Hot for Teacher

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Abi knocked on the door of Dr. Byrnes’ office. Byrnes was Abi’s History professor, and he was also her most attractive one. He was tall and strong, with a beard that he kept shaved close to his face, giving his sculpted jaw line even more definition. And he was young, not more than 8 years over Abi’s nineteen. She had always been attracted to him, and hoped to God that he didn’t know. She’d be mortified.

Abi was nervous. She was at his office after class because he’d asked her to be. She was sure that it was because he had caught her staring at the bulge in his pants earlier that day. He had been standing in front of the class, right in front of her desk, and then he had sat down, crossing his ankles in front of him, pushing his package up in his lap, and she had not been able to look away. He’s going to chew me out, she thought. I’m done. He’s going to fail me.

As she tried to think of an excuse to explain away her blatant ogling, a deep voice came through the door.

“Come on in.”

She took hold of the door handle and slowly pushed it open. Dr. Byrnes was seated across the room at his desk.

“Hello, Abi.”

“Um… Hi, Dr. Byrnes.”

He looked up at her, his face stern. “Well, sit down.” He gestured to a couch off to the side of the room, grouped with two worn armchairs. Abi walked over to the couch and sat down, a sinking feeling growing in the pit of her stomach. She grimaced at his curt attitude.

Her professor walked over and sat opposite her in an armchair. “Abi, I think you know why I asked you here.”

It’s over. I’m done.

“I really enjoy having you in my class, Abi.”

What? her stomach jumped. Maybe he didn’t actually see me!

“You seem very intelligent. You have a lot of potential.”

“Um… Thanks? I try hard.”

“I can tell. But it’s more than that, Abi. You seem very intent on impressing me.” Dr. Byrnes looked at her with penetrating green eyes. It was somewhat unnerving.

“Uh…” Abi answered lamely, “I try to keep on my professors’ good sides.”

Dr. Byrnes looked skeptical. “You seem to have taken a particular liking to me.”

“What do you mean? I mean, I like your class and all…” Abi’s heart was racing. He knows.

“Abi, I saw you staring at me today,” her professor said frankly.

“Wha—? I… uh… I don’t know what you’re, um… talking about.” I’m dead.

Dr. Byrnes raised his eyebrows and smirked. “You’re a terrible liar, Abi.”

Abi burst into tears. “I’m sorry, Dr. Byrnes! I… I… It will never happen again, I promise!” Dr. Byrnes got up from his chair quickly and sat beside her.

“Shh, Abi. Calm down.” He put his arm around her and she leaned in awkwardly. “Shh.” He tipped her chin up and looked at her, his eyes smoldering. “I never said I didn’t like it.”

He took her face between his hands and brought his lips to hers. The spark was electrifying, sending shivers all bursa escort the way between Abi’s legs, but she pulled away.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, Dr. Byrnes,” she said half-heartedly. “It’s…”

He looked at her skeptically. “It’s what? Abi, you and I both know you don’t mean that.”

She looked down, embarrassed. “I know. I mean, I’m really attracted to you… it’s just… you’re my teacher… I mean, I could never…” She looked down at his package. It was noticeably bigger than earlier.

“Sure you can.” He grabbed her face with both strong, calloused hands and kissed her roughly.

Abi was taken aback—in a very good way—at his roughness. She was getting increasingly turned on at the prospect of being with an older, more experienced man… who also happened to be her teacher. The sheer taboo of it made her even more excited.

Dr. Byrnes ran his fingers through her hair, then reached in between them and found her nipples through her thin shirt. He ran his thumbs over them lightly. “Oh my god…” she gasped, breaking the kiss only for a second. He grabbed the hem of her shirt and tugged it over her head, then unclasped her bra. She found herself naked from the waist up, and all of a sudden, before she could do anything, Dr. Byrnes grabbed her around the waist and began to trail rough kisses from her neck downward. He bent his head and his mouth found her nipple. He sucked hard on it, and Abi moaned. “Dr. Byrnes… Oh my god.”

His lips felt so good on her breasts. He kissed all over them, starting on the underside, then rounding her nipple. He planted rough kisses all up her chest and onto her neck, sucking on the skin behind her ear. She threw her head back and sighed as he worked his mouth back down her chest, locking once more on her now hard nipple, lightly squeezing its pair between his thumb and forefinger.

Abi was overcome with pleasure. He knew exactly where to touch her, exactly where to kiss to make her mouth water and make her so wet.

Her fingers dug into his scalp and she tugged him off of her. Before he could protest, she grabbed the collar of his shirt and ripped it open. “My turn,” she said with a grin. She looked down and found an amazing, defined chest framed by thick arms and broad shoulders. He looked so strong, like he could throw her around if he wanted to. And she wanted him to.

She put her hands on his hard shoulders and stood on her toes to suck lightly on his neck. He threw his head back and breathed her name. Her lips were soft but firm on his neck, and he imagined that that was what her clit would feel like. She whispered in his ear, her breath hot on his neck. “Put your hands on me.” He reached down and rubbed her through her jeans.

“Oh, Byrnes… yes…”

Abi ran her hands down his chest, feeling his pounding heartbeat for a second, and then cupped him through his slacks. She could feel him harden and thicken. His eyes widened bursa escort bayan and he gasped. “Oh, Abi…”

But then he composed himself and smirked. “Glad to get your hands on that?”

Abi looked up through her eyelashes. “What do you th—?”

But before she could finish her answer, he wrapped one chiseled forearm around her waist and picked her up. She gasped, but he put her down in a second, setting her slouching on the couch.

Dr. Byrnes dropped to his knees and unbuttoned her jeans. He yanked them down, revealing the lacy match to her bra. He took her knees and pulled them apart.

She looked down at him with pleading eyes. He knew what she needed. He bent his head and licked her through the fabric of her panties. She gasped and scratched her nails across his shoulders. She was wet already, nearly soaking through the fabric. He continued to tease her mercilessly, pressing his thumb into her most sensitive spot through the fabric, breathing hot breath on her, touching her inner thighs, until she breathlessly demanded, “More.”

He pulled her panties down around her ankles and licked her inner thigh.

“Oh, please…” she begged.

Dr. Byrnes looked up at Abi’s face, his eyes devious. He brought his mouth to her wet clit and sucked hard.

“Oh my god, Dr. Byrnes. Oh my god… that feels so good…” Abi thought she would explode. His lips were firm on her clit, making waves of pleasure pulse through her whole body. The fact that he was a teacher made it even better… every time he talked during class this is what she would think of.

Her professor looked up and smirked. He knew that he had complete control of her pleasure, and he couldn’t wait to make her feel better than she ever had.

Before she realized what he was doing, he slipped two fingers inside of her and bent them up, pushing firmly on her G-spot. She bucked up, unable to speak, opening her mouth in silent pleasure. He brought his mouth back to her clit, now even wetter than before.

Her fingernails dug into his shoulders and he sucked on her clit harder.

“I’m going to come… don’t stop, don’t stop!” Abi couldn’t think. She surrendered her body to the waves of her orgasm.

“Oh my god. Oh, fuck yes, Dr. Byrnes, yes!”

Dr. Byrnes wrapped his arm behind her waist and locked his mouth on her, holding fast through her orgasm.

When she finally relaxed, he stood up and kissed her. Breathing hard, she took his face between her hands and gasped, “Thank you… that was amazing.” He smiled and lifted her gently off the couch, still kissing her all over her mouth and neck.

Standing on weak knees, she ran her hands down his chest. She dragged her fingers down his “happy trail”, thinking about just how happy it was.

She dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants, and pulled them down along with his boxer briefs, revealing a long, hard cock. He was easily 8 inches and as big escort bursa around as her wrist. She looked at his length, then up at his face.

“Lucky me,” she smirked. Before he could say anything, she cupped his balls and took him into her mouth.

He let out a low, growling moan. “Oh my god, Abi… You’re so good at this…” She smirked and licked his tip, making him flinch.

“You were, too, Dr. Byrnes,” she answered, wrapping her hands around his cock and slowly bringing them up. “I had to reciprocate.”

She looked into his eyes, slipped her lips over the head of his cock, and wrapped her fingers around the base of it. She sucked hard on it and rolled his balls between her fingers.

“Abi… your mouth feels so good…”

Abi smiled, grabbed his hips, and took all of him into her mouth, then pressed her thumb into the sensitive spot behind his balls. His knees went weak. “Oh my god, Abi, stop… I’m going to come if you don’t stop.”

Abi stopped reluctantly and stood up. Running her hands over his chest, she said, “I want you inside of me, Dr. Byrnes.” She looked up at his face, her eyes bright and seductive. He grabbed her around the waist and carried her across the room, splaying her bare body over his desk.

He looked down at Abi. He couldn’t believe he was about to have sex with his student. It was highly immoral, but he didn’t care. She was perfect: intelligent, beautiful, and amazing at what she had just been doing. He bent down and licked her once between her legs, accomplishing what he’d intended: she twitched and moaned.

“Now. I need you, now, Dr. Byrnes.”

His eyes smoldered, and he entered her with one long, quick movement. He groaned. She was smooth and so wet. His cock pulsed inside of her.

Abi gasped. “Oh my fucking god… you’re so big…”

Dr. Byrnes pushed in further. As they rocked back and forth, Abi bucked her hips into him, and he could barely speak. The feel of her around him was more than he could take, and the feeling of him inside her was enough to make her scream.

He reached down, rubbing his fingers into her clit, making her writhe and buck up to meet his hand. He groaned. “Oh my god, Abi… you’re so fucking tight.”

Abi reached down with one hand and wrapped her fingers around the part of his cock that didn’t fit inside of her, causing him to throw his head back. “Oh my god, Abi… I’m going to explode.” Dr. Byrnes moaned. That set her off. She wrapped her legs around his back, forcing him further into her.

She screamed his name. Her moans and the clenching of her muscles made him crazy, and he tensed and groaned. “Fuck, yes…” She felt him get bigger and come inside of her, and she moaned one last time.

They collapsed on to the desk together, and he bent down and kissed her roughly, breathing hard.

“Dr. Byrnes,” Abi said as they tried to find all of their clothes. “That was amazing… Are we going to… Do this again…?”

He finished buttoning his slacks and turned to her, his eyes dark. He pulled her head to the side and kissed her neck, making her knees buckle.

“Absolutely,” he whispered.

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