Friend’s Wife Takes Control

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Adriana Chechik

I hadn’t see Jim since college where we had been room mates in the dorm. I had traveled to San Francisco on Business and contacted Jim before leaving to see if we could get together. He insisted that I say has his place so that we could have time in the evening and so that I could get to know is new wife.

I arrived on Saturday so that I could rest up before the week of work and to have some time with Jim to reminisce about our four years’ in college. Jim and his wife met me at the air port and drove me to their home. Jim’s wife was a really cute slim woman with small perky breasts. Jim caught me looking over his wife and smiled with appreciation.

The ride from the airport went quickly as we got caught up all that had happened since graduating when we lost touch with each other. We had exchanged Christmas cards but not much else. I had missed his wedding because I was overseas on business. It felt good to renew our friendship.

That evening after dinner Jim and I sat in the living room drinking beer and telling college stories. Finally, Jill joined us with a beer in her hand and sat next to Jim. As we told stories she asked questions with a focus on Jim’s sexual exploits in college and his different girl friends. After a few more beers Jim’s face looked mischievous and turned to his wife and asked if she would like to know about some of our most interesting sexual exploits. From the look on his face I knew what he was talking about and quickly tried to change the subject and convince Jim to not share those secrets.

Jill knew that something juicy was being talked about and urged him on as she squeezed his arm. Jim couldn’t resist and stated telling Jill about our mutual masturbation experiences. He started with the first time that he caught me jerking off in the door one afternoon and continued with stories of us jerking each other off when our girlfriends watched. I had expected his wife to be angry or upset by the stories and could feel my face turn red with embarrassment. But Jill did not get upset, quite to the contrary she became increasingly interested and excited. I could see her nipples harden against her blouse and realized that she was being turned on by these stories. And it was no surprise that my own cock was now swelling with excitement.

After a while kadıköy escort Jill leaned close to her husband’s ear and whispered. Jim smile widened as she whispered to him. He glanced toward me and his head was moving in agreement as his wife talked. After she finished whispering Jim exclaimed, “Jill you come up with the best ideas!! I love you!” I eagerly asked, “Whats going on here? Let me in on the ideas.”

Jim looked at me with a broad smile telling me that I would love the idea and then told me that Jill wanted the two of us to masturbate in front of her and to jerk each other’s cock. I was shocked and couldn’t respond right away. Jill was nodding yes and smiling and then chimed in. Come on Eric don’t be shy!! I really want to watch the two of you do it the way you did it in college!!”

My immediate reaction was to shake my head no and exclaim that I would be too embarrassed to do “it”! Jim and Jill kept at me and finally after being urged by his wife Jim stood up and started undoing his belt and pulled his pants off. His shirt was quickly removed and then his t-shirt and shorts. His cock was swelling and Jill reached up and fondled it lovingly as she looked at me and pouted saying, “Please Eric, take off your clothes and show me how you and Jim used to jerk each other off in college.”

I don’t know if it was the beer or seeing Jims swelling cock or Jill’s cute pouting, but I lost all resistance and stood to remove my clothes. Jill giggled and clapped her hands as Jim moved toward me. When my shorts came off my cock sprang out stiff in front of me. Jim’s cock was still semi hard and he and Jill both laughed with excitement seeing that I was rock hard.

As Jim came near me Jill moved to the edge of her chair and told me in a rather firm voice to make her husband hard. I was reaching down to hold his cock when Jill spoke again telling me to bet on my knees. I complied feeling quite excited by the firm control Jill was exercising. Jim stood still looking down at me I could see his cock throbbing and reached up to hold his cock and balls. His breathing accelerated as my hand closed around his nice cock which swelled quickly. His balls were churning rapidly and his sack grew tight and wrinkled. üsküdar escort

As I started stroking I glanced over at Jill to see her hand move between her legs as she stared at me smiling. She then ordered me to stroke him harder. Jim spread his legs and put his hands on his ass as his hips started moving. His cock was incredibly hard and curved and I could feel that he wouldn’t last long. Jill commanded that I make him cum fast and hard. I jerked his cock with long hard strokes as I fondled and squeezed his balls. Jim started moaning and his hips thrust harder.

I glanced again at Jill and saw that she was masturbating her self through her pants and one had was not inside her blouse. She smiled at me and then in a quiet voice and eager smile told me to make Jim cum on my chest.

We didn’t have to wait long. Jim was now jerking his body back and forth as my hand slid rapidly along his shaft. Suddenly Jim jerked and screamed as a massive stream of cum shot from his cock hitting me on my chest as I kept beating his cock hard and fast. Jim seemed to nearly lose his balance as the remaining spurts of cum shot from his cock. I could feel his hot cum oozed down my chest when I heard Jill gasp and moan. Looking over I could tell that she was also cumming.

After Jill and Jim removed from their intense orgasms, she ordered me to sit in the chair and told her husband to jerk me off. I raised from the floor my cock still rock hard and settled into the chair my ass on the edge of the seat. My cock was pointing straight up and I could tell that my balls were tight to my shaft. Jim kneeled next to me and reached for my cock and balls. I sucked in my breath as his hand closed around my cock and started stroking. I looked over at Jill as she stared at her hubby stroking me. Her blouse was now fully open and her bra was pushed up. Her breasts were perfect. Her nipples were hard and puffy and I could tell by how she touched her breasts that they were very sensitive.

It was so exciting to see her watching me being jerked by her hubby and fond memories of college returned to me. Even though I had jerked off with other men occasionally after college I had not had the pleasure of doing this with women present. I knew that I wouldn’t last long as tuzla escort Jim started jerking my hard and fast his fingers teasing my balls. My hips rose and fell as I was being jerked and I moaned loudly. I could take my eyes off of Jill’s breasts and face as she stared and enjoyed the scene. She was again masturbating herself through her pants and I hopped that she would cum again as I started spurting.

Jim rubbed his cock against my leg as he jerked me and this excited me. Suddently Jill spoke up loudly in a very demanding voice, “Jim suck Eric’s cock NOW!! Jim stopped stroking me and look toward his wife with a look of total surprise. Jill didn’t let him protest and repeated her order this time louder and firmer. Jim hesitated and Jill rose from her seat and walked close to us. She grabbed Jim by his hair and pushed his head toward my cock as she yelled, “Suck that cock Dear!! Suck It! Take it all into your mouth fucker!” Jill pushed hard as I watched Jim’s mouth move closer to my cock. His lips parted and I felt him suck me in. I gasped as I stared. Jill pushed down hard with one hand while her other was inside her slacks masturbating her pussy rapidly. She then started jerking Jim’s head so he moved up and down. She then turned to stare at me ordering me to fuck her husband’s mouth. I hesitated and she yelled at me her eyes flashing. My hips started moving up and down and I could feel my cock head reach the edge of Jim’s throat as he gagged and pulled back. His lips were sucking my cock as his hand also stroked. The combination of all that was happening was too much and I knew I would explode. Jim realized what was cumming and quickly pulled away as the first massive spurt of cum exploded form my cock splattering over Jims face. Jill yelled and jerked as she came. He pushed against her husband to steady her self as the next spurt of cum exploded from my cock against Jim’s face. My hand has joined Jim’s and we were both jerking my cock hard and fast. As the last drop of cum oozed from my cock Jill collapsed in the chair near by and Jim rose my cum oozing down his face to his chin where a large drop was forming.

Jim smiled and shook his shoulders. I smiled back and asked where I could clean up. Jim led the way out of the room and directed me to the guest bathroom as he headed upstairs to the other bathroom. After showering I returned to find Jim and Jill kissing passionately in the hall. They turned and smiled at me with joy. I hadn’t known what to expect after this group experience but my mind was put to rest when I saw them smiling. I also suspected that there was more sexual pleasure awaiting me the next few day.

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