Good Morning…

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God, I wish you were here with me now to make use of this raging hard on. Just the thought of you being here with me is driving me insane. You turn up dressed in a long coat and I think you’ve gone mad to be dressing like that in this heat but when I open the door, you make the reason for the coat obvious as you undo a couple of buttons to reveal you have nothing on underneath! Wow! You lock eyes with me and slowly licking your lips, you step through my door and let your coat fall to the floor. Pressing me up against the wall as your mouth opens against mine, we kiss more deeply and passionately than ever before.

My cock has sprung to attention; you can feel it straining to be released from my jeans so you undo my buttons to let him out. You rub the head against your moist furry pussy with a rocking motion so instead of slipping inside, it slides against your pussy lips.

This feels sensational – a pussy lips wank – a completely new experience. Your juices are moistening my cock which feels amazing. You slide a couple of fingers inside and then you slip them in my mouth so I can taste your sweet juices mmm delicious. I decide I want more of this so I drop to my knees and begin licking your hot juicy wetness!

Sexy little sighs and moans begin escaping your lips as you grind your hips against my face so my tongue slips deeper inside you. Now you’re thrusting your hips against me and I start playing with your clit as I’m licking your pussy with long deep strokes. Your breathing bostancı escort gets heavy as you get closer and closer…your thighs tighten around my head as the orgasm ripples through your entire body! Your back arches and you throw your head back as you let loose a long drawn out sensual moan.

“Don’t stop…keep going,” you whisper. My baby wants multiple Ohhhs; well as you’re such a good girl, I’m happy to oblige so begin licking and sucking your excited clit and it isn’t long before you’re cumming again, the second explosion blends into the third.

I stand up and kiss you deeply, you’re tasting your own juices as we gaze deep into each other’s eyes feeling slightly drunk, but we’re not done yet in fact we have barely got started.

We stumble up the stairs and into my room and you press your hot body up against me as you take off the rest of my clothes. Now our naked bodies are pressed against one another as your furry moist sex teases my cock. You whisper in my ear, telling me to lie on the bed.

“69?” you purr, lowering your juicy sex down onto my face as your mouth slides around my cock…ohhh wow…you go so deep while teasing my cock with your tongue.

My tongue is flicking against your clit as you grind your hips in circular motions, getting your pussy off using my tongue as you drive me wild sucking and licking my cock. I start to thrust gently upwards as my rampant shaft begins to twitch until I cum so hard, my sex juice spatters ümraniye escort bayan against the back of your throat, making your eyes water and roll back and you swallow hard, opening your mouth to show me you’ve eaten all of your hot dessert – you naughty girl!

It isn’t long before you’re also cumming yet again this time almost squirting over my face. We snuggle in each other’s arms gazing deeply into each other’s eyes as our bodies rub against one another; we need to recharge our batteries for a few minutes so have fun kissing and licking each other all over.

“Lie back and enjoy,” you purr as you sit on top of me, leaning down so you’re giving me an amazing boob massage as your wet pussy rubs against my cock, we kiss intensely. You roll onto your back and I lie on top of you, massaging your gorgeous tits. I’m thrusting gently against your extremely wet pussy; I don’t think it’s ever been this wet before and my cock begins to stir once again.

I tease your juicy wetness with the swollen, throbbing head as I get harder and harder. You lie back on my bed with your legs spread open and a look that says come and get me, big boy; fuck me now!

I certainly don’t need asking twice so I grab hold of your hot sexy thighs, putting them over my shoulders, sliding the head of my cock up and down your pussy lips with a teasing gleam in my eyes. You’re biting your lip impatiently; your pussy telling you that she needs filling up right now so you lock your legs around kartal escort me pulling me closer so my cock slides easily into your wet slick fuck tunnel.

I thrust deeper and deeper as we lock eyes with each other, enjoying the fiery passion and pleasure in each other’s eyes as we move in perfect synchronisation with each other, the thrusts becoming faster and faster, as our breathing becomes more and excited and I can feel we’re both getting very close. You suddenly ask me to slow down and stop so I get off you, enjoying the sight of my hard shaft sliding out of your sexy moist pussy with the hottest squelching sound as your pussy is so wet with your sex nectar. You push me onto my back and put your leg over so you’re straddling me…ohhh…you want to finish with you on top! I’m more than alright with that and you give me a sexy smile as you lower your hot juicy sex onto me, seeing my shaft sliding inside your hot furry pussy drives me wild. You take me all the way inside you and grind your hips against me as I thrust upwards, your thighs tightening around my waist, your fabulous tits bouncing up and down in my face, your sighs becoming more and more sensual as you get close to yet another delightful explosion!

I feel your sex tighten as you cum so hard for me yet again; I so love that you’re a multi orgasmic woman. The feeling of your soaked sex tunnel clasping around my cock sends me through the roof and the resulting explosion is the biggest of my life! You feel what seems to be gallons of hot, sticky cum blasting deep inside you and we collapse into each other’s arms exhausted but exhilarated. You are such an amazing lover! We gaze deep into each other’s eyes and hold each other tight, regaining our energy and the day has only just begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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