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Oh, the morning. She wakes up each day thinking, “oh, God. OK. Today is gonna be the day when all my dreams come true. Everything is gonna fall into place.” And she meant it. Alas, without fail, something goes awry. She has decided now that this is just the way life challenges people and, of course, she is not some special case that the Universe is out to destroy.

Today really would be different, she thought.

She snuck away to the bathroom, very nonchalant, to release the heat- so quick, so silent, so deserved. She had turned on the switch that hit the light and the fan, knowing she sometimes let out an inadvertant squeak. So fast, she sat down on the closed toilet seat and got right to business. The 8 other people in the house should never suspect she was in there for anything more than a quick potty break. She slipped her hand down her pants. Frustrated with the snugness of her sweatpants, she whipped them down to her ankles.

“Ain’t nobody got time for this!” she thought to herself, being a child-o-the-memes. Voraciously, she went to town and it was short of a minute before she was soaking the panties she had sent him pictures of only an hour earlier.

Composing herself, she waltzed out of the bathroom like it was any other, unnoticed visit. She recounted what had led up to this naughty mid-day excursion…

She had many discussions with her husband about fantasy and desire. Usually she was somewhat reserved- one of his topics in their midnight communication sessions. She thought, “what can I do today that will make my personal life just a little bit different?”

By noon, the answer had struck her like lightning. He sent her an e-mail asking the simple bursa escort question, “what color panties are you wearing today, baby?” She saw an opportunity and took it. She replied immediately, sending him three photos of her ass perched on the sink vanity, purple panties were the central focus. He was delighted and she thought, “im gonna tell him about last night!” She started another e-mail right away, breaking only to take care of the kids in between paragraphs. She was diligent though, and before long she sent the fine piece of art that was so simply created by the truth.

It read:

“That reminds me.. last night while you slept, I took a page out of your book..

I got out of the shower and slowly, elegantly patted my wet skin almost dry. While I did, I started imagining you were watching me and I started moving in a more sexy way. I put my rump up in the air as I bent over the sink brushing my teeth, swaying gently side to side. I dabbed my face dry with my eyes closed and got out the vaseline. I smoothly stroked it onto my damp, squeaky clean inner lips and thought of you licking it off.

I quietly slid under the covers with you and got as close as I could. My left hand started sliding across your cool skin and I stopped every few inches to play with your curly little hairs. Before long, I was sliding my fingers along the inside of your waistband, fully unnoticed by you..

Fast, I decided I would explore your chilly, smooth cuppable ass. I squeezed and stroked and pressed myself against you, shirt up with my bare breast against your ribs, feet tangled around yours. Eventually the inevitable happened.

With my waist tight against your hip and your strong bursa escort bayan but resting thigh tucked between my legs, I felt heat growing. I moved my hand out of your pants and into mine, wishing I had the ability to roll you over and enjoy your sleeping beauty in my hungry mouth like the coldest ice cream cone on the hottest summer day.

In my mind, I created the scene. I’d climb on top of you and start to lick and play and explore with my tongue and you’d grow inside of my throat. As I moved up and down, you’d start to match my rhythm until you were wide awake and sliding your starving fingers up my thighs. You would reach your goal slowly but when you did, you’d gently part my swelling lips with your wet tongue, discovering that just inside, I am dripping and warm, the juices of my heat for you only having been contained by the seal you had just broken.

As my wetness dripped into your mouth, my hunger for you would be growing viciously. You’d brace me by the hips and flip me over onto my back with a commanding intent. My mouth open wide, I’d beg for you to return to me. I’d slide my fingers up the outside of your legs and hold on tight as you started to pump inside of my face with careful accuracy.

In and out as you lick and kiss and suck on everything I have between my legs. I can hardly contain myself by then and I’d start writhing and whimpering as you pump harder, nearly gagging me with the size of your beefy delight. Together we’d explode into each other’s mouths, becoming one messy yin-yang of ecstacy.

So, as I imagined this, I touch myself ever so gently. Barely making the lightest contact with my slick, pink skin, I feel it growing and growing inside escort bursa me. I reach over to touch your bicep and as I grab you I immediately start to pulsate out of control silently, almost unnoticeably, I have a sweet and gentle orgasm by your sleeping side.

I rolled over and closed my eyes and dreamed of you all night long as I plan to do every night and day for the rest of my life.

See you soon my midnight lover…”

She sent it without reservation and put down her tablet while she went on with her wifey things. About an hour or so later, she went back to see if he had responded. “14 new e-mails?!” she exclaimed to herself. She couldnt imagine what this was about, since this was her personal e-mail- not the one with all the newsletters and notifications, but the one with which she really talked to actual people she knew. She opened it up and died a little.

She must have accidentally left the tablet unlocked because she quickly saw that all of these responses were coming from a group e-mail that must have been inadvertently forwarded by some wandering tot with an itch to play video games on her tablet.

“How the crap can I get out of this?” she wondered. She considered e-mailing her husband to tell him what happened but noticed that one of the responses was from him with the subject “wtf?” She thought, “oh man… he’s gonna FREAK OUT.” she opened the message and it read:

“Holy hell, baby. Did you know you sent that to EVERYONE? I guess they all know what we’re up to now 😉 lick ya later Le xxx.” (That ending was their secret code for “French kiss.”)

She sighed with relief. Every time she panicked, he brought her down. She calmly clicked each one of the replies as she sipped her energy drink and puffed her cigarette. She selected “delete” and promptly sent out a dinner party invitation to the same group before shutting down the tablet for the evening.

…to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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