Gaia’s Maidens: Hilda

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§1. A beautiful night for a stroll.

A lazy warm breeze whispered through the treetops as Hilda silently opened her shutters, eliciting a whining squeak from the rusty hinges. She grimaced in annoyance, quietly praying that her sleeping grandmother had not heard the slight sound, the old woman has ears that could put a bat to shame…

After a few moments of focused listening, no sounds of rousing could be heard from the adjoining room and the young woman released the breath she’d unconsciously held. Her heart pounded a steady rhythm in a surprisingly dry throat.

Quite ridiculous that she felt like a toddler about to be caught doing something she shouldn’t, she was an adult now after all. Not a few days ago her small family had rejoiced at her 18th birthday; gran had made her favorite dessert; savory sweet lemon tarts. Her father had proudly given her a night shift that had once belonged to her mother. Even her little sister had joyfully gifted her the most ridiculous scarf Hilda had ever seen, but she’d thanked her younger sibling gratefully for her self-sown present nonetheless.

She’d loved spending the joyous day with her loved ones, but had never seen the relevance of birthdays. Since her mother passed away 7 years ago growing up rapidly had been an unavoidable necessity, as she was the one best equipped to fulfill the suddenly unoccupied role in the household. Hilda had long since considered herself an adult without making the deliberate decision. The celebration of her birthday simply underlined that fact.

A small smile spread on her moonlit face as she realized she’d been about to rehash the same mental argument that had busied her thoughts more times than she’d care to admit. Now was not a time for thinking, now was a time for action.

It’s been far too long since I visited the woods. She reflected.

Gracefully she swung her legs over the windowsill and lowered herself to the ground. As soon as her bare feet touched the naked earth a delicate fluttering built in her stomach…

She loved the feeling of oneness with the world she experienced every time she took one of her secret little walks. Supple blades of grass bent under her soles and curled around her toes as she strode towards the edge of the surrounding forest, an almost imperceivable bounce in her surefooted step, languidly weaving her way through the trees.

Gran had told her many times of their families ties to nature while they foraged in the dense woods. She’d told Hilda about certain types of plants that could heal various injuries and afflictions. What to watch for in a patch of growth to determine if the forest was healthy or in need of attention. How to react and interact with different species of animals. But most importantly; gran had shown her the beauty and tranquility that suffused every inch of this magical place. The forest had been just as much a part of her upbringing as the old crone herself, an undeniable part of her being.

And so, even though she wore nothing more than her new white nightshift, Hilda felt perfectly at ease. The cloudless night allowed a waxing moon to illuminate the ancient trees and soft grass, outlining her surroundings and providing more than enough light to find her way. In these last weeks of summer cold was no issue either as the warmth of the day lingered deep into the night.

Despite a comfortable temperature the occasional breeze prompted her nipples to stiffen every so often, rubbing against the soft material of her thin garment.

The fresh scent of pine trees mixed with the subtle fragrance of sweet-smelling wildflowers calmed her mind as effectively as it always did. Prompting her to hum contentedly. The night was perfect and a midnight stroll was exactly what she had needed after a hard day’s work. Hilda took in a deep breath to expel any tension left in her well-formed body, stretching her arms as far as they could behind her back, her full breasts straining the fabric of the shift.

The sensation of countless threads brushing over her chest, caressing her stomach and thighs elicited desires she’d never experienced before during her nightly outings. An enticing thought crossed her mind. The sense of stimulation the shift had caused made her think about the opportunities being alone offered her.

Gods know it’s been a long while since I’ve had any kind of solitude…

The house her family lived in was a relatively small cottage. Sturdy and comfortable, but ultimately it provided her with very little privacy. Even at night, when everybody slept, noise carried through the structure. That combined with the exhaustion of a day’s work meant she’d had only a few opportunities to explore her shapely body.

She struggled to suppress the improper thoughts, which seemed futile as a patch of long-leaved ferns brushed their soft curved length against the inside of her leg, trailing from her thigh down to her knee as she passed.

Hilda let out a shaking breath and canlı bahis licked her suddenly moist lips. Her whole body seemed to react to the brief contact with delighted arousal; her nipples stiffened, the muscles in her back tensed and her hips began a rolling motion that only moved her pelvis ever so slightly.

Absentmindedly she let her right hand trail its way across her thigh, having come to a full stop. Feet planted firmly. Her thumb lifted the hem of her nightshirt, so that her hand could easily slide further over the soft skin between leg and hip. A tuft of delicately curling blond hairs met her fingertips. She closed her eyes, caressing the silken hair. Her hand slid lower, inching closer to -SNAP-

What was that!? A surge of panic bloomed in her as she abruptly opened her eyes and gazed into the shadows of the moonlit trees.

At first she could see nothing. Heavy shadows obscured a large portion of the forest in the direction the sound had come from. No wait…Did those shadows just move!?

“Wh-wh-who’s there?” She called with an obvious tremble in her voice. The shadows didn’t stir, nor did she hear any more sounds that would have given away anything hiding in the brush. She stood frozen, her back at rigid attention. Cautionary tales her grandmother used to tell her about bears and wolves sprang to the forefront of her mind, prompting a cold shiver to run down her spine. Her breathing quickened.

Think girl, think! She thought furiously. What do I do!?

§2. Unexpected introductions.

As sudden as thunder the right steps seemed to materialize, driving away a large portion of her well-founded terror. When faced with a large predator one mustn’t show fear, don’t run and slowly back away. Okay, I can do that. The instructions seemed crystalline clear in her mind, now just to get her body to cooperate.

Keeping her eyes locked on the darkened space between two pine trees, she took one hesitant step backwards, trying not to look like a tasty meal.

One step…



She froze in place, her heart racing. Every fiber, every muscle in her body screamed at her to run. It was only then that she realized that the sound had come…from behind her…

Blood seemed to rush in her ears as she waited to be pounced on. She thought back to her father, gran and her little sister. A single tear ran over her cheek at the realization that she’d never see them again. This was it. Why. Why. Why did I think nothing could ever happen!? Stupid. Stupid…

…But the ripping claws never came, neither did fangs tear into her slender neck. She only heard a short, almost inaudible, rumbling. A sound she’d heard men like her father make plenty of times when they saw something that perplexed them. The sound seemed comically out of place.

She dared to turn her head just enough to glance over her shoulder. It took her only a moment to discern the source of the sound.

Not five yard from her stood a man, but somehow more than that.

He was massive. Easily eight of nine feet high, with broad shoulders that seemed so packed with muscle that he barely looked human. His features were still hidden in a swath of shadow, but she could clearly see two wickedly sharp horns curling back over his head. Never in her life had she seen a man so muscular and powerful looking. His skin seemed part of the darkness, although in the thin beam of moonlight she could see it was actually a blue so dark as to be pitch-black. Swirling patterns or scars flowed across his dark azure chest and arms. Following their path down, her eyes trailed over his rippled stomach and — Oh God!

It was definitely male…

Hilda had helped birth a few children, worked on a farm with livestock her entire life and of course she’d sometimes seen the village boys swimming naked when she was younger. She knew what a penis was and how it should look like. This creatures member however was enormous. It looked like it was at least the length of her lower arm and equally as broad. Thick veins stood out against the smooth surface of its shaft and with every subtle shift of its body a glans the size of a large orange bumped against its leg, just above the creature’s knee. Behind the impressive cock hung testicles that she’d expected to see on a bull. Heavy and larger than a decent sized apple, they seemed proportionally too large for the being they were attached to.

She tore her gaze away when she felt its eyes calmly staring at her. The wind rustled through the quiet night, moving branches ever so slightly. A brief moment of illumination allowed her to catch a glimmer of piercing blue eyes, which seemed to gleam softly with a glow of their own.

It was…Beautiful. Powerful. Elegant.

Her body had turned to face the creature as she’d been staring at him, she discovered with a start. When had she decided to relax her posture? She was still in danger…wasn’t she?

But I don’t feel threatened by him. Nothing in bahis siteleri his stance suggests violence. I might be imagining things, but he actually seems…Shy?

The instant the thought had crossed her mind Hilda knew her instincts were correct. The hulking form before her seemed calm, but as surprised to see her as she had been. His -for she’d decided to think of the creature as a “he”- eyes roamed steadily over her, his gaze exploring every inch of her and she suddenly felt self-conscious about wearing only a nearly transparent nightshift.

There were no real mirrors in her family’s farm, but gran had a small plaque of polished steel that she’d used on occasion to inspect her body after she’d fallen or had in some other way been injured.

She could imagine how he’d see her.

A young woman, though it wouldn’t be obvious judging by her body. Hilda’s heritage had gifted her with a very advantageous build. Standing at 5’6″ she was larger than most women in the surrounding villages and even some of the boys. Although no one would ever mistake her for anything other than female. Long graceful legs, tight with muscle, transitioned into wide hips that had caught the eyes of more than one man. Hilda had once heard the term ‘child-bearing hips’, finding it an oddly fitting description. Mainly due to the plump backside that caused her to fill out everything but the loosest of skirts. She’d been careful not to wear tight clothing for years, as not to distract passersby with her thickset round butt.

A slim waist, softened faintly by her modest smooth belly, gave her a distinctive hourglass figure. Daily chores and an active life had left her upper body and arms toned with strength, which was just as well. Her breasts had started growing soon after she’d flowered for the first time, and hadn’t stopped since. They’d grown so large that she currently couldn’t hold them with a single hand anymore. They spilled over her spread fingers, threatening to tear any garment she wore, were she to inhale too deeply.

Her heavy bosom had been the talk among the village boys since they’d started swelling, which she secretly enjoyed more than she should. Hilda had to admit; though they’d developed rapidly, there were no marks on her skin that indicated stretching. The tips of her ample breasts ended in perky pink nipples, that became just a little too easily aroused for her taste. Enthusiastically indicating their presence whenever a breeze caressed them or she brushed her chest against the inside of her clothing. The headstrong nobs stiffened yet again as she saw the giant being looking at them.

After a subjective century the creatures eyes arrived at her heart-shaped face, framed with golden locks, glancing at her full lips and locking gazes with the young woman.

Hilda felt her heart pounding wildly in her impressive chest. Not from fear, but of something more unexpected. Excitement…

§3. Undeniable allure.

Tentatively he slowly lifted one foot and deliberately placed it in front of the other, as if cautious not to make any sudden movements. Is he trying not to startle me?

The movement might have been careful, but Hilda could clearly recognize that he could have moved with blinding speed, would he have wished. Even the relatively small step caused hard looking lines to shift underneath his skin, indicating muscles that even the village blacksmith couldn’t compare to. The precise simple motion bridged half the distance between them.

After placing both his feet next to each other, his back at rigid attention, he exhaled audibly and settled into the stance of a man prepared to patiently wait. Arms hanging by his sides, head cocked fractionally to one enormous shoulder. His eyes however remained observantly fixed on her.

At the calm manner of the creature she felt some of the nervous tension, gathered in her lower back, ebbing away. Her breathing became deeper and steady.

Gods! What are you?

Her astonished mind tried to reason with what her eyes were reporting. Her body however had reflexively mirrored his motion after a mere moment of reflection. They now stood not 2 feet apart as she glanced up and down his form, before meeting his captivating gaze once more.

“He-hey, I’m a…I’m Hilda,” She spoke anxiously, stuttering on the first syllable, her mouth struggling to convey an adequate greeting.

At the sound of her soft voice refined eyebrows drew somewhat closer, giving his face a thoughtful quality. The tilt of his horned head added to the expression.

The air between them seemed to thrum with tension, her words hanging in the air as seconds seemed to stretch into hours. He didn’t reply, but with the same deliberate care as with which he had walked he lifted a broad hand, ending in long strong-looking fingers.

The back of his forefinger gently moved one of her long locks away from her neck. The silken hair seemed to fascinate him. Prompting him to experimentally twirl it with his thumb.

A bahis şirketleri brisk whisper of wind flowed through the forest, rustling the leaves and perking Hilda’s sensitive nipples to stand out distinctly through the fabric of her thin nightshift. It also carried an incredibly interesting scent. Musky, tinged with pine, yet oddly familiar. Images to hot summer days working in the fields came to her mind, the subtle fragrance of honestly earned sweat.

Its…him. He smells amazing. The alluring aroma of the creature drew her in even closer. She leaned ever so slightly closer to his hand. His coarse palm resting against her jawline.

A fluttering sensation began to spread from her stomach to the rest of her body. She couldn’t believe how good a simple touch could make her feel.

On its own accord her left hand reached up towards his chest, trailing the spiraling marks there. The creature released a deep rumbling sigh, eyes half closing in delight. His fingers tensed marginally against her neck.

Hilda’s right hand gripped the hem of her shift in a excited gesture of self-control, her knuckles turning white as she strained to maintain her composure. She let her hand descend from the creatures magnificent pectoral muscles down over his well-defined stomach. His breathing quickened as the approached his swaying appendage, curling her nails through the rough patch of hair just above it.

She abruptly drew her hand back and took a step away from him.

“I can’t!” Her voice sounded hoarse in her own ears. “I just…I can’t.”

How could she tell this mysterious being that she’d never…Gone all the way. Not even part of the way. Since her early maturing she’d been far to busy to concern herself with the childish young men she’d encountered sporadically around town. Her inexperience evaporated her growing desire as snow scatters the morning dew.

I haven’t even been with a man, except from one or two kisses. I can’t possibly be thinking of…well…bedding this creature!?

…Can I?

Despite her uncertainty, she couldn’t force herself to walk away. Something about him made it impossible to ignore her body’s aching need. His smell, his presence, his…build. It was simply to much for her to dismiss.

He regarded her with steady eyes, a faint smile tugging the corner of his mouth upwards. He spoke. Strange, yet familiar words that seemed meant to comfort her, to put her at ease. His deep voice uttered the sounds calmly, talking as if to a startled animal. She could feel every syllable rumbling in her chest. Vibrating.

He stepped closer, knelt down on one knee and held out one hand, palm up. As if waiting for her to place her own hand inside his. After a moments hesitation Hilda obligingly extended her arm. He guided her hand to his chest. The motion forcing her to step closer. He held her hand against his slowly rising and falling chest with his own and spoke…It wasn’t quite a word as it was a tribal sounding exclamation uttered in a strangly rhythmic cadence…”Ramak.”

“That’s your name? Ramak?” Hilda asked. He rotated his head once more in a puzzled fashion.

Of course, dumb girl. He can’t understand you. So what to do next?… Oh wait.

Hilda lifted her hand off the giant, grasped his in both of hers and placed it on her heaving bosom. Just above her heart. “Hilda. My name is Hilda.” She whispered, putting a slight emphasis on her name.

He didn’t quite smile, though his eyes sparkled with delight. She immediately felt a warmth spreading from his palm through her garment. She tracked the lines of muscle in his lower arm idly, as he slid his hand across her side. His fingers closed on the small of her back. He drew her closer.

Suddenly her face was mere inches away from his. She could feel the regular breath flowing through his parted lips. His breath smelled of raspberries and freshwater mint…Delicious.

Her fingers found their way to the back of his neck as he bent it forward, bridging the distance.

§4. The start of something beautiful.

Hilda’s full lips blazed with pleasure as they locked on his. She melted into him, leaning into the embrace. Her supple chest pressed hard against his. Due to the height difference, even as he knelt, Hilda had to tilt her head back to kiss him. This caused her to expose her delicate neck and arched her back invitingly.

One hand now firmly placed between her shoulder blades, Ramak laid the other on the gentle slope of her bowing lower back. He parted his mouth, licking her lips with the end of his large tongue.

Hilda let out a quivering little sigh and opened her lips. Allowing their tongues to intertwine, exploring each other in a motion so ambrosial she hardly noticed anything else around her. Her body reacted to his touch in a way that made the hairs on her arms and legs stand upright.

What she distinctly did feel however was his left hand, previously supporting her lower back, now lowering over her left buttcheek. His fingers tightened over the entirety of the plump mound and he drew her thighs against his supporting leg. Kneading her portly behind while his smooth tongue drove her to grind her hips in small circles.

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