Hawaiian Vacation Ch. 01

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“But sweetie, there are people on the beach,” Katie said to her husband, Pat as he tried to get her to take the top of her bathing suit down and let her breasts soak up some sun.

“I know there are Katie, but it is a clothing optional beach,” Pat said to her as he untied the neck string on her one-piece bathing suit.

“How did you manage to find a clothing optional beach?” Katie asked as the top of her suit slowly fell away from her breasts.

“I went on line, typed in “clothing optional beaches” and up popped Kaihalulu Beach,” Pat said with a smile.

“What about you?” Katie demanded, “What are you taking off?”

“My shirt,” Pat replied as he peeled his tank top off and tossed it onto the towel next to them.

“Let me help you with that, baby,” Pat said as he gently hooked his finger in Katie’s top and pulled it down to her mid-stomach.

Katie blushed bright red, but made no attempt to pull the top back in place. She lay back on her beach mat and pulled her sunglasses over her eyes.

“Do you want some lotion on those?” Pat asked playfully.

“Thank you, no,” Katie said, playfully slapping his hand away from her breasts as she rubbed suntan lotion onto her boobs, arms, and legs and then lay back again.

“I am going for a walk,” Pat said, hoping that getting away from his sunbathing wife would calm his semi-hard cock.

“Don’t be gone too long,” Katie said as Pat got up and walked towards the water with the camera slung over his shoulder.

When he got to the water’s edge, he took the camera off his shoulder and took several pictures of Katie, topless on the beach. He noticed a couple of guys walk past her and make no attempt to hide the fact that they were staring at her tits, so he took a picture of that as he strolled on down the beach a ways.

“Damn,” Pat said to himself as he walked along, there are some bodacious ta-tas on this beach.

“I do love tits,” he said out loud without realizing it.

“That would explain the bulge in your swim suit,” a female voice said from over his right shoulder.

Pat turned and saw a 40-something with nice tits who had just come out of the water, standing behind him. She didn’t have any tan lines on her tits and her white thong bottom clearly showed she had no tan lines on her ass either.

“Yeah, that explains this,” Pat said with a smile as he glanced down at the obvious bulge in his cutoffs.

“Well, it looks like it would be fun, if you’re interested,” The 40-something said as she walked on past him to where her towel was.

“Thank you for the offer, but I don’t think my wife would appreciate me taking you up on it,” Pat called after her.

“Well, it’s your loss,” 40-something said over her shoulder.

“Damn that’s a sweet ass,” Pat said to himself as he watched her walk to her where her stuff sat on the beach.

“Think I better head back to my honey-wa,” Pat thought as he headed back to his wife.

“Well, did you see anything interesting?” Katie asked when Pat got back to where she lay.

“Yeah, I saw a couple of sea gulls and a sea lion,” Pat said as he plopped back down next to her.

“I’ll bet you were looking at wildlife,” Katie said as she pretended to slap her husband on the cheek.

“Well, truth be told, I got propositioned by a 40-something, and I took some really nice pictures of you,” Pat said.

“Suurree,” Katie said, dragging the word as she did, “You got propositioned by a 40-something, and I am running for President.”

Pat closed his eyes and pictured the woman with the sweet tits and ass that had come on to him as he walked the beach and then looked at his wife and said,

“Yup, you caught me; I am making that up baby.” Pat said as he reached over and caressed his wife’s breast.

“Be good,” Katie said as she sort of pulled away from her husband’s searching hand.

“I’d like to go back to the hotel in a bit, if you don’t mind,” Katie said as she sat up and pulled her top up.

“Sure, I’d like to get something to eat when we get back, maybe some sushi or a shrimp sandwich,” Pat said as he stood up and put his tank top on.

He picked up the beach bag and threw it over his shoulder, as he reached over and helped Katie up. She reached down and brushed the sand off her butt and then took Pat’s outstretched hand in hers as they walked towards where they were parked.

“You wanna jump in the pool and rinse the sand off before we go up to the room,” Pat asked her as they got in the car and headed back.

“Sure, then maybe a nap so we are good to go tonight,” Katie said as she reached over and fondled her husband through his cutoffs.

“Hey, no distracting the driver,” Pat said, startled by Katie’s touch.

They got back to their hotel and went out to the pool. They played around in the pool for a bit and then headed to their room.

“I really enjoyed watching you on the beach, thank you for doing that,” Pat said as he put his arms around Katie, pulled her to him and kissed her.

“Let me help you out ataşehir escort of this wet bathing suit,”

Pat said as he slid his hand up her back and pulled the tie loose. While he did that, he continued to kiss his wife, gently slipping his tongue between her soft lips and finding the tip of her tongue. Their tongues danced with each other and Katie softly moaned into Pat’s mouth as his left palm softly rubbed her right nipple through her bathing suit, causing it to rise up and stick through the thin material that covered it.

“Here, let me help,” Katie said as she broke the embrace long enough to slip out of the bathing suit.

“God, I love looking at your body,” Pat said as his hands glided over her body from her shoulders to her hips. “I want you,” was on his face as he stepped out of his cutoffs and guided Katie back towards the bed.

“Wait, wait,” Katie said, “We have to shower off and get dry, or we’ll mess the bed up and get it all sandy.”

“Okay, but we need to save water,” Pat said, “We have to shower together.”

“I think that saving water is a fine idea,” Katie said with a smile as Pat walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

“Oh, it’s cold,” Katie said as she stepped into the shower and the cool water hit her slightly sunburned breasts causing her nipples to stand straight out, but this time, there was no cloth between them and Pat’s gaze. He loved the way her breasts swelled when she was turned on and how the aureolas contracted as the nipples hardened. Their texture on his tongue was one of his favorite sensations and her moans when he suckled them were some of his favorite sounds.

“You just made it cool so my nipples would get hard,” Katie said teasingly.

“Yup,” Was all her husband said in response.

When the camera flash lit up the room, Katie, who had her back to her husband, realized that Pat was taking nude pictures of her…again, she turned around and pressed her breasts to the glass enclosure. He was still taking pictures as Katie said,

“Come on in, my love, the water is perfect now.”

“Be right with you, baby,” He said to her as he put the camera down, stepped into the shower and began to wash his wife’s shoulders and back. He worked his way down her back to her plump ass, knelt down to wash her thighs and calves, then worked his way back up to her ass.

“Ooo, that feels good,” Katie said as Pat’s hands began to massage her ass.

“I am glad you like it, I am certainly enjoying it,” Pat said as his hands slid between Katie’s ass cheeks and slid a finger into her anus. He slowly fingered her tight ass while she moaned softly and leaned against the shower wall.

“I like that,” Katie said softly as her eyes closed and her face took on a dreamy look.

“I am glad you like it, sweetie,” Pat said as he leaned forward and kissed her ass cheeks, gently biting first one and then the other as he continued to finger her ass.

Pat slowly rose to his feet as his hands glided up the front of Katie’s plump body, over her hips to her round tummy and on up to her plump, hanging breasts, and her nipples. He opened his hands so that just the center of his palms made contact with her erect nipples putting just enough pressure on them to allow him to control their movements as he moved his hands in little circles, causing her nipples to move with his hands.

“Oh God, you know how to turn me on!” Katie groaned, and then “More, please, honey. I want more.”

“You have always been easy to turn on, my dear,” Pat said, “From the first time I touched your nipples I have known that they are the key to your ‘tunnel of love’,” Pat said with a smile as his lips found Katie’s again and he began nibbling on her mouth.

“Ohhhhh, can we dry off and move to the bed, please?” Katie softly asked as Pat nibbled down her neck, headed towards her tantalizing tits.

“I want a couple of pictures on the balcony, then I will do anything you want,” Pat said as he forced himself to stop short of sucking her nipples.

“But I don’t want to get dressed again, it will take too much time,” She said with a pout.

“No problem, honey. You aren’t going to be wearing any clothes,” Pat said with a sly smile.

“OH NO YOU DON’T, I AM NOT GOING OUT THERE NAKED!” Katie said as she realized what her husband had said.

“But baby, we’re on the fourth floor, there are only two floors above us and I will make sure no one is out to see you.” Pat said to her as he dried her off and moved her towards the sliding door.

“Patrick, I don’t know about this,” Katie said as Pat maneuvered her out onto the balcony and to the chaise lounge, where she obediently sat down and then leaned back, placing her right forearm on top of her head and closing her eyes as she stretched her legs out and crossed her ankles.

“Move for me baby,” Pat said to his wife as the shutter clicked away on his camera.

Katie moved from pose to pose, loving the feeling of the sun on her nude body and the cool Hawaiian breeze moving across her kadıköy escort bayan skin. She cupped her breasts, pulled her nipples and, much to Pat’s surprise, she put both feet flat on the lounge seat, leaned slightly forward, reached down and spread her pussy lips just enough that Pat could see how wet she was.

Hoping to end the photo shoot, she ran her right index finger through her wet pussy, raised it to her lips and sucked on it gently as she looked at her husband with her best ‘Catch me fuck me’ eyes that caused her husband to catch his breath as he watched her through the viewfinder of the camera.

“Oh my God,” Pat said, once he could breathe again, “Do you mind if we go inside and make love?”

Looking as sultry as she could, Katie said, “I had hoped to take at least another hundred pictures, but if you REALLY want too, I guess we can go inside and make love for a few minutes before dinner.”

Pat looked at her and said, “Well, I guess we could take a few more shots, if it’s that important to you.”

But she knew he was playing because he was walking towards her with his hand stretched out to her and, taking her hand in his, they headed toward the sliding door into their room and the fun that awaited them.

Pat set the camera down on the dresser across from the bed as Katie crawled across the bed and lay down, waiting for him. He sat down and spun on his butt, stretching out and rolling to face his wife all in one fluid motion. He pulled her head towards him and found her lips with his. They kissed with the passion of a pair of High Schoolers on their second date and he let his hands begin to roam over her familiar curves.

“Did you bring your toy?” Pat asked his wife as she rolled onto her back.

“Of course I did,” Katie said with a sly smile.

She sat up, opened the drawer on the nightstand next to her, reached in and took her vibrator out and plugged it into the outlet next to the clock. She lay back down and turned it on as she reached down and placed its pulsating shaft directly onto her clit, groaning loudly as the sensations flowed from her pussy to her brain, causing that organ to release massive amounts of endorphins. Her eyes closed, her mouth dropped open and a low, guttural growl escaped her.

Pat was just lying on his right side watching her play with her “toy.” He loved to watch her masturbate, either as part of their foreplay, or when she was pleasing herself and didn’t know her husband was around. She always got incredibly wet and her breasts became so sensitive that just flicking her nipple could push her over the edge into an earth moving orgasm.

This first day of their second honeymoon was no different for Katie as her plump body shuddered and shook while she moved the vibrator around her clit searching out the ‘sweet spot’ that would give her what she wanted, a pussy drenching, tit shaking orgasm.

“Suck my tits,” Katie gasped to her husband, who was more than willing to help her on her quest for bliss.

“Like this?” He asked, as his lips engulfed her entire nipple and his tongue attacked her erect, over stimulated bud. Pat was well aware that her nipples had a direct link to her clit, so as he sucked and tongued the left breast, he reached over and cupped her right tit. Her body was drenched in sweat as she moaned and whimpered, trying to reach the orgasm that seemed to want to elude her. Pat took her super hard nipple between his fingers and rolled it back and forth, slowly increasing the pressure as he did so. He watched his wife’s face as her head flopped from side to side while she muttered unintelligibly and then he pinched down on her right nipple and pulled her tit straight up as he bit the left nipple and,

“Ugh,ugh,ugh. Uh huh, uh huh, ahhh. Oh GOD!” Katie blathered as the brief jolt of pain pushed her over the edge of orgasm.

Her thighs clamped shut on the vibrator and her hips pumped up and down for, what seemed to Pat to be hours as he watched her body withering on the bed. As she was coming down from her orgasmic high, Pat gently tickled her aureola right under the nipple bud. This sent her back over the edge as she climaxed again before collapsing limply onto the sweat soaked sheets of the bed, gasping for breath.

Knowing his wife’s body as well as he did, he let his hand glide down Katie’s sweat-slick body and rest on her pubic pound. That spot had always been one of his favorite spots on any woman, but especially so on Katie. His fingers softly pulled her blond pubic hair and toyed with the very top of her pussy slit as he felt the wetness spreading from her soaked pussy up to his hand.

“Spread your legs, Katie,” Pat whispered to Katie, who still hadn’t moved since her orgasm finally subsided.

“I can’t,” she said.

“Oh, it was one of those orgasms?” Pat asked, knowing that sometimes Katie had orgasms so intense that they exhausted her.

“Yes,” She sighed, eyes still closed and a little smile on her lips.

“Okay, I’ll do it for you,” Pat said as he got up escort maltepe and moved to the foot of the bed.

He took hold of Katie’s feet and started to spread her legs, but stopped and sat down, rubbing her feet with firm thumb strokes.

“Oh, that feels so good,” She said.

“I am glad I can make you happy rubbing you feet, too,” Pat said to his, now passive wife.

After a few minutes of rubbing her feet, he crawled back up on the bed and kissed Katie as his right hand moved back to her pubic mound.

“Spread them for me now, baby,” Pat said to his wife.

“Gladly,” She said as she opened her legs for her husband.

“Finger me, please.” She said as his hand moved from her mound to her, now accessible, pussy. His fingers probed her soaked slit, homing in on her clit, eliciting moans and groans from Katie as she became more and more aroused.

“Lick my pussy,” Katie blurted out, taking Pat completely by surprise, because sweet Katie, who loved to suck cock, did not like to have her pussy eaten.

“I would love to lick your pussy,” Pat said as he moved down between Katie’s legs and spread her pussy lips so he could lick her clit.

“OH! OH!” Katie said as her hands found her husbands’ head and she locked her fingers into his blond, curly hair pulling his mouth even closer to her flowing pussy.

Pat licked her tender bud and stuck his tongue into her pussy, tasting the bitter-sweet nectar that he remembered from when they were first married, before she told him she didn’t like it. To him, it had a slight pineapple sweetness that he absolutely adored, enjoying not only the taste, but the aroma as well and at this moment, Katie’s pussy was producing copious amounts of vaginal fluid as her husband’s tongue licked and swirled around her clit.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” Katie said as Pat’s rhythmic tongue thrusts into her pussy and onto her clit moved her to the edge of another orgasm. Pat managed to get one of his hands out from under Katie’s ass where they had been lifting it to his greedy lips, and slid two fingers into her pussy. He knew exactly where he wanted to go, and he found her g-spot and gently rubbed it with his fingertips as he slid his finger in and out of Katie’s flooded pussy.

“OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” Katie screamed as Pat’s fingertips found her g-spot just as his lips latched onto her super-sensitive button..

The resulting orgasm made her earlier one seem minor as her thighs locked onto Pat’s head and her hips bucked up and down as she pulled his face as tightly into her pussy as she could. Her pussy flooded as she actually squirted some of it around Pat’s fingers and onto his face.

“Oh God, Pat,” Katie said as she collapsed back on the bed again. “I am worn out and you haven’t even fucked me yet. I don’t know if I can do anything besides lay here.”

“I have no problem with you just lying here,” Pat said, “As long as I get to fuck you and empty my cum into you, I don’t care if you move at all.”

“I think I have enough energy to suck you cock for a while.” Katie said, sitting up slowly as Pat, whose face was covered in her pussy juice, moved up so Katie could suck his dick.

Katie looked at her husband and said, “Did I do that?” Realizing how much fluid she had released during her last orgasm.

“Yup,” Pat said with a huge smile as he wiped his hand over his face and licked his wife’s juices off of his fingers. “I love to eat you, Katie. If nothing else great happens on this vacation, you just made this a trip of a lifetime for me.”

Katie was on her hands and knees with her mouth just hovering above Pat’s rigid cock as Pat was saying this to her. She looked at the love and lust on her husband’s face and crawled up to kiss him. As their lips met and her tongue darted into Pat’s mouth, her pussy grazed the head of his cock and as she tasted her own fluids on his lips, he pulled her hips down and thrust his up, driving his cock deep into her soaking wet pussy.

“Um, um, more, oh baby, fuck me,” Katie whimpered into Pat’s mouth, “Oh, oh, ah, oh shit, it feels so good. Do me more.” as he thrust in and pulled out of her cunt.

“Get on your back,” Pat said to her. She hopped off Pat’s cock and rolled onto her back with her legs splayed open as wide as she could get them and her plump, droopy tits slipped slightly too each side as she reached up to welcome her husband into her twat.

“Fuck me!” Katie said in a demanding tone.

“With pleasure,” Her husband replied as he moved between her legs and positioned the swollen, purple head of his cock at the leaking entrance to her pussy.

Pat moved up a little more and popped the head of his dick into Katie’s pussy and then he slowly slid into her until his balls met her pussy lips, where he just stopped and enjoyed the feeling of his wife’s tight twat wrapped around his cock. The look on Katie’s face told Pat that she was enjoying the sensations of his cock in her cunt as much as he was.

“Fuck me, now!” Katie said as her hips started to move under Pat.

He pulled all the way out of her and then drove back in, causing her to gasp when his cock bottom out. He stroked her pussy with long, deliberate moves, taking his time with each one and loving the feel of her pussy grabbing at his cock, trying to milk the cum out of it.

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