Halloween Surprise…Ch. 02

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‘God my bum’s stinging’ my Wife cried through gritted teeth, as she jumped up clutching her burning bare arse cheeks in both hands.

Vigorously rubbing her tender bare bottom which had the effect of exposing Emily’s cute little chocolate starfish with her sweet little honey pot peeking out between her creamy white thighs. Danny’s jaw dropped open as he gleefully eyed up my Wife’s bare brown hole and her juicy pussy lips, all moist and glistening and on display for his viewing pleasure…

‘You dirty bastard Danny’, my Wife exclaimed, ‘You were only meant to give me a playful tap with your cane and you caned the arse off me’.

Hearing the commotion Judy came in to find Danny and me looking rather sheepish as my poor little Wife jiggled up and down still firmly clasping her well caned cheeks. ‘Did the nasty head master cane you Emily’, said Judy consolingly as she caressed my Wife’s throbbing bare bottom and I have to say, watching Judy’s lovely soft warm tender little hands gently rubbing my Wife’s bare bottom was unbearably sexy and todger throbbingly arousing.

‘My Husband’s just a dirty old man who loves caning ladies bottoms, you should see what he did to me before the party started’,

‘No don’t’ said Danny rather quickly, but Judy ignored him, turned kartal escort round lifted her skirt up and peeled her cheerleader panties right down revealing a delightful bubble bottom with six angry red lines criss-crossing her lovely long deep bare bottom grove.

‘Danny, how could you’ my Wife said indignantly, ‘good call Emily’ I thought.

But Danny was having none of it. ‘I caught her flashing her bare titties to the gardener this morning’, Danny said indignantly.

‘I didn’t know he was there’ retorted Judy somewhat unconvincingly.

‘You knew full well he was at that window box, I saw you smiling at him as you gave him a good eyeful and that’s what happens to naughty Wives in my house, they get six of the bare bottomed best’.

‘And as for you Emily, you’ve only had three strokes, you’ve another three still to come, now bend over’

‘But I haven’t done anything’ my Wife very reasonably retorted, ‘I saw you flirting with that hot little couple from down the road’ said Danny,

‘What was this’ I thought,

Danny turned to me and said ‘Emily, your lovely little, innocent, conservative, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth Wife, wanked his big fat cock off, his Wife was egging her on, but I bet she wasn’t going to tell you her maltepe escort bayan dainty little married hand was tossing another man’s todger off’,

‘Emily, is this true’ I said, hurt and angry

‘It was just for a laugh, they dared me, as Danny said, his Wife was loving it, urging me on, it didn’t mean anything’, Emily pleaded.

‘I think three more strokes of the headmaster’s cane are in order’ I said,

Danny eagerly licked his lips and sternly said ‘Bend over Emily, and stick your bare bottom out’, My naughty Wife’s shoulders slumped as she resignedly shuffled back over to Danny’s armchair with her panties still down around her ankles and bent right over.

This time Danny gently lifted the back of my Wife’s skirt with his fearsome cane so the bottom of her cheeks slowly emerged into view followed by the red and white stripes then her full bare bottom, round and glorious, on display, like a lovely creamy white jelly. And it quivered too like a nice firm jelly as Danny enthusiastically swished his cane through the air, my naughty Wife shifted uneasily as the head master tapped her bare bottom with his bamboo cane and then a vigorous swish crack as Danny landed a scorching cane stroke an inch below the previous three.

A gentle escort pendik rub of the cane on her stinging bottom earned another wiggle of her juicy peach of a bottom before the next stroke struck a withering blow,

‘boy that was a good ‘un’ I said involuntarily and that stroke was rewarded with Emily lifting her leg at the knee again to ease the pain, that was just so damn cute but Danny seemed less endeared by it as he tapped his cane impatiently on Emily’s leg.

The last stroke struck home with a vengeance, what a corker, it was a straight six, my Wife’s bottom jiggled delightfully.

‘That’s what I call six of the bare bottomed best’ said Danny, ‘now suck my big fat cock Emily you dirty bitch’,

‘Now steady on, just a minute’, I said indignantly’ but I was mesmerised as I watched with intense fascination as Judy’s hands unzipped my trousers and plopped my achingly engorged todger right out and eagerly wrapped her lovely soft warm moist lips around my hideously swollen member.

I held the back of her head tight against my raging hard on and only relaxed and slid my throbbing todger out of her delicious pleasure inducing mouth to squirt my piping hot cock juice all over her pretty little face, as I looked over and saw my Wife cupping head master Danny’s balls with one hand, stroking his long hard shaft with the other, whilst greedily sucking at his huge veiny purple pulsating spitting bishop with Danny appreciatively tapping his cane on my Wife’s lovely bare, well striped bottom with a big dopey grin on his face…

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