First Taste

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For the first time, he sat beside her in the math lecture. He was a brain. She was envious that he could arrive everyday to class, seemingly stoned out of his mind, and yet he had managed to make the dean’s list in the first semester. He had beautiful green eyes and a wicked sense of humour. She was drawn to him, but was very shy.

They did not hang around in the same circles at all. She was a jock. A star track athlete, swim star and rugby player. She was popular around her peers but had no interest in drugs, so she and Rex had never connected. He was also a bass player in a rock band and, from what she had heard, was pretty hot up on stage. He joked around a lot in class. She liked the way he smiled and loved hearing him laugh.

Watching him outside the lecture hall one day, she noticed the way his jeans outlined his cock. It looked big and thick. She was still a virgin. She masturbated by fantasizing about guys in her classes and the guy rugby players, especially about tasting their cocks. Rex would be her fantasy that night. She unconsciously licked her lips as she stood watching him. He happened to spot her standing there, licking her lips, staring at his crotch. His eyes got big and his face turned a bright red. He flashed a shy smile at her. She swore she saw his cock swell within the confines of his tight jeans! She smiled back, embarrassed as hell, and went into her next lecture.

She had lots of male friends. But, that’s all they were – friends. They were a little in awe of her looks. She had long blonde hair and big blue eyes that everyone always commented on. She was slim and had long legs, a nice firm ass and high, round, perky tits. But, she was taller than a lot of them and was a confirmed jock, dedicated to her sports. It intimidated most guys. She was shy, too, never encouraging them, so she seemed aloof.

She also had a pussy that seemed to be horny all the time. It wasn’t unusual for her to masturbate two, sometimes three times a day. At school, she’d sometimes go into the bathroom stall and quietly jerk herself off between classes. She wondered what everyone thought of her flushed face as she’d stroll into class. Oh, if the guys only knew that there was a very horny virgin in their midst!

About a week later, in math tutorial, she was struggling with a new concept from the lecture. The teaching assistant was busy with other students. Rex, awake for once, was beside her and was working industriously on the assignment. She turned to him and smiled. He looked up and grinned back, his face turning red.

“You having problems?” he asked.

She nodded and sighed, “I seem to have lots of them with this course.”

He leaned over her, so they could read the handouts together. He began to patiently explain the new concept. He was able to simply convey the methods that the professor had made sound so difficult. Although, she had a hard time concentrating on what he was saying, watching his full lips as he spoke.

“Oh!” she finally said. “The way you explain it actually makes sense. Why didn’t Prof. Peters show us this in the beginning?”

He laughed and said that if he had made it too easy, we wouldn’t need him! She thanked him and reluctantly resumed her work. Her clit was achy and throbbed. She squirmed in her chair, pressing her clit against the hard seam of her jeans.

“Bathroom break soon,” she thought to herself.

The next day in the lecture, Prof. Peters gave them a huge assignment where they had to work with a partner. She turned to Rex as he tapped her on the shoulder. They both just smiled and nodded at the same time. They laughed and turned their attention back to Prof. Peters who had begun to ramble on about some new concept. After class, they stopped by the coffee shop.

“Do you want to get together tomorrow to start this thing?” Rex asked.

“I can’t tomorrow because I have a rugby practice. How about the library tonight?” she said.

“Sure. What time is good for you?” he replied.

“How about six?” she asked.

She showed up at six, on the dot. She was a little nervous! It would be tough having to sit there, so close to him, and pay attention to the project. But, she was looking forward to spending the time with him, getting to know him, without any of his spaced out buddies hanging around. He arrived a few minutes after her, with a shy smile, and sat down beside her. His hair was still damp from a recent shower. He smelled really good. They spread their books out on the table. They started talking about the math course and then that evolved to talking about school in general. They compared notes on various people they both knew and had a few good laughs about each other’s stories.

They talked and talked kocaeli escort until she noticed that the time was getting late. They had been shooting the shit for almost three hours! They laughed about how much work they had got done on the project. She asked him if he wanted to try again for the next night. They agreed to get together after classes the next day, at her dorm. She thanked him for helping her with the project and that a great mark would be sure to pick up her failing grade. He brushed her thanks aside and said that he was looking forward to working with her. He added that it would not take them very long to finish. She was more than a little disappointed with that bit of news because it meant that their time together would be short.

He arrived at her dorm after classes. He looked really uncomfortable standing in the hall, his face turning a bright red. She wondered if maybe he was having second thoughts about working with her. She asked him in. Fortunately, her roomie was out. They opened the math books and started to get to work. Rex was patient and explained everything really well.

In no time, they were half way through the project. She leaned back in her chair and stretched, her young pert breasts straining against her tee shirt. His eyes immediately were drawn to her boobs, which suddenly had two very perky nipples poking thru the thin material. She quickly brought her arms down and blushed. He stammered something about having to go to practice with his band. She said that she had to work on her other course assignments, anyway. They agreed to meet the next day, same time, back at her place.

That night in bed, she thought about his eyes on her breasts and started to create a fantasy. Her hand slid between her thighs as she drifted in fantasyland. He was standing before her; she was sitting on the edge of her bed. His cock was in his hand and he was offering it to her hungry lips. Her tongue licked around his cock head. She licked from the base to the tip, pressing firmly against the spongy part of his cock. A big blob of pre-cum oozed out of the slit. The ache between her thighs grew and pulsated beneath her fingers. The orgasm exploded, making her melt into her bed. Trying not to wake her roomie, she panted, her body flushed and hot.

“Ohhh boy,” she thought to herself. “I’m going to make working with Rex almost impossible if I keep this up!!

Next day, he walked with her back to her dorm after classes. They talked like they had known each other for ever. She found him funny, with a warped sense of humor like hers. They were feeling more comfortable with each other now and it showed. Once again, back at her room, they were alone. They sat on her bed, spreading their books out. Rex began to explain a difficult concept, his head bent over the book, close to hers. Her mind was not on the math, but on his hands that were holding the book and pointing to various things on the page.

She had heard that you could tell the size of a guy’s cock by the size of his hands, most importantly, his thumb. Rex’s thumb was a good size. She wondered what his cock was like. Suddenly, she noticed Rex looking quizzically at her. She realized that he had asked her a question and that she hadn’t been paying attention. Her face grew bright red, wondering what he would say if she told him what her thoughts were, at that very minute. His lips were close to hers.

She thought, “What the hell. You only live once. And, I gotta find out what kind of kisser he is!”

With those full, sensuous lips, she bet that he was an awesome kisser! She leaned into him and softly placed her lips against his. She was surprised that he didn’t seem too shocked by her behaviour. He pressed against her lips and at the same time, their lips parted. His tongue darted between her lips and searched for her tongue. She gave it freely to him, her tongue dancing with his. The ache between her legs suddenly grew more intense. She felt his hand grab a boob and she moaned into his mouth.

It felt really good to feel his hand on her boob. There seemed to be a direct connection between the pressure of his hand and the wetness that was oozing from her pussy. His hand moved, from her boob, down her stomach, to the waistband of her jeans. She squirmed against him, mouth hungrily kissing his. His hand slid over her zipper to the hot apex of her thighs and tentatively cupped her pussy. The gentle pressure and heat from his hand made her clit throb and pulsate.

She greedily sucked on his tongue, wondering if she’d ever get to suck his cock like that. He groaned against her lips, as if reading her mind! She could tell he was getting aroused. Her hands slid down his chest to the fly of his jeans. Did she dare go any further? She kocaeli escort bayan did. Her hand slowly crept down the front of his jeans. She could feel his cock! It felt big and very hard. It twitched beneath her hand like an animal trying to get free. Rex groaned and thrust his cock against her hand. She groaned at the thought of freeing his cock from the confines of his jeans. She stroked him firmly through the fabric. God, his cock felt huge!!!

She ran her fingernail down, and back up, the bulge that was now outlined against his left thigh. Just as her fingers fumbled with his zipper, they heard voices in the hallway, then her door started to open, her roomie bidding her friends adieu. Rex jumped up. His face a flaming red, he stammered that he had better go dinner. He covered his cock with his knapsack. She followed him to the door and reluctantly said goodbye.

Next day, she waited for him outside one of his other lectures. She was wearing skin tight jeans and a very tight tee shirt. She was feeling very hot and VERY horny. He came out with a few of his friends. When he saw her, his eyes lit up and his face turned beet red. She shyly smiled at him and he smiled back. His friends saw his gaze directed at her and her eyes on him and they started elbowing him and teasing him. His face turned even redder!! He sauntered over to her.

“Hi,” she grinned. “Your buds giving you a hard time?” she asked.

“Nah,” he answered. “They’re just jealous. Do you want to get together tonight?” he asked.

“How about after classes?” she returned. “No track today. Hey! Maybe we could work outside. It’s a gorgeous day and the temperature will be perfect in the afternoon.”

They met outside the coffee shop. Her clit was achy and tingly as she spied him. He was sooo hot! She found him incredibly sexy. His eyes always sparkled mischievously when they bantered back and forth, both of them quick to retaliate with wit and humor. She enjoyed being around him. He saw her, smiled back, and went over to her.

“Ready?” he asked. “Any idea where we can go?”

“Let’s go to the woods over by the football field,” she answered. “There is a really pretty spot, near the stream. It’s pretty quiet and secluded.”

They walked side by side, shoulders gently bumping against each other. They chatted about a movie they had both just recently seen. As they entered the woods, they had to walk single file because of the narrow path. She led the way, feeling his eyes on her ass as she climbed over fallen trees. A turn here, a turn there and suddenly they were in a small clearing by a stream. It was perfect! The sun was brightly shining and it was warm. The cicadas were humming in the trees overhead, a few birds singing happily. The water gurgled at their feet. She put her knapsack down and pulled out a big blanket. Rex grinned at her and helped her spread it out on the ground. They both flopped down onto the ground and lay on their backs.

She was very aware of him lying next to her. The heat from his body made her heart beat even faster. They turned to look at each other at the same time. Their heads close enough, so that their lips touched. She gazed into his eyes as their mouths pressed against each other. Lips parted, tongues darted.

As their tongues danced and intertwined, the ache in her clit grew and grew. She turned to him and slid on top of him as his arms pulled her closer to him. As she lay on top of him, she could feel his cock throbbing and pulsating against her pussy. She groaned and pressed her body closer to him, gently grinding her pussy into his cock. Their mouths hungrily kissed, hands running up and down sides and backs and breasts. She pulled her mouth away from his and nuzzled his neck. His cock twitched against her pussy. She leaned back and slid her hand between their bodies. Her hand groped for the zipper to his jeans, tugging it open. She then stopped what she was doing, took a deep breath and began to whisper into his ear.

“I’ve never done this before Rex. I..I…I…just wanted to tell you so that you don’t expect me to know exactly what to do. “

He cleared his throat and mumbled into her ear,”Tabby, I have to honest with you. I’ve never done this before either. I’ve dreamed and fantasized a lot about it, but I’m a virgin too.”

She leaned back in his arms and grinned at him. “I’m so glad that we are going to be each other’s firsts!”

Her hand slipped inside the opening of his jeans and met a steely hardness. It was Rex’s turn to groan and grind his hips into her hand. She fumbled with the opening of his briefs, finally finding his cock, which seemed to be having ideas of its own. Her hand pulled out this beautiful, throbbing, purple headed cock. There was a izmit escort large blob of precum, glistening on its tip.

Her eyes grew wide and she purred with anticipation of what was to happen next. She had read and masturbated to many stories telling of women who loved the taste of sperm. She was anxious to try her own hand at sucking a guy’s load. As she gazed upon her first real live cock, she found herself salivating at the thought of wrapping her lips around Rex’s cockhead. Her tongue tentatively snaked out and lightly grazed the big blob of precum. A long silky string of precum hung from her tongue to his cock, glistening in the warm sunshine as it stretched further and further. She almost died and went to heaven at her first taste of precum! It was deliciously salty and sweet at the same time. She had to have more!!! Her tongue went back for more and, this time, swept the whole blob off the tip of his cock and swept it into her mouth. “MMMMMMMMmmmmm,” she moaned, savoring the seductive taste of Rex.

Rex was doing some of his own moaning as his cock had a life of its own, dancing and jumping under her tongue. She lowered her head and licked, sweeping her tongue from the bottom of his cock to the tip when, suddenly, a loud crashing and thrashing noise came from behind them in the woods.

They jumped up quickly, trying to rearrange clothes as a group of frat boys emerged into the clearing, close by. Rex couldn’t get his cock into his pants fast enough, so she grabbed him to her and started kissing him, holding him and his cock tightly to her. The boys, seeing them in the tight embrace, guffawed and called out a few wisecracks but, thankfully, kept on going. By this time, Rex and Tabitha didn’t even hear them leave, as they were caught up in a very long, deep, earth shattering kiss.

Her clit was aching and she could feel the moistness ooze from her pussy. She ground her hips against Rex’s cock, groaning against his tongue and mouth. She slipped out of his embrace, slid down the length of his thighs and knelt in front of him. His cock stuck straight out in front of him, many drops of silky precum now dripping down his shaft. Her tongue slowly swept up the underside of his cock collecting the oozing cumm. He tasted delicious and she wanted more! She looked up at him, a long string of precum hanging from her wet, luscious lips. He groaned, placing his hands on either side of her head. She huskily whispered that she wanted to taste his cumm. He hoarsely whispered that he wanted to feel her mouth on his cock.

“Please take me in your mouth.”

Her eyes sparkled as her lips opened in anticipation to accept his cock into her virgin mouth. Her lips slipped over his cockhead. What an amazing feeling! His cock was hard and warm and so alive! The tip of his cock was firm yet spongy and the amount of precum oozing from his slit was unbelievable! Her hand barely fit around his cock as she held his cock for her mouth.

“Wow!” she thought to herself. “This is it!! This is the “IT” that I have been fantasizing about for so long.”

Rex’s cock brought her back to earth. It was throbbing and twitching inside her mouth like a caged animal. She tentatively slid her mouth down the steely hardness of his cock. She wasn’t sure she would be able to take his whole 8″ into her mouth and as his cock began to slide deeper into her throat, she began to gag. Rex immediately began to cumm. She could feel his cumm blasting against the back of her throat. He cried out, long and hard. She immediately took her mouth off his cock, sperm shooting all over her face and hair.

“Are you OK?” she asked. She wondered if she had hurt him. Sperm was still flying all over the place, over her head, in her hair.

“Noooooo,” he panted and, pulling her head, urged her mouth back onto his convulsing cock.

She managed to capture the last few spasms of his orgasm. His cumm tasted so sweet and there was so much of it!!!! His hands loosened their grip on her head as his cock gave a few last dying twitches and slowly deflated inside her mouth. She continued to suck and bathe his cock with her tongue. She gently released his spent cock and looked up at him. His eyes were huge and he was panting heavily. When he saw her face, he began to laugh. “You should see yourself,” he panted. “You have cumm everywhere!!”

She could now feel ribbons of cumm dripping down her forehead. Her eyelashes had several pearls of cumm dripping off their tips. Her cheeks were coated and becoming sticky in the hot sun. She laughed, ran a finger down her cheek and swept a splooge of sperm into her mouth. It tasted just as good as her first mouthful! He helped her to her feet and gave her a big hug.

“That was fucking amazing!!!” he said, beaming from ear to ear.

“I really enjoyed it too,” she replied. “I want to do it again soon!!”

“How about in a few minutes, after I suck you off?” he said.

“Ooooooh yesssss!” she begged. “Please!!!”

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