Expanding Horizons Ch. 02

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The hotel that I was directed to was around the corner from the club so the endorphins that were running through Hazel’s veins didn’t get the chance to leave. When we reached the hotel, we were able to go straight to the room since it had a smart phone activated door. I was fumbling with my phone and Hazel frustratingly said “Hurry up!” When the door beeped and the handle turned, I was shoved into the opening and slammed into the wall. Hazel was nibbling on my ear and started groping me as the door slowly swung close. In a whisper, causing me to focus on what she was saying, Hazel said “You have no idea how much trouble you are in. I deserve a suite not this room.”

With that she took a hold of my right shoulder and spun me around and pushed me back up against the wall. She came in for a kiss but I turned my head to the side with a “You kissed that whore, I don’t know where her mouth has been. How many cocks have been in there. I’m not kissing you!”

This resistance from what Hazel wanted angered her and stated “You are not going to prevent me so you might as well enjoy this.” She repeated the steps she took on Candy earlier. She grabbed a handful of my hair and turned my head to face her, pinched my nipple with her free hand which caused my mouth to open, and led with her tongue and planted a kiss. We started passionately kissing. Hazel took it up notch by playfully nibbling on my lower lip and pulling it out. I couldn’t take it and started playing with her tits and hard nipples. This in turn elevated Hazel’s arousal since I was submitting to her. To show her power she bit on my lip which caused me to wince in pain some and pull away. She knew how much force it would take to draw blood and took it down a notch not wanting to leave a mark on her toy.

With my pull back, Hazel stepped away while keeping my hair in her hand and pulled me down to my knees. With her free hand, she opened the top of her pants, pulled out her cock, and went to give it a stroke. As she grabbed a hold of it I could see a puzzled look on her face and when she brought her hand up it looked like it was glistening. It took a few seconds to realize how it could have been that way. It then dawned on us that either April, Summer, or both must have soaked her jeans with their grinding. Hazel got an idea and grabbed the area of her pants where the cock had been and squeezed the juices out. She then transferred the lubrication on to the cock and remarked “You are going to blow me, now” and stepped towards me.

“I’m not going to do that” and I started moving my head from side to side. Hazel noted that while I was rotating my head an ear was next to her hand. She took the hint and grabbed on to it and pulled my head closer to her now dripping cock. My last ‘attempt’ to prevent this assault was “You are not placing that in my mouth. I have no idea how many guys have cum into those whore’s that you fucked!” With that I shut my mouth dramatically but was breathing loudly through my nose. Hazel pinched my nose closed and patiently waited for my mouth to open. While she was waiting for this opening she took a second to reflect on her current state. Her own nipples were rock hard and her juices were running down her leg. With the adrenaline that was flowing through her veins and the amount of blood that she could feel coursing to her clit, she wondered if the mouth fucking that was about to happen could make her orgasm.

I held my breath as long possible but had to give up and opened my mouth to breath. As soon as my lips parted it was filled with slick purple cock. Hazel menacingly stated “Like that you little bitch? How does it feel when I jam this thing down your gullet? You can probably taste their juices. Don’t like it do you?” She continued to thrust into my mouth. Every outward stroke I would bite onto it. This would cause the bands to stretch some and as I would let go it would snap back onto the top of her clit. This was driving her crazy. The force wasn’t enough to give her release but it was keeping her on edge. After a few minutes she realized that she wouldn’t be able to orgasm like this and stopped this round of face fucking.

Hazel pulled her now pussy juice cleaned cock out of my mouth, pulled me to my feet, and led me to the chair in the corner. As she was walking, she kicked off her shoes and removed her pants. She then pulled the chair out and sat down. In this position, her cock was pointing straight up and said “Since you liked the taste of my filthy cock before, I’ll get it ready for you again.” Hazel was about to slide her fingers under her panties and get a sample of her cream for tasting and remember she was wearing her crotch-less panties. It was then that she remember that all of this was Bob’s doing and he was going to pay a price for the deception but decided to play sneaky for the time being. As her finger glided in they grazed her G-spot and she just about orgasmed but decided to hold off some. See needed to see Bob’s eyes get watery from some deepthroating. canlı bahis She deposited her cream on the cock and pulled my salivating mouth onto it.

I gladly licked her sweet cream off of her cock and played with it like she had done with mine so many times. Licking from top to bottom and gently nibbling it. I realized that she didn’t have the nerves in it like I do but decided to make her cum to show my love of her. With my left hand, I grabbed a hold of the base and was licking the top and slowly inserted my right index and middle finger into her snatch. I would slowly rub her G-stop a dozen time and then pull the coated fingers out and rub them over the cock and repeat my licking. I kept getting her to the edge of an orgasm and stopped so I could taste her juices. Hazel had had enough of the teasing and the next time I had a mouth full of cock she pulled my head down until my nose was bent against her pelvis and shouted “This isn’t about your pleasure, it’s about mine. Maybe I’ll let cum, maybe I won’t. But If I don’t cum soon there will be hell to pay” and let me go. When I pulled my head free she could see my eyes were filled with tears and was coughing from gagging.

After clearing my throat, I got back to work with my right hand. This time I pushed my thumb under her harness and started rubbing her clit in addition to the finger work. While Hazel was ready to cum she wanted to play more. She said “I think that you are forgetting your mouth work on my cock.” I apprehensively placed it back in and went back to work. After a minute Hazel acted like she was going to force it back down and I instinctively tightened my muscles to prevent this. This fearful reaction from her strength made Hazel realize that she couldn’t hold off her orgasm much longer. Her pussy was screaming for release. As she let me get back into rhythm she was tweaking the nipple on her left tit. Once she felt there was no return, she acted like she was going to force my head down again. Seeing my shoulder and neck muscles tighten was the trigger she needed and she let loose with one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever had. Her hand tensed down on her tit and her other hand let go of my hair but start tapping the back of my head. Her feet started involuntarily sliding on the ground from the lose of muscle control. The orgasm came in waves and she finally crashed in a sweaty breathless mess.

As she was coming back into consciousness, she realized that her orgasms had been gaining in strength all night as she was taking a more dominant position. She then pushed me away with her heel and said “Strip because I’m taking your cherry tonight you virgin bitch.” With the exception of the forced deep throat, my evening was more exotic than I had ever imagined and was hopeful that this next part would be just as amazing. By the time I got my pants and underwear off, Hazel had her top and bra off and was walking towards me. The sight of her tits bouncing as her dick bobbed was better than any time I had ever imagined it. Hazel pushed me spinning onto the bed and I landed with my waist on the edge of the bed and my thighs were against the side.

While Hazel didn’t want to hurt Bob, she wanted him to feel it but when she looked down her mind changed and the pain didn’t bother her as much. She decided to play along until she was on top and he couldn’t move.

Hazel poked at my asshole and asked “What is this?”

“Note three included that plug with some other things. If you don’t believe me it’s in my pants, want me to grab it?”

“No need, I had forgotten that I put it on that list.” She grabbed it and slightly pulled it out, watching my anus dilate and then pressed it back inside. “Where is the lube, love?”

“Over on the desk.”

Hazel couldn’t remember Bob being over by the desk away from her but figured that she’d get all this cleared up later. She placed a dollop of the lube on her cock and tossed the container on the bed.

As she started spreading the lube around her dick, she was sliding the plug into and out of my ass. She could see the pleasure on my face as I was stretched and then relaxed. She was getting turned on by this. After a few minutes, she could see the muscles relaxing and not snapping back as quickly and decided to start her attack.

While continuing to slide the plug in and out, she lined up behind me, and whispered into my ear “This plug looks bigger than I recall demanding you use. Was this because you are a needy whore or were you trying to stretch yourself to prevent my pleasure from your pain. Either way, you are going to pay for this.” In one fluid movement, she pulled the plug out and replaced it with her cock. She sat there for a second and stated “While I was tempted to not use any lube over that transgression I know that would be far too painful and I’m not that mean. You have mentioned Note three a few times too. I have to remember that and deal with it accordingly. Did I ever tell you about when I lost bahis siteleri my cherry? I was soaking wet so the insertion of my lover’s cock went easily and mostly painless just some cramping. When fully inserted, I felt so close but yet so vulnerable to him and my lover stayed there and kissed me gently to help me relax,” Hazel then nibbled on my ear.

I felt a reassuring jolt down my spine. She was describing everything that I was feeling. While I had fantasized about this moment for months during my planning, this was a million times more vulnerable and sexual than I had pictured. My cock was as erect as it had ever been and my balls were sore from anticipation.

She followed up with, “But my well endowed lover couldn’t hold off his pleasure and started pounding. Even after I told him it hurt he didn’t stop. I tried to get away but he had me pinned under him. While it felt like a lifetime I’m sure it wasn’t but maybe 30 seconds. The pain finally subsided when his flaccid cock slid out of my defiled vagina. You had better hope I cum quickly and loose interest because this cock ain’t getting soft any time soon.” As soon as those words were uttered she took four hard full hip thrusts to show she meant business.

In an instant I went from being her equal to being nothing. What had I created? This isn’t what I wanted. I tried to move but she had her knees against my thighs trapping me to the bed. When I stopped wiggling she continued her tormenting.

“Let’s see, you talked about Note three three times, you were going to show it to me, and you selected a larger plug than I had called out. What should I do?” Sitting there deep in thought with no movement was followed up with four more full hip thrusts into my stretched anus. “I think that you deserve 5 smacks on your ass.”

A solid ‘WHACK!’ echoed off of the hotel room walls followed by a yelp from me.

“Oh that one doesn’t count, I was only showing you the force that would be used. Now do I split them up on each cheek so you can sit comfortably later? Actually that doesn’t matter, did I forget to tell you that I was sore for a day after I was defiled that first time?”

‘Whack!’ “It is your job to keep count”

“Stop, that hurts”

“If you don’t count, then it didn’t happen. Want another first?”









“FIVE” Thank God that was done. I could breath again until I realized she was harness deep in my ass, Hazel then started thrusting into and out of my anus. With her full weight slamming her clit into the pad under the dildo on every down stroke, she was building to her 4th orgasm of the night. Hazel knew that she could hold out until Bob was begging her to stop from the pain. And she would relish those pleading words.

As Hazel was pounding on my stretched asshole with all her weight, I was trying to figure out how to get out of it with a portion of my dignity intact. Luckily my pants were on the bed but they were out of reach. I gently pulled on the sheets but this hotel tucks the sheets over the pillows and nothing moved. I used a little more force but didn’t want to tip my hand just yet and continued the slow pulled. I have to admit, it was starting to feel good getting used but I didn’t want to be in this position when the lube stopped working.

I couldn’t fully see Hazel’s face during the onslaught but had assumed she was watching the ripples on my ass like I did when we were fucking doggy. Instead she was picturing all the times that she had been dominated by men in her life. From that time loosing her virginity, to her high school guidance counselor who told her that engineering school isn’t for girls, to Bob tricking her all night. She was taking a battle in the war and wanted it to be a decisive victory. She started focusing on her building orgasm. If she made herself cum during this hate fuck then she would be in control. Hazel was picking up her pace and trying to will herself to orgasm but just couldn’t do it.

As all this was playing out, I just about had my pants within reach. With one last thrust into my ass I was able to grab them. I reached into the right pocket and turned her plug on full and prayed that I would get a respite from the assault.

As soon as the buzzing hit, it pushed her over the edge and a small orgasm hit her system just as she was taking an upstroke. This caused her to slightly stumble backwards and release my legs. I scampered up bed to get away from the oddly sweet torture that Hazel had been inflicting on my ass. I didn’t stop until my head hit the headboard and I turned around to see her jumping onto the bed, hot on my heels. I hadn’t planned on such a small orgasm that didn’t debilitate as mush as the previous ones. One thing that I hadn’t planned on was where the pillows would be when I stopped pulling the sheets. When I flipped around, my ass was on top of them and her cock lined up perfectly bahis şirketleri with my ass. I was positive that my balloon knot had snapped shut but the muscles were so tired it hadn’t even budged and gladly accepted the purple intruder.

This time when it slide in, the head was pointing up and pushed against my prostate and a “AAAAAHHHHH GAWD” escaped my mouth. “Fuck, what did you just do? My God, that felt great”

Seeing the look of fear on Bob’s face change to ultimate pleasure made Hazel realize that Bob did all this so they both could enjoy it. She had three mind altering orgasms and a forth one and he hadn’t had one. Sure he had messed with her but he had made her cum over and over.

Hazel grabbed my cock and held it up and “Man, look at how swollen you are, I don’t think I’ve even seen it this engorged. Look at all this pre-cum leaking out.” With that she bent down and licked the tip clean. “Man I love that sweet taste. Tastes like victory. First let me turn my plug down. Now grab your knees so I can finish.”

I involuntarily pulled my knees into my chest and pulled them apart so Hazel would have complete access to everything. “Make me yours, Mistress.”

Hazel started a slow assault on both my ass and cock. Her up stroke almost took her entire cock out of me and down stroke went against my prostate. Every down stroke caused my dick to throb. My balls were aching for release and Hazel kept taking me to the edge and stopped stroking my cock when I was just about there. I was starting to lose my mind from the torture. “Please, I need to cum so badly.”

“I don’t know, the look of need on your face is just too intoxicating to give up.” Hazel brought me to edge again and then stopped as she could see could see my eyes straining to turn backwards in my head as my eyebrow raised and seemingly wasn’t exhaling. “That look is exactly what I’m talking about. What will you give me?”


With that Hazel positioned the tip of her dick on my prostate and pulled out my phone and the remote from the left pocket of my pants. She said “Hold on but if you cum before your phone reaches two minutes, you will not like what happens.” As she pressed start for the countdown she also pressed the button to start the vibrations in her cock and started pounding me for all she was worth while stroking my cock. I tried every trick I knew not to cum. I closed my eyes to picture directions, baseball stats, anything besides what was happening but nothing seemed to work for very long. Part of the problem was that Hazel was describing the look in Candy’s eyes and her defiling of April. The timer was at about the halfway point and I was hopeful I could hold out. Then she got to Summer and started describing her smell. What I didn’t realize was that Hazel had grabbed Summer thong. With about 40 seconds left to go she placed it under my nose and I unknowingly inhaled deeply and all was lost. My eyes popped open and saw Hazel bobbing tits that were covered with perspiration and her hand furiously stroking my cock. With an “OHHHH FUUUCKK DAMMMMNN” I let loose with the largest, strongest load I had ever dropped. It felt like someone had smacked my brain it was so strong.

I’m not sure how long I had lost consciousness for but when I came it, Hazel had her hand cupped in front of my cock that was still pulsing and said “You didn’t make it. Looks like it is time for your punishment. Now lick my hand clean. This is a very big load, I think that you might need some help.” She took a big lick and followed up with “While not as sweet as your pre-cum, you always taste good. Now lick my hand clean.”

I, the dutiful servant, licked her hand clean and carefully inspected each crevice to make sure that none was lost. After I was done, Hazel pulled out and I felt a blast of cold air in my stretched anus and she crawled up next to me. We rolled off the pillows and settled in for sleep. As I was just about out cold I heard a click but couldn’t figure out what it was and just drifted off, satiated.


Morning After


The following morning, I was first to wake and went down to the lobby for coffee and breakfast. As I was walking down the hall I was shocked at how little my ass hurt from the pounding I had endured. In the lobby, besides the people setting up the food there was only one guest there. I hadn’t realized how early it was but figured I’d have the choice of everything. There was the usual donuts, bagels, fresh fruit, and cereal. But in the corner were a set of waffle makers and nothing is better than fresh waffles. As I was getting everything ready to make them, I noticed the one guest was checking me out over her computer screen. I didn’t pay much attention to her and went about my business.

As the waffles were cooking I grabbed some fresh fruit and was walking past her to get a coffee for Hazel and a coke for myself when the lady said “Excuuuse meeh”

“How can I help…your accent, are you from Georgia? What are you doing up here?”

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