Get a Room

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At this ladies only party, Amber and Celi are two of the last guests to pair up for pleasure. But when they search for a room to explore each other more deeply, what erotic activities will they discover other curious women indulging in?


In the kitchen of our host’s lovely home, I gazed upon the bounty before me.

Celi and her two dark, sumptuous titties, aching to be sucked.

She placed her juice bottle on the counter and pinched her nipples.

I set my bottle next to hers and shooed her hands away from her chest. “Let me.”

My mouth latched onto her right breast while my fingers found the left one.

Celi squealed. “Ay, yes, Amber.” She hiked up the lower half of her dress and massaged her mound.

I could smell her wetness.

Or was that mine?

I switched nipples, her left nub between my lips, the right between my fingertips.

Celi had her digits stuffed in her quim. She was getting squishy down there.

To her dismay, I removed my tongue from her swelling areola. “We should get a room.”

She sighed. “As long as we can do more of this.”

In our bare feet, Celi and I decided to revisit the areas of the capacious house that the host had given us a tour of earlier that evening.

To begin our search for an empty boudoir, we walked from the kitchen through the living room, where two couples on the couches had finally shed their undies. One pair of women were working out the awkward logistics of their first 69, while the ankara moldovyalı escortlar other two ladies were content to lean back and finger each other’s wet pussies.

As we wandered through the halls, Celi didn’t bother to pull the top of her dress back up over her large, natural breasts, which bobbled with every step.

In the suite with the family size bed, the orgy was in full swing with a daisy chain of six naked women. Groans of pleasure filled the air. Five of the participants had their faces smashed between the thighs of the woman in front of her. Nearby, Kimrie was tightening the harness for her pink strap-on to enter the thick woman at the back of the chain doggy style.

Celi and I heard moans coming from the next two bedrooms as well.

Then a peal of laughter streamed from the library.

“Why can’t I figure out how this works?”

We followed Barb’s bewildered voice and peeped our heads in the doorway.

Barb was hovering over a similarly nude Emily, who was seated on a modern leather loveseat, which was adorned with the towels that Taylor had requested.

Emily guided Barb’s bush towards hers so that their clits could kiss. “Just sit on top of me, Barb.”

“I am! Lift up your leg… no, your left leg. So I can slide toward your hip bone and then… Uh oh.”

Barb collapsed on Emily in a manner more jovial than sensual, which elicited giggles from their audience: Taylor, who was also undressed, and the host, who still sincan ukraynalı escortlar wore her white suit.

Celi emitted a chuckle as well. “Tribbing is hard.”

“At least we’re trying,” Barb whined. She climbed off Emily and approached Celi with her hand out. “I haven’t met you yet, topless friend of Amber.”

“I’m Cecelia. Celi. I would shake your hand, but mine was recently in my vagina.”

“Hers was in mine,” Emily said. She introduced herself, as did Taylor, who was browsing the bookshelves.

Celi and I accompanied the host on the wide couch.

Barb crossed the floor to the library desk, which was laden with boxed adult products. “I’m so horny.”

“That’s the point,” I gibed.

She fondled a realistic dildo with a suction cup. “I might have to masturbate on the carpet right in front of you five pervs.”

Emily joined Barb at the desk. “I support your proposal.”

Barb shook the rubber dick. “How do you all usually masturbate?”

“I start by rubbing my big nipples,” which Celi demonstrated, “then I hump my pillow to make myself cum.”

“I watch videos like the clip Barb showed us and finger myself,” Emily asserted.

Barb unwrapped a vibrating double dildo with black straps. “New plan.” She checked her fuzzy valley. “I am literally dripping. Who wants to try this with me?”

Taylor volunteered, then retracted once the host tentatively raised her hand. “Go right ahead,” Taylor boosted. “I want to see you in elvankent minyon tipli escortlar action.”

“If you insist,” the host murmured.

“We insist!” Emily hailed. She was weighing the merits of the faux fox tail butt plug over the dolphin-shaped clitoral stimulator.

“I should lose the clothes, huh?” As the host peeled her bespoke suit pants off her generous hips, I realized I was about to be the overdressed elephant in the room.

I unbuckled my belt. “I guess I should also…”

“Take it off, take it off,” Taylor clapped softly, jiggling the rings on her cocoa-colored nipples.

Celi heeded the call, jettisoned her dress, and reclined raw on the couch.

The host and I smiled at each other while we removed our vetements. Once we completed the sextet of naked ladies in the library, Celi hauled me onto her lap.

“Hi,” she purred.

I settled my bare bottom on her thighs. “Hello.”

“I absolutely love this,” Celi whispered. She pet the brown curls in the high ponytail atop my head, while I pressed my bosom against hers.

The host shook the nervousness out of her arms. “I will take the small end,” she told Barb.

“I’ll see if I can fit this length in me.” Barb spread her legs. The purple toy slipped in easily. She affixed the harness around her round buttocks. Then she angled the other end at the host. “Would you like me to lube that for you?”

The host handed Barb a clear bottle.

Barb stroked the stubby cock. Then she rubbed a little goo on the host’s slit.

The host stepped closer to Barb, easing toward the toy.

“You like that?” Barb breathed.

The host nodded.

“How about this?” Barb inserted her long middle finger inside.

“Uh huh.”

Barb pumped that pussy slowly. “Are you ready for more?”

“Yes. Yes. Oh my gosh, yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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