Higher Education Ch. 05

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Big Cock

Chapter 1

I entered my morning class a little late on Thursday and was surprised to see that Molly wasn’t there. When she didn’t show up by the time the class was over, I began to get a little concerned. She was normally very reliable and, so far, hadn’t missed a class. It was nearly eleven thirty and I was still in my office when Molly walked in.

I was relieved when I looked up and saw the pretty co-ed. “There you are Molly. I was a little worried about you.”

She looked a little frazzled as she came over to my desk. “Sorry Mr. Adams. I was serving my penance for not accomplishing my task last night.”

It took a few seconds to realize what she was referring to. I asked, “Your penance?”

“Yes. Unfortunately I only took care of four of the five guys that were my responsibility. Jimmy Redmond passed out before I could get to him.”

“Uh… oh… I… I see,” I stammered, immediately uncomfortable with the conversation. However, I had to ask, “What was your penance?”

“I was spanked,” she stated flatly.

I tried to keep my calm but her words were like an electric shock to me. I felt myself getting excited. “Well… uh… that’s too bad.”

“I told you that some of my sisters could be cruel,” Molly said, now standing very close to me. “Do you want to see?” she whispered.

Before I could answer, Molly turned around and bent over my desk and pulled her short skirt up. I gasped as my eyes fell on her reddened cheeks; both appeared to be swollen and looked very tender. “My God Molly!” I gasped.

“They’re really hot too. You can touch them if you want to.”

Almost without thinking I reached my hand out and touched her red cheeks with my fingers. Then I slid my palm across the soft surface. They were indeed hot.

Molly began to move her buttocks back and forth as my hand moved across the surface of her soft skin.

Suddenly I realized what I was doing and pulled my hand away as if I had been burned. “This is unacceptable Molly. We need to report them,” I said in a weak attempt at indignation.

“It’s okay Mr. Adams. I… I kind of liked it. It made me hot.” With that Molly spread her legs and bent further over. “See?”

I gasped as I stared between her legs and saw the glistening juice on her swollen sex lips. Almost in a trance I reached out and touched her vagina with my fingers.

“Mmmmm,” Molly moaned and squirmed her hips.

Again I realized that we were in a very public classroom and pulled my hand away. I stood up and said in a stern voice, “Molly, come to my office.” With that I grabbed some books on my desk to keep in front of my tented pants and left the room. I could hear Molly hurrying to catch up. When I got to my room I quickly unlocked the door and ushered Molly inside. I looked both ways down the hall before entering and locking the door. For once I was glad my office didn’t have any windows.

Molly stood next to my desk in the tiny office.

My office was about the size of a large broom closet with a desk, two chairs and a small table. The room was strewn with papers and books. I quickly locked the door and walked over to my chair and sat down. “Okay Molly, we need to talk about this. You should know that there are strict rules about hazing at this school,” I said. I took a lined pad and picked up a pen. “You can sit down Molly.”

“I’d rather not, if it’s all the same to you,” Molly said with a smile.

“Uh… yes… uh, I understand,” I said, trying to maintain my composure. “Now… uh… who are these girls?”

“I said that it was okay Mr. Adams.” She walked around and leaned against my desk.

I tried to act professional but I couldn’t help staring at the pretty teenager’s thighs. Her skirt was pulled up, almost to her groin. I already knew that she didn’t have panties on. I sat back in my chair in an attempt to put a little distance between her and I. That was a mistake. It gave Molly room to move between the desk and me.

“I’ve never been spanked before. It made me very excited,” Molly almost hissed as she boldly placed a foot on the chair between my legs.

Suddenly, I had a perfect view of her swollen vagina. I realized for the first time that it was totally devoid of hair. The outer lips were fat and smooth-the inner lips were red and swollen. I could see that her sex juice was now trickling down her thighs. I could even smell her excitement. My head began to spin.

“I think it makes you excited too,” Molly said and moved her foot until it was pressed on my throbbing erection.

I sucked in my breath and watched as if hypnotized as her foot gently massaged my groin. While I knew that I should put a stop to this, I also knew that it was far too late. I sat frozen as the young girl suddenly knelt between my legs. Her eyes were glassy as she opened my belt and pulled my zipper down. I helped by lifting up when she reached to pull my pants down. “Molly…” I started to say but stopped as her warm hand wrapped around my shaft. “Oh Jesus,” I gasped as her mouth covered the swollen head. I reached out and grasped her head, my bursa escort fingers tangling in her blond hair.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as I directed her head up and down on my shaft.

My hips began to lift from the chair as my excitement grew.

Suddenly, Molly pulled her mouth from my penis with a loud pop. She smiled and stood up. “I don’t want you to cum in my mouth this time. I have a better place for it.”

My eyes were as round as saucers as I watched her pull her tight skirt up to her waist and climb up until her thighs were on the arms of my chair. She reached between us and grasped my penis.

“Molly,” I gasped again as she began to rub the swollen head on her wet vagina.

“Oh yes,” she groaned as she fitted the head into her hole. Then she moved her hips down, slowly taking me inside her.

At that point, I was beyond caring about the stupidity of what I was doing. I grasped her hot buttocks in my hand and began to move her up and down. We both moaned in pleasure.

“That’s it, fuck me… fuck me!” she gasped and began to move up and down with the help of my hands.

My old wooden chair was squeaking as it strained under our combined weight and the room was suddenly filled with our moans and the sloppy sound of our groins slapping together.

I could feel Molly’s juice trickling down my balls as we both neared out peaks. “Oh God Molly, I’m going to cum!” I warned.

“Yes… yes… yes, cum in meeeee!!! Fill me… ohhhhhhh!!!”

Molly’s vagina began to pulse around my shaft. Suddenly, my balls pulled up tight and I felt my sperm rushing up the shaft. “Ahhhhh!!!” I gasped and pulled the young girl’s hips down on my shaft until I was buried as deeply as I could go. My body began to spasm as my sperm poured into her willing hole.

Molly’s thighs strained in their position on the chair as convulsions racked her body. Her climax seemed to go on for a long time until finally she collapsed onto me.

We stayed in that position for several minutes. Finally, I pushed Molly up. We both groaned as my penis slipped from her sloppy hole.

“Thanks Mr. Adams. Now I won’t have to get the rest of my punishment.”

I looked at her strangely and said, “What does that mean?”

“My sisters told me that I could avoid the rest of my punishment if I got you to fuck me,” Molly said with a wide grin. “Now I have the proof.”

We both looked down and saw my cum trickling out of her hole.

“Sorry but I have to hurry. My big sister is waiting for me in the ladies room.” With that Molly pulled her skirt down and turned and rushed out of my office.

I closed my eyes and leaned back in my chair. Once again I had played the sucker.

Chapter 2

I called Katie that evening and we talked for a long time. Still, we avoided the subject of Abigail. It seemed that our individual relationship with her was private or somehow off limits. That worked for me.

Katie invited me to her place for dinner on Friday night. I thanked her and said I would see her tomorrow.

When I got to my office in the morning there was a note stuck to the door. It was from Abigail and said that I should be in her office this evening at 6 P.M. The note didn’t explain why. Immediately I became worried. Could she have known about the party? I thought. It seemed that nothing was secret at this school.

I was worried all day but I didn’t say anything to Katie when I saw her at lunch. I didn’t think that it had anything to do with her.

It was almost six when I entered the administration building. It was quiet now that most of the staff had gone home. As I turned the corner I almost bumped into Katie as she came out of the ladies room. I stopped in shock. She had changed her clothes. Instead of her normal schoolteacher attire, she was wearing what looked like a private school girl’s uniform. She had on a blue blazer, white blouse, and a blue and red checked pleated skirt with black shoes and white socks. Her red hair, which she normally let hang to her shoulders, was pulled back into to braided pigtails.

“Katie?” I said stupidly.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, appearing just as shocked as I was.

“I got a note to be at Abigail’s office at 6.”

I saw her face flush. “So did I.”

Now I was genuinely worried that Abigail had found out about Katie and I. She had warned me not to fraternize with students or faculty.

“I don’t understand. Why are you dressed like that?”

“Abigail… Abigail told me to.”

I stood frozen. Then I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost 6 P.M. I didn’t want to add lateness to whatever trouble I was already in. “We had better get to her office.” We both turned and walked down the hall, deep in our own thoughts. I tapped on the door and heard Abigail tell us to come in.

Abigail was sitting at her desk when we entered. “Please sit down,” she said, barely looking up from something she was reading. I had come to expect that.

Katie and I sat in the two chairs in front of her desk. I glanced over at Katie and saw her attempt bursa escort bayan to pull the impossibly short skirt down. Most of her thighs were still bare.

Suddenly the room was deadly quiet. Only the ticking of the clock on the wall interrupted the silence. I glanced over at Katie several times and saw her squirming uncomfortably on the chair. I wasn’t comfortable either; my heart was thumping in my chest and I was breaking out in a cold sweat. Still, I tried to remain calm.

It seemed like hours before Abigail looked at us over her reading glasses. She stared for a minute then put what she was reading down and sat back. She carelessly tossed her reading glasses onto the desk. “Well, it seems that the two of you have violated a basic rule of mine.” She paused, her lips pursed like she was scolding petulant children.

I glanced at Katie and she looked at me. How does she know? I thought again. I certainly hadn’t said anything. I wondered if Katie had. We both sat quietly.

Abigail crossed her legs casually, showing an expanse of her sexy thigh. “Nothing to say huh?”

“Abigail… I… Katie… it’s my fault.” I tried to sound gallant but it didn’t come out that way. It sounded more like a whine.

“I don’t want your excuses.” With that Abigail stood up and walked over to the door. The click of the lock made both Katie and I jump. Katie looked like she was going to cry. We watched as she walked back behind her desk and sat down.

“Come over here Katie.”

Katie looked at me and hesitated.


Katie jumped up and hurried over to Abigail, her head down.

“Take you’re jacket off.”

She stripped off her blazer and laid it on the desk.

I almost gasped. The white blouse she had on was totally sheer and her braless breasts were plainly visible.

“Come closer,” Abigail said and pulled Katie close to her. “At least you obeyed me about your clothes.” Abigail turned to me and said, “Katie likes to dress like a little girl for me sometimes.” With that she reached up and ran her painted fingernail across a nipple, barely hidden under the thin white material. It immediately hardened and Katie shivered noticeably.

Suddenly I felt stirring in my groin. I shifted in my chair and watched as the older woman gently rubbed one nipple before moving to the other. Katie’s breath was coming more rapid now as she stood with her hands behind her back, almost swaying.

“She has lovely breasts doesn’t she?” Abigail asked rhetorically.

I could see that Abigail’s eyes were filled with lust now. I watched as she began to unbutton Katie’s blouse. Katie looked over at me with dread in her eyes. But I could see excitement as well.

When the blouse was all the way open, Abigail reached up and pushed it off her shoulders and let it fall down her back. The cuffs held the blouse at her wrists behind her. She didn’t try to remove it.

I stared at her gorgeous breasts. She looked like a very well built high school girl. Her breasts sat up proudly and the pink nipples looked like pencil erasers. This was the second time I had seen them and like the last time, I was amazed at how creamy the skin appeared, with only a spattering of freckles on the surface.

“Katie loves to have her breasts played with,” Abigail said and began to cup the firm orbs with her open hands. She added, turning her head slightly toward me, “But you already know that.” Then, as she remained seated, she pulled Katie closer and brought one hard nipple to her lips.

Katie groaned. She appeared almost helpless as she looked over at me. However, from her flushed face and hooded eyelids, I could see that she was getting very excited.

The room filled with the sound of Abigail’s sucking lips. She sucked one nipple into her mouth before letting it slip out with a pop. Then she did the same to the other. I heard Katie whimper and could see goose bumps on her arms.

“Yes, little Katie gets very excited when I play with her breasts. Let’s see how excited she is.” With that Abigail reached down and slipped her hand under Katie’s short skirt.

My penis was now throbbing in my pants as I watched her fingers disappear under her skirt.

“Umm, her panties are positively soaked,” she said and then with one quick motion, Abigail pulled her panties down to her knees. Then her hand went back up her skirt. Katie gasped and trembled and I could see Abigail’s arm moving. “Spread your legs,” she ordered. Katie tried but the panties at her knees kept her from moving very far. “Let’s get these off,” Abigail said.

Katie moaned and let her pull them off her feet, her hands going to Abigail’s shoulders for balance.

“My, my, these are wet,” Abigail hissed excitedly as she held the soaked crotch up for me to see. Then she brought the panties to her nose. “She smells sweet. Just like the virgin that she is.” She smiled and tossed the panties at me. They landed in my lap.

I looked down and then back up at her. She had a smug look on her face. I began to think that she was doing this to punish me for breaking escort bursa her rules. It appeared that she was going to make me watch as she took her pleasure.

Abigail reached back under Katie’s skirt.

“Ohhhh!!!” Katie gasped and went up on her toes.

“Ah yes, she is still a virgin. Her little hole is still so tight.” Abigail looked at me and said, “I’m surprised that you didn’t get further.”

I wasn’t sure if that was a reprimand or if she was mocking me. Regardless, I could feel myself getting very excited as I watched her hand continue to move under her skirt.

Then Abigail stood up and pulled her hand from between her legs. With her standard 4 inches high heels she was at least two inches taller than Katie was. It made Katie look even more like a teenaged girl. Abigail pulled Katie to her and wrapped her arms around her back. The two made quite a contrast: the older woman dressed in a fashionable business suit and the half-naked young girl.

I watched in amazement as she brought her lips to Katie. Katie didn’t resist. Instead she almost melted into her arms. I heard Katie moan as Abigail reached up and grasped her pigtails, pulling her head back. Her lips followed, pressing almost violently to Katie’s open mouth.

By this time my heart was pounding in my chest with excitement and my penis was throbbing. Instead of feeling jealous at Abigail’s handling of Katie, I grew even more excited. Katie seemed to be enjoying it. I know that I was. In fact, strangely, instead of jealously, I felt even more attracted to Katie. I can’t to this day explain it. I have learned since that most men love to see two women together. But I have no idea why. We just do.

My thoughts were interrupted when Abigail broke the kiss and stepped back. Then she reached down and swiftly pulled her tight skirt up to her waist. I gasped when I saw that she didn’t have on anything under her skirt. She sat back down and spread her legs.

Katie looked over at me and I could see that her face was now a mask of lust. But I could also detect indecision. She bit her lip and looked from me to the woman sitting in front of her with her legs obscenely spread. Her eyes shifted down to her crotch. With a little whimper of surrender and without being asked she slipped to her knees. Her hands were still held behind her back by the cuffs of her blouse but she could pull them forward enough to grasp Abigail’s knees. She pushed her legs further apart and bent forward.

Suddenly, the desk was blocking my view. I sat up in the chair in time to see Katie’s face disappear between Abigail’s thighs.

“Oh yes!” Abigail hissed. She reached down and grasped Katie’s pigtails again. Then she lifted her legs and wrapped them around her shoulders, scooting down in her chair.

My penis was ready to split my pants as I watched the seemingly innocent girl go to work on Abigail. Abigail held her hair as if to guide her. However, it was entirely unnecessary. Katie’s head bobbed up and down and I could hear her lips working on Abigail’s vagina.

“That’s it sweetie, eat me. Suck my cunt!”

The room was quickly filled with Abigail’s moans and little whimpers coming from Katie. Soon Abigail was squirming in the chair and her head was thrown back as she neared a climax. I watched her face grimace in pleasure as she bucked her hips upward. Suddenly, her hands left her pigtails and pulled Katie’s head harshly between her thighs. “Yes… yes… yes… I’m cummmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnggggg!!!” she screamed as her body began to thrash in the chair. Katie held on, continuing to suck until the older woman’s legs fell from her shoulders.

When Katie finally pulled back and looked at me I saw that her pretty face was dripping with Abigail’s juice.

A few seconds later Abigail recovered and she helped Katie stand up. Then she made her lie back on the desk with her legs spread before her. “It’s your turn,” Abigail whispered to Katie as she slid her chair close to the desk and lifted the girl’s thighs.

Katie’s head was over the front of the desk leaning back. Her eyes were open and she was looking directly at me from her upside down position. I watched the pleasure cover her face and her eyes close as Abigail began to eat her.

I couldn’t take anymore and I stood up. I could see Abigail’s eyes watching me as I pulled my zipper down. However, she didn’t pull away so I opened my pants and dropped them to the floor. I stepped forward and placed my dripping penis on Katie’s mouth. I could still see the sticky remains on her lips from her activity between Abigail’s legs. She opened her eyes and looked up at me startled. But then she opened her mouth and took the head inside. “Oh Jesus,” I moaned as I pressed forward, burying my penis in her throat. I could feel Katie gag but then her throat opened for me. I pushed until my balls were touching her forehead. I could feel her throat caressing me and then she gagged a little again. I pulled out and let her breathe before pushing back in. Soon, I was working my penis back and forth as Abigail sucked her. It didn’t take long before I felt Katie trembling. She stopped sucking and her body began to convulse with her climax. It was almost too much for me and I had to pull out or risk cumming in her mouth. I figured Abigail wouldn’t like that. I was right.

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