Facial Hook-Up

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Fucking S

This story is absolutely true 😉 It happened a couple of years ago when I first joined.

I remember the excitement of being a new member on SUICIDE GIRLS ®, perusing through the plentiful galleries of so many gorgeous, alternative pin-ups in all of their angelic and delicious nakedness. I was a kid in a candy store and didn’t know where to begin, also cautious of over-indulging lest I get sick. But pictures weren’t enough, especially not when I was reading about all of the hooking-up going on through the site’s various available forums. I had never done anything like it before joining the site, but what can I say? I know it may offend some members and readers that my first instinct toward the site was to use it for sex, but I physically ached to reach out and touch one of the girls, to feel her gentle skin against my own. So I decided to take the plunge, figuring that I would immediately be ignored or flat out rejected (which happened in a few cases), but never could I have imagined meeting a girl as adventurous or mischievous as [I’ll call her Aurora]. She was an Indian sex goddess.

Aurora had particularly striking features, a spritely little thing with exotic bronze skin and deep, black hair dark as the midnight sky. She had the most gorgeous smile with big brown, puppy dog eyes that conveyed a longing toward innocence, which I’m not sure she actually was. Her body was perfectly sculpted with overtly feminine features (a perfectly round butt, perky breasts with chocolate brown nipples, luscious and full lips that she painted in raspberry sorbet [I wondered if her kisses tasted so sweet too!]). She reminded me of a woman I saw in a tantric sex video online once, an eastern goddess of love designed to be the perfect lover and wholly in-tune with their sexuality. I quickly downloaded all of her sets, my heart racing at her most intimate parts and the feeling of my own hand on my body, imagining it was really hers. But while lost in my own fantasy, I stumbled onto her blog and came to a shocking conclusion: Aurora loved cum. Not only that, but she was especially turned on by facials, her blog littered with erotic photos of young girls’ faces dripping with semen. I sent her E-mail message outright telling her how beautiful I thought she was, and how much I enjoyed her blogs and photos. She responded kindly, but was casual and dismissive. After a little back and forth, I asked her why she had never posted any photos of her own facials. I was shocked to discover that Aurora had never actually received one because she did not have a boyfriend, and never considered the illicit act until after breaking up with the last guy she dated.

I decided to go for it, though I was sure she had a long list of messages in her inbox of young, capable gentleman offering their services to a young damsel in distress. Still, what could it hurt, I thought? So I messaged her back and asked her if she might be interested in meeting up somewhere, like for some coffee, and if after we met and she liked me would she be interested in having her face painted with some hot cum?

[These are her actual messages (with Aurora’s permission)]


I have never done anything like this before, so I am hesitant to agree to the facial, but I am very intrigued to meet you. You seem like a gentleman and it is hard to find a comfortable way to live my fantasy when I am single and so many guys are jerks and don’t know how to recognize the beauty of a facial. What did you have in mind?

I replied…


I have never done anything like this before, either. How about we grab some coffee at the Westin Hotel at the shop downstairs. If you still decide you might be interested in receiving that facial, I would be more than happy to get us a room where we could take all the time we need to act this fantasy out for both of us. I wouldn’t expect sex or even a blowjob for that matter. I could just… help myself until you were ready. How does that sound? I hope I am not being too direct. Take all the time you need to consider this. I want you to be as comfortable as possible.

I hoped I had not scared her off with being so direct, but I thought being honest and direct was my only route in. I waited an excruciating day and a half for her response:


I am free this weekend on Saturday at 4 after I get off work. How does that sound?

I was ecstatic and told Aurora that I would be there. Saturday took a month to arrive it seemed, even though it was only Tuesday when I received her message. I dreaded a last minute cancellation and didn’t like that she had so much time to reconsider and back out. But when the day came, and I decided to text her (as she sent me her number in a message the night before), I was relieved to hear that we were still on. That afternoon I went for a run and ate a light breakfast, feeling particularly on edge as I had given up masturbation from the minute I knew I might have a chance to cum on this beautiful Indian cum queen’s virgin face. I wanted to deliver the biggest load that I could if need be, and did not want to disappoint this girl considering some of the more “dramatic” facial candid photographs she seemed to enjoy sharing. When şişli rus escort I finally did arrive at the Westin, she kept me waiting for about ten minutes before I recognized her signature golden skin from across the lobby. She had a friend with her whom she had an exchange with after spotting me from a distance. Her friend disappeared into one of the luxurious gift shops across the lobby by the fountains as she continued on toward me, me getting up and offering her the chair opposite me.

“Aurora,” I said.

“Hey,” she said as I held out my hand to shake hers.

“I’m Dylan,” I replied.

“I just brought my friend because she said…”

“You don’t have to explain. I’m glad you brought a friend,” I said, trying to alleviate the pressure she must have felt meeting a stranger in a hotel to experiment with.

We made a little light small talk over lattes, it being obvious she was waiting for me to take the initiative. I knew this was the interview and that I had better not blow it. I was so close to her, I could taste it, but I also knew I could still easily spook her and send her running off into the urban sprawl, never to be seen or heard from again. I had to be bold, but disarming, witty, but not offensive. It was a gentle art I had to master on the fly if ever I wanted to see this beautiful girl’s face covered in my pent up orgasm. And I knew she knew that I was not only undressing her with my eyes, but imagining what my cum might look like plastered to her golden brown features.

“So, what do you like about facials?” I asked her outright.

“Well,” she said, her cheeks flushing red. “I think they’re hot. I don’t know, I mean, we’re not supposed to like them and that’s what makes them so hot, you know? I just think it’s a beautiful way of showing your partner how attracted you are to them. It doesn’t just have to be about domination and degradation. Cum is very beautiful. It shouldn’t be considered taboo to want to display it on my face,” she said.

“Wow, that’s very true. I just can’t believe you’ve never experienced a facial. I mean, you’re very beautiful so I have a hard time believing you can’t get a boyfriend,” I added innocently and honest enough. She smiled bashfully, pulling her long, black hair out of her face. For being “certified-pink”, she seemed awfully bashful and shy.

“I was really nervous about that stuff when I was in a relationship,” was all she said.

“Fair enough,” I replied.

“What about you?”

“Well, I agree, I think facials can be a beautiful act. I like the visual aspect, seeing a girl wearing me all over her face. I like knowing its such a private, intimate way to see any girl, and that it’s a look only I can give her. Plus, I think the symbolism is really hot, knowing that all of my sperm is swimming around her face. Each facial is always so unique too. You never know exactly how hard you’re going to get off, or where your cum is going to land… or how the girl will react. It’s all really hot for me actually,” I admitted trying to gauge her reaction to my x-rated, taboo explanation.

“That sounds amazing. Wow…” she said, shifting in her seat and crossing her legs. “You just got me really wet!”

“That’s okay, I’ve been hard since I laid eyes on you,” I admitted, my raging erection straining against my jeans, aching for alleviation and release. I could feel my own pulse in my penis, the blood surging through it, each pulsation causing the faintest amount of pleasure through my shaft. Aurora just smiled devilishly at me and bit her lip, playing with the latte in front of her. I decided it was now or never, do or die.

“So, I was thinking…” I said, pulling out a key card and sliding it on the table for her to see. “That you tell your friend that we are going to go enjoy room 211 together for a little while and to hang tight in the mean time. And in that mean time, I’ll be stroking myself over your beautiful face and… naked body, shooting the biggest load of cum onto your face, giving you the messiest facial of your life. What do you say?”

She just smiled, but when her eyes met mine again, they were anything but innocent.

When we both stepped into the room and looked at the single bed. I shut the door behind myself and turned to her, both of us unsure of how to proceed. I had decided that I had better jump in the driver’s seat. I pulled her midnight hair from her eyes.

“God, you have the most beautiful face…” I admitted, caressing her bronze cheeks.

“I can’t wait to have cum on it. I’m really nervous! My heart is racing,” she stated.

“Well, why don’t we both get undressed?” I suggested.

Aurora peeled up her shirt, revealing her golden, flat tummy and lacy black bra beneath. She tossed it onto the bed nervously as she watched me reveal my own chest to her, nervous at being sized up, wondering if she felt the same way. Her pants slipped down her slender, chestnut thighs and soon she was left in nothing but her slim, black panties When my jeans came off, I was left pitching a tent in my boxers, a small wet spot formed right where the tip of my cock pressed against the thin cotton material. Aurora just şişli türbanlı escort looked at it and smiled before unhooking her bra behind her back and letting it fall away from her perky breasts, her nipples little chocolate candies I wished I could have tasted. I was left standing in shock and awe.

“You have the hottest tits,” I told her.

“Thank you, I like them…” she admitted. I didn’t want to push my luck by asking for permission to touch her privates, but then she said, “I don’t mind if you touch them. Just don’t go further south than my belly button, okay?” she added nervously.

“Of course…” I said, placing my hands on her breasts and massaging them gently, kneading them around like dough, pinching her nipples and squeezing her whole breasts. After a while, I pulled away, it being obvious we both were left protected by the same article of clothing. I sighed heavily wondering what to expect underneath, as her sets suggested different relationships to her pubic hair (if any at all in some).

“I’ll go next, and… you don’t have to, but if you want to touch it, you can…” I breathed before gaining the courage to slip my boxers off, revealing my fully erect, throbbing erection. I had never seen it this engorged, the veins especially defined. Pre-cum was already dripping out of my tip, Aurora’s eyes directly fixated on it.

“It’s so big,” she said.

“Thank you,” was all I could say, wondering if she was being genuine or polite.

Next, it was Aurora’s turn. She slipped out of her little panties, revealing her bald vulva to me, her tight little pussy tucked between her legs. I could tell she was glistening, obviously just as horny as I was. I just stared at her privates and smiled.

“Wow, you have such a beautiful…” I stammered off.

“Pussy, it’s okay… you can say it,” she said, running her hands over herself. “Do you want to watch me or…”

“Like… masturbate?” I asked stupidly.

“Yes, if it would help?” she suggested.

“Why don’t you just get down on your knees here,” I said, reaching for a pillow and setting it gently down on the floor in front of me. She sank to her knees and stared right into my urethra as I grabbed myself, conscious of the fact that at any moment I was going to erupt like a geyser all over her face. I was sensitive to the touch, unsure of how long I might last. I hoped long enough for [Aurora] to get herself off. So I grabbed myself and started going to town, masturbating in this stranger’s face, her eyes never leaving my aching and dripping erection. I watched her hand run in circles between her legs, wondering just how horny she really was. The sight of her masturbating, of her fire-roasted nudity, of her exotic face waiting patiently beneath my aching penis while anticipating climax, made my balls surge in a tantalizing way.

“I’m not going to last very long,” I admitted.

“That’s okay,” Aurora replied, her breathing obviously more labored now.

“Tell me how badly you want me to cum on your face…”

“Oh, I can’t wait to feel your warm cream splash against my expecting face…”

“I can’t wait to give it to you…” I admitted.

“I want you to shoot so much cum onto my face that it over-saturates and begins to slide off of my cheeks and chin… down onto my neck and breasts,” she moaned.

“I can’t wait to see how beautiful my hot white cum looks on that beautiful bronzed face of yours,” I admitted, stroking myself with new found fervor and excitement.

“Oh, God,” she said, setting her hands on my thighs. “This is it, isn’t it? I want to feel your goo all over my pretty face. Use my face as a canvas to paint a masterpiece using cum. Shoot it all over my forehead and nose, up my cheekbones…” she said.

I jerked back and what was coming. I aimed my cock, constricted with euphoria and the undying need for eruption, right at [Aurora]. Then, I saw a long, impossibly thick rivulet of pearly white semen shoot up the length of her face, catching her across the eye and connecting her forehead to her lower cheeks. My cum was thick, the same consistency of vanilla yogurt, just sitting there on her shimmering bronzed skin and slowly sliding down it. Aurora slightly jerked her head back in response, her right eye sealed shut, but I held her face in place as another thick burst of semen splattered right over her very same eye and cheek. Sperm congealed into her eyelashes as my third shot, and thickest yet, erupted out of my cock and landed with right across the tip of her nose, connecting down onto her lips. The feeling of alleviation, of such release combined with the visual of my semen landing on such a sexy, forbidden face caused my balls to constrict and pump out every last drop of cum onto the poor Indian nubile’s expecting face. Two more thick ropes of sperm splattered across Aurora’s nose and mouth before I aimed higher and shot my final jets right into the center of her blank forehead, which caused a thick amount of semen to congeal in one place before eventually sliding down over her brows and down the bridge of her nose like a diverted river of cum that left a slimy trail in its place. Aurora looked şişli ucuz escort up at me, best she could and smiled through one opened eye.

“What do you think?” I breathed, leaning on the bed for support, looking down and admiring my prize. She wore her first cumshot proudly and smiled through it. I had never given an Indian girl a facial before, the contrast of white on chestnut a forbidden sight to behold. I couldn’t help but feel like I had marked this girl in some way, the bond a forbidden sealing of this young sex slave to me. She looked so hot!

“Kind of messy, but it feels amazing,” she said, me now aware that she was furiously rubbing her clitoris while breathing heavier and heavier still edging toward orgasm.

“How does it feel?”

“It was warm when it first hit my skin, but it’s already cooled down a lot.”

“Do you want me to help clean you up?”

“So soon? You can admire your handiwork if you want, I don’t mind. I’m going to be a minute…” she breathed, still rubbing her forbidden nub feverishly, lost in ecstasy.

Not believing my ears, I bent down to my knees and met eyes (well, eye) with her, looking at my beautiful masterpiece up close and personal. The eye she couldn’t open, my cum had congealed in her eyelashes and pooled over her eyelid. The creamy icicle that hung off her nose and clung to her lips was a beautiful waterfall of sperm that flowed from the white cream left splattered across her mahogany forehead. The cum on her lips and chin started to slide off her face, hanging off it in beautiful strands that stretched awkwardly away from her features until breaking away and landing across her perky breasts or onto the floor. I followed one of the strands as it slid down Aurora’s beautiful naval toward the nub she rubbed even more feverishly. Then, I looked back up at her, her one eye seducing me, as if daring me to cover her in even more cream. If I had anything left inside me, I would have.

“You should really see yourself…” I told her.


“Wait… lets capture this image and share it on Suicide Girls,” I said, not sure if the idea was too bold to vocalize.

“I brought my camera, it’s in my jacket,” she said casually.

Within seconds, I was snapping off forbidden candids of Aurora’s face splattered with cum so thick, it more clearly resembled creamy, vanilla yogurt than semen. It hung off her face in thick ropes like winter icicles. She just smiled through every picture, proud to be captured a creamy mess of my sperm. Finally, I set the camera down and helped Aurora up. I walked her over to the mirror, her eye going wide at the sight of her messy face. Quickly, she bent over the dresser, staring at her own reflection while furiously rubbing herself in front of me. I decided to take a chance.

“Play with my cum, Aurora…” I breathed into her ear, my hands on her hips.

Without missing a beat, Aurora opened her mouth, causing the waterfall of beautiful sperm to spill onto her tongue. Then, as if mimicking something she had seen in a film, she started to open and close her mouth for show, the actions of her jaw opening and shutting stretching the thick band of semen dangling off her nose. I was rock hard again, slowly stroking myself at the sight of her using one hand to masturbate while using the other to scoop my frosting finish into her mouth. Once she had collected all of the sperm off her face and gathered it into her mouth, she started to blow little bubbles of cum from between her lips before releasing a flood of my collected semen from her mouth. It cascaded down her chin and flowed off her face, but never fell away from it, an awkward icicle of cum left dangling from her face. If I had any hesitation about this girl’s feeling for cum before, I didn’t right then.

I’ll never forget her screams of ecstasy when she snapped her head back and burst, either, literally ejaculating and spraying out like a geyser from behind. It was such a forbidden sight to behold, me never before having witnessed a woman ejaculate before. The steady stream of her orgasm sprayed back onto the floor behind her before her legs gave way and she collapsed onto the bed right behind, her out of breath and covered in sweat. I lied next to her, just hypnotized by the mess I had left on this poor girl’s face. The semen slid down her face and cascaded slowly over her cheeks. The long, thick strand of sperm that had dangled off her chin flung back with gravity and now stuck to her neck. My cum reminded me of a warm layer of vanilla glaze sliding off a freshly baked donut. A thick river of my cream flowed back off her nose, trickling slowly off it until finally mixing with the thick pool of sperm coating her eye and cheek, her lashes sealed together with my forbidden seed. I had always imagined this girl’s face coated, but never in such exquisite and messy detail. I wondered what was going through her head, as I lie there just staring at her. I drank in her golden brown, nude body the same color as hot chocolate and dragged the backs of my fingers over her small breasts down toward her naval, watching my creamy sperm on my partner’s face continue to act like a force of nature over her soft, innocent features. She glanced over at me, clearly nervous at being so visually consumed and studied in such a forbidden way. But how could I not consume my little prize and the abstract masterpiece I had painted across the canvas of her face. It was my facial she wore so nervously, but also so elegantly. She looked beautiful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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