Hand Caught in the Panty Drawer Ch. 03

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When I brought up the idea that she was one of the woman in the pictures Shelly did not know what to say, I had caught her in her own game, but then she turned the tide on me. She told me it would not be wise to break the rules of client relations. I rebutted that the other woman was no longer a client she had dropped the case. Shelly nodded and agreed to ask her friend, the ex client if I could join them. I could see the worried look in her face.

Things seemed to calm down over the next few weeks at work, but at home I could sense a change, Susan was not herself she was nice and friendly. She had started to dress sexier showing her cleavage and a lot more leg then she had in the past. One night I even caught her walking around naked when I got home from work and even though I did not ask she explained she had just got out of the shower. I could see her hair was wet but why was she in the kitchen drinking wine? She walked up to me, kissed me and told me she was going to bed for the night, then turned and made her way upstairs.

I started to wonder what had changed to make Susan become so sexual. Then my mind flashed back to the pics of the file Shelly had brought me. No, it could not be, was Susan and Shelly having sex with each other also?

I could not sleep and left early for the office the next day. When I got there I looked for the file and could not find it. When Shelly came in I asked her where the file was and she went to find it. When she returned with the file I found that some of the pics seemed to be missing. When I asked why, she told me the client had asked for them to be returned. My suspensions grew deeper why would the client come get only some of the pictures and not take the complete file? I did not press the issue with Shelly.

A few nights went by and then Susan told me she was going to go out with her friends for the night, this was not odd she had gone out many nights with her friends before, but something seemed odd to me this time and I could not put my finger on it. When she left she gave me a huge hug and kiss, this was not normal she had always been so cold toward me when she went out before.

I decided to just fix a drink and go to bed to watch TV, then my phone rang and to my surprise it was Shelly. When I answered Shelly asked, “Did I catch you at a bad time, can you talk?”

I replied, “It’s ok, I can talk.”

“Can you get out tonight?” Shelly asked. I asked “Why, is something wrong?”

“No.” Shelly replied then went on to tell me that her friend had agreed to join us and for me to come over now. I was shocked at first then excited, I told Shelly that Susan had gone out with her friends for the night so I did have several hours free and I could be there in about fifteen minutes. I was so excited; I ran upstairs and took a quick shower then dressed and headed out the door. When I got to Shelly place I parked out of view then walked up to her door. I rang the bell once and waited, there was no answer, I went to press it again then I heard Shelly’s voice on the intercom, “Come in and lock the door behind you!” I did as she asked and walked in toward the staircase where I then saw Shelly at the top wearing a black and red bustier of which pushed her tits up with matching panties and stockings.

She looked down at me and said, “Fix us three drinks and come on up to the bedroom.” Then turned and walked away, I watched as she did and she looked so sexy. I fixed drinks and made my way up the steps to the bedroom only to find Shelly sitting alone on the bed, as I walked in she took two of the drinks and sat one on the stand beside the bed lifting the other to her red moist lips. She sipped the drink and I took a drink of mine also.

Shelly looked into my eyes and said, “This is only going to work if you agree to follow the rules we have for you and no questions asked!” I looked puzzled but nodded in agreement. She then proceeded to strip me down while kissing me all over slowly working me back onto the bed. She straddled me and then popping her tits from her bustier she kartal escort whipped them in my face, I did not even feel her loop my hands until she raised up, that was when she pulled them to either bed post. She could see I was worried, but her smile calmed me as she worked her way down pulling my boxers off letting my cock spring free. She caught in her mouth and gave it a few quick sucks then moved down and tied my feet.

Now I was worried, I started to speak when Shelly cut me off saying, “My rules, you will stat tied and wear this blindfold while my friend and I pleasure each other on the bed and you also, Deal?” I nodded yes, and then Shelly said, “Say It!” “YES!” I said she had an evil grin on her face as she kissed me then putting the blindfold over my eyes very tightly. Then I felt Shelly climb off of the bed.

I could hear whispers across the room but could not make them out as to what they were saying, then I heard ice in the glasses, they must have gotten their drinks. I could hear them sip their drinks then set them down. Then Shelly spoke and said, “Relax, we will take it from here!” She brushed her hand along my body at least I thought it was her, then I felt more hands and heard lips smacking as in kissing. I could only imagine what I could not see from the sounds. They both rubbed their tits up and down my body and across my hard cock making it twitch each time they touched it. One of them even gave it a little lick and suck just to tease me even more.

I began to speak but Shelly cut me off by pressing a finger to my lips then she said, “I will be the only one allowed to talk, you can moan and groan if it feels good, but no talking!” I nodded yes in replay. She went on to say; “Now it is time to see if you know how to treat a woman and eat her pussy! We will each take turns setting on your face and you will lick us as we switch on and off till one of us cums, and I do not mean you! Do you understand?” I nodded yes.

I could feel the warmth of a body covering my upper torso then lower to my waiting mouth and tongue, not knowing who it was but I could tell she was ass first and facing my cock, I could not move my head much so I waited for her to lower herself so I could give her what she wanted. I noticed she was shaven bald and tasted so sweet, I did my best to please her, and then there was a switch. The same thing, she positioned herself the same way and also had a bald pussy. I licked and sucked as best I could be I was still restrained, yet neither one had cum.

Shelly spoke again, “I think you can do better then that!” I could feel one of then climb back on in the same position. I lapped away at her pussy feeling her juices rolling down my face and knew it was working, so I shifted my face just enough to get my tongue to her tight little asshole and licked it. She let out a squeal of delight and ground down harder onto my face so much so it began to get hard to breath. She lifted off and gushed all over my chest, she must have been fingering herself while I licked her tight little ass or maybe someone else was fingering her, I could not tell. All I knew was I was gasping for air, as was she and my chest was soaked with pussy cum.

I could feel them both leave the bed and heard them walk away it was quiet. It seemed like forever till they came back, but it was actually only a minute or two. I could hear them take a drink and then One of them lifted my head and brought a glass to my lips, I sipped it slowly so not to choke and drank it down. I felt who ever fed me the drink leave the bed then I heard Shelly say, “You need that didn’t you?” I nodded yes.

Shelly then said, “It’s time for us girls to play while you rest, but I will tell you what we are doing to keep you up n things.” OH hell, more teasing, how much more can I take?

Shelly tried to describe what was going on beside me on the bed as the two woman engaged in sex. I heard kissing and slurping then the bodies shifting and Shelly blurted out “69” and all I heard was muffed moans and groans. My mind went wild maltepe escort bayan thinks of them finger fucking each other and clit licking. This went on for several minutes till I heard a loud “YES!” Then it was still, not knowing whom it was from.

More shifting of bodies and Shelly broke the silence, “Need another drink?” I nodded and she helped me raise my head and fed me the drink. She then said, “Now its time to fuck, my friend has just gotten into a strap-on harness with a large dildo attached to it, (there was a long pause), and she is going to fuck me with it!” I felt Shelly position herself across my chest with her knees on one side and hands on the other, her tits were atop my abs and chest, I could feel the bed move as her friend moved in behind her.

Even thought I could not see, I knew Shelly had taken the strap on deep into her wet pussy by the sound of her moans and the movement of the bed, slowly at first then they began to fuck harder. Shelly’s tits were beating back and forth across me as she was pumped from behind with the strap on. My cock was rock hard and ready to blast, it was then I felt a hand take me in hand and stroked my cock in rhythm with the trusts, I was ready to cum and so was Shelly. The hand that was stroking me released my cock (to my dismay) then I heard Shelly start to scream out loud, “YES fuck me bitch, and fuck me hard!”

I could not hold it back anymore my cock began to spurt uncontrollably into the air and where it landed I was not sure nor did I care. It must have set them both off; the girls came together in a torrent of sexual screams of which I have never heard before. Shelly collapsed on top of me and I could feel her friend shift herself off to the side. It did not take long as Shelly told her friend, “Lick his cum off us now!” I felt the weight shift on the bed and then her hot breath as she licked up the cum. Shelly proved that she was in control.

After a few minutes Shelly said, “I think he needs a rest.” And I did my arms and legs wore stiff and sore from being bound so long. I heard some whispers then a door close, then the ties wet cut to free my arms and legs. I slowly reached up to my mask then stopped, I did not know who was in the room with me so I played the game. “Shelly.” I asked, “Are you there?” “Yes.” She replied. “May I take my mask off?” I asked. I felt her hand move up across my body and slid the mask off my eyes. It took several minutes to adjust to the light even thought it was dim candlelight.

Shelly kissed me and told me I deserved a break before we went on. The look of shock on my face made her laugh. “Go on?” I asked. Shelly just smiled and led me to the bathroom to shower and revitalize. When we got there we found two fresh drinks waiting for us, I did not even think how they got there till later. Shelly and I took our drinks gulping them down then stepped into the shower together.

As we soaped each other up and enjoyed the warm relaxing water I knew I had to be the killjoy I told her that after the shower I had to go, she just glared at me. I said, “I don’t know when Susan would be home and she expects me to be there.” Shelly giggled as she cupped my balls smiling then said, “Don’t worry, and tell her you went out with the boys for a few beers.” It sounded good to me. We played in the shower a bit more then stepped out, and that was when I saw two more fresh drinks set out for us. I asked Shelly, “Is your friend still here and did she bring the drinks?” Shelly just smiled and toweled us both off then handed me one of the drinks as she walked into the bedroom with hers still naked. Her ass looked so round and firm I loved to watch her walk away.

When I walked back into the bedroom I noticed that the bed looked as if the sheets were just changed, tight and folded back. Shelly was sitting on the edge of the bed as I walked up and she put her arms around my waist pulling me to her in a hug, and then asked, “Are you ready for more?” She cupped my balls and felt my cock and knew I was ready.

Then she brought escort pendik out the blindfold again from behind her, and she could see the displeasure in my face. Shelly set my drink on the stand next to the bed then took my hand and led me to the middle of the bed saying, “Trust me!” Shelly had me kneel down sat me with my feet folded under my ass then placed the blindfold on my eyes again. Shelly then told me that we were going to play a touching game, both girls were going to lay down on the bed, one on either side of me on their backs and I was to use one hand on each of them at the same time, touching them and exploring them.

I felt the bed move as Shelly and her friend position themselves on the bed. I could feel the warmth of their bodies next to me, so I reached out my hands and brushed against their bodies placing my palms flat against their stomachs. I did my best to work both hands like a mirror image working my way up to find warm hot tits. Even though their tits were different size and firmness I worked them with equal pleasure. I moved my hand down lower gliding along stopping to play with the belly button then went lower toward the pussy. I stopped just above hearing one of them moan softly then teasingly slid my hand down the thigh and down the leg. I worked my way slowly down as far as I could reach without losing my balance then worked back up the other leg, this time I went for the gold. My fingers found that both women had wet pussies and I knew how to deal with that, rubbing the lips and finding the open hole I slid two fingers into each of them at the same time. They both gasped then steeled into a soft moan. I finger fucked them both for several minutes until my hands and arms got tired then slowly pulled out. I could hear they disapproved, and then there were some whispers and a shifting of the bed. I was not sure what was going on. Then Shelly said, “Go on.” And that was all. I moved my hands outward to find them and as I touched their bodies I knew they were on all fours. Moving my hands atop their backs I started to massage them, they both grabbed my hands at the same time and moved them to where they wanted them.

I got the idea right away and worked my magic on their pussies stuffing my fingers in their wet holes and even managed to work my thumbs into their tight little assholes. This set them both off as they bucked harder and harder, it almost seemed like a race to see who would cum first. My arms began to feel the strain so I repositioned myself for better thrust and that did it, they both started to wail and scream as they came I could not tell who went first nor did I care.

No more had I pulled my fingers from their wanting pussies then I felt one of them work their way in front of me and the other behind. The one behind gripped my cock and stroked it a few times rubbing it with lube, the she helped line me up with a tight little asshole of the one in front of me, I pushed in. I let the feeling adjust then pushed deeper. It was then I felt the one behind me move around on the bed and then I heard slurping sounds.

My cock was deep in one woman’s ass while she licked the other one’s pussy, now just how great was that? But who was who I was still blindfolded.

She worked her ass on my cock and reached back under herself to rub her clit as I pumped her. This woman really loved anal, so I did my best to make it the best for her going slow then faster. And it did not take long, as I heard the screams of pleasure, but from which one I could not tell. I could not stop myself and shot my load deep into her ass. We both slowly slid down into a spoon position as my cock slide out.

It was then I felt someone slide up behind me, I felt a hand upon my face then slowly removing my mask. I blinked several times trying to clear my eyes to focus, and then my jaw dropped. It was Susan my wife that was in my arms and the one I had just ass fucked so well, I was in shock to say the least. Shelly climbed on top of us and began kissing us both.

Come to find out, Susan and Shelly were fucking each other before Shelly took the job at the office and all of this was their plan to get me to join them and I made it easier during the party at Shelly’s. We had a great relationship from then on have sex all the time, sometimes one on one and sometimes all three of us.

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