Gym Girl

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Pia found herself driving further up the coast then she originally planned. The 101 to Santa Barbara for a weekend visit to the parents was a regular diversion for her. Her children were with her first husband; her second husband was with his kids. Weekends with parents or visits to the gym were just getting too monotonous. Pia had been reading a few Steinbeck novels of late and was currently reading ‘Pastures of Heaven’. All of a sudden Pia decided to visit the area Steinbeck’s novels and Carmel became her destination. She did give thought that maybe she should change clothes; her bikini was a little risqué for an area where she’d never been and didn’t know anyone. Pia decided to keep her outfit as is since she was also wearing a sarong. The beautiful drive and fresh sea air made her feel all the more like she made a smart decision with every mile.

Pia pulled into a parking lot and entered a cute deli she noticed from the road. Ordering a sandwich and a salad, she also bought a small cooler and a 6-pack of Corona. The man at the counter was able to tell Pia a great place to sun, read and nosh. It was not an easy task for him, he was barely able to not stare her up and down her incredible body and face. Pia was amused by the reaction she caused, depending on her mood and the situation, her looks could be a blessing or a curse. She was in a good mood so the tongue-tied counter help was more charming than rude and off she went to the location he suggested.

Pia found the place, she laid out a towel, opened a beer, put the food to the side and began reading her book. Forgetting the food, Pia sipped on her beer and another and continued to read her book. By the third beer, Pia was feeling no pain and thought she might be imagining her name being called. “Pia!” she heard again. She looked up to find one of those incidents of the world being a small world after all. Looking over at her was a friend from LA, Robert.

Robert was in Carmel for bicycling. He often put his bike on the train and got off at picturesque spots and biked around for a few days. They had talked at the gym a few times, had even had lunch once. There was a definite chemistry, but not every time there is chemistry does it have to be explored. The coincidence of the two of them in Carmel added to three Coronas had Pia contemplating furthering their ‘friendship’. Pia offered a Corona and had another herself. The conversation escort bostancı flowed smoother than the beers and by the time they finished splitting the final beer, Pia’s sandwich was forgotten and dinner plans were made. Robert’s bike easily fit in the back of her SUV and they went to drop off his bike in his hotel room. Pia had already decided they would not leave his room that day or night, but should she be passive or aggressive?

When they got to the hotel, Pia asked Rob if she should change her clothes, she arched her back while asking and enjoyed the way Rob tried not to let his widening eyes be too obvious. He barely croaked the words, “You look perfect.” It was the last conversation they had with their clothes on. Their lips met, their tongues danced and their arms pulled each other tight together. They squeezed each other tight and only let go long enough to unhook, untie and unbutton. Their fingers explored each other, but their lips never broke free. As he kissed her, he was in shock, this goddess with a face that put Helen of Troy to shame and a body that seemed a collaboration of god and the devil was kissing him. He had been in silent awe of her for over a year and had only recently begun to talk to her. In their few talks and one wonderful lunch he was amazed to discover how multi-faceted she was and how incredible each of these newly discovered facets were.

Fantasy was becoming his reality and it just seemed insanity was taking over. Her body so beautiful and so toned was seemingly weightless as he picked her up and carried her to his bed. As she lay across the bed, he knew patience was what was called for, but he couldn’t respond to the call. Her lovely trimmed pussy was too much temptation, he had to smell Pia, touch Pia, taste Pia. Kissing and licking from the inside of her right thigh, he quickly moved his lips and tongue to her pussy, he licked her lips and pushed his tongue inside her. He just couldn’t get enough of her, he was a man famished for the taste of Pia. He licked all around her and inserted a finger and began a rhythmic in and out, picking up the pace of his fingerfuck and tongue licking as he felt her hips buck more and more against him, letting Rob know she was about to cum. She came quickly, the excitement and pace was overwhelming and still Rob continued to lick her. She tried to pull away, felling hypersensitivity throughout her body, electricity ümraniye escort running though her from head to toe. She twisted her body around trying to get away. With a finger still plunging in and out of her, his mouth covered her ass with kisses and moved specifically to her butt hole. Robert was fucking Pia’s ass with his tongue and her pussy with his finger. She felt she was going to burst and she did with an orgasm that rocked and shook her entire body.

She pulled away from him, both of them in giggles, it was a great start and less than two hours earlier, neither of them thought the other was with in a hundred miles, much less would they end up as close as two people can physically become. Pia looked at Rob lying on the other end and looked at his hard cock staring obscenely at her and had to return the favor. She attacked his cock like he had her pussy, with an aggressive, yet loving manner. She used her mouth to make love to his cock as though that was the only part of him that existed. All he could think was, “Is there anything Pia isn’t perfect at or about?” He could have easily have stayed there, enjoy this tender but aggressive cock sucking by the beautiful lips and face of this exotic lovely woman, but he still felt this was half dream and he had to take full advantage while he was still dreaming. He put one hand on her head, not to control her pace, how do you improve perfection, but to feel the soft and silky hair he had so long admired. He leaned forward and kissed along her back he once again began kissing her sexy ass. With his other hand he reached around and began to play with her nipples that capped breast, so large, so firm, so wonderful!

It was with hands groping each other, mouths and tongues covering the other and bodies rubbing across one another that what had to happen, began. He found himself lying on his back when Pia lowered herself on Rob. His cock entered her pussy and it felt like it was made to be there. She rode her hips up and down with style and grace and a perfect rhythm, his hips met hers in perfect timing, it was impossible to believe it was their first time together. Robert lifted himself up and with both sitting up he was as deep in her as he could be and their bodies kept pushing back and forth, in and out. He slid along the bed after a bit and still inside her, he stood up, he walked her away to a chair before he pulled her off his cock kartal escort bayan and bent her over the chair. Rob then began licking Pia from her pussy to her asshole and from her asshole to her pussy. He kept the long licks going for a while, but then shifted to licking her clit for a bit and then tongue fucking her sexy little butt hole while squeezing her hot sexy ass. Pia needed something else right then and she told him what it was.

“Get behind me and fuck me hard, FUCK ME HARD!” she screamed. In an instant Rob was behind her and his cock slipped easily into her wet hot pussy. He started fucking her slowly, getting their pace set, but as she screamed for a harder and harder fuck, he grabbed hold of her sexy tits and really went for a savage fuck of that sexy pussy. They bucked and thrashed at each other. It was an incredible scene and neither was going to last long. He watched as her body convulsed with an epic orgasm. As much as he could last, the sight of this perfect body that moved with wanton motion and possessed a face so beautiful, it was more sensation than he could hope to control himself in front of. He pulled out of her and he walked back to the bed. Waving a finger to him, he moved over to her. Pia said, “I need my pussy eaten some more.” He lay down beside her and pulled her on top of him, he told her to ride his face so she could direct how she wanted him to eat her, plus he could play with those incredible boobs.

She felt another orgasm course through her body and asked him if he had any lotion. Rob started laughing and said he did bring some, after all he thought he would be by himself tonight. He handed Pia the lotion and he watched as she poured a generous amount between her boobs. Pia then told Rob to lie down and prepare to eat her pussy some more. Once again he did as he was told and sat her legs straddled his head, she was faced in the opposite direction and put her tits around his cock. As his tongue fucked her, her tongues fucked him. As he tasted her, he had the visual pleasure of watching her ass move back and forth. His taste buds pleased, his yes mesmerized, he felt those perfect boobs incase his cock. She rocked her body back and forth, squeezing tightly. Their tempo of their action increased. As her body built up to another orgasm, Pia could feel Rob’s cock ready to burst. She felt her body go over the edge as she felt cum burst out of Rob’s cock, it sprayed over her tits and face and into her mouth. Their bodies shook as she turned around to pull closer to him. They both began rubbing his cum into her body. They both opened their mouth to say something, but with nothing to say, they both just started laughing happily.

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