Football Captain

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My phone chirped to life and as I glanced at the caller I.D I smiled to myself.

“Hey honey,” I purred down the phone. “Did you win?”

There was a bit of a pause before the reply. Shit, I bit my lip, wrong question. He’d be in a bad mood all night now.

“Um, no. We lost. I’m about ten minutes away, can you stick the shower on for me babe?”

“No problem, see you in a bit. Love you.”

I hung up, a plan already forming in my dirty little mind to cheer him up. I went straight upstairs and turned the shower on the hottest setting it would go. Quickly looking in the mirror, trying to remember if I’d worn water proof mascara this morning I smiled to myself. My hair was going curly in the steam of the shower, and it suited me. I was tanned from the summer sun, and when I took my top off my large, perky 34 DD breasts looked slightly milkier than the rest of my body. My slightly pouty glossy lips were parted as I slid my skirt and lacy panties down over my toned, tanned thighs.

Hearing the front door open I quickly tossed my clothes in the wash basket and slipped into the shower, now completely naked, closing the door behind me.

I listened to my husband stomp up the stairs and call out “I’m getting in the shower” thinking that I was in the kitchen. The bathroom door opened and I watched him yank his shirt over his broad, muscular shoulders. bahis firmaları We’d been together three years and I still got turned on by the sight of his muscular body. He was obviously very frustrated from losing the football. And he hadn’t yet seen me.

He pulled his shorts off, now standing in just his socks and boxers and finally turned to face me. Annoyance flitted across his face quickly before he grinned and opened up the door.

“Hey baby, what are you doing in there?”

I bit my lip, my hands trailing down over my left breast, my nipples already hard, over my flat, brown stomach. “I was very dirty, I need to get clean.” I reached out and pulled his boxers down and he pulled his socks off. I pulled him by his hips up into the shower and immediately began kissing him. I bit his lower lip gently. I took advantage of his open mouth and slipped my tongue inside, slowly licking his. I moved my wet, slippery body against his, feeling my nipples pressing against his skin, his hot dick pressed into my tummy. It felt so good, the hot water running over my back and his warm body pressed against my front.

His hands went straight to my tits, cupping and rubbing, running his fingers round in little circle. God that felt so good. A little whimper escaped my lips. I reached down to find his 8 inch cock already hard and waiting for me. As I wrapped my hand kaçak iddaa round him, marvelling as I did every time at just how thick he was, I sucked his tongue into my mouth. His turn to whimper now. Oh how I love making him moan.

Iran my hand up and down his cock three times, then tightened my grip, and he really moaned that time, thrusting in and out of my hand. He knows how that turns me on. I kissed down his jaw, sucking and biting along his neck, down his throat gently nipping at his skin with my teeth. I ran my tongue around his hard nipple, sucking it into my mouth, biting softly as I flicked it with my tongue. I got lower and lower until I was on my knees in the shower licking the soft skin just below his belly button.

His hands came to my face, sliding up into my hair. His now rock hard cock, oozing with delicious looking pre come glistening in the hot steamy water was pressed flat against his stomach. I slowly licked all the way up, from balls to tip, looking into his eyes. He smiled down at me, his fingers massaging my head. I sucked his pulsing cock head into my mouth and sucked, my tongue swirling round and round, licking over his little slit, tasting him.

My fingertips ran lightly up and down his shaft, tracing his veins, cupping his balls. He moaned properly now. My warm, wet mouth moved down his shaft, taking him all the way in. My eyes kaçak bahis watered as he pushed past the back of my throat, thrusting in further. His little grunts more than made it worth it though, turning me on no end. The hot water trickling down over my soft breasts and hard nipples feeling unbelievably good.

He was speeding up his thrusts now, and I sucked harder, trying to keep him in me. I wanted to taste him. I knew he was almost there now; he was openly moaning and groaning. I ran my hands over his tight ass cheeks, over his balls and massaged them.

He suddenly stopped and pulled out of my mouth. I made a noise of protest before he yanked me up and pushed me up against the wall, squashing my tits against the cold tiles, making me gasp. The hot water was running over my back as he slapped my ass now, and easily thrust into me but kept perfectly still.

He leaned over me from behind, one muscular arm pinning my wrist to the wall as his other hand slipped down over my stomach to rub frantic circles over my swollen clit.

“I want you to come with me, baby” He growled into my ear.

My whimpering and wriggling on his cock was all the encouragement he needed. Pounding into me hard and fast, he continued to play with my clit, rubbing so fast I quickly began to feel the tension building up in me. I moaned loudly now, as he grunted and kept up with his quick thrusting. I tuned my head to face him and he kissed me, his tongue aggressive in my mouth, finding mine and fighting against it. He bit my lip hard as he came, sending squirt after squirt of hot, white come into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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