House Keeping

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Author’s notes; This story came to me one day while I was staying in a hotel. I was listening to the two Latina house keepers have a long conversation as they went from room to room during the day. They would talk, go into a room and then continue their conversation like there was never a break. As always, this adult themed copyrighted work belongs to the author and cannot be reproduced in part or… etc…. So having said all that, please enjoy…


“So, what’s really happening Meja’? All we hear are the rumors.” Carla asked her co-worker as she got dressed for her shift. “You never told me you wanted to move!”

“I’m transferring to Chattanooga.” Maria blushed and rubbed the very slight bump of her abdomen. “I’m just tired of the cabrone’s starting their bullshit all the time. It’s time for a new start.”

“Mina, you don’t have to lie to me. Those bendejo’s are all the same. This is me you’re talking to.” She smoothed down her skirt getting ready for work in the tiny changing room. “They are good for one thing…. Not that they’re any good at that one thing mind you, if you know what I mean.” She said suggestively.

“Yeah well, anyway… I’m out of here as soon as Mr. K. signs the paperwork. Maybe I can find a better class of loser somewhere else.” Maria sighed hopefully.

“Now there’s a punta chasing prick if I ever saw one.” Carla rolled her eyes. “My knees ache just thinking about the next review I have to go through with him. Not like he’s… never mind.” She huffed. “I’ve got to get to work. Don’t you dare leave until we finish this conversation. Are my stockings straight?” She turned her legs, flexing her toes.

“Si, you’re looking fine.” Maria smiled.

“Yeah, all dolled up to clean toilets and vacuum floors. What a joke. If Juan didn’t have to… well, I could do better than this shit!” She sighed mournfully.

“Yeah right you tramp! Tell it to someone who doesn’t know you better. You love all those wealthy gringos watching your round Latina ass shaking in their faces. Don’t think I don’t know how you paid for Juan’s braces.” She wagged her finger in her friends face.

“A Momma gots to do what a Momma gots to do! You’ll see, trust me. You can’t fool me. You ain’t gaining weight from all the fine food you’ve been eating around here. You’ll be amazed what you’ll do once that bebe climbs out from between your legs.” She fluffed her hair. “You know Mr. K ain’t going to be here until late, so you might as well help me on my floor.” She walked out the adjoining supply room.

“Sorry Carla, but I already turned in my uniforms. One way or another, I’m headed to Chattanooga tomorrow. Transfer signed or no!” The phone rang, interrupting what Maria wanted to say.

“Hotel Hospitality… yes ma’am,” Carla answered with a forced smile in her voice. “I’ll take care of that right away ma’am. Room 416, extra towels, right away ma’am.” Carla put the phone down. “Let me lick your nasty snatch while I’m at it ma’am. Take your husband up my ass, you say… yes ma’am, I just live to service you.” She sneered at the phone.

“Chicka, you so crazy!” Maria laughed.

“Lunch, the Pollo Loco!” She grabbed several sets of clean towels and added them to her cleaning cart. “Don’t make me come look for you!” She warned, ominously.

“Si, si… ande’le’ muchacha, you can tell me all about it later.” Maria kissed her cheek and swatted her round Latina ass out the door.

“Tease…!” Carla swished her butt pushing her cart and headed to work.

Hours later, Carla back in regular clothes, collapsed into the corner booth. “Nothing but freaks today. Mios Dio, my feet hurt. Did you get your transfer signed Mija?”

“Pppfft, hell no! His assistant was up his ass all morning.” Maria rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t know Mr. K was a switch hitter? We all know Roberto plays hide the chorizo, but Mr. K? Who would have thought it?” Carla looked stunned.

“Oh you, you know what I mean. ‘Sorry, he is in a meeting’.” She did the quote marks with her fingers. “He probably was up Rosa’s ass, knowing that punta and what she’ll do to get ahead!”

“Yeah well, with her stretched out gash, Mr. K would need a rope to pull himself out of her cunt, so ass it has to be. I swear that last brat she had, walked out of that ho! She probably didn’t feel a thing either way with the pencil dick Mr. K. is packing.” She waved it off. “Anyway, enough changing the subject. What happened, who knocked you up, and why haven’t I met him yet? I didn’t even know you were dating, let alone riding the magical hobby horse! Is that why you’re transferring?” She put her hand on her hip and looked at her friend with suspicion.

“It’s a long story, that happened very fast. I’m still confused by it all most of the time. But, I’m not telling it here!” Maria said, looking around. “Let’s get food and go someplace quiet and private.”

“Ohhh this is going to be good, I can tell.” Carla rubbed her hands together. “We’ll go down by the river. I know a spot.” They got bursa escort their food and she all but drug Maria out to her car and shoved her in. Once they drove to the spot in silence, she put the car in park, but kept the AC running. “Ok chicka, spill. I want all the details and I want them now.” She ordered taking a bite out of her lunch burrito.

“If I don’t, I know you will just keep bugging me, and I do feel the need to tell someone.” She sighed. “Okay, here it goes, it happened about three months ago, maybe four.” She started telling her story. “There was a couple at the hotel that had to switch off so they could be with their son for tests in hospital. I was minding my own business, when wham, our lives got tangled together….” She tried to remember everything as it happened.


It had been a year or more since Maria had any companionship, even longer since she had any good sex. But, she refused to do what a lot of the other girls did for extra cash. She knew they dressed her like a hooker for the job, but that didn’t mean she had to act like one. So what, if the uniforms were so short you could all but see her ass and panties when she bent over. So what, if the pantyhose they gave her were all but transparent. Sometimes it was even a little bit fun to tease the customers as they went to and from wherever they were going, especially the young men. Watching them run into walls was usually the highlight of her day.

She knew when she took the job in hotel hospitality, she was just an over dressed cleaning lady. But, the money was better than most places paid for cleaning hotel rooms. All things considered it wasn’t that bad. She knew it could have been much worse. All she had to do is avoid her boss’s lewd suggestions and kindly slap a few hands that wanted to wander from the customers.

She was going about her normal day, when everything changed. She knocked twice before opening the room, as was the standard procedure. She pushed her cart in front of the door, knowing the young kids down the hall were staring at her tits and ass again. Being a full figured Latina, so she knew has both to show in her very skimpy maids outfit. She’s not fat by any means, but has tight curves and a bubble butt that made most men take notice.

“House Keeping…” She called out in a sing song voice. She took three steps in and stopped.

Sprawled in the king sized bed was a naked man, with his member resting at half mast on his thigh. He was a big man, over six feet tall and wide bodied. He was snoring like he was fueling a wind tunnel, his dick twitching with each inhale.

“Excuse me sir, I’ll come back.” Her panties got wet as she watched his thick cock throb with his heart beat. “I’ve been without a man for too long.” She sighed wistfully.

“Get your ass to bed dear! And shut off the damn light.” The man grumbled in his sleep.

“Oh shit!” Maria exclaimed, scrambling to close the door as three giggling teen girls raced past the room, so the man by now raging hard on wasn’t seen by the kids. She looked around and saw women’s things in the bathroom. “Oh, he must think I’m his wife.” She giggled. ‘I’ll just cover him up and be on my way.’ She thought picking up the dirty towels out of habit and walked over to the bed. She tugged at the blanket, trying to cover him up, but got too close.

“Damn it babe, I need my boobie.” He grumbled and pulled her into the bed before she could make a sound. “Better…” He huffed into her hair and he pulled her close and grabbed her breasts in his big hands and sighed.

Maria lay there wide eyed and stunned as she was being groped by the stranger. She didn’t feel like he was trying to take an advantage of her, like so many of the men who came on to her. But, he was just a man who missed his wife and was sleepily confused.

“Sir, oh sir, I have to….!” She tried to pull away.

“Damn it babe, you know I hate it when you come to bed with clothes on.” He huffed and expertly wiggled his hands under her blouse and up to her bra. She gasped when he all but ripped the bra off, his knuckles catching on her hard nipples in a practiced move. Seconds later, his warm hands were cupping her naked breasts. With quick movements, she was out of her blouse, skirt, and bra laying there in nothing but her pantyhose and panties.

“Better… love you Nita.” He kissed her neck, his hard dick pressed up against her butt.

Maria had chills down her spine as one hand worked a hard nipple between his fingers and the other hand moved down and cupped her core. Yes, part of her wanted to get away, but another part wanted to enjoy the feeling of being snuggled as long as she could.

“Damn it Babe, do I have to do all the work?” She looked over her shoulder and realized he was still asleep and very strong. He flexed his arm out away from her and both hose and panties ripped.

Her mind was racing. How did she get into this mess; and better yet, how was she supposed to get out of it before they both were embarrassed bursa escort bayan when he woke up and realized she wasn’t his wife? She knew she couldn’t insult a customer, or her boss would fire her. She was just thinking about how to escape when a new large problem presented its self.

“Hmmmm nice.” He breathed in her hair. “Love you babe.” He kissed her neck and penetrated her in one smooth move. “Hot, wet, and tight, just like I like it Nita.”

“MIOS DIO!” Maria gasped out as she was completely filled with this strange man’s cock in a single fluid thrust. She didn’t realize just how wet the encounter had made her.

“Sir… Senior… OH SIR!” She tried to pull away as her body responded to the invasion as the thick cock hit all the right places inside her. But still, things like this just didn’t happen, not in real life. Her body automatically responded to the good feelings it hadn’t received in such a long time. Before she knew it, she was pushing back into the invading member as it plunged in and out of her, getting wetter with every stroke.

“Oh damn it Nita, you’re cuming and taking me with you!” He gasped out five minutes later as he shoved really hard and started pumping his seed into her clutching center. “Oh yeah, it’s been too long babe. We needed that.” He used her tits as handles to pull her to him sighing. Both breasts were trapped in his big hands as he squeezed with every pulse from his cock, and then he started loudly snoring into her ear, totally spent.

Maria bit her lip as the shivers of her orgasm pasted over her body. ‘Now what…?’ She thought, as his semi-hard cock slowly slipped out of her, their mingled juices flowing down her leg and into the crack of her ass.

She laid there for a minute trying to think, as his fingers kept working her sensitive nipples in his sleep. Finally a few minutes later, though it seemed like an hour, he snorted and rolled over to the other side of the bed. Maria instantly jumped up and scrambled to get her clothes back on before his wife walked in and caught them. She tossed her ruined hose into the trash and wiped at the juices leaking out of her with what was left of her panties and toilet paper in the bathroom. She straightened up as much as she could leaving the new towels, and scampered out.

Hiding behind her cart, she made a beeline for the resupply area hoping no one saw her in her just fucked and leaking condition. She slammed the door behind her, panting with fear and excitement. She leaned against the door and ran her fingers through her tousled hair, trying to pull her thoughts together.

She made sure she tossed her ruined stuff into the bottom of the trash so they wouldn’t be found and rushed to the changing room to grab the mandatory extra set of hose. When she went to put them on, she realized there was still a mess of his sperm and her juices matted in her bush between her legs. Taking a wet cloth, she cleaned herself up as best she could and tried to put the whole incident out of her mind while working feverishly to catch up with her schedule.

Of course the more she tried to not think about what happened, the more it kept intruding into her mind. Her throbbing nipples and the random small squishy feelings between her legs from his cum still inside her didn’t help matters. In her head, all she could hear was the squishy noises from her legs moving her pussy lips back and forth while she tried to walk. She swore she could still feel it long after the time his stuff would have either went in or spilled out of her body. By the time she got off that afternoon, she tried to convince herself it was nothing but a dream.


“So, that is how this all started. A really bad day and a case of mistaken identity.” Maria said not looking at her long time friend.

“And you expect me to believe that shit? That is the best you could come up with? Mina, I thought we were friends?” Carla looked at Maria seriously. “As if…! Did you ever see him again? Or, is this just your cover story?” Maria could see the total disbelief on her friend’s face.

“If I said yes, you’d think I was a slut and I’m not!” Maria huffed, pissed her friend didn’t believe the truth.

“Come on honey, you know that sound like something from a porn movie I’d find in Juan’s room, don’t you? Is that what really happened? And you never saw him again?” She was giving her the look.

“Of course I saw him again. They were guests for over a week.” Maria snapped. “And I am not a liar!” She insisted.

“I’m sorry honey but that sounds just weird.” Carla rolled her eyes.

“Just as weird as seeing that fat punta trussed up in that bondage stuff in room two eleven? Or huge black chicka giving head to that skinny gringo in room five thirty four? You know the kind of shit we see all the time. People be freaks and you know it! He was nice, even if he didn’t know I wasn’t his wife the first time. It was the best sex I had in over a year!” Maria insisted.

“It was the only sex you had escort bursa in over a year. Ever since you caught Tomas dipping his wick in that punta Carmen! So, it had to be the best.” She laughed, breaking the tension.

“Yeah and let’s not forget you and your dentist. Thursday at three in five sixteen isn’t it?” Maria looked at her friend meaningfully. “How many oral examinations has he given you, huh?”

“Yeah well, he is better at oral than anyone I’ve ever met, so there. Plus Juan needs the braces. Do you know how much adjustments cost?” She shrugged. “I’d marry the rich gringo if I didn’t think he cheat on me.”

“Uh huh, sure you would. Like he’d accept Juan as his son? A half black and Hispanic boy, the son of the whitest gringo I’ve ever seen. I don’t think so. But, you might convince him.” Maria smiled.

“Yeah well if he put his white man cream in me, I’d have his bebe in a heartbeat, but it’s all about his oral fixation.” She sighed and sat straight up. “You Punta, you changed the subject again. We’re not talking about me. We’re talking about how you got knocked up! What color is your bebe going to be?”

“Like I have X-ray vision. Not black, that’s damn for sure, since I don’t like those arrogant pricks!” Maria tossed her hair back. “If you want the rest of the story, then you have to stop distracting me, and no more calling me a liar!” Maria insisted in a pout.

“So, there is more! Spill…!” She leaned forward eagerly.

“Fine, no that isn’t the only time I had sex with them.” Maria huffed, irritated.

“What do you mean with them? Have you been parting the forest of some gringo bitch?”

“No, but I have eaten some fine Colombian Salsa!” She spat out, enjoying the look on Carla’s face. “Now hush, so I can finish. I still need to get my transfer signed today. So anyway, there’s a reason he didn’t know it wasn’t me the first time.” She started her story again. “It seems my gringo bear has liked hot Latina pussy for a long time.”


Maria just about thought she had gotten away with it, when she was called back to room 416. Her stomach was in knots as she approached the door.

“House Keeping.” She tapped on the door.

“Yes, come in.” A female voice called.

“How can I help you Ma’am?” Maria looked at someone, if she was about fifteen years younger, could have been her sister Rosario.

“Hello Maria, I’m Juanita, why don’t you come on in and make yourself comfortable. Well, it isn’t like you’ve already done that today isn’t it?” She gave Maria a weird look. “Oh, before I forget, I found this in the bed when I tried to go to sleep.” She handed Maria her name tag. “It was right next to the big cum stain under the top sheet.”

“Senora, I can explain, it is not what you think… I….” Maria was instantly panicked.

“Calm down sweetie, I just wanted to hear what happened from you. My husband thinks he’s had to best wet dream since before we got married. Especially since he knows I was at the hospital with our son this morning.” She gave Maria a meaningful look.

“I am so sorry Senora Juanita, I did not mean to, it wasn’t my fault and I didn’t want to get your husband in trouble.” Maria was hyperventilating. “Please don’t get me fired for this, Please…?” She started begging.

“First tell me what happened and how you let it happen, and I’ll go from there.” She crossed her arms under her large breasts, tapping her finger on her arm. That was when Maria noticed her huge nipples poking through her blouse.

“Si, senora, I tell you everything.” Maria sighed and gathered her thoughts. “I come in to clean the room this morning. Your husband, he was sleeping. I was going to cover him up and leave, honestly, that is all I planned to do. Then there were some kids running in the halls and I didn’t want them to see your husband like that with me in the room, and what they would be thinking.” She all but babbled.

“Go on, I’m listening.” Juanita raised a fine eye brow up looking at the terrified Maria.

“So, after I the door closed, and since I was here, I cleaned the bathroom, and went to cover your husband again. When I reached over to get the covers, he grabbed me and pulled me into the bed. He said, well… I knew he thought I was you and he wanted to cuddle. I tried to wake him, but….”

“Yes, Lucas sleeps like the dead.” Juanita sighed. “And he gets grabby. If he doesn’t have one of my tits in his hand, he usually can’t get to sleep.” She flicked her hands over her chest. “So far it makes some sense.” She waved her hand in the continue motion.

“Yes, then he, he all but stripped me in seconds and pulled me close. I tried to find a way out, but he was not listening and your husband is very strong. And, and, what he was doing did feel good. It wasn’t like he was, well you know, He thought it was you and I know that. It was kind of nice really.” Maria sighed. “But then, he found I had on hose and panties, He ripped them and tossed them aside. Before I could get out of the bed, I was pulled back into his chest, and he was kissing my neck. I thought he would go back to sleep and I’d just leave him to it, but then… and it was so fast, and intense and well, it just happened.” She finished. “I’m so sorry Ma’am.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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