Hello Mr. Robinson Pt. 07

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Caroline Nicole

All characters are 18 years old or older.


I was haunted by the look in her eyes. The Rhea I had known, the woman that I had grown to love was gone. In her place was a homicidal stranger that would have cut me down without a moment’s hesitation. I took a step back and my heel struck the metal suitcase. We stood there frozen in that singular moment where she would make her decision. I felt my perception of time dilate and slow. Rhea had been the center of my life for so long and once more she was the eye of my storm. Would she kill me? Would she reign in her rage and leave? I watched as her eyes glanced at the case and she bit her lower lip. Any other time I would have found it sexy but this moment was anything but normal. Tears slowly fell from her eyes and caressed her cheek. I could almost feel as she made her decision. I would live.

I kept my body between her and the case as she stormed out of the room. What the hell was that all about? A year ago I would have followed her out and demanded an answer but I knew her too well now to make that mistake. If I wanted answers I was going to have to find them on my own. That other part of me that was the A.I. was equally determined to uncover the truth about Rhea and her armor. I stowed the case beneath my bunk and sat in a meditative pose while we sought out the answers together. Tapping into the base’s data hub was easy enough. We ghosted through the system leaving no trace of our passage. I was angry after seeing the expression on her face and the sting of her words left me wounded. What had they done to her? How integral was the armor to her existence? I was damn well going to find out. There is one thing I love about the military, they are efficient. They had digitally archived every little thing to save space and stored that information on secure bubble chip servers.

Getting to the servers was the easy part. Getting passed the A.I.’s guarding it was going to be tactically challenging. If I used my command override there would be a record of it. I would have to explain to Nick why I peeked at national secrets. He may or may not understand. The only other route was praying my digital self was better at sneaking than they were at guarding. What felt like minutes was in fact mere nanoseconds passing in the digital realm. I was still getting used to what Nick liked to call meat time and digital time. As flesh and blood beings we were prisoners of chemical reaction time and neural synapses firing. However, my A.I. allowed me access to a world where the beating of a human heart was an eternity. It was a bit disorientating moving from one to the other. I began to realize how much time my A.I. had to process requests. It must have felt like years working on solutions for problems like Blink and Ares. On the up side it was only days or so in human reckoning.

The A.I.’s watching the gate suddenly stood down and allowed us access. I was about to ask when I realized that Nick had granted us access. My other half must have emailed Nick and requested a brief glimpse into secure files so that we could help Rhea. I sometimes forget that my desires become manifest with my digital self. It wasn’t a conscious desire but we knew each other so well that a need was fulfilled without the necessity for words. We entered the convoluted maze of a massive data archive and I let the A.I. take the lead. I watched intently at everything he did. We found the location of the node and plugged in. I was shocked at the size of the file and the amount of data on Rhea. We also pulled any and all records on her armor and left satisfied that we could now understand and help her out. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I was about to withdraw from the hoard when my curiosity got the better of me. I found the table of contents and took a quick list of all of the projects both active and inactive. Since we were here I grabbed a copy of a few of the more interesting files that carried an ultraviolet clearance to access. I figured if I got bored I’d have some reading material. I spent the last of my time in the digital ether reading every scrap of information we had gleaned and it made little sense until I connected the dates. The files went back decades, nearly a century. The last of my doubt fell away. She wasn’t just a century old but centuries of experience were locked behind those ghostly violet eyes of hers. She wasn’t a Fae. Rhea belonged to a much older and far more alien race called the J’Nai.

I looked at her medical files in great length and they were far more extensive than those that Zoe showed me. Rhea outstripped a human being on any and all levels both physically and mentally. I saw why she spooked Zoe so much. She looked so human and yet she was so different on the inside. There was only a five percent difference between Rhea’s DNA and the average human being. I was shocked when I remembered that there was only a two percent difference between apes and humans. How inferior we must appear to her. I pushed that thought aside and ataşehir escort bayan continued my research. There was a mention in the files describing her attachment to her armor. The doctors that examined her described a fanatical desire for Rhea to regain her armor. They used almost the same words she did. If Rhea ever recovered the armor she would wipe out every living thing until no one or nothing breathed. But why was she so damn fanatical as they put it?

‘There is a second attached file,’ my A.I. pointed out.

‘Another medical file,’ I asked.

‘Yep, I think you might find it interesting,’ he said.

I opened the file and whistled. It must be a male of her race. The extensive physical traits were nearly identical to hers. The brainwave patterns also showed the heightened intelligence and reaction time unique to her species. I guessed this was an adolescent about to reach maturity. The ongoing growth was fast and quite extensive. The estimations to reach his peak were a matter of days. I wonder if they even knew each other.

‘They do,’ my A.I. said with a bit of humor in his voice.

‘How can you be so sure?’ I asked.

‘Easy, that is your medical chart,’ he replied.

Mike dropped and there was stunned silence on my end. How the hell had this even happened? I watched a holographic display of sorts play out in front of me. The outer shell was mostly devoid of detail. The one thing that was highlighted was my brain and neck. It showed the implant and it interacting with my mind. All is fine until a week after implantation when the nanites migrated from my skull to the rest of my body. It was a literal invasion of every body system I possessed. What had caused the malfunction or was it a malfunction at all? The display showed some kind of external force reprogramming the microscopic robots and sending them on their way. Many of the nanites harvested fat cells and converted those to their purpose. That is why my weight continued to drop and I packed on muscle so quickly. It wasn’t the water at all or maybe that was just part of the change. Did Nick know what had happened? Had this happened to Cindy? I left the digital and like a diver breaching the surface I gasped as I regained my body. I looked around but I was alone.

‘I have kept changes from you so as not to frighten you,’ the A.I. flashed on my field of vision.

“Changes… what the hell have you been keeping from me?”

‘Close your eyes and I will show you,’ he said.

I closed my eyes and felt a tingling behind my eyes. After a minute or so I was told to open my eyes. I did so reluctantly and gasped when I saw the transformed room. This wasn’t seeing things in a different spectrum. I was used to that. This was something far more sublime. I perceived colors that had no name in any language. I looked at my hand and there was a drastic change to my world. There were whirls and eddies of energy coursing over my flesh. I had heard psychics on television talk about auras. Was this what they were talking about? My A.I. was about to shut it off when I told him not to.

“I have to get used to it sometime, why not now. Rhea did this didn’t she?”

‘Yes… your link to the element clinched it for her.’

“What element… what the hell are you talking about,” I asked feeling the upwelling of fear beginning to consume me.

‘The water… the rare trace element in the water bonded with you on a genetic level. Normally people have to keep drinking the water to maintain the benefits. But you were special, well you and Cindy. She is still growing so the effects may be even more profound.’

“Let me adapt to my new world and then we can talk some more.”

It felt like I had been in the dark all of my life and suddenly someone turned on the lights. I heard voices outside my door and listened. What I heard didn’t sound like typical military chatter. I peered outside and saw a technician walk away and he was cursing about some sort of failure. More voices came and I looked down the other end of the hall and two guards were doing their rounds. The strange part is that I heard more voices than just two. That’s when it hit me. I was hearing what they were saying as well as what they were thinking. Oh hell, I see why he kept this locked away. I wasn’t sure I was ready for this. How would I do in the outside world with all of those people and thousands of minds trying to crowd into mine? I panicked and closed the door. I sat with my back against a wall and sunk down to the floor. How could I give up one because of the other? I couldn’t. I had to find a way of dealing with this new gift of mine.

I felt how close my A.I. was and it was comforting. I wasn’t alone in this. I closed my eyes and listened to the thoughts going on around me. Distance fell away as I picked up on technicians monitoring the construction of the ring. I could hear people in the mess hall as they ate their meal. The positive thing was that I could only hear their thoughts escort kadıköy and not both conversations at once. I could do this given enough time and practice. My thoughts returned to Rhea. She was the one that had done this to me. My first thoughts were why but the answer was quite obvious. She was alone or more accurately she was lonely. We had hit it off at once and she decided to give me a great gift.

“Oh Rhea,” I muttered as I picked up on conversations both spoken and unspoken. “I love you too!”

A few heartbeats later the door flew open and Rhea stood there tears streaming from her face. She picked me up off the floor like I was a ragdoll and kissed me. I could feel her passion. Hell, I could almost taste it like it was a whole new sense awakening inside of me. Despite my promise to the Major, Rhea’s hunger would not be denied. This new level of intimacy was addictive. The sheer intensity of every caress, every taste and every pleasure was overwhelming.

“Your eyes,” she whispered as her hand drifted across my cheek. “…and your mind…”

I kissed her as my hands worked on her clothes. It didn’t take us long to shed those annoying garments. I ran my hands over her skin and it was almost like touching an electric current. She yielded to my hunger even as I yielded to hers. I spun her around so that she faced away from me. I touched her shoulder and she bent over at the waist. I dropped down and feasted on her dripping sex. Rhea didn’t even try to hide her pleasure. I lapped at her sex driving her over the edge in stages. I had learned that she loved to be teased and that is what I gave her. Rhea was shaking now. Her legs quivered as I slowed my pace another notch. I could almost feel the volcanic pressure I had built up in her. I stood up, teased her with the head of my cock for a few more seconds before slamming it home. Rhea clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from screaming. Moans were all well and good but a screamed might attract unwanted attention. I grabbed her by the hair and began moving.

“Forgive me…” she whispered as I took her nice and slow.

“Fuck me… is that what you said,” I replied ignoring her request. “Okay, here it comes…”

“I said… UNNNNN…”

I went from slow and tender to hard and fast. Rhea’s voice grew in intensity and pitch. I knew she had missed me. I cupped my hand and slapped her right ass cheek. Rhea growled but never uttered a word of protest. Her hips moved backward driving me deep with each thrust. Her body began to shake again. Our connection was growing stronger with each movement of our bodies. I could feel how close she was and I slowed down but thrust all the harder. If I timed it right we would come at the same time. My own pleasure was on a level I had never experienced before. We were both on the verge and when we did climax it took everything I had not to scream. My knees were shaking and I nearly collapsed on top of her. Rhea’s eyes were half open and looked at me with newfound wonder.

“I should have told you,” she whispered as we held each other afterwards. “I guess I should have asked permission.”

“You did what you needed to do,” I replied as I kissed the side of her neck.

“If you do that,” she warned but I already knew. “I need to show you how to block unwanted contact, if I don’t you’ll go insane.”

“Tell me that Cindy is okay,” I asked as my arms slipped around her.

“She is fine. I was just so lonely.” She said but it wasn’t just her words but the waves of emotion that struck me hard. “Your bond with the water was so damn clear to me. I didn’t want you to suffer. I know all about loneliness…”

“Not anymore,” I said and held her close.

We moved to the cot and lay there in a simple embrace as she told me everything she thought I should know about her people and their long history. I closed my eyes and our thoughts intermingled. I could not only hear her thoughts clearly but also see her memories and the tragedy that befell so mighty a race. A history that spanned three million years and then literally overnight it fell into chaos and ruin. The same intensity that had allowed them to conquer much of the galaxy had also ended up being their Achilles Heel. They had believed themselves above all the younger races and indulged in every vice and sin they could conceive of. There arose out of that wonton psychic vortex the embodiment of their doom, a being of pure energy that devoured the very souls of her people. Their only hope of survival was to scatter and hide on worlds full of life and other sentient beings. They used humans to mask their psychic scent. The devourer of souls is still out there hunting them to extinction.

She clung to me and we drifted into a kind of shared meditation. I could feel her thoughts touching mine. No, it was more than that I could feel her soul blending with mine. I felt a sudden fear that a part of me was melting away. Rhea was there to sooth and tell me that everything was going to be alright. maltepe escort I did the only thing I could do. I let go. I trusted her with my life so why not more. The melting became something greater. For a moment there was no difference between us. For a moment only one soul remained. The moment passed and I was myself again. I could feel Rhea close so I drifted with her until the dawn.

We awoke for breakfast the next day and I began my training on filtering out the background noise of unwanted psychic contact. We split up and I washed up in the men’s shower. I had to focus on spoken conversations to weed out the thoughts of others. It was surprisingly easy. I wondered if the time I had spent in our shared meditation some of her discipline had rubbed off on me. I caught up with her in the communal mess hall and we ate breakfast with the soldiers and the technicians. I found that my appetite was much improved after worrying about Rhea for so long. We had two more days here to observe and keep in the loop with the rest of the projects I was overseeing. I tried to keep as busy as possible while Rhea played my dutiful shadow.

While I hammered away at Ares as well as other projects the ability to mute the thoughts of others became easier. The more I tried the more control I had. It eventually felt like turning the volume knob on my dad’s stereo. All was going well until we were invited to dine with the General that evening. The sultry Major had sex on the brain and it came over in waves every time she looked in my direction. If there was any doubt about how she felt about me it had been removed entirely.

‘She wants you so damn bad I can feel it,’ Rhea sent silently.

‘You noticed huh,’ I sent back trying to adjust my erection without being too damn obvious about it.

‘Maybe I should leave early and let you and her have the jet to yourselves.’ She threatened giggling the entire time.

I just focused on my meal but it was difficult when images of what the Major had planned for me kept intruding. The General seemed completely oblivious to the entire exchange. Though he did comment about losing such a fine officer but knew that I could count on her when it mattered. Another wave of erotic thoughts came to me with tsunami like force. I thought I might just climax from her hunger alone. I was given a reprieve when the meal ended and the General sent the Major and Rhea away so that he and I could speak in private. The General produced an aging humidor and removed a hand rolled Cuban cigar. He admitted that he didn’t have many vices but he did have a weakness for fine tobacco. He turned on the smoke eater that had been installed for just this occasion and lit up. He stood there and I could see a kind of serenity settle over him.

“I wanted to thank you,” he began. “I am very pleased that you requested her for your team. She can be a little headstrong but she is a fine officer and deserves a chance to shine. I have every confidence in her.”

“That is high praise indeed,” I replied. “I must admit that wading in through the intricacies of both the Pentagon and the White House has been a bit of a mine field for me. I know I have ruffled a few feathers since I was given this assignment. I know she can help me maintain great levels of communication between the powers that be and Numenor. I…”

I stopped cold when a message hit my HUD. There was a priority email from Nick. I skimmed the contents and felt a chill when I finished it. I stood up and informed the General that I had to leave immediately. There was an emergency back in Washington. He was on the phone getting our jet prepped as I left the room in a hurry. Rhea and the Major were chatting in the outer office when I opened the door.

“Grab your shit we need to leave right now,” I said and they both went into action instantly.

I followed them out to the hall and made my way to my room. I was able to pack my belongings in no time at all. I packed Zoe’s gifts away with the rest of my clothes. I bit back another tide of dirty thoughts and finished packing. I had one suitcase in my left hand and I grabbed the silver case with Rhea’s armor in it and headed for the elevator. Rhea was right behind me and the Major was waiting for us by the elevator. I had heard the military packed light but this was ridiculous. We took the elevator up to the hanger even as the ground crew cleared us for departure. Our pilot arrived a few minutes later. He had been caught by surprise and it had taken him a little longer to get ready. Thirty minutes later we were in the air and winging our way back to the capitol.

“So what is going on,” the Major asked.

“Well Jordan, is it okay if I call you Jordan,” I asked in turn. “I have been mentally calling you by your rank this entire time.”

“Jordan is fine when we are alone like this. I prefer either my rank or last name in public if that is okay with you?”

“Okay, anyway did you hear about the suicide of a certain senator?” I asked and she nodded. “His widow and the two secret service agents guarding her were murdered last night and their bodies were discovered a little over an hour ago. Needless to say shit has hit the fan. The President wants me back so we can see what happened and to meet my new military attaché.”

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