Jim and Edie Again Ch. 05-06

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Chapter 5 — Consummation

I was still doing research when I heard Edie’s phone ring. She had different ring tones for Rita, Mindy, and each of her two children, so I could tell the caller was Rita. My gorgeous naked lover scrambled for the kitchen counter to get her phone and she took the call. I listened with half an ear.

Edie came into my office holding the phone to her chest to mute what would be said. “We’ve been invited to another cookout. This time at Bruce and Mindy’s tomorrow night. Do you want to go? I’ve been asked whether you want to put any restrictions on the evening or leave early, as well. Anything is all right with everyone.”

I smiled at her. How can you not smile when the hottest woman on the planet is looking at you with a smile … and she’s naked in high heels and looks like sex on a stick? I would have flattened her on the counter and fucked her blind, if I hadn’t just done that an hour earlier.

“Tell Rita that I said yes, and no restrictions.” I tried to sound nonchalant.

“Really! That’s great.” She put the phone back to her ear and went back into the kitchen. The conversation continued for ten minutes and then Edie came back to my den.

Edie said, “Are you sure you’re ready to share me?”

“Wrong question,” I noted. “I share the things I own, but I don’t own you. You are your own person and can do what you please. I’ve told you several times that I want us to be equals in this relationship.

“The question I will answer is ‘Am I ready to see you make love with two other men?’ and I can answer that by saying ‘Yes’. I think I’m ready. I’ve run through lots of scenarios in my head about what I’ll see you do, with whom, and how I’ll feel. I’ve embraced the concept of compersion, and have rehearsed how I want to feel as I see you making love with someone else. I’ve been reading sexy stories about it for the past half-hour.

“I should add that I’ve also embroiled myself in the scenarios of loving Mindy and Rita, both together and one at a time. I figured their two husbands might want to gang up on you. Remember I teased about a two-man gangbang, well that may not be that far-fetched. We didn’t talk about it, but they might DP you or involve you in a spit-roast.”

Edie muttered, “Double penetration … wow! I haven’t had anybody ‘back there’ in thirty years or so. Harry didn’t do that, but four years ago I was occasionally spit-roasted with Harry and Hank. What will you do if both women want you at the same time?”

I smiled; my research was paying off. “One rides me and I eat the other, or I fuck one while she eats her friend. I expect there’ll be some swapping off during the evening. I am ready for that and expect it. I plan to be at the top of my game. I remain a little uncertain about how things get started. I assume we eat, clean up, and then the new arrangements unfold. Do you know?”

Edie nodded, “Only what happened three or four years ago. After dinner, Rita would go to Harry, and Hank would come to me and we’d start making out. Depending on where we were, each couple would find a place, usually nearby — sofa, chair, couch, rug, or bed, and we’d make out and lose our clothes, usually with help of their partner. Once that had happened, we’d go back to making out, play orally with each other, and then make love. Nobody rings a bell and yells ‘Go!’.”

“Good to know. I would have waited for a bell,” I said wryly.

Edie got serious, “You know even though I did this a few years ago, I still wonder how I’LL feel seeing YOU with Mindy or Rita. You’re the nicest man I’ve ever met and I don’t want to feel that I’m going to lose you.”

I told her, “Well, think about this. I love you and want to be with you for the rest of time. I’ve probably had the opportunity to do something with Mindy but didn’t know it. I do love her but I have no wish to hurt Bruce, my best friend, or to break up his marriage. I feel the same about Rita and Hank, although I’ve known them less time.

“I have to admit that the idea of being with either or both other women is somewhat exciting. Even given our ages, I find them physically appealing. I don’t have a lot of sexual experience with women, even back in my salad days I was pretty much a straight-arrow and people weren’t canlı bahis falling into bed with each other back then, at least in the circles I traveled in. I did date, but most dates were pretty tame. Being at this part of my life and having this opportunity is arousing and I guess the realization of a fantasy of some kind.”

I held my arms out to Edie, “Come sit in my lap.”

Edie was nude. We’d been playful that morning and I’d shaped and shaved part of her pubic hair into a heart shape before we made love. She liked me playing in her playpen.

She said, “I will, come with me. I want to show you something.” She led me down the hall to our bedroom. She set up a chair about six feet in front of our floor to ceiling mirror, and then had me remove my shorts and t-shirt. “I want to feel skin and … well, some penetration.”

I did what she suggested. She sucked on my cock for a couple of minutes and when I’d swollen a goodly amount she backed into my lap and impaled herself on me. We cuddled and I could feel her clenching her pussy around my cock with her Kegel muscles. I could also look in the mirror and see our bodies and my penetration.

Edie said, “God, you feel so good inside me. I will never tire of you being in there. Someday, I’d like to see how many hours in the day we can do this.”

“I like that idea. If you keep squeezing me like that, I’ll cum sooner rather than later.” She stopped temporarily.

Edie said, “Look at us in the mirror, except I want you to think that the cock inside me is Hank’s or Bruce’s. It’s very fulfilling and feels really good. You can hear me moaning because it feels so good and is so orgasmic. I could spend all night with one of those cocks sawing away inside me. Can you visualize that?”

I did look and got the message and feelings that she wanted me to. I turned her slightly in my lap so I could kiss her more solidly. We French kissed and dueled with our tongue for ten minutes. I was also gently pinching each nipple and then stroking her pussy trying to avoid her clitoris. I was edging her just as she was edging me.

After ten more minutes of that game, I picked her up and carried her impaled on my cock to my bed. I carefully lay her down and then started to pummel her body with mine. This time my fingers found her clit, and I focused there as we fucked. She went right into orbit and orgasmed. Just as she was ending, I started. I filled her juicy little quim with my hot seed as we kissed.

We enjoyed our afterglows for a few moments, and then I changed position so I could eat her sodden pussy, licking up my own fluids as well as the copious feminine juices that she’d produced.

Edie said, “Every time you do that to me, a feeling of awe comes over me. I never knew a guy that would do that — eat a pussy he’d just fucked bareback. Did Diane have you do that to her?”

“I did do it to her, but she never requested it. I think she liked it; she never said. I just figured that I loved her, and it was one more way I could show her.”

“Well, I don’t like it … I LOVE it. You can do that to me anytime.”

“To tell the truth, at least from my point of view, the act is overrated by guys as disgusting and to be avoided. Semen is pretty tasteless, and the juices you produce are far tastier and more odiferous. I love eating your pussy, so why not?”

“What were you reading when Rita called?”

I chuckled, “I was reading some racy stories on a free website that posts them by different authors. I’ve been focusing on ‘hot wife’ stories where the wife or girlfriend in the story has sex with other men or women; usually men. The better authors then talk about the responses and emotions of the husband or boyfriend to what has happened.”

“Do you write?”

“Not yet, but you’re going to inspire me at the rate you’re going. After some of the experiences we’re about to do play out, I’ll write something. I’ll count on you to help edit and give me an honest appraisal of whether the story would be worth publishing.”

“Yes, please. I’d love to read any story you write. You have to use my name in the story though.” Edie looked so cute all naked and perky beside me. She was grinning at me.

* * * * *

Edie and I just walked around the bahis siteleri side of the house carrying our contributions to the drinks and meal. I’d suggested that Edie wear a dress with a very short skirt and no underwear. She liked my idea.

Mindy saw me and came flying across her back patio and threw herself into my arms and lavished kisses on me. I returned fire with equal enthusiasm.

When Mindy stopped kissing me, she turned to Edie. “You devil. You blew my husband while you were nude and he hasn’t been the same since. He may require psychiatric care the rest of his life. He was already in love with you, but I think he’s in packing his bags so he can spend the rest of his life with you now.” She giggled at the thought.

Edie gasped, “Oh, dear. I’m sorry. It was spur of the moment thing. I wanted to tease him … and Jim.”

Just then, Bruce came out of the house carrying a tray of food to be barbecued. He came over and shook my hand and then kissed Edie. He reminded her, “Thank you for the other day. You are so sexy. I wish I could get Mindy to stay naked around the house all day.”

Mindy rolled her eyes. “If I looked as good as Edie, I would.”

I herded everyone towards where Hank and Rita were just getting up from their chairs to greet us. Rita’s kisses quickly escalated to deep French kisses with our tongues dueling with each other. She pressed her body against me and ground around.

I warned her with a smile, “Don’t wear out that tongue; I plan to use that extensively on your hot little pussy so it can bring you fifty or a hundred mind-blowing orgasms.”

Rita stared into my eyes, “Really? I hope so. You are such a dream guy. Now, I’ll count on it.”

Mindy was right there, “Well, I want to have some of those, too.”

“No problem. Do you want to start right now?” I wasn’t sure whether I was teasing or not.

Both women looked uncertain, but liked the idea. Mindy finally said, “After dinner, although I like the way you think. You can come by the house any time, too.”

We socialized. Edie must have somehow alerted the men that she was commando under her little summer frock. They stood on either side of her, each man rubbing one of her bare ass cheeks as she looked content with the activity. Jim noted that both men had developed bumps in their shorts.

The casual cocktail hour morphed into dinner as steaks and salmon came off the grill. Mindy and Rita sat on either side of me and in physical contact. Opposite us were Hank, Edie, and Bruce. Edie’s foot found my leg and she just rested it there to be in contact with me. She flashed me a smile that had love written all over it.

Rita was really an auburn-haired pixie; I doubted she was over five feet tall. While kind of wiry, she also had a pair of knockers that she liked to flaunt by wearing tops that displayed a copious amount of cleavage. She confessed to enjoying flashing others in public, often with wardrobe malfunctions. Like Edie, she’d retained her youthful looks as well as her devilish attitude. I learned she’d always liked doing outrageous things, especially if sex were involved. Somehow, she’d kept Hank performing to her standards throughout their thirty-year marriage. They also had a daughter with family living in the Midwest.

Mindy worked hard to maintain looks and weight. She was taller, a natural brunette, and not ashamed to allow some gray to seep into her hair, yet she was far from having that ‘grandmother look’ many women her age adopt that makes them look truly elderly and prudish. I know she jogged with Bruce on most days, as well as did yoga and worked out many hours each week. It showed on her toned body. Bruce and Mindy have two sons and their families in North Carolina near where they used to live.

Although I didn’t participate at that level, the conversation over dinner was almost frenzied. Each idea floated was pounced on with eager support and energetic discussion. I did contribute, but at a more measured level. I thought that people were hyped up waiting for the hot sex to start. I also moderated my intake of alcoholic beverages, sticking more to caffeinated soft drinks; I wanted to be awake and alert, not spacey and doped out as the rest of the evening progressed.

After bahis şirketleri dinner, Bruce brought out a tray of with three liqueurs — a cognac, Grand Marnier, and B Edie had fingers from both men inside her pussy as she squirmed in joy. I could hear her purring noises and words of encouragement to Bruce and Hank.

I shifted over to Rita and ate her for a bit, really getting active with my hand. The two women continued to kiss and paw at each other’s breasts. Just watching that made me harden more. Maybe I should watch more lesbian porn. Both Rita and Mindy had a high jiggle factor.

After switching back and forth a bit, I heard a sigh and moan of delight across the patio. I looked and Edie had apparently just impaled herself on Hank’s cock. She shifted around and then started to slowly rise and fall on his penetration of her body. She held Bruce’s cock in one hand, and often lapped at the head before inhaling the entire shaft.

Mindy pleaded, “Make love to me. I want you. We both want you.”

I slipped the head in and then on successive strokes into her body added a fraction of inch. The way I did it made it take two minutes before I pushed into her with my whole length. I started using my thumb on her clit, and her squirming and writhing under me increased.

“Rita, why don’t you give Mindy a chance to eat you out while I fuck her?” She quickly straddled Mindy’s head and slowly lowered her pussy to her friend’s mouth. Mindy’s tongue went right to work as I slowly pistoned into her body. Talk about sexy and arousing, I think I extended an additional six inches in length and girth. Mindy was moaning as she ate out Rita.

Ten feet away, Edie lay back on her chaise as Bruce started to piston into her body in the missionary position. They were kissing wildly and he also had a hand on one of her breasts. Hank stood beside them watching with his cock pointing at the stars. I guessed that he had gotten near and didn’t want to go on a hiatus so early in the evening. He was backing down, yet Edie was stroking his leg but not his hard dick.

Mindy came. I think the whole neighborhood knew, at least if they interpreted her long loud moan correctly. Rita’s pussy in front of her lips did nothing to quiet the announcement. Rita did quickly lie down beside her friend and sapphic lover and spread her legs in invitation to me. “Fuck me, Jim.”

I told her, “I saw a porn star with the words ‘Fuck me’ tattooed right above her pussy. That should be your motto, too.”

Rita said, “If that would please you, I’ll do it tomorrow. That’d be especially for you … oh, God, you are hitting places deep inside me in just the right way.” I was also using two fingers on her clit, too. I could see the glans of her clit noticeably showing from its generous hood.

Rita came. She was quieter. Mindy was beside us stroking her slit and occasionally reaching over and replacing my fingers with hers on Rita’s little knob.

For a change in pace, I kept fucking Rita, but leaned to my side and started to eat out Mindy again. After some repositioning, she had Rita’s head resting on her thigh as I fucked the smaller woman and ate Mindy. Rita could also turn her head and lick either of us if I aimed my cock at her.

I simultaneously watched as Bruce penetrated Edie. She lay back and took hold of Hank’s cock and brought it to her mouth, sucking the shaft and licking all around the head. I could tell both men had to moderate their activity lest they’d come prematurely. They both wanted a nice long fuck with Edie. The two men changed positions several times.

Later, when I checked on the moans from ten feet away, Edie was cowgirl on Hank as Bruce was feeding his hard cock into her ass. The two men were DPing her, something she said hadn’t happened for a long time. I commented to the two women I was with, and they nodded, so I went and had Edie suck on me, so she was ‘airtight’.

Edie smiled up at me after a few minutes, “I can taste someone’s pussy on your cock, maybe both of them on there.” She gestured, “Go back to them. I’m sure they miss you.” We shared a kiss and some other love words.

As I got back to the two mature nude nymphs on the other chaise, Rita captured my cock. Mindy immediately started to lap and fondle my balls. I returned to rigid in about two microseconds. Mindy announced, “I’ve missed my daily allotment of cum. I need you to fill my little cunny with a gallon of your man juice.” She lay back and spread her legs.

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