Happy Family

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This is a very different story from anything I’ve tried before. I’m sure I’m shitty at describing things from a man’s point of view—talk about a lack of experience!—but I wanted to give it a try. I also wanted to try writing in the second-person and in the present tense.

SO: My apologies in advance for awkwardnesses, but I hope this gives some of my great male fans something to sink their, er, teeth into fantasy-wise. I’d really love to get suggestions for how to write a story like this better.

I am still knocked out by the very kind comments I get, and really would like to give the guys who read me something to enjoy.

As always, thanks for reading and…come hard!



“Hi George,” you say to the guard at the gate to your neighborhood.

“Welcome home, sir,” he replies, “I bet you’re glad to be done with the week.”

“Same shit, different day,” you reply sarcastically. He chuckles and waves as you head toward the big house up on the hill. As you near it the swimming pool looks inviting, but you decide you’re too tired for a swim.

You pull into the garage, exhausted from another long day at the office and from sitting for an hour in terrible traffic. You enter your beautiful house and head to the family room, tossing off your jacket and plopping onto the rich, leather sofa. You just want to have some dinner and relax.

Of course, she’s not home. She’s never home. You know she’s a high-powered attorney who’s been been crazy busy at work, but it’s getting really hard to take. You might as well be living alone—except that if you were, you could go out and party–or just hire a hooker for the night. To make matters worse, she’s been too tired for sex for over a month. You decide that you’d rather be lonely as a bachelor than as a married man.

You take the remote control and absent-mindedly flip through the channels. The game isn’t on yet, so you just surf.

She’ll be home soon, and then it will start: two hours of listening to the same shit about her lousy job that you’ve heard every day for the last year. It must do her some good, but it’s killing you. At least you can decompress for a bit before the onslaught begins. And maybe she’ll drink herself into a stupor and you’ll be able to catch the end of the game.

An infomercial for the “Miracle Bra” catches your eye, and after a few minutes of looking at tits, you’re considering getting a pay-per-view porno and jacking off. Just as you’re about to hit “order,” you hear the garage door—so you hit “exit” instead and turn off the TV. Back to the salt mines.

She comes in, and with one glance you can tell she’s had a shitty day. She drops her briefcase and kicks off her shoes. Without even looking at you, she goes into the kitchen.

“Want a glass of wine?” she asks, rummaging through the cupboard.

“No, thanks,” you reply. You don’t need any wine. Not yet, anyway.

She comes into the family room and plops into a chair facing you. She’s beat, but one look reminds you why you married her.

She is a driven, comparative athlete who became a lawyer and worked her way to the top. Even after a few years have passed, though, she’s breathtakingly beautiful. Even a hard day can’t take away the fact that she could be a model.

Her long blonde hair flows around her delicate face, and her blue eyes sparkle. She’s wearing a Balenciaga suit that drapes perfectly over her slender body, accentuating the fullness of her breasts. A beautiful pearl necklace adorns her graceful neck. Her makeup is perfect–just on the slightly sexy side of business wear.

She smiles, and her face lights up. You feel yourself falling in love all over again.

“I made a decision today,” she announces.

“Did you finally quit your job?” you ask. The two of you have talked about that for a while now. You need her income to afford the house, but the job is killing her—and your marriage. On the other hand, partnerships in big law firms aren’t easy to come by, nor are high six-figure incomes. And a month on the Cote d’Azur can make up for a lot–even if she’s on the phone half the time.

“No. And I’m not going to,” she says simply. “You know I have never quit anything and I’m not going to start now. I love our house and our lifestyle and I want to keep them. And it’s worth putting kartal escort bayan up with the shit that I have to deal with—at least until something better comes along.”

“So you’ve decided,” you say, looking directly at her. She looks straight back at you. She doesn’t ever back down from a challenge.

“Yeah. But that’s not the decision I made today,” she replies, taking a swig of wine. You look at her questioningly, so she continues.

“I’ve been a pretty shitty wife the last couple of months. That changes. Starting now,” she says, her eyes never looking away from your gaze.

You keep looking at her, not sure where this is going.

“There’s no point keeping this nice house and fucking up a wonderful marriage,” she says simply. She’s always had a good head on her shoulders. “So I decided that we’re going to have it all.”

“How?” you ask.

“Well, for starters I’m not going to spend the next two hours telling you every detail of how bad my day was. It was bad like all the others—same shitty partners, same idiot clerks, you know it all. So why don’t we skip that bullshit, have a nice glass of wine together and relax?”

She keeps looking at you, her eyes never leaving you. After a minute she says, “Fuck. You don’t need a glass of wine, do you?” You shake your head. She rarely swears. When she does it always turns you on. She knows that.

She stands up and comes to you. “Stand up,” she commands. You do. She starts unbuttoning your shirt.

“I can help,” you offer.

“No,” she says firmly. You know her well enough to follow directions. The shirt is off. Now for the undershirt. Gone, too. “Goddamn,” she sighs, “you have a fucking hot body.” You feel yourself begin to get hard.

She runs her hands over your chest, arms and back. “I fucking sleep next to this every night. How lucky is that?” she asks no one in particular. “Most women only get to fantasize about a man like this when they’re beating off. I’ve got one of my very own,” now she giggles a little, like a naughty little girl.

“It’s been a while, but I seem to remember that you have sensitive nipples,” she says, bending down and licking one. It hardens and you grip her head, holding it close. Then you pull her up for a long kiss, tongues swirling. She looks deep in your eyes.

“Let me go,” she says. You do. The tongue returns to your nipples, dancing and swirling. Then the lips begin to suck and teeth begin nibbling, drawing them out. They are erect, and your cock is rapidly following suit.

“I love you more than you can imagine,” she whispers, “and I miss your gorgeous body.” The tongue, lips and teeth go back to work while her hands unbuckle your belt and undo your pants. She drops to her knees, and soon your shoes, socks, pants and underwear are gone. Your cock is pointing straight into her face. You feel her warm breath on it.

“Look what I found,” she says, blowing on your dick. She begins licking, using quick flicks of her tongue. She always was a flirt and prick-tease, but it’s been so long that you forgot how good she is. She continues, driving you crazy. Her perfectly polished fingernails are gliding up and down your legs, spending increasing time on the insides of your thighs, and then flicking to your balls, ass and asshole.

Her beautiful lips move to the head of your cock. She knows you’re ready, so there’s no screwing around. You feel the powerful suction of her mouth as her head moves down your shaft, swallowing your cock. She doesn’t stop until her nose is pressed into your pubic area. Then she slowly moves up. Her fingernails continue to graze your balls, ass and thighs.

The blowjob continues, slowly. You watch, fascinated, as the woman in the $2000 business suit kneels before you and sucks your cock like a common whore.

After a time, she uses her hand on your shaft while her lips and tongue work the sensitive head of your rock-hard cock. She pulls back to catch her breath and picks up the remote control.

“Want to watch a porno while I blow you?” she asks, teasingly, “You’ve probably had to use your hand to enough of those while I’ve been MIA, right? Maybe you want to see a cute little porn star give head while you’re getting some from the wife?’ You just shake your head.

“I’ve got everything I’ve ever needed right here at my feet,” you say sincerely, looking escort maltepe down at her. She removes her jacket, unbuttons her blouse and unhooks her bra. The necklace you gave her for your anniversary falls softly against her full, firm breasts. She was an athlete in college and she still works out harder than most men. She hasn’t gained a pound. All muscle, except for the amazing tits.

“Fuck you,” she says teasingly and her head and hand return to your cock. She pauses, “You’ve got everything you need blowing your dick, don’t’ you? I forgot how much I like being your slut.” She giggles and gets back to business. You’re starting to feel it now. The tightness in the balls, the breathing, the clenching muscles. She can sense it and she starts to move in for the kill.

You look down and see that her chest and neck are flushed. Her tits are swollen and the nipples and areolas are darker and enlarged. You run your hands through her hair and hold her head, fucking her face. You let her come up for air.

“Looks like you’re enjoying this, too,” you say with a smile. She stands up.

“Yeah. I’m pretty fucking worked up,” she says, dropping her skirt and stockings. You can see that the crotch of her panties is wet, and notice her eyes are glazing over. “You mind if I come before I finish you off?” she asks softly. You just shake your head and smile.

“How do you want to do it?” you ask. She just points at the ottoman.

“Sit,” she commands, whipping off her panties. You do, your cock pointing to the ceiling. She wastes no time moving into position. As she squats, you see the perfectly trimmed pubic hair. Her clitoris, hugely erect, pokes from beneath its hood. The swollen lips are spread open and the entrance to her vagina pulses invitingly.

She is beyond caring about that, grabbing your cock and placing the head into position. She looks straight into your eyes and sits down hard.

“Oh God,” you cry out together before she grunts, “Jesus fucking Christ. I need to get this goddamn thing in me more often.”

Now she’s moving up and down. You look at her and see that she’s lost in her own world, her body beyond her conscious control. She sits down hard again and grinds her hips around, working your cock against her internal muscles. Then it’s back to up and down.

She’s groaning softly now, caring about nothing besides your cock in her pussy. Her face is set. You can sense that she’s responding to a deep need—a need that goes back to the dawn of humanity: She is now a female in the throes of mating. And nothing can stand in the way of her consummating that act. Propagation of the species turns even the rich and famous into slutty whores.

You feel her bearing down now, clenching her internal muscles to bring on her orgasm. Her pussy is gripping you hard as she moves up and down. You remember taking her virginity—she’s just as tight right now. Her body begins to shake, and she opens her eyes and looks at you pleadingly.

“Please,” she moans, “please finish me off.” She sighs as your hands move to her breasts, milking them. You both know what is going to happen. She speeds up her movements as your fingers gently pinch and twist her nipples.

As you gaze at her you see her eyes roll up and her head drops back. Her tits thrust forward into your grasping hands as she grunts and spasms. It’s starting.

Now she’s shaking and moaning her way through it. You marvel at her focus as she keeps moving up and down, using your cock to spin out her orgasm. Finally, she slows and with a couple of little-girl whimpers, she slumps forward into your arms, completely spent.

You kiss, both remembering why “I do” were the best words you ever said. She smiles at you and suddenly stands up, removing herself from your dick.

“Now, where were we when you were so rudely interrupted,” she giggles, “Oh yeah, I think I remember. I had your cock down my throat.”

You look down and see…a cock. It’s massively erect, veins bursting to the surface. It is so rampantly erect that you can’t recognize it as your own.

Before you can wonder too much, though, she drops back to her knees and is back on task. As soon as her velvety soft mouth and hand close around it, the electric jolt of pleasure through your body tells you that the massive tool in her mouth really is yours.

“Wow. I must have pendik escort come pretty fucking hard. You’re covered with my stuff,” she says, pausing briefly.

“Do you want me to rinse off?” you ask.

“Fuck no. You know I don’t mind how girls taste.” Her head is again moving up and down and you remember how she told you about her college lesbian experimentation. You were intrigued, so she got her best friend drunk and gave you a 35th birthday that you’ll remember forever. Yes, you think, this one’s a keeper.

Suddenly you realize that she has you close again. Your hips are thrusting up into her mouth.

“You’re doin’ your dance for me, lover,” she teases. She returns to her task, sucking harder. Your ass is starting to clench when you thrust upward into her mouth.

Oh, God, it feels wonderful. You feel her soft mouth. You feel her swirling tongue. You feel the suction. You feel…something new…you feel…

Balls. Testicles. Nuts. The Family Jewels. Oh, Sweet Lord, her soft hand is caressing your balls and they are disappearing, rising up into your body. She gently urges them up without missing a beat on your cock. You want her to go faster—to finish you off right then. Your balls are screaming for release. Your balls…are going…going…going…

But she’s having none of it. She sucks hard, but continues to move slowly. Remorselessly. The orgasm is coming on slowly, nearing step by step. Inevitably. The mouth is sucking and the hand continues to work the balls. And now…now…oh fuck…fuck, yes…

A finger. Stroking. Pressing. Probing. Finding. You feel a gentle pressure against your swollen prostate gland. The finger massages, then moves away, teasingly. It returns, urging.

You are floating, suspended in time and space–seeming to hover above the incredible scene she is playing out on your aching genitals. You hear yourself moaning, begging for her to finish you.

The finger is back, now in a gentle press-release action. It seems to be urging the gland to begin pulsating.

First, there is a twitch. The finger repeats its request. Now the gland responds and begins to contract rhythmically. You cannot stop it–cannot help yourself. The gland is now pulsing. You are dimly aware of the blonde head moving up and down. The gland is…you are…going…throbbing…shaking…twitching…shooting…

Release. Your hips jerk up as you deliver your load into her eager mouth. You hear her gulping as she swallows the first, huge shot. The mouth, hands and fingers are still working relentlessly. The second and third spurts come hard as she sucks the seed from you. You are now a male fulfilling his biological destiny—delivering your semen into a female…YOUR female…Your woman…Your wife…

Release. Now the waves of physical pleasure sweep through you, causing your body to jerk spasmodically. Your beautiful wife is still working you through it, extending your pleasure by skillfully using her hands and mouth on your most exquisitely sensitive areas. Her mouth and fingers expertly bring forth flashes of ecstasy as she milks the last few shots of ejaculate from you. All of it…all of it…no…there is still more…yes…now…

Release. As you open your eyes, you see her beautiful face and hands still working your cock, reluctant to turn it loose. Her hair is damp with sweat, and semen has splattered onto her face and perfectly manicured hands. Her beautiful, blue eyes lock on yours and you watch her gulp as she swallows the last load of your seed. You can see in her eyes that she will love you until the end of time, and every bit of emotional stress and tension melt out of you as she fills you with her love…her presence…her being…

No words are necessary. She crawls up and you are kissing like teenagers, hugging, crying and folding into each other. Finally you are sated emotionally as well as physically, and you fall back, exhausted.

“That was successful,” she giggles.

“That was one for the ages,” you correct her. “You are fucking amazing, honey.”

“I’m starting to think that focusing on being a good wife will pay big dividends,” she muses. “Why don’t you go take a shower and put the game on the tv in the bedroom? I’ll take care of dinner.”

“Honey, you don’t have to cook…” you begin.

“Who said anything about cooking?” she asks, picking up her phone. As you head upstairs, you hear her musical voice.

“Lotus Garden? Yes. I’d like to place an order for delivery, please. Yes. Won-ton soup for two, egg rolls for two and two orders of the chef’s special…what is it called? Oh yes. Two orders of Happy Family.”

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