First Time Fever

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Sadie waved goodbye to Jake, her husband, and Max, her 18 year old son. They were off on a fishing trip a few miles north of their holiday cabin. Fishing was not her thing and as the weather had only just started to clear, halfway through the holiday, she thought it would be a great opportunity to just kick back in the garden, read and get some sun. She sighed, however, as she walked back into the living room and saw the sulky image of Jon slumped on the sofa. Jon was Max’s 19 year old friend and had been on some trips with the family before but this time… Well Sadie could not work out what was wrong with him! He was sulky, moody, lazy and basically being a pain in the ass. He had not wanted to go on the fishing trip saying he wanted to ‘chill’ here.

‘Well, Jon, what you gonna get up to today?’ Sadie asked as cheerfully as she could.

‘Dunno,’ Jon shrugged, ‘what you doin’?’

‘Well I am going into the garden to read, relax and sunbathe!’

‘Ok, cool.’ And with that he fell silent, staring at his feet. Sadie decided to give up and to not let his presence spoil her day!

She went to her room to change into her bikini and a pair of shorts. She was 40 years old and although she had thickened a bit around the waist and hips, she still had a great figure. Her greatest asset was her breasts – although she had not always thought that! She had been a very petite teenager and her 32dd breasts had always been an embarrassment to her. Now however, she was a confident, mature woman and enjoyed the fact that men always took a second glance at her cleavage! She swept her shoulder length brown hair into a clasp, rubbed sun lotion all over and took her rug and book outside. She had just settled onto her stomach and opened the book in front of her when she heard footsteps whispering across the grass. She turned her head around; shielding her eyes against the sun, she saw Jon striding towards her. He stopped beside her, hands in his pockets, eyes on something in the distance.

‘Um, can I get you a sandwich, Mrs Ellen?’ he asked.

‘No thanks, Jon. I’m fine.’

Er, some juice?’

‘No thank you.’


‘Jon, I don’t need anything right now. I’m fine!’

‘Oh, ok,’ and he plonked himself down on the grass beside her, sitting cross legged.

What on earth was the matter with the boy? Sadie thought. He had something on his mind that was sure and she got the feeling that he wanted to tell her but couldn’t. Perhaps he had a crush on a girl at college and didn’t have the courage to ask her out. Maybe he had a crush on a guy at college! Sadie smiled to herself, she was so glad that she was not that age again and going through the agonies of teenage angst. Well, if he wants to tell me he will until then…she carried on reading her book. She became engrossed in the story for a while until she heard a soft, regular breathing noise. She looked across at Jon and he was lying down, hand under his head and fast asleep. His long, floppy blonde fringe had fallen over his eyes, covering them. She thought, not for the first time, that he was a very handsome young man. He was tall, with a muscular build and his body always seemed to contain an energy that he never seemed to know what to do with. She shook her head with a smile and went back to her book.

An hour later she woke him.

‘Hungry?’ She asked.

‘Mmm – a bit,’ Jon replied sleepily.

‘C’mon then. Let’s go make those sandwiches you were on about earlier!’

They ate their sandwiches in silence. Sadie was wracking her brains trying to think of ways to bring him out of this mood.

‘Ok!’ she said suddenly, ‘Let’s do something this afternoon!’ He lifted his head to look at her.

‘Yeah?’ he answered, ‘Like what?’

‘Well, about two miles east of here there is a lake with a waterfall and some caves. Fancy swimming and exploring?’

‘Yeah! Cool!’ his face lit up. Sadie was surprised, she had expected the usual “No…maybe tomorrow” reply.

‘Ok then let’s go!’ Sadie packed a small bag with a towel, sun lotion and a bottle of water. Jon added only his towel, mumbling about having already put his swimming shorts on under his pants, and shouldered the bag.

‘Thanks, Jon,’

He shrugged. ‘No worries, Mrs E.’

She grabbed her shirt from the sofa, tied it round her waist and they made their way to the little path at the back of the house that led to the woods.

It was a beautiful day, sunny, warm and still. The woods were in their summer glory – especially verdant and plush after the recent rain. Sadie breathed in the woodland smells. They made their way fairly easily along the path, having to avoid only a few wayward branches and trails of ivy. Sadie loved these woods. She had been coming here ever since she was a child and her father had left her the cabin when he had died 5 years ago and now her family came here as often as they could. She never tired of the peace and tranquillity they brought her. She hoped perhaps some of it might rub off on Jon! He did escort kocaeli seem to be relaxing – he was taking in his surroundings, examining a few plants along the way.

‘Nice!’ he said, ‘These trees are like really old!’

‘Yes, Jon. These woods have been here for centuries.’

‘Cool! It feels like you are going back in time, to some kinda lost world!’

Sadie laughed, ‘Yes it does feel like that!’ He suddenly caught her by the shoulder,

‘Hey!’ he said.

‘What? What is it?’ Sadie looked up at him, being at least 6 inches shorter.

‘You got some leaves and stuff stuck in your hair!’ and he bent towards her and plucked the bits of foliage from her hair.

Sadie felt his strong grip on her shoulder and felt his breath on her cheek as he lent towards her. She could not believe her reaction to this! Her stomach did a somersault and she felt a familiar but surprising tingling between her legs! She pulled away from him with a laugh and a ‘Thank you’ and carried on up the path. She was confused by her reaction and fought to understand it. She put it down to the fact that she and Jake had not really done much in the bedroom department for a while and that she was just a little frustrated! She shrugged the feeling off and carried on walking. Soon they came to a clearing and were greeted by the sight of a small waterfall gushing into a clear blue lake.

‘Wow!’ Jon exclaimed, ‘this is so cool!’

Sadie laughed and made her way to the side of the lake. She quickly untied her shirt, took off her shoes and shorts and launched herself into the water. She submerged herself completely, and then surfaced gasping, with water streaming from her. Jon was watching her from the lake side. His shirt was on the ground and he was pulling off his jeans. Sadie turned her back to him quickly. Had she really just seen what she thought she had? There was no mistaking it surely! She had quite clearly seen the bulge in Jon’s swimming shorts – and it had been huge! She again felt a tingle between her legs and was also aware that the cold water had enlarged her nipples and they were visible through the sodden, clinging fabric of her bikini top. Was that what Jon had been looking at? Surely she hadn’t caused that bulge in his shorts! Not very likely, she thought, more just the uncontrollable libido of a 19 year old! She began swimming towards the waterfall and heard a splash as Jon jumped into the water. Jon swam towards her, his hair slicked back on his head, his eyes fixed on hers. He stopped in front of her and began treading water. Sadie felt his stare go deep within her and she gave a little shiver.

‘Mrs E? Can I ask you something?’

‘Of course you can Jon!’ Sadie held her breath.

‘Um…’ he looked away, ‘it’s a little embarrassing.’

‘Oh Jon, don’t be embarrassed! What is it?’ Sadie was hoping it wasn’t going to be too embarrassing!

‘Well, I am still a virgin,’ he looked at her again and Sadie’s heart pounded, ‘and I was wondering what it was like…you know to be with woman. I’m afraid that I won’t know what to do and well… make a mess of it! I kinda shy away from girls – I’m scared!’

‘Oh Jon – it’s natural to worry about these things! But when you meet the right person and the circumstances are right it will all fall into place! Believe me you will know what to do!’ Sadie smiled at him.

‘I think I have met the right person,’ Jon replied.

‘Anyone we know?’ Sadie asked.

‘Yes, Mrs E…you.’ He swam closer. Sadie tried to swim away but the current of the water fall wouldn’t let her.


‘Mrs E, Sadie…please…you are such a hot woman…just thinking about you makes me hard…please Sadie I want you to be my first.’ He was getting closer.

‘But I can’t…there is Jake and Max!!’

‘I know it’s wicked but I can’t help myself. You drive me wild!’

‘Jon! No!’

He reached a hand behind her head and kissed her eyes and her nose. Sadie was breathing fast, trying to think what to do but oh…those kisses were so nice! She broke away from him and dove under the waterfall. He followed her. They scrambled out of the water and were standing on a ledge behind the fall and once again he gripped her by the shoulders. His lips met hers and he kissed them gently. Sadie closed her eyes and felt his tongue outline her lips, then push them open slowly as their mouths opened and their tongues met and…Sadie went weak at the knees. He pulled her closer to him, still kissing her passionately, and Sadie felt her nipples and breasts pressed against his chest and against her stomach she felt the hard, throbbing heat of his cock. He broke away from her mouth and looked down at her.

‘Please Sadie,’ he pleaded, ‘I want you so much!’

Sadie could not fight the desire that was welling up inside her, her nipples and clit were aching. She wanted him as much as he wanted her – she knew she was going to give in. She placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back a bit.

‘Ok, young man, but let’s take this gölcük escort slowly!’ She said, running her other hand over her nipples.

‘Oh…I don’t think I can! I’m gonna pop right now! You make me so horny.’

‘Take your shorts off, Jon.’ He did and freed his very thick, throbbing 9 inch cock. It was the biggest cock Sadie had ever seen and she licked her lips at the sight of it. She had always wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a massive cock. She got on her knees in front of him, reached out and took it in her hand.

‘Oh God, Sadie!’ he moaned. She gently stroked his shaft. ‘Sadie, I’m gonna shoot!’

Sadie laughed, ‘I know you are, so enjoy it!’

She gently took the head of his cock in her mouth and tongued it. He pushed into her a little and moaned. She continued to suck slowly but increased her grip on his shaft with her hand. She could feel his cock spasm and at the first sign of him cumming she withdrew her mouth and milked his cock for all it was worth. He shot wave after wave of hot cum all over her face, mouth and tits, moaning loudly as his orgasm ripped through him. She felt his cum dripping off her chin, running between her tits and her pussy was sopping with her own desire.

‘Oh Sadie! Look at you! Covered in my cum! I’m sorry…I’m really sorry!’ Sadie massaged Jon’s cum into her face and neck then licked her fingers clean.

‘What are you sorry about?’ she asked with a smile.

‘I knew this would happen! I came way too soon! I haven’t even touched you!’

Sadie stood up and took his hand. ‘Yes, well, now that is out of the way we can really begin the fun!’

‘Yes? You’re not angry with me?’

‘Oh Jon, making love is more than a quick fumble and a messy orgasm! You want me to show you?’ He nodded. ‘Follow me then!’

Sadie jumped through the waterfall and into the cool lake; her whole body was tingling and she felt so alive! Jon followed her and they swam to the shore. She could feel Jon’s eyes on her as they collected their belongings up. He was taking in her gorgeous breasts, their nipples still protruding visibly. He watched as she bent over to put on her shoes and her bikini bottom stretched over her firm ass and showed off the outline of her pussy between her legs. He felt his cock twitch into life again and hurriedly put on his shorts! Sadie led them to a cave opening just to the right of the waterfall and they made their way in. It was cool and dark further in the cave but the sunshine lit up the first few feet and Jon could see stalactites and stalagmites shimmering in the half light. He could hear the sound of the water gushing just outside and the faint drip, drip of water falling in the cave. His head was spinning – the place was magical. He watched as Sadie laid the towels on the ground and knelt down on them. He knelt down too, facing her.

‘So you want to make love to me?’ Sadie asked. Jon nodded. ‘Ok just do as I ask – take your time nice and slow – you need to make sure that a woman is very aroused – that she is wet and ready – especially for that monster you have in your shorts!’ Jon looked down at his shorts – his cock was already beginning to grow again.

‘Ok!’ he laughed. Sadie leant forward and kissed him and once more their tongues met.

‘Kiss my neck’ Jon did so nervously and he heard Sadie take a sharp intake of breath. His cock twitched again.

‘Slip my bra straps over my shoulders.’ As he did he heard Sadie moan and felt her give a little shiver. She sat back a bit and undid the fastening of her bikini top. She cupped her breasts as it fell to the floor and she began to circle her nipples. She took her hands away and said, ‘Touch me, Jon.’

Jon took Sadie’s breasts in his hands and felt them heavy,warm and soft but, also, the hardness of their nipples. He ran his palm over her nipples and felt them harden even more. Sadie let out another moan. God he wanted to kiss them so before Sadie said anything he did just that! He kissed one then the other nipple. Opened his mouth and let his tongue roll around those firm buds. Sadie arched her back and he sucked one nipple then the other. He began sucking harder and Sadie began to moan louder as he did. The sensations were making their way down her body to her clit and she could feel the wetness trickling onto her now swollen pussy lips.

‘Oh that’s so good, Jon! You have a wonderful touch!’

Her words made his cock throb – he was already almost fully hard and he was beginning to become afraid that he would shoot too soon again! Sadie then lay back on the towel and began stroking her breasts and gently pulling on her nipples.

‘Watch me, Jon! Watch and then copy!’

Jon watched as she continued to knead her breasts and nipples then move her hand over her stomach. She took her hands away and he replaced them with his, following the movements she had just made. She was moaning again and moving her body slowly to his touch. She brought her own hands back and he watched as she slid them over her izmit sınırsız escort bikini covered mound down to her thighs and back again. He watched as he pulled a little on her panties and saw them open up her pussy lips. He watched as she slowly put her hand inside her panties and traced the outline of her slit.

As soon as Sadie touched her pussy she gasped – she could not believe how wet and swollen she was! Oh how she wanted Jon to do this to her – for him to feel how wet he had made her! He had started to stroke her thighs while watching her and she was getting very aroused. She knew he would be too!

‘Do you want to feel how wet and horny you have made me?’

‘Oh yes, Sadie!’

‘Then pull my panties aside and gently slide a finger along it –don’t touch my clit yet though!’

He did as Sadie asked and could not take his eyes off the swollen, glistening vision before him. Sadie had opened her legs wide and her pussy lips opened up to reveal a swollen clit and down below it, glistening in its own juices, her tight pussy hole. He touched her opening and felt his finger melt into the wetness and warmth. His finger slid easily in the wetness and he was entranced by the velvety softness of it all. So entranced, that he forgot his own growing desire for a time and just let himself enjoy the experience.

Sadie, on the other hand, was on fire from the experience. She wanted a finger on her clit, a finger inside her, his tongue, his mouth, his…

‘Oh, sweetie!’ she moaned, ‘that is so good! You are setting me on fire!’

‘You are so soft and wet Sadie! God I want to kiss your pussy!’

‘Oh, good boy! See I told you you would know what to do! Take off my panties and lie down with your head between my legs and use your tongue like you have been using your finger.’

Jon manoeuvred himself between Sadie’s legs and she lifted up her ass to make it easier for him. From the first touch and taste he was hooked! He could have eaten her pussy all day! He lapped gently at first, just tracing the outline of her pussy but as Sadie began to move and moan and push herself into him he increased his pressure. He let the tip of his tongue enter that sweet little hole and he let it circle her clit. He alternated between tonguing her hole and her clit increasing the pressure all the time. He knew he was doing something right because Sadie was bucking wildly and panting noisily.

‘Baby, you are gonna make me cum! Would you like that?’

‘Mmmmmm,’ Jon moaned into her pussy.

‘Ok – I want you to suck my clit and put a finger inside me. Now, Jon, do it now!’

As Jon sucked Sadie’s clit he pushed a finger deep inside her and felt her cunt grip it. He moved it in and out, getting faster as he sucked harder on her clit. He felt her tense, heard her moaning loudly, felt her cunt hold his finger tightly and before he knew what was happening she was screaming and bucking on his mouth and finger. Her screams echoed around the cave as she pushed his head down hard and he felt her thighs clamp themselves to his ears. He was buried in soaking wet, bucking, cumming, female pussy – his first ever and he suddenly realised that his cock was straining at his shorts. He wanted to feel that feeling on his cock! He wanted to make her scream and move like that with his cock inside her!

Sadie slowly began to calm down from her orgasm – oh such a good, long overdue orgasm! Her heart was pounding and her breathing fast and her cunt experiencing the after spasms. She pulled Jon’s head up and let it rest on her stomach.

‘Sadie, that was amazing! I mean like so amazing! I want you to do that with my cock inside you!’

‘Oh baby! I so want to do that with your cock inside me! Just give me a minute to calm down! Here let me stoke you.’

They sat up and as Sadie got her breath back she pulled down Jon’s shorts. Once again the sight of that thick, throbbing member took her breath away. She stroked slowly and softly knowing that Jon was probably going to cum really soon!

‘Ok big boy, are you ready?’

‘God Sadie, I wanna be in you so much!’

Sadie lay back down and opened her legs. She guided Jon’s cock towards her pussy and felt the head at her hole.

‘Jon, you know your cock is gonna completely fill me up don’t you?’

‘No! Is it?’

‘Mmmm hmmm – so easy ok? Slowly.’ Sadie pushed down on Jon’s cock and felt the head ease inside her, she gasped and Jon withdrew.

‘It’s ok – just go easy baby!’ She cooed and he inserted the head back in.

She gasped again as she felt her pussy hole stretched wide. Jon had an overwhelming desire to thrust into her with all his might but he slowly moved his cock inside Sadie, inch by inch. She moaned loudly with each push and he felt her tight cunt enfold him, squeezing him gently. It felt a really tight fit and he hoped he wasn’t hurting her but the noises she was making told him he wasn’t. He couldn’t wait any longer, he had to thrust into her, he needed to feel his cock moving inside her, fucking her, he wanted to cum inside this woman – his first fuck! He was getting so excited as he realised he was no longer a virgin! He pushed one more time and felt his whole length buried in Sadie’s cunt. Sadie screamed and she threw her legs around him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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