I Dare You… Ch. 5

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A good hotel room isn’t only about the view, the cleanliness of the sheets, the fluffiness of the towels. A good hotel room has a bed with a headboard that has some kind of rungs; it has a large ice bucket and wineglasses; it has soundproof walls. And it has a plain, straight-backed wooden chair. Preferably with silk scarves at the ready.

They came in from shopping, their arms filled with parcels. Setting the bags down on the bed, they stripped off their coats and shoes. Noses red from the cold, they kissed softly. He looked into her glittering eyes, wondering if this was the right moment to use his last dare. He knew that he trusted her… but did he trust himself? Taking a deep breath, he smiled at her. Her answering smile lit up her face and shone radiantly from her eyes. “I dare you,” he said quietly.

Her brow wrinkled slightly in concern, sensing his hesitation. But he knew that if he did not do this, he would regret it. She laid her hand against his cheek, her fingers warm on his still-cold skin. She pressed her lips to his briefly, then rested her head on his shoulder, waiting patiently. He continued to take slow, deep breaths, summoning the courage. Finally he spoke, and she lifted her head to watch his face. “I dare you,” he said, “to take control… do whatever you want with me… I am yours.”

Her eyes widened. She looked at him seriously, seeming to weigh his words. “You want me to dominate you… make you submit to me?”

He nodded.

“Say it.”

“I submit to you.”

She smiled. They both knew that this was one of her darkest fantasies. “Take your clothes off,” she said abruptly, turning her back on him and hanging her coat in the closet and closing the closet door. She walked to her suitcase and rummaged inside it. When she turned, he was standing next to the bed, fully naked. “Very good,” she said approvingly. Grabbing the desk chair, she dragged it out into the middle of the large room. She gestured to it, and he sat.

“Put your hands at your sides and hold onto the legs of the chair,” she said, and he did so. She tied his wrists to the legs of the chair with silk scarves, then did the same to his ankles. She took the last scarf and dragged it lightly over his naked chest, over his shoulders and across the back of his neck. He moaned softly.

Standing behind him, she removed her clothes slowly, leaving him dvd full porno to adjust to the rather uncomfortable chair. Finally she stood behind him, totally naked. She bent over to press her lips to the back of his neck. The sudden contact startled him, and he jumped slightly. Parting her lips, she sank her teeth lightly into his neck. He went rigid, barely breathing. She released her teeth from his skin and stood up, standing just inches behind him. He relaxed slightly.

Walking around in front of him, she studied his body. As his eyes took her in, starting at her feet, moving up her legs, past her hips, over her stomach, past her breasts, and finally locked eyes with hers, his cock, already semi-erect, hardened fully. The look in her eyes was dangerous, frightening. He drew in a sharp breath. He knew she would not hurt him… but oh, the things she could do that would not hurt, but that were equally frightening. Suddenly she smiled, catching him off guard, her eyes softening as she looked down at him. Her smile was disarming, and he smiled back helplessly, caught in the headlights of her shining eyes.

So it came as a shock when her hands reached forward, digging deeply into his skin, and raked her nails down his chest, hard, drawing tiny beads of blood to the surface. He gasped, then cried out slightly. Her eyes flashed to his, suddenly cold, and his mouth closed. “Be quiet,” she said in a low voice, and he nodded.

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his left nipple, her tongue flicking out, then her mouth closing over it. She sucked softly. Then her teeth closed around his nipple, biting down harder as she tugged at it, before letting it snap back. Moving to the other, she did the same, this time harder. He bit his lip to keep from making a sound, and as she straightened up she rewarded his efforts by kissing him softly, running her tongue over his lips and pressing it into his mouth. He moaned slightly as she kissed him, cock throbbing. Immediately she pulled away and silently he cursed himself. But she only sank to her knees in front of him, her head resting on his left thigh. Her breath was hot against his skin, and he tried to hold very still as it tickled the hair on his leg.

Her hands moved to the outsides of his thighs, without moving her head, and she dragged her nails roughly down his legs. Leaving ensest porno red tracks again, but no blood. Somehow, this time, it didn’t hurt. He felt pain – but it didn’t hurt. Before he could finish rationalising this to himself, her mouth was on his cock. It was sudden and intense. Her mouth was hot and wet and it enveloped him tightly, and it was all he could do to bite back the moans of pleasure that rose in his throat.

Her lips stretched around his cock, she inhaled deeply, smelling the familiar scents of his body. Her pussy was soaking wet, and she was tempted to abandon her plans and beg him to fuck her. Ever so slightly, his hips began to move with the motion of her mouth. Immediately, she pulled away. Standing in front of him, she glared at him.

Stepping closer, she stood with her pussy just inches from his face. The smell of her juices was intoxicating, and he leaned his head forward, his mouth seeking her soft, wet folds. Instead of pulling away, as he had half-expected her to do, she stepped closer, allowing his tongue to slip between her wet lips. She moaned as his mouth expertly caressed her pussy, pushing her hips forward into his face.

He tried his best not to moan along with her as he licked and sucked at her sweet pussy. His cock throbbed against his lower abdomen, his fingers clenched on the legs of the chair. Suddenly she pulled back from his mouth and sank down directly onto his cock, impaling herself on him. He bit his lip as hard as he could to keep quiet. She showed no such restraint as she gasped, loudly. Buried to the hilt inside her, he could not move, but sat waiting for her to begin a rhythm. Instead she remained motionless, her face just inches from his, her breasts pressed to his chest.

Pulling back, she looked at him. His nose and chin, as well as his lips, were soaked with her juices. His eyes were bright and fixed on her, shining with emotion and desire. She knew that he was dying to fuck her, to lift his hips and push his cock deeper into her pussy, to grab her hips and ass and lift her up only to bring her down again hard on his cock. She wanted it, too, wanted the exquisite release that would shortly follow. Her hands moved to untie his, but as they did so, he flicked his hips against hers.

Startled, she first moved into the sensation, but quickly realised what he had done. fake agents porno Lifting her hands from their intended action she raked them hard down his chest, again nearly drawing blood. As he shuddered in pain and pleasure, she lifted up and then sank down again on his cock. His head thrown back, he moaned, loud and full. The unrestrainable passion of it shocked her. She reached immediately to release his hands from their bonds, then slipped from his lap to untie his feet.

“Lay on your back on the bed,” she said, and he did. She quickly climbed on top of him, sinking back down on his cock, her pussy stretching around him to let him in deeper than before. He looked at her, questioning, and she said, “Ask nicely.”

“May I touch you, please?”


His hands immediately cupped her hips, sliding around to her ass, parting her cheeks. She lifted up and then sank down again, his hands pushing her down harder, and he slipped still deeper into her aching pussy. She began to ride his cock, hard, setting a fast and furious pace. His fingers on her ass slipped between her cheeks, rubbing gently over her tight hole, causing her to jump slightly. He lifted his knees to thrust up into her with more strength, and she moaned her approval. Her hands braced on the headboard, she frantically rode his cock, feeling her clit grind against his pelvis as she did. Her wetness slipped down his cock and onto his balls, and he moaned. Her head thrown back, she pushed down harder and faster with every movement, getting so close. She looked down at him and their eyes locked. Her voice was a raspy whisper as she said, “I want you to cum when I tell you to. Can you do that?”

He nodded, his grip on her ass tightening. His index finger, slippery with her juices, continued to tease her asshole, and she moaned. Her pussy clenched tightly around his cock, as over and over she drove herself down on him. Feeling his balls tighten, he moaned, and she bit her lip tightly at the sound. She rocked her hips frantically against his, becoming aware of his finger slipping inside her tight hole, her clit grinding against his matted hairs, and screamed “NOW, CUM FOR ME, BABY, NOW!”

Pushing up with all his strength, he shoved his cock as deep and as hard into her as he could, feeling the delicious spasms of her pussy milking his cock as he exploded, shooting his hot load deep into her. She cried out, gripping the headboard, her thighs clamped around his.

Finally she relaxed, collapsing on his chest, breathing heavily. He put his arms around her and held her close, kissing her forehead. Lazily she opened her eyes and smiled… “My turn.”

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