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I’m kissing you. Sucking on your tongue. My hands are exploring your body. Rubbing up and down your back, grabbing your ass, gliding up your sides to your chest. I can’t get enough of you.

I’m undressing you now. Slowly unbuttoning your shirt. I get the first two undone and begin kissing and biting your neck while unbuttoning the rest of your shirt. I’m sliding it off your shoulders and down your arms, letting it fall to the floor exposing your muscular torso.

I am licking and gently nibbling on your perky nipples. I hear your soft moans and it’s making me even more excited. I’m unfastening your jeans now, sliding them and your boxers down, exposing your growing erection. You slowly slide one foot out and then the other. I am kissing your stomach and licking around your bellybutton. Sliding my tongue in and out of the small canal.

I’m licking my way down to your cock, licking the tip of it first. Now along the shaft. I can tell you’re aching for me to suck your dick so I’m now wrapping my moist lips around the shaft and slowly sliding my head back, letting my teeth gently graze along it until only your kadıköy escort thick mushroom is left in my mouth. My head is moving back and forth, faster and faster. My tongue licking every inch of your massive member. My lips wrapped tightly around it, creating a strong suction with every bob of my head. Loud slurping and sucking noises fill the room.

I hear your breathing become heavier as I continue to suck your unbelievable cock. I don’t want you to cum yet so I’m going to stop now. I’ll give you one last lick, savoring the precum oozing out of the tip before giving you a real show.

I want you to sit on the bed, now, while I go lay on the floor in front of you. I’m spreading my legs, so you see how wet my freshly shaven pussy is. I can tell you like seeing the light glisten off my moisture, but you haven’t seen anything yet.

I’m now taking my finger and sliding it between my pussy lips. I’m letting out soft moans as my finger rubs my swollen clit. God, it feels so good. Now I’m sliding a finger into my love canal. Sliding üsküdar escort it in and out. Now I’m inserting a second finger, making it wet and sticky with my juices. I’m now bringing my hand up to my mouth and licking my nectar off of my fingers. Mmmmmm, I taste so good. Are you enjoying the show, baby?

I’m going back to fingering myself now. Thrusting my hips as I slide my fingers in and out, faster and faster. I’m looking at you while fucking myself and can tell you can’t handle much more. Now I’m rubbing my nub again. I can feel myself getting close to orgasm. My loins are burning, wanting release. I’m shoving my fingers back inside my hole. Oh, God, I’m going to cum, baby. I’m rubbing my clit with my thumb while my fingers are still inside of me. My moans are getting louder now, filling the room. Ohhhhhh, I’m so close, baby. Oh, ohhhhhhh! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m moving my hand so you can see my pussy throb and watch my cum flow out of me.

I need you so bad now, baby. Now I’m getting off the floor and walking over to you. I place my hands on your shoulders and push you tuzla escort back making you lay down. Now I’m climbing on top of you, straddling you. I’m slowly lowering myself down, sliding your love pole inside my soaking wet pussy. God, you feel so good inside me, your dick rubbing against my inner walls.

I’m raising and lowering myself faster and faster. You’re thrusting your hips, going along with my motion. Your hands grip my waist, pulling me down while you buck your hips harder. You’re gonna make me cum again, baby. Oh, God, it feels so good. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me! Jam you dick deep inside me! Oh, fuck! I’m cumming, baby! Oh, yeah! Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!! My body won’t stop trembling from my explosive orgasm.

Damn, you’re a good fuck, baby. What? You haven’t cum yet? Good. I’m getting off of you and engulfing my mouth with your dick once again. I love feeling your dick in my mouth. I’m sucking on it, baby. Do you like the way it feels? Do you like having my mouth wrapped around your hard member, watching my head bob up and down while I fuck you with my mouth? I want you to cum in my mouth, baby. I want you to fill my mouth with your warm stickiness. Come on, baby. Cum for me. Mmmmmm, yeah. That’s right, baby. Fill my mouth. Feel me swallow your cum. You taste so good, baby. I’m sucking every last drop out of you.

I sure had fun. It seems like you did to. I can’t wait until we do this again. You make me so hot, baby, I’m sure we’ll do it again real soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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