Executive Platinum Ch. 03

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She handed me her wet towel as she began to put her pants back on. For the first time I saw her panties, although in the dark I really couldn’t see them, just that as she’d said, they were a thong that left her entire backside naked. I took her towel and wiped off what little bit of cum had gotten on me, then took my towel and began really drying off. She stepped into her shorts, I reached down and picked up my own and slipped them on. I grabbed both towels; Gloria said “Ready?” and we began the walk back to the house.

I took the time to drop the towels in the washing machine as we went by, grabbing the ones from earlier in the day at the same time and sticking them in just so they weren’t on the floor. Gloria had stepped on in and turned toward the kitchen. The light, once she turned it on, had been enough to help me find the towels in the otherwise dark house. I heard the clink of wine glasses. When I also stepped into the kitchen, she was holding out a full wine glass to me, another about to touch her lips.

“That was fun, wasn’t it? Want to do it again?”

Gloria was still topless; I realized her shirt had to still be out on the balcony. I looked her up and down, and grinned. “What makes me think you’re going to be insatiable?” I asked, stepping forward and setting my glass onto the counter beside me and leaning forward into her. She made no effort to stop me as I began to tongue her nipples.

“A fine vintage, this one,” I said, licking her left nipple and sucking it in. “A tasty after dinner aperitif with just a hint of cherry.” I shifted over to her right nipple, “while its mate is definitely just a dessert wine.” I flicked my tongue back and forth. “While fully capable of being enjoyed to exhaustion,” I blew air across her nipple which continued to grow to my attention, “they’re sometimes best savored one course at a time.” I straightened up, reached over for my glass of wine and headed back out to the deck. I opened the door for Gloria, then went back and turned the light out before joining her. I was almost blind because of the light, but Gloria reached out and took my hand. I sat beside her in the love seat once again.

“Do you always do it so fast and hard?” she asked.

“Oh God no. Just when I’m suffering from Blue Balls and the biggest cock tease I’ve ever met in my life has taken me to the verge of wanting to rape her, it doesn’t take much. Why?”

“I’d just never seen it like that before.”

“You’ve seen someone masturbate before?”

“No, not really. I mean, I’ve given my husband a hand job before, but it always took longer than that.”

“Probably wouldn’t have if he was overstressed like I was. Don’t forget, you’d been doing a pretty good job on me for about two hours.”

She shifted against me in the seat. I changed the wine to my other hand, put my arm around her. My hand fit nicely under her arm, she raised it slightly so I could cup her breast. My fingers barely reached her nipple; she turned her back to me slightly so I had better access. I kissed her head.

“Nice titties, darling.”

“Really?” she answered without hesitation. “You don’t think my butt is better?”

“Definitely not. Your ass would stop a train in its tracks.” I rolled her nipple. “But your boobies and nipples are exquisite little temptations”

“I like it when you play with my nipples.”

“I like playing with nipples. Biting, sucking, tweaking. Nature’s jewelry.”


“Nature’s jewelry. Nothing to turn a man on more than a nice ass on the back end and hard little nipples decorating the front end.”

“My husband didn’t pay much attention to them.”

“Your husband was a fool.” I set my wine down again and began fondling her two handed again.

“God I love that.”

“MMM. Me too,” I answered. “I love it when they get big and hard and rubbery.” Her hand was rubbing my leg; she reached over and rubbed her arm against my cock through my pants.

“Are you going to masturbate again?”

“I don’t know. Probably. You get me worked up as much as you did a while ago, I certainly will, unless we decide to forego this first date rule.” She didn’t say anything, just twisted her head and kissed me. I kissed her back. She reached behind my head to hold my mouth to hers, sucking my tongue into her mouth. I continued to roll her nipples, flicking them with my thumb, hefting her breasts fullness. She pulled away.

“It’s definitely the rule. The more I want you, the more I tell myself I can’t have you tonight, the hotter I get and the nastier I want to be with you.”

“You can tell I’m hating this.”

“Do you masturbate in bed?” she asked.


“Where do you masturbate most of the time?”

“Depends on where I am.” I thought about it for a moment, and then answered,”probably most of the time in the shower. Easy to clean up that way. Why the interest in masturbation?”

She didn’t answer so I pressed her.

“Will you show me?” she asked

“Will I show you what?” I countered.

“I want to watch you masturbate again. Not fast like last time, I want şişli üniversiteli escort to see how you do it.”

“Well, I don’t know, Miss “I’m not a cocktease” with all the rules. Would this count as getting into my pants?” I grinned at her.

“No, I think that counts as you getting into your pants, and that’s definitely OK.”

“Well, I don’t know, do I get something in return?” I asked playfully. I pulled her nipples, making her breasts into cones like before.

“Mmm.” She moaned as I twisted her nipples back and forth. “You get to get off, isn’t that enough?” she responded.

“I get that anyway.” I relaxed my pull on her nipples, wet my thumbs and cupping her breasts began running my thumbs over her nipples. “I was thinking more like maybe watching you get off. Watching you masturbating, seeing what you do to get yourself off. Have you ever done that before? Masturbated for someone to watch?”

She shook her head no. I squeezed her nipples. “That’s not fair.” She moaned, “I can’t think straight when you’re doing that.”

I laughed.

“Then there’s always a first time. Is it a deal Ms. Cocktease?” I nibbled her earlobe again; she always seemed to respond to that. “You want to watch me take my big hard cock and jack it off so you can see? Maybe start when it’s not so hard and do it long and slow until I spit a fountain of sperm into the air? Is that what you want?” Her body was squirming beneath me, I already knew the answer.


I reached over to the table, picking up the tube of lube, holding it right in front of us as I squeezed a dollop on my finger, put the tube back and then spread it on my remaining fingers. “And in return, you’re going to masturbate for me?” I held my fingers just over her nipples, not quite touching them. “Yes?” I questioned.

“Yes,” she whispered. I let my lubricated fingers slide over her nipples. She moaned.

“And what are you going to show me, my little Cocktease? Are you going to show me that pink little clit of yours you’re keeping behind that cute little thong? Are you going to touch it for me, imagining how much better my tongue is going to feel tomorrow?”


“Are you going to touch your nipples while you do it? Or do you want me to touch your nipples while you do it?”


“Yes what? That’s two questions. Do you want me to touch your nipples while you masturbate?” She moaned. “Do you want me to slide those cute little panties off and my shorts off and slide my cock into your cunt right now?” I was stroking her nipples, acting like I was pulling them again, but my fingers kept slipping right off. I could tell she was getting quite worked up, much like when she’d cum earlier.

“Yes,” she hissed.

“Yes what?”

“Yes I want you in me.”

“Oh don’t worry; you’ll get that all right, but not tonight. The only thing going in you tonight is your fingers, if you want. Do you want that?”

“Ye….yes” she stuttered.

“Why don’t you reach down and slide those pants and panties off right now then. Do you need my help?”

She shook her head no. I reached up and nudged her head around sticking my tongue into her mouth. She sucked it down her throat in response; I began to feel her hands working on her pants. Soon she was trying to move them off her hips, I helped her raise up to free them from the chair, and soon she was naked in my arms. “Oh yes my beautiful lady.” I whispered in her ear, kissing her ear, sucking it, then kissing her cheek and hair. I moved my hands from her breasts. “Reach up now and show me how you tweak your own nipples.” She did as I instructed.

“Oh yes, is that good?” She nodded. “Good, is there enough lube on them? Do you want some more?” She moaned and nodded. I reached to the table, took just another small dab and placed it on my finger tip. I slid my own hands down and added my fingers to hers on her breasts for a moment. “Show me, Baby. Make yourself cum for me.”

She ran the palm of her left hand ran down her body, her fingertips raised, as they were covered with lube. When she got down to her pubic area, her fingers obviously wiped the lube in the vicinity of her clit, and then her hand continued to her labia. As she pulled on them, a pronounced clit became visible where it had been hidden by the large labial folds, her right hand moving down to join her left. Pinching her labia on either side, she was able to twist and pull and move them, I suppose similar to the extra skin on a penis, and as she did so her clit protruded from her folds like a little penis. She pinched and rubbed them together, something that I wouldn’t have thought pleasurable, however she obviously did. She pressed with her fingertips all around her vulva, rubbing surprisingly hard, everywhere – except on her clit. As she did this, her now exposed clit visibly expanded, its growing pinkness begging for attention. She finally touched it with her right hand, her middle finger gently sliding and diddling back and forth across her bean. She moved her finger so she could cup her mound with taksim anal yapan escort the left, which allowed her to press hard and rub on the entire area. She eased up and again began gently diddling her clit while her other middle finger disappeared inside herself. Her right hand came back up to her nipples, gently circling them with a finger and then taking them between her thumb and forefinger twisting them as if she were spinning a top. For the first time I caught the faint smell of her pussy, undoubtedly from her fingers.

“Oh yes, baby. Is that good? Is it good with a finger inside you? I whispered in her ear as her head was slightly sideways. Her ear being right there, I licked and sucked it into my mouth. Her hand moved faster in response, plunging her middle finger in and out rapidly, then stopping, her finger deep inside, rubbing some unseen spot. Her right hand went back down to her groin, lightly touching her clit, once — twice, flicking it rapidly for a moment, then began pressing hard on her pubic bone just below it. Her left hand would plunge in or out once or twice, then her right hand rubbed hard back and forth against the area. I could feel the tension building in her body, her breasts silhouetted between my face and her nether regions, now showing tight erect nipples on her luscious mounds, the warm melting of her body against me gradually stiffening as her concentration was between her legs. Her rough handling of her vaginal areas was surprising to me; I’d always treated a pussy more delicately than she did.

With her hands busy below, I moved my hands back to her breasts. No sooner did I begin playing with her once again engorged nipples, circling and gently twisting around them as she just had, than she began moaning and writhing. She moved her left hand up and pulled the skin away from around her clit, making the pink little nib appear that much larger. She took her right hand that had been gently stroking her clit and pressed hard just above the clit itself rubbing hard back and forth. Her shoulders began to hunch under me; she began to buckle in towards her pelvis, her entire body collapsing in on itself until suddenly she exploded outward, her back arching, her pelvis shoving forward.

Her finger continued their buzz saw attack above her clit, her back arching a second, then a third time before her fingers stilled. I’d quit on her nipples as soon as she began to cum, just holding her breasts in my hand, her nipples hard in my palms. Just rubbing my thumbs across her nipples was enough to make her twitch again.

She lay there in my arms, panting for breath — I hadn’t realized she’d been holding it. I watched as her fingers continued to caress herself, at first only occasionally touching her clit itself, gradually touching it more as she came down from her high. My hands rested on her breasts, cupping them as they perfectly fit my hands.

She sighed, contentedly. I rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger in response.

“Do you like them?”

“Your nipples?” I responded. “Of course. Natures baubles — jewelry of the breast.”

She giggled, followed by an “umm” of enjoyment before she said “I can’t say as I’ve ever heard nipples described that way, but I was asking about my tits.”

I cupped her breasts in response, pulling tightly against her body.

“I think they’re wonderful.”

“You don’t think they’re too small?”

“Too small? I think they’re absolutely perfect. Why would you think such a thing?”

“My husband. He always said I needed a boob job.”

“Again, all I can say is your husband was a fool.”



She was silent for a moment, just leaning back against me. “You know, I think I made a mistake.”

I tensed slightly, mulling over in my mind what had transpired between us. Nothing came to mind.

“What mistake?”

She didn’t even hesitate. “I should have kept my panties on twenty years ago” she said, twisting to where we could again kiss but not separating our bodies. Her mouth rose to mine, our kiss involved tongue sucking and moaning. She finally pulled away.

“Back then, I remember it was all about getting into each other’s pants. If I’d known sex could be this good without putting out I wouldn’t have a daughter.” In response, I pulled her hard against me, our mouths dueling in passion, her now naked body pressed against my cock. Her hand slid down to my pants, she rolled aside slightly and squeezed the hard package that greeted her hand. Now it was my turn to moan.

“You’d better put your panties back on if you really intend to not have sex with me.” I threatened.

In response, her hand stroked up and down once, her thumb wrapping over the top, stroking back and forth once. “Not yet,” she answered. “I still want to watch you; I want to see you do yourself. I want to see that big hard cock again.”

I growled in response, her dirty talk had me writhing in my pants. I pulled her to me, my hand crushed between my chest and her breast, her rock hard nipple stayed taksim bdsm escort in place against my palm as I moved my hand. With my other hand I again reached down to her bottom, inching my way toward her crotch and the awaiting promised land from behind. She realized where my hand was inching and suddenly pulled away, spinning and standing up only to plant herself in the chair directly opposite.

“No! You can’t have me,” she said, grinning like a Cheshire cat. She slid down in the chair, bringing her legs up, opening herself up for my eyes. I was seeing her nether region straight on for the first time, but the look of lust on her face was almost as enjoyable as the glistening lips and show she was giving me below.

Her hand spread her lips again, her pink pussy exposed. She pulled back hard on her clit covering, the little pink button popping up for my eyes to see. She dipped a finger into her pussy, pulling her juices up to her clit where she ran one finger around it again and again.

“Show me! Take it out! Oh god I want to talk dirty to you! I want to make you want me. Do you want me? Do you want to lick my clitty? Tomorrow I want to suck your cock but now I want to see you jack off again. I want to see you beat it, hard, like you did before.” She pressed hard against her mons, rubbed back and forth, then moved her hands down and began masturbating more like she had before. Her fingers of one hand were dipped into her pussy, pushing hard on the inside while the fingers of the other were abusing the entire area around her clit, only occasionally stroke her clit itself.

In the meantime I hadn’t hesitated, I’d shucked my shorts, and now I was naked also. I was sitting on the edge of the seat now, my cock in hand, slowly stroking as Gloria frigged herself, her fingers a blur against her pubic bone.

“Do you like your cock sucked? Tomorrow I’m going to suck your cock and you’re going to eat me but tonight we’re going to do ourselves.” She pulled her fingers out of her pussy, taking them to her mouth and sucking her own juices from her fingers.

“Do you ever taste yourself? Do you ever taste your cum? Sometime I want to try a woman. The thought just makes me so hot.” Her chatter was practically non-stop, sometime nonsensical, sometime coherent but all nasty. “Are you doing it fast enough? Are you going to cum? I want you to cum with me. Beat it. Make yourself cum when I cum……Oh god this is so hot. I’ve never been so slutty before.”

I was stroking myself, not holding back. I could tell I was getting close, my own breathing so ragged I was out of control. I slowed down my stroking, crossing my legs to restrict the blood flow to my cock, then working more and more blood into it, making it swell even more. I kept squeezing blood into it, making it bigger and harder. “How about you,” I asked, “do you like my cock?”

“Oh god yes. It’s so beautiful.” The head was now purple and swollen beyond anything she’d yet seen, but still I forced it bigger, the blood vessels popping out on the sides of the shaft like a giant dildo. I remembered the lube, looking over at the end table the tube was still where I’d left it. I took my hand, spread a dab in my palm and rubbed it on the head of my cock. I groaned; the sensation almost too much.

“Are you ready? Are you going to cum with me?” It was almost more than I could take; the slickness of the lube in my hand on my hypersensitive glans.

“Al…most,” she panted. “Al….most….” she was arching her back, her fingers now rubbing directly on her clit, and as her arch collapsed, I couldn’t hold back any longer. Standing, my body telling me to thrust deep in my hand, I staggered forward and collapsed, catching myself on her chair with one hand, my cum spurting onto her belly. I don’t even know if she noticed at first, her own orgasm taking her senses away. I jerked my cock hard, again, and then again, each time a gob of my spunk firing onto her belly, my balls aching. The urge to shoot eased, I continued to stroke lighter now, milking the last of my semen out of my cock.

Gloria had stopped her own masturbation, her fingers now spreading my cum on her belly, rubbing gobs of it between her fingers. My own thought processes began to come back to life, and I told her I’d be right back and went and got her some Kleenex to clean her belly. When I got back she’d started pulling her panties back on, pulling them the rest of the way in place after she’d cleaned my seed from her skin. I suggest we could take a shower, she said we’d better to it alone — or she’d be tempted to break her vow.

“Are you still sticking with that?” I asked. She nodded.

“For heaven’s sake, why?”

She just looked at me, and then with a smirk said “Are you arguing with the result?”

I just looked at her, not comprehending at first what she meant, and then broke into a grin myself. “Gotta admit, it’s been pretty hot.”

Gloria went into the guest bathroom and closed the door. I went to my own, took a shower and shaved, and I was still done before her. I put on some pajama bottoms and was back in the kitchen finishing cleaning up when I heard her come back out. She was wearing an oversize t-shirt, I couldn’t tell what else. We took the last of the wine down to the living room where the picture window overlooked the valley. We sat on opposite ends of the couch, Gloria looked out the window. When she looked away from the window, I could tell her mood had changed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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