Kitty Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This has been edited to be placed in a more appropriate category. Thanks to all for the feedback!



Katherine and Mike have been friends for almost ten years, having met when she was twelve and he was fourteen, and both were part of the same after school fantasy book club at the local library. They both proudly called themselves nerds at that time, and they established a happy friendship, talking about favorite books and fantasy television and movies. The club met weekly for an entire school year and several times a week over the subsequent summer, and Katherine and Mike were the only consistent attendees. They forged a strong friendship over their shared favorite stories and mutual respect for one another’s hardships.

Mike was being raised by his mom and older sister, since his father had died in combat. He tended to be pretty serious and studious, taking very seriously the role of “man of the house” and living up to his hero father’s legacy, but Katherine always managed to make him laugh and lighten up with her silly interpretations and “what if”s as they talked in the book club. When they first met, Mike was tall and lanky, all long limbs and shaggy hair. Katherine secretly thought of him as a puppy in the first weeks that she knew him.

For his part, Mike thought of the petite, strawberry blonde Katherine as a little kitten. She was a definite introvert, very shy and slow to warm to people. She was short with delicate features, including a pixie nose dusted with freckles across her peach complexion..She wore her straight hair in a bob cut that she was forever tucking behind her ears as she concentrated. Katherine had never seemed to lose her childhood habit of sucking on her pointer finger, much to the consternation of her very strict and domineering parents, who were never pleased with her about anything, from looks to grades to goals. Katherine used her fantasy novels and her art projects as a way to escape her parents’ constant and sharp criticisms, though she wasn’t always successful in blocking out the harsh words. Most days after school, she was berated for not putting more effort into her image, her schoolwork, her extracurricular activities. Her mother’s favorite thing to say to her was, “Katherine, no one will ever want a silly, stupid, and juvenile little girl.” And her father would tell her to “get your shit together already.”

One day, into their high school years, as Mike and Katherine sat across from one another in the library, Mike happened to look up and see her move her finger from her mouth to smooth a flyaway piece of hair out of her face. He smirked and couldn’t resist sharing his long-harbored image of her, “You know, you’re just like a kitten with the way you lick your little paw and play with your hair.”

She blushed deeply and tried to glower at him. “I am not a freaking kitten.”

He laughed at her attempt a menacing and said, “You are! You’re an adorable baby kitten.”

She tried to shush him, “Mike, shut up.”

He was not to be deterred from teasing his friend and said, “Nope. I’m going to call you Kitty!”

She groaned, “Ughh, you know I hate nicknames!”

She did and had always felt like being called Katie or Kathy or Kat would make people take her even less seriously than they already took her.

“Sorry, pal. I’ve decided. Kitty it is.”

She tried to scowl. “Well. Could you at least keep it just between us? I don’t want the whole school calling me stupid junk like ‘Kitty Kat’ or whatever.” Her face showed him how important it was to her to be taken seriously.

He snorted but acquiesced, “yeah all right. It’ll be our secret.”

She gave him a grudging smile. “Good.”

And it was. He’d find ways to tease her with the silly but fitting nickname when they were alone together, talking about their favorite books or movies, but always called her Katherine when there were other people around.

As they grew up and matured, they both eased up a little with the book club and the joyful nerdiness, both finding more mainstream outlets in high school and college. Mike found some success on the high school lacrosse team and bulked up, losing his gangly, lanky look and building muscle, and turning from nerdboy to jock. As Katherine made her way through school, a couple years behind him, she stayed quiet and tiny, but branched out from just loving to read and talk about fantasy worlds. She discovered a talent for drawing and painting, and became heavily involved in all of the school’s artistic offerings, including yearbook and painting sets for the school plays. Her body never got any taller, but she filled out when it came to curves, which made her super self-conscious. She hid herself in baggy clothes and background activities, ever the shy little kitten, loathe to be the center of attention.

They stayed in touch when Mike went off to college an hour or so from the city they both grew up in, exchanging texts and emails regularly. When deciding on school for herself, Katherine was anxious illegal bahis about going somewhere she didn’t know anyone, and ended up at the same college. Mike was an engineering major and played in an intramural lacrosse league and was starting his junior year when Kitty arrived as a freshman Literature major and Art minor. They found time to get lunch together weekly and kept up with each other’s lives well, each going after their own interests and making new friends, but still carving out time for one another.

Katherine lived in a freshman dorm with a roommate, a big-haired beauty queen from Texas named Veronique. Veronique quickly fell in lust with a sophomore frat guy named Dean, and whenever she wasn’t sucking Dean’s face (or other parts) off, she was trying to get Katherine to “get out there and land a man!” Katherine good naturedly went on any date that Veronique set up, but hadn’t really found too many guys she was interested in. She even kissed a few, but found herself routinely underwhelmed by all of them and things never progressed any further than kissing. She ended her year as the subject of Veronique’s matchmaking efforts feeling frustrated. She felt like she wanted to be with someone who made her excited, who gave her a fluttery tummy and made her want more. She wanted romance and sex, but but figured that maybe she just needed to be patient and someone would come sweep her off her feet and make her feel the feelings she longed for.

And, if she were honest, she was maybe a little bit secretly in love with her long time friend, Mike…

Of course, she and Mike had always been close, but they had never pursued any kind of romantic relationship, both loudly proclaiming that they didn’t want ruin what they had to anyone who ever asked about them. Each protest caused a little pang of heartache in Katherine, but she knew his friendship was important enough that she didn’t want to mess with it. She’d keep him in her life, even if it meant that they could only ever be friends. Mike had never really thought about Katherine in any way but friendship, but would admit to himself in moments of quiet self-reflection that she had grown up to be a beautiful girl. When he caught himself fantasizing about his tiny pixie-like pal, he would shake his head and talk himself out of it, remembering that this was his best friend and not some chick he could just fuck around with. Mike had plenty of experience with the opposite sex, and dabbled with significant others here and there through high school and into college. His longest relationship was with another engineering major named Darla, who always made Katherine feel like she was stupid for being more interested in humanities than math or science. Darla was always subtle with her digs, but they were there, snarky little barbs aimed at Katherine and her intelligence, her height, her innocent look. Whatever Darla could do to make herself feel superior to Katherine.

When Mike was a senior and Katherine a sophomore, they became roommates in an off-campus apartment, and their friendship deepened. They shared meals and household chores, watching their favorite movies and tv shows together. They were always affectionate but still platonic. Mike and Darla were still together as the year began, and of course, she would often spent the night at the friends’ apartment, always trying to maximize her time with Mike and minimize the time they’d spend with Katherine.

One lazy Sunday morning in October, Darla sat at their makeshift dining room table with a mug of coffee, doing a crossword puzzle on her tablet. Katherine was sitting in an overstuffed chair with a cup of chocolate milk and a drawing pad, where she was working on a sketch featuring a unicorn and fairies. Mike had done his usual morning push-ups and sit ups, then jumped in the shower.

As Mike soaped up in the steamy stall, he found himself thinking on the blowjob Darla had given him just that morning. She’d certainly been thorough, but it had taken him awhile to cum. After awhile, Darla started stroking his cock and tried to talk dirty to him, demanding that he give her that cum. He found himself put off by her bossy tone and her too-strong grip. He finally grabbed her head and held her in place as he fucked up into her throat, shutting her up as he unloaded his cum into her mouth. He was rinsing off and realizing that he really wasn’t enjoying his time with Darla lately. She was definitely becoming more trouble than she was worth…

Out in the main living area, Darla finished her puzzle, annoyed with herself that she hadn’t beaten her best time, and looked up to assess Katherine. Darla viewed the younger girl as the single biggest threat to Darla’s future with her lacrosse star boyfriend, and didn’t pretend to understand their connection. As she watched Katherine, who sat with her knees up, sketch pad up against them, absently sucking on her finger as she considered her scene, Darla grew frustrated and decided something had to give. She considered for a moment, then spoke.

“So. Kitty. What’s that illegal bahis siteleri you’re working on?”

Katherine’s head shot up and her eyes narrowed at her best friend’s girlfriend.

“What did you call me?”

Darla pretended to be surprised. “What? I thought it would be okay to call you Kitty. After all, that’s what Mike calls you, isn’t it?”

Katherine couldn’t hide her surprise or her hurt. She felt betrayed that Mike would have told someone else his private name for her, especially after all this time. What else had he told the girls he’d slept with?

Darla shrewdly guessed Katherine’s problem and said, condescendingly, “Oh sweetie. He told me months ago. Did you think that was like a private thing or something?”

Katherine couldn’t answer past the lump in her throat and she was pissed at herself for letting this evil mean girl get to her.

Darla gave a heavy sigh. “When you get a little older and a little more… experienced… you’ll realize the kinds of things that really matter between a man and a woman. You can’t expect a guy like Mike to keep secrets with his childhood book-buddy when he’s involved with a real woman like me.” The condescension and disdain dripped from every word.

Katherine found her voice, though it came out smaller than she’d like. “I don’t care what he tells you, Darla. It surprised me, is all. He knows it’s not a name I really like and one I didn’t want other people to use.”

Darla laughed mockingly, “but it suits you so well, little Kitty Kat. You’re such a tiny little kitten. No personality, no claws. You’re basically a nothing, no more than a stupid little pet. You know Mike pities you, right?”

Katherine stood up slowly, making sure not to spill her chocolate milk or upset her sketch pad. She fought to keep her emotions under control… Just let me get out of here before I start crying, she told herself. Don’t lose it in front of this petty witch.

Darla was on a roll though, finally feeling like she had the upper hand. Mike was in the shower and it was just her and the bitch who took her man’s attention from where it belonged.

“Poor wittle kitty. Only one friend, who only pays attention because he feels bad for her.” Her voice dropped even the hint of playfulness in her teasing and she grew more malicious. “Jesus you’re so pathetic!”

Katherine’s eyes remained on the floor as she took a deep breath. She gathered her courage, ready to tell Darla to go fuck herself. Or maybe just to run out of the room. And then she heard:

“What the fuck is going on here?” Mike stood in the doorway to the room, observing the tension and hostility in the room with carefully contained rage. His hair was still damp from the shower and he was in a thin white t-shirt and baggy basketball shorts, his feet bare.

Darla looked surprised and fairly guilty. “Mike! Baby when did you get out of the shower?”

“Don’t fucking “baby” me, Darla. What were you saying to Ki– Katherine?” He shot his best friend a look, to try to apologize for almost letting her special nickname slip in front of Darla, but Kitty wouldn’t look at him. His frown deepened.

Darla grew annoyed and blew up. “I was just telling her that she needs to grow up already. Jesus! Just telling her that sometimes it’s fucking obnoxious that she’s always here when we want to be alone, that I think her whole sweet innocent little kitten thing is fucking annoying.”

Katherine looked like she’d been slapped and Mike’s eyes clouded with fury.

“Get the fuck out, Darla.”

“What?” she blustered. “What do you mean, get out? You’re seriously choosing this dumb little nobody over me?”

Mike took a deep breath, counting to ten in his mind before he met Darla’s eyes. He stared at the tall girl with the tight body that he’d been fucking for the past eight months or so feeling nothing but cold toward her. “Katherine and I have been friends for close to a decade. We have been there for each other for a long time, and through some tough times. She is one of the most important people in the world to me. And, frankly, even if she WASN’T one of my favorite fucking people on the planet, finding out that you were this kind of a two-faced bitch would have still pissed me the fuck off. Now get out of my apartment and lose my number.” Katherine couldn’t move as she watched her best friend, her hero, her longtime crush push the self-destruct button on what she had thought was a serious relationship.

Darla sputtered for another moment, before getting to her feet and storming into Mike’s room, throwing her clothes and other random belongings into an overnight bag. As soon as she left the room, Mike moved over to his Kitty’s side and touched her gently on the arm.

“You okay?” he whispered, trying not to startle her, trying to comfort her.

Katherine shrugged and wouldn’t meet his eyes, she felt frozen in place and couldn’t begin to get a grip on her emotions. She kept her eyes on her toes, which were painted pink and green.

Darla swept canlı bahis siteleri back into the room haughtily, her bag over her shoulder, her flip-flops on her feet. She took in the scene, MIke’s hand on Katherine’s arm in a gesture of comfort, and snorted. “Just want you to know that you’ll totally regret this, Mike. And when you come to your senses, when you get tired of her wimpy little mouse routine, and realize that I’m the best you’ll ever have, I’ll have moved on to someone else. So… you know. Don’t come crying to me.”

To the surprise of both Darla and Katherine, Mike laughed out loud. It was a genuine belly laugh, and he clearly wasn’t forcing the reaction.

“Oh shit, Darla. You are a trip. Seriously, that’s a good one.” He caught his breath and met her narrowed gaze. “The fact is, you lasted as long as you did because you take better notes in class than me, plus you were easy and willing, and every time I started getting a little bored with you, I either needed to copy your notes for an exam, or you sucked me off or let me fuck your ass. So, you know,” he mimicked her attitude and tone, “I think I’ll survive. Later.”

She let out a scream of frustration as she spun on her heel and flew out the door.

When the door had slammed behind her, the silence became heavy.

“Hey,” Mike started. “Kitty,” he cooed as he stroked her arm up and down.

She tensed under his hand.

“What is it? What did that bitch say to you?”

She looked up at him, the hurt clear in her eyes. “She didn’t really say anything I cared about, honestly, but…” she trailed off.

“But what?”

“You told her about my nickname?” she said all in one breath, throwing the accusation laced with hurt at him..

“No I didn’t,” he said calmly, surely.

“Well she knew about it,” Katherine returned petulantly, crossing her arms and pouting.

“Well I don’t know how she found out about it,” Mike replied, again so calm, so sure and confident, Katherine knew he was telling the truth. Whenever he was fibbing or making things up, he got blustery and loud. He was a terrible poker player. She watched his face carefully for any sign of deception.

“Oh,” was all she could come up with. Mike’s hand returned to stroking her arm and she felt a shiver working its way through her.

“She must have heard me on the phone with you at some point and figured it out, but I swear, I never told her about my special name for you, Kitty.”

Mike took her in, the little fairy-like woman he’d known for so many years, standing before him, slowly deflating in the aftermath of the confrontation, dressed in an oversized t-shirt and boxer shorts. Her hair, which she’d taken to highlighting with streaks of pink now that she was out of her parents’ house, fell in front of her face. Before she could impatiently tuck it back behind her ear, Mike reached up and did it for her. His thick, rough finger swept the strand back behind her ear and then moved to her delicate neck. His hand spanned from her ear to her shoulder, resting gently against her throat, feeling her heartbeat flutter rapidly.

Mike stilled as his emotions shifted, still reeling from the need to protect her from Darla’s vitriol, he began to feel those guilty fantasies about her creeping up from the depths of his mind where he thought he’d buried them. The flood of longing swept through him and he gave in to the lust he’d tried to ignore. He licked his lips and looked at her eyes, then looked at her pink little bow lips.

“My Kitty,” he murmured as he ducked down to her level and met her lips with his.

She gasped as his mouth took her, sweeping her into his arms where she felt treasured, protected. His arms were so strong around her, his mouth so warm and wet, she couldn’t help but give into him. Her lips parted and accepted his tongue, which invaded confidently.

She felt totally taken over. She had no idea which end was up. Moments ago she was feeling attacked and betrayed, and suddenly she felt lightheaded and exuberant with giddiness.

Mike gently pulled back from Kitty’s lips, just far enough to take in her face.

“Was that okay, Baby?”

Her heart, already soaring, went into overdrive at the term of endearment.

She nodded shyly at him. “Yes,” she whispered. His face lit up with a joyful grin at her sweet, shy smile. His thumb stroked her pulse in her neck and his other hand reached up to pet her hair, then stroke down her arm to hold her tiny hand.

He was suddenly overcome with the import of the moment. This was his Kitty, his oldest and dearest friend, and he didn’t want to fuck this up. He gripped her hand in his and led her to the overstuffed chair she had been quietly drawing in before the chaos of Darla infringed on the peace of their morning. He sat down first then pulled her onto his lap. They’d certainly sat together before, sitting closely as they watched movies, but this was the first time she’d been on his lap and she was loving it.

“What are you working on, little Kitty?” Where he used to gently tease her with just “Kitty” when they were alone, he felt himself adding things to let her know how dear she was. Calling her his Kitty or little Kitty got his blood moving faster as he continued petting her.

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