowing the waitress to have a good look at my hard dick while she served us, along with the many trips she seemed to make to be sure my glass was always full.

“You know, that waitress would love to fuck you.” Janet said.


“I said, she’d love to fuck you. Hell it’s no wonder, you really do have a fantastic cock. Long and fat. I’m more than ready to fuck it again myself.”

“I thought you wanted to go shopping?”

“Oh I do. I saw a little lingerie shop down the street. I though some new panties would be nice. Do you prefer stockings or pantyhose?”

“Hell, that’s easy, stockings.”

“Hmm Thought so. You seemed like a stocking man. You know, I always had fun teasing the hell out of you with my short skirts. I wondered how long it was going to take you to rip my clothes off and fuck me.”

“I couldn’t do that. Wouldn’t have been professional.”

“Well, it’s good to know you thought about it at least. You wouldn’t even do it at the dinners I took you to? You do know I didn’t wear panties any time I was working with you, except in court of course.”

“Damn,” I said shaking my head.

“No like?”

“No… missed opportunities.”

“Oh, well, we don’t want to miss too many of those! Just how short of a skirt would it have taken before you made a pass at me?” She asked, getting up and walking around the small table to where I was sitting. I scooted back and she sat sideways on my lap, my dick sticking up between her legs.

“I’m not sure. The one you had on in the plane was getting pretty close. Hell, I had a hardon the whole time and was trying to see what kind of panties you wore. Now I find out there weren’t any.”

“If you had asked I would have pulled my skirt up and let you look all you wanted.”

“Hell, that would have made me crazy to fuck you.”

She leaned her face down to mine and kissed me gently as she stroked my dick softly with her finger tips, pressing it against her wet pussy. “So do you want to fuck me right here? Do you want to make me cum in public?”

“If we wouldn’t get arrested, hell yes!”

“Oh you are a bad boy!” She said as she got part way up and then sat back down, pushing my dick into her pussy. “Now if you use your fingers well, you can make me cum. I’ll try to do it quietly.”

I moved a hand so my fingers were between her legs and I gently stroked her wet lips, up across her hard clit, getting a little shiver each time I touched it. She put her arms around my neck and leaned down and kissed me, her tongue driving deep into my mouth as I stroked her pussy.

“Hmmmmmm” she moaned quietly into my mouth as the waitress brought our check.

Janet tried to sit still, her body wanting to press toward my fingers with each stroke. Almost teasingly I eased my pressure, using just the tips of my fingers now.

“Oh fuck you are a tease!” She breathed as she pulled her mouth from mine.

“Just like you,” I said as I grinned back at her and then pressed a finger to her clit, flicking it back and forth quickly.

“Oh!” she squeaked as I leaned forward and sucked a nipple into my mouth, nibbling her hard nub while I flicked her clit with my finger. Her whole body trembled and shook in my arms as her pussy squeezed and clenched my dick, her climax coming on her swiftly with the change in sensations. “That was so sneaky!” She half moaned as she panted for breath. “I will certainly pay you back for that!”

“Good, I’m looking forward to it.”

She looked at me, her dark green eyes smoldering with passion. “You are a wicked man. I am so going to love this!” She got up, pulling off my dick with a slurp, leaving my dick shining with her pussy juices. She picked up the check and walked to the counter to pay the bill.

“Anything else I can get you?” The waitress asked, stepping close and staring directly at my wet dick while she held a small serving tray, using it to cover her pussy.

“I don’t know, did you have something in mind?”

“Um, no sir… I don’t think so.”

“Hello. And what is your name?” Janet asked as she stepped back over to us.


“Well, Amanda, I see you’re admiring his hard dick.” Janet said quietly. Then she leaned closer and whispered. “It really feels good stuffed inside my pussy. I bet it would really fill up your hot little pussy. How old are you?”

“Twenty one.” She said, bahis firmaları her face flushing pink while she obviously squeezed her legs together.

“Have you ever played with more than one person at a time?”

“Uh uh.” She said still staring at my glistening cock.

“Just think about how that cock will feel if you sit on it. Would you like to sit on it? Would you like to feel that big head slowly sink into your hot little pussy?” Janet whispered as she stroked a finger down her arm, her fingernail gently touching the side of her firm little breast. Her hand trailed down her hip and around and up her back, making another trip from her shoulder down her arm, once again, just grazing her firm little tit . “Just think how hard that fat dick will make you cum when you let it slide into your tight little pussy. Can you feel it sliding in and out of your hot cunt? Sliding against your hard clit? Can you feel the climax building inside you as you slide down that slick dick, the mushroom head touching everyplace inside you as you slowly sink down onto it?”

“Oh fuck.” Amanda mumbled as her body trembled, little trickles of moisture running down her legs.

“That’s a girl. Feels good doesn’t it. Just think how good the real thing would feel.” Janet whispered. Finally she stepped over to her purse and pulled out a business card. “When you get off work, if you still want it, call me. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to play.”

“Ok.” She squeaked as she dashed off, clearly embarrassed.

“And you called me bad.”

“That wasn’t bad. She was so close to cuming just looking at you that all it took was a suggestion. If she calls, maybe we can have some fun, but I don’t think she will. Now I think we have some shopping to do.”

“Yes maam,” I said as I got up and followed her out of the café, my hard dick swinging back and forth as I walked.

We made our way down the block, a lot of women looking at my hard dick, and my hard dick not even thinking of going down as I looked at the variety of tits, nipples and pussies on display. We turned into a small shop a few blocks from the hotel we were staying and, stepping from the bright sunshine to a soft subdued light. The shop was lined with racks of lingerie, both ordinary and quite provocative mixed together.

“May I help you?” A tall woman asked, standing mostly hidden behind a rack of panties.

“Yes, I’m looking for some real silk stockings.” Janet said as she led me toward the lady.

“Yes we have some back here.” She said, turning and walking away as we approached. She was fairly tall, a bit taller than I was actually, and quite curvatious from behind. She had long slim legs and a round ass and full hips that swung provocatively as she walked but didn’t jiggle or wiggle as many older women’s rears did. The real surprised was when she turned to allow us to look at the rack of stockings. The sales lady was quite well endowed in the breast department. Her large tits, although big enough to require two hands to fully cup each of them, only sagged a few inches. Each breast was topped with a dark areola that was nearly as large as the waitresses whole breast, a hard nipple as large as my thumb centered in each areola, pointing slightly upward. As she noticed my gaze her areola puckered and her hard nipple grew even harder, her neck and face turning a light pink as she blushed.

“I take it you’re new to being naked?” Janet asked bluntly as she looked at a number of packages of stockings.

“Actually, yes. I’ve only worked here a few months, and when they told me they preferred me to work naked today, well, at first I said no, but after a while, with all the naked women coming in, well I thought I might give it a try. I guess I didn’t plan on having any gentlemen customers.”

“Well, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You have a very beautiful and sexy body.” I offered.

“Thank you.” She said blushing even more, clearly trying not to look at my dick, now that I had drawn her attention back to me.

“It’s ok. You can look all you want, he won’t mind. He probably wouldn’t even mind if you touched it.” Janet said with a smile. “I’d like to try these on.” She said as she walked away to sit in a chair nearby.

I watched as she rolled the silk in her hand and then slowly, enticingly, slid it up her leg, her slim fingers paying the material out as the black silk slowly covered her creamy leg. My dick twitched and bounced with my heartbeat as I watched her move to the other leg, the black stockings making her look even more sexy than she had been completely nude.

“I like these. I bet you’d look good in them too.” Janet said to the sales lady as she admired her form in the three section mirror.

“Oh. I really can’t afford something like that.” She replied.

“What was your name?”

“Jeniese, but my friends call me Jen.”

“Well Jen, why don’t you try these on, just for fun?” Janet said, pulling a pair of red silk stockings off the rack.

“I couldn’t, really.”

“It’s ok. It’s my treat.” kaçak iddaa Janet said with a smile.

With a smile Jen walked over to the chair and slowly pulled the stockings up one leg.

“God in the right outfit she would be so fucking hot!” Janet whispered. “Would you like to fuck her as much as I want to suck those tits?”

“I didn’t know you went both ways.”

“OH yes. After my first husband ran off with my secretary, I decided that I would enjoy what life had to offer, men, women, whatever felt good. And that… That would feel good. I’d love to taste her pussy and watch you fuck her tits.”

“Ohhhh nice thought.” I answered as she came back, wearing the red stockings.

“These feel so sexy!” she said with a smile. But I really couldn’t accept such an offer.”

“Certainly you can, and you should, you’re a beautiful woman. Beautiful women should feel beautiful.”

She blushed harder as Janet took her by the hand and walked up and down the aisles with me following behind, my hard dick waiting or an opportunity to sink into a pussy.

Stopping at a rack Janet pulled an item off on a hanger. “Oh this is perfect.” She said, holding the black lace out for my inspection.

“What is it?”

“Oh, here, let me show you. You’re going to love this!” She said as she unclipped it from the hanger. She stepped into the material and sexily wiggled her hips as she worked the eight inch wide strip of stretchy black lace over her hips. With the material in place, looking much like a too short see through mini-skirt, she bent over and clipped the hanging straps to the tops of her black stockings. “There, what do you think?” she asked as she turned around.

“Incredible.” Was all I could say as I looked at her body, the lace garter making her look all the more spectacular, but leaving her wet pussy fully on display below the lace.

“Here,” She said to Jen, pulling a similar one off the rack in red with small black bows on it. “Try this one.”

“Really, I couldn’t!” Jen protested.

“Please. It’s my treat, really!”

Jen looked first at Janet and then at me before making up her mind. She bent over at the waist, her pussy pushing out at me as she stepped into the material. I so wanted to just step up behind her and press my dick into her pussy.

Janet stepped over and looked at my dick, leaking pre cum in a long slender string. “I think you want to fuck.”

“Oh yes.” I answered as she stepped up to me while Jen was pulling the material over her hips.

” Next time I bend over, put your dick in me.” She whispered as she reached out with her tongue and flicked the tip across my lips.

She stepped away as Jen was snapping the garter to her stockings. “Very sexy!”


“Sure, if you don’t believe me, just look behind you!” Janet answered, motioning to me standing behind her, my dick drooling.

“Oh my!” Jen said, staring at my dick, bobbing with my heart beat.

“Let’s see what else we have?” Janet said, taking her hand and leading her next to her down the racks. She stopped at a rack of panties and bent over stiff legged, to look at some on the bottom. I stepped behind her and pressed my dick against her wet lips sliding easily into her. “Ohhhhh now that was worth looking down here for!” she said, wiggling her ass on my dick a few times before stepping forward and pulling off my dick. “Would you like to see those too?” She asked Jen, pointing to the thong panties on the bottom rack.

Jen looked nervously at me and then turned so her ass was pointing directly at me and bent over, not even pretending to look at the panties.

I stepped behind her as Janet watched and rubbed my dick around her exposed lips, lubricating them with both my and her juices. Holding her hips I gently pressed my dick to her lips, my fat head sliding into her a few inches. I gently stroked in and out of her pussy, each time my dick pressing into her farther until I could feel my head pressing against her cervix and my hips against her bare ass.

“Ohhhhhh god.” She mumbled as I stroked in and out of her several times before Janet motioned me to withdraw.

“I’m not sure panties are what I want though. Maybe something else.” She said, walking away as Jen stood up, her chest heaving as she panted for breath.

“What… What did you have in mind?” Jen asked, walking to catch up.

“Oh here!” She said as she stopped at a rack near the back of the shop. She pulled a black shelf bra off the rack, sliding it over her arms and under her breasts, making them stand up and out even more. “Oh this is perfect.” She said, leading Jen by the hand to the mirror where she turned back and forth to admire her new look. “This is so fuckable sexy!” she almost growled. “I bet you’d look really hot in one of these.”

“Really. I don’t think that’s quite…”

“No, I insist.” Janet said taking her hand and bringing her back to the rack. She pulled a red lace one from the rack and leaned forward to put it around Jen’s body, her tits pressing against Jen’s kaçak bahis as she snapped the clasp behind her back. “Oh this is sexy.” She cooed as she wiggled her chest, rubbing their nipples together. “I bet Mike is loving this. Let’s see how it looks in the mirror.”


“Come on. Might as well have a little fun, shouldn’t we?” Janet asked as she drew her to the mirror and then pulled her to face her. She looked in the mirror as she gently rubbed her nipples around Jen’s nipples, both of them obviously getting more turned on by the moment.

Janet stepped back and bent over, reaching out to suck one of Jen’s hard nipples into her mouth.

“OH god.” Jen moaned as she worked the nipple of her left tit while I stepped forward and knelt down to suck her right nipple into my mouth. I felt her hand circle my head and pull me to her as Janet’s hand slid between her legs and stroked her pussy.

“Would you like to feel his hard dick again?” she whispered as she let go of her tit and stood up, pressing her tit into Jen’s again.

“Oh god yes. I’m so turned on I can hardly stand it.”

Janet motioned for me to get up and held my hand as she pulled me around behind Jen. Jen bent over part way and I easily entered into her slick pussy while Janet leaned down and whispered in her ear, her fingers stroking her pussy.

“Watch in the mirror. See how sexy you look? Watch his dick slide in and out of your wet pussy. Doesn’t he feel good inside you? Can you feel the mushroom of his head sliding up and down your velvety walls, gently stroking each nerve as he slowly strokes in and out of you? I bet if you came it would make him cum too. Would you like to feel his hot cum squirting into your hot pussy? Splashing against your walls, and filling you with hot fuck juice?”

Jen moaned quietly, her whole body trembling as Janet stroked her clit and encouraged her to watch herself being fucked. For my part, I was so close to cuming that I wasn’t sure I could hold back much longer.

“I think he’s ready to cum. Are you ready? Cum for me now. Make him cum inside you, filling your hot wet pussy with his juice!” Janet said as she flicked her finger across the tip of Jen’s exposed clit.

“UH” Jen grunted as her pussy clenched and milked my dick, her body shuddering as her orgasm washed over her.

I stroked hard for one, two, three, four strokes, each time making her whole body shake as I slammed into her. On the fifth stroke my body jerked, pumping a surge of cum into Jen’s clenching pussy. Time and again my body jerked as I pumped shot after shot of cum into her pussy.

“Oh yes… That’t it. Feel his hot cum inside you! Let it take you higher, feel how it fills you!” she cooed to Jen as she continued to stroke her clit, driving her climax even higher.

“OH god!” Jen squeaked as her whole body trembled.

“That’s it.” Janet said with a grin, looking at me. She mouthed to me “watch this” as she pulled Jen off my twitching dick and pulled both of us to the chair she had used to pull on the stockings. She guided Jen to the seat and sat her on the edge, pushing her backwards. She guided me to stand next to Jen, who’s hand she guided to my dick.

“That’s it, now suck him. Make him hard again to thank him for such a wonderful fuck.” Janet said as she knelt down and lowered her head to Jen’s now spread pussy. I watched as she eagerly licked my cum from Jen’s pussy as it leaked out, her tongue making trip after trip up between her lips. She pressed her tongue deep into Jen’s pussy and then slid up her lips and across her clit. In response Jen leaned over and tentatively sucked my dick into her mouth, tasting both my cum and her own pussy for the first time. At first she didn’t appear to be enjoying it, but as Janet worked on her pussy, she sucked with more vigor. It only took a few minutes before my dick was once again growing inside her wet mouth.

“Oh that was good.” Janet said, lifting herself up and kissing Jen wetly on the lips before helping lick and suck on my cock. She continued for several minutes before she finally pulled from my dick and stood up.

“Well, this has been fun, but I think I have to get undressed before we go out. Would you like to help?” Janet asked me.

She turned around and pulled me behind her, so she was facing Jen, and then drew my hands around her until they were cupping her hard nipples. “Now let’s see how long it takes you to make me cum?” She whispered as I stroked her hard nipples with the tips of my fingers.

I cupped one breast while I undid the clasp and pulled the bra off, allowing it to fall into Jen’s lap as she sat and watched us. I slid my hands down her belly, stroking across her hard body until I came to the garter, and then continued down, bending her over as I pressed her back with my chest. It was easy in this position to slide my body back and then press forward again, pushing my dick into her wet pussy with ease.

“Ohhhhh nice move.” She cooed as I unclipped her stocking.

“You liked that?” I asked as I started to stroke in and out of her slowly, sliding one hand up her leg to her pussy and the other continuing up her body to one of her tits dangling only inches from Jen’s face as Janet leaned on the chair for support.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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