Gary’s Best Day Ever

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It had been a hell of a day.

Gary Morris, 38, sat on the commuter train on his way home. He’d gotten up late, he’d gotten a speeding ticket on the way to the train station, and had arrived on the platform just in time to see his train depart. When he’d gotten onto the next train they’d gone a whole four stops before they were delayed by a half hour. Once in the city, Gary had a hell of a time catching a taxi, and it had started to rain once he did, so traffic snarled, making him a total of three hours late to his office.

His personal assistant, Margaret, had called out sick, so Gary didn’t get the message that his boss wanted to see him right away, and Joe Gregory had stomped in and ripped him a new one after he’d been in for only twenty minutes. His computer froze, the copier was broken, right when he needed it, and the replacement secretary Personnel had sent up was a flighty guy named Joseph who only wanted to talk to his friends on the phone all day.

Gary’s lunch arrived late, and his sandwich was stuffed with peppers and onions, which Gary hated and permeated the whole sandwich even after they were removed. On top of that, the soda he’d ordered was wrong. He hated diet soda.

It was still raining when he left, and since he didn’t have his umbrella, he was soaked by the time he got a cab to the train station. Now he was finally in the home stretch, only a few minutes from the station, and he feared whatever might come next. Gary’s cell phone rang, and he looked and saw it was a call from home. Alice was calling and asked him to stop and pick up a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, and her favorite magazine. Gary briefly recounted his day, and Alice didn’t even seem to notice, or care.

It took Gary several attempts to start the car, and he stopped at the supermarket and bought the bread and magazine, and was starting his car when he remembered the milk and went back inside. It was nearly seven thirty when he pulled into his driveway and walked in the front door.

The house was dark, and Gary made his way into the kitchen and put the bread and magazine on the counter and the milk in the refrigerator before going out into the living room and collapsing into his chair. He had experienced the shittiest day he could remember in a long, long time.

“Hello, Sweetheart,” Gary heard Alice say as she entered the room. His head was back and his eyes closed, but he smiled at the sound of her soft, sultry voice. “I’m sorry you had such a terrible day.” She was standing next to his chair, and he sensed her lowering herself next to him. Gary opened his eyes and looked at Alice in the darkness of the room lit only by the lights outside.

Alice Morris was 34, and had medium length blonde hair. Her eyes were taksim elit escort large and expressive, and the prettiest shade of blue that Gary had ever seen. They had been what caught his eye when he was a college senior, and she a server at his favorite pub. Actually, it hadn’t been his favorite until the night he saw Alice there. Her face was strong, in the most feminine ways, with a perky little nose, high cheekbones, and a broad jaw that came to a cute little point at her chin. Her neck has long and elegant, and even in a t-shirt she looked like royalty.

Tonight he saw that she had put on makeup and had done her hair, and she wasn’t wearing a t-shirt, but her flimsy, filmy blue negligee, the one that always made him feel amorous. Alice was on her knees next to his chair, and she was holding a glass of red wine, that she held up for Gary. He took the glass and took a sip from it, the wine easing his nerves.

Next, Alice lifted two items from where she’d set them on the floor and she carefully clipped the end from one of his premium cigars and put it between her full, red lips. There was a scratch and light flared from the igniting match, and with short, careful puffs, Alice sucked the flame to the tip of the cigar until a red cherry burned on it, and then she handed it to Gary. He took a puff, tasting both the fine tobacco and the lipstick Alice had left on the end of the cigar.

“Dinner will be ready in about thirty minutes, Sweetheart,” Alice said softly, and she moved on her knees around to the front of his chair. Gary took a sip from his wine glass and then puffed on his cigar, as Alice slowly and deliberately unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers. She delicately pulled his soft penis out of his boxers and leaned over it. Her breath tickled, and he felt his manhood stirring as her lips gently, lovingly kissed the head. Her tongue ran slowly around the tip of his growing cock, and it swelled, thickening as it grew longer.

Alice’s lips engulfed the head, and then slid softly to the base, where she held, using her tongue to massage his now hard but still growing member. She pulled away slowly, up and then off, and then kissed the head again, ran her tongue around it, and took him deeply into her mouth again. He was fully erect and throbbing by the time she reached the root of him again.

Gary took another sip of wine as he watched Alice’s head moving up and down on him, felt her tongue swirling and pressing against his rigidity, her lips sliding across his most tender skin softly. Gary sighed, feeling his muscles loosen, feeling his body relax. Alice pulled away, off of him and wrapped her slender fingers around his shaft. Her hand slid up and down tenderly and she taksim escort lowered her mouth onto just the head and used her tongue to massage it.

Gary took a puff from his cigar and blew the smoke out shakily, as tremors of pleasure ran up his spine. Alice looked up at him, her eyes bright and beautiful, and she asked, “Should I continue, or would you like something else, Darling?”

Gary knew exactly what he wanted, and he told her. “Why don’t you take of your underwear and climb up here on my lap?” Alice nodded, smiling, and she stood. Her negligee fell only to the bottom of her ass, and Alice bent as she slowly slipped the matching blue panties down her long, shapely legs. Gary felt his cock jump at the sight of her full, firm ass, so perfect as she bent. When she turned to face him, Gary reclined the chair and took another sip of his wine.

Alice leaned over him and brushed her lips across his, and he parted his lips at the sensation. Her tongue danced briefly into his mouth before running lightly between his lips, and then she pressed her lips to his in a tender, loving kiss.

Alice turned then and she lowered herself carefully onto Gary’s lap, using her hand beneath her to guide him to her wet, wanting entrance. He felt that entrance engulf the head of his cock, so tight and soft, warm and moist, and Alice lowered herself onto him fully, taking his entirety inside her and sighing contentedly. Even before her hips began to move, Gary felt her passage flexing and pulling, milking him forcefully. He saw her shiver with pleasure, and he warmed inside, knowing that his Alice took pleasure in pleasing him.

Gary felt like he could sit there like that, unmoving, for the rest of his life as Alice’s soft, wet canal held him firmly and pleasured him with soft contractions, but his desire was growing. Alice sensed his need and slowly swayed her hips, moving him inside her, and Gary closed his eyes, a soft moan escaping him, unbidden. Gary set aside his wine glass, and he puffed again on his cigar as he ran his hand over her back, feeling the negligee slide across her smooth, wonderful skin.

He heard Alice’s sharp exhalation through her clenched teeth, a hissing sound that indicated her own growing pleasure. He reached around her little waist and his finger sought down through the damp curls of her pubes to her tiny, tidy little pussy. His fingers found her clitoris, and he rubbed it gently, so gently, in little circles, feeling the contractions inside her grow in strength. Her breathing became labored and Alice moved her hips more actively, with urgency, and Gary’s cock was at once bathed in her sweet nectar and massaged more vigorously and forcefully by her loving passage.

“Oh, taksim eve gelen escort Darling!” Alice whined, her sultry voice barely a whisper, “Yes, that’s so good.” She’d begun to move her hips back and forth, rocking him inside her briskly, and as her pleasure mounted, his did as well, until both were breathing hard, their bodies nearing perfect synchronization. Gary rubbed her clitoris harder, but not faster, and Alice’s moans of passion grew in number and slightly in volume as well. Her frantic rocking was driving him crazy, the entire chair rocking now, while Gary himself remained completely relaxed, letting his urgent needs wash over him.

They gasped and came as one, Gary’s seed pouring forth in great gouts of ecstasy even as his member was grasped hard by her clenching, convulsive canal, her insides attempting to pull more of him deep inside her, pulling his seed into her womb. Gary’s eyes were closed again, his body rocking inwardly with passion’s reward, and he felt Alice shaking, tense and breathless as her orgasm turned her entire body to a singularity of pure, white-hot rapture.

As his own orgasm ebbed, Gary heard Alice’s sharp intake of air, and she moaned. “Oh My Darling! My Love! Oh sweet merciful…” He felt her relax completely and she lay back on him, her head on his shoulder. He smelled her hair and brought his hand up to cup her quivering breast. “Thank you, Sweetheart,” Alice whispered, and she sat up and slowly rose from his lap, his slowly softening cock slipping from her, followed by a rush of hot fluid that bathed him and ran into his shorts and over his balls.

Alice got to her knees again, and she gently licked Gary’s member with the broadness of her tongue, lapping up the fluids and cleaning every inch of his flesh that she could reach with it. When she was done, Alice tenderly returned Gary to his boxers and closed his trousers, completing her task by cinching his belt closed. She rose and retrieved her panties from the floor and held them.

Gary noticed that his cigar had gone out, neglected while he was distracted by far better vices. Alice was radiant, and he felt love for her coursing through him, if anything more powerfully than ever before, but he felt that way every day that he spent with her. She watched him expectantly for a short while, and then said, “Darling, why don’t you go up and take a shower. Change into your pajamas and then come down for dinner. I’ll hold it for you.” He started to rise from the chair and she added, “I’ve laid out your favorite pajamas on the bed for you.”

As he passed her in silence, Gary brushed his lips across her cheek, and he felt her shiver with delight. He had reached the stairway and was about to go up when Alice asked him, “Darling, I forgot to ask you. How was your day?”

Gary smiled at his lovely, loving wife, and he said, “Today? Best day ever, same as always.”

The End


I welcome any response or feedback to this, by far my shortest tale ever. Thank you for reading, and I truly hope that you’ve enjoyed it.

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