His Awakening

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Big Tits

Looking forward to the weekend, she knew just what he enjoys…he was definitely going to have his fill this weekend.

Saturday morning she awoke early to start her morning and to put into effect the plans she had for his surprise, not wanting to wake him she loved to lay there and watch him sleep, his chest uncovered his hands behind his head he looked so good she just wanted to devour every part of this mans body.

Kissing him softly sliding her hand under the sheets wrapping her hand around his erect member gently, oh how she loves the feeling of his morning hard on, kissing down his chest kissing each nipple softly, kissing down his stomach, teasing the tip of his member lightly with her tongue, sucking the head into her mouth running her tongue in circles around it.

His body shivers his hand moving onto her ass caressing it gently, sucking his member deeper into her mouth her tongue exploring every inch, reaching his balls sucking them into her mouth, gently devouring them, softly a moan releases him as he slaps her ass gently.

Running her tongue back up his shaft taking it back into her mouth looking into his eyes, her body jumping slightly as she slaps her ass again, sucking his member into her throat inch by inch locking her lips around it sucking it harder and faster, her nails teasing his balls.

Feeling his body jerk to her teasing she continues as a soft moan of excitement escapes her.

“Oh your are so enjoying this aren’t you baby doll?” he asks in a excited sexy tone

she says not a word she just winks at him, knowing her response he slaps her ass a little harder, thinking he’s going to get even he runs his fingers bursa escort down the center of her back, knowing exactly what that does to her.

She stops suddenly, looking up at him and smiles her devious little smile that drives him absolutely out of this world, he knows usually when she does that she has something in mind and usually it’s pretty naughty.

“What are you thinking little one?? He asks softly.

“ Oh that I really need to go now and take a shower I have soooo much to do today to get ready for your surprise, I can finish this for you later!” winking she replies in her devious sexy voice.

“Oh I don’t think so, you’re not going to do this to me, you woke me up with my cock in your mouth and you think your going to leave me now, You better guess again baby girl!!!!!!!!”

Grabbing a hold of her he pulls her up to him, looking deep into her eyes, his lips locking to hers, their tongues exploring one another, his hands grabbing onto her ass holding her close to him, her nipples so hard at this point they dig into his chest.

She manages to get away from him in a very playful way; she slips out of bed looking at him in a naughty toned look.

“I need to take my shower now baby!!” shaking her ass at him as her hand runs slowly over her cheeks, she turns walking into the bathroom.

“That’s it she wants to play hardball well I can play that game too!” he thinks to himself.

Getting out of bed knowing she’s in the shower now he quietly enters the bathroom, her naked body he sees through the curtain, he watches her as she washes her hair, the water running over her body sends his mind running into overdrive, taking his bursa escort bayan member into his hand stroking it a few times, slowly he steps in the shower as she turns to face the water, sliding his arms around her, his hands running softly up her stomach, cupping her breasts massaging them gently, her body jumps from his touch.

“I thought you were still in bed silly man!” she says to him moaning softly.

“Well I guess not huh!!” he replies in his naughty little laugh.

Pressing his member against her ass pulling her back against him, slowly his hands worked down her stomach, cupping her shaven mound, caressing it gently, his fingers sliding over her moistened lips, knowing he’s gotten to her, he slips a finger slowly inside her, his thumb finding her clit, she shrieks as his thumb works her clit.

Turning her around to look at him kissing her deeply, softly kissing a trail down her neck, nibbling licking and sucking on it gently, kissing down her chest, stopping at her breasts, sucking each nipple into his mouth, suckling on them gently. Kissing down her stomach kissing softly over her mound, her moans grow louder as his tongue finds her clit, teasing it lightly, pushing her back against the wall placing her foot up on the side of the tub, her fingers locking behind his head pushing his face into her deeper, sliding his finger inside her hot wet hole, looking up at her their eyes locking onto each other, her hips bucking and grinding against his finger and mouth.

“OH my god you naughty boy don’t stop now please don’t stop!!!!!” as she lets out a scream.

“Hell no I have no intention of doing such a thing!” pushing his finger escort bursa deeper inside her sucking her clit into his mouth nibbling it gently.

Her juices starting to flow he stops, standing up looking deep into her eyes, she sees the look of lust and desire in his eyes, lifting her up the wall she wraps her legs around his waist, taking his member into his hand he guides it into her screaming pussy inch by inch her nails digging into his shoulders, her head back against the shower wall, he takes her nipple into his mouth nibbling it gently, his hands on her ass groping at it, her moans growing louder, their breathing deepens as his pace picks up, harder and faster he pistons his member in and out of her pussy.

“OHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSS HARDER BABY!!!!!!!” she screams as her pussy grabs a hold of his member milking it for all it’s worth.

Her nails raking and digging over his chest, his hands buried into her ass cheeks, leaving what seemed to be like permanent hand prints his member pistoning in and out of her faster and harder then before, his balls slapping against her clit, feeling his member swelling, and his balls tighten as his body tensed, his head throws back with one last hard deep thrust he releases his hot cummm deep inside her shot after shot, his body shaking from all the built up tension draining from his body.

Removing his member she unwraps her legs, he puts her down, she takes the soap into her hand washing his back, slipping her arms around the front of him washing his entire being as he returns the favor and washes her.

“What’s the surprise your planning for me baby doll it doesn’t have to do with Amy again does it?” he asks with a wonderfully sexy smile.

“I don’t know baby does it?? Well you will just have to wait and find out!!!!!!!!”

and with that they get out of the shower get dried off and start their day, as he awaits his surprise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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