Enfolded in Sexuality

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We recently moved into a quiet neighborhood in a nice suburb, and a neighbor invited us to a party on the coming weekend. He said, “Before you accept, I should tell you that a number of us are swingers, and it will be that sort of party. But if you’re not into it, that’s OK. We have other neighborhood parties that are just burgers and beer and talking about sports, and we’ll be sure to invite you again.”

I was…I guess stunned, more than shocked. I’m openminded enough, but this was something that had honestly never occurred to me. I’m 28 and so is my wife, Darla. We’ve been married three years. I’d had a couple of relationships and a couple of one night stands, but nothing really adventurous. I know Darla must have had some sort of background,–she wasn’t a virgin when we met–but I’d never asked her about it.

I know for sure that she must have had lots of offers. Darla is a knockout. Blonde, petite, trim – she works out regularly. Small, perky tits, with soft pink nipples. That’s always been my type, but if there were ever a perfect specimen of that type, Darla is it.

I told Ben, our neighbor, that I didn’t know, I’d have to talk it over with Darla, and I wasn’t sure I was going. Like I said, Darla is pretty much everything I’ve always wanted in a woman, so why look further? But it was too good of a secret to keep to myself, so I told her.

She was amused. “Well, what do you think?” she said. “Do you want to go?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I don’t think I’m interested in swinging. But I guess I am curious. And Ben said that the first rule is No Means No, and we don’t have to actually do anything.”

“OK,” said with a shy grin. “Let’s satisfy our curiosity.”

Our neighbors turned out to be a mixed group, from our age up to early forties, I guessed, and mostly very attractive. There were a couple of other wives in their mid twenties, blonde, petite and trim, but not quite as perfect as Darla. And there was one couple, around 40, Mac and Melanie. Mac was tall, well built, graying at the temples, but Melanie was another story. She what some people would call a BBW, but I always figured they were just being polite. I would have just called her fat. Oh, she did have sort of a cute face, and pangaltı escort a warm smile, but the main thing you noticed was her girth. She was I guess about 5 foot 5, and you wouldn’t have gotten much change back from 200 pounds. A rounded belly, love handles on her hips, wide thighs, big floppy boobs. Seeing her made me decide that we definitely weren’t going to proceed with swinging, although I couldn’t help but notice that Darla’s eyes lit up a little when she checked Mack out.

We had arrived just as they were all getting together in a circle to play a game. Five couples, including Mack and Melanie. Ben asked us if we wanted to join. “You can drop out if it gets too advanced for you,” he said. “Remember No Means No, And that goes for couples, too. You don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, and you don’t do anything your spouse isn’t comfortable with.”

That reassured us, and we joined the circle. It was one of those games with a spinner and a deck of forfeits,the first rounds being articles of clothing. Darla and I looked at each other to make sure each time it was our turn, and each time got a wink and a nod. There were a few people already completely nude by the time it cane up to Darla to remove her panties. She looked over at me. I gave a little uncertain nod, and she gave a little uncertain nod, and then she shimmied out of them, dropped them into the pile of clothes behind her, smiled shyly, and made a little pirouette before sitting down again.

The very next forfeit came to Melanie, and she was down to underpants too, and as she stood up, all I could think of was what a contrast to my sweet, perfect Darla. She did a little hula hoop movement with her hips before she sat down, and everything jiggled. I mean everything.

It was my turn not long after that, and as I dropped my jockey shorts to my ankles and stepped out of them, I got a few approving purrs, and even a whistle. I’m not any kind of perfect male specimen, but I am pretty well endowed – about seven inches, a nice thickness, and what could be described as a perfectly proportioned mushroom head. I blushed a little, and then almost before I knew what I was doing, I gyrated my hips to waggle it. Then pendik escort i was really afraid I’d gone too far, but when I looked over at Darla, she gave me a smile and a thumbs up.

Now that a few people were nude, the game dipped into the second deck of forfeits. The spinner landed on our neighbor Ben, and the first thing I knew he was in the center of the circle, giving a mouth job to the nipples of Becca, a willowy redhead, for thirty seconds, as the others in the circle counted the time off. There were a couple more like that. and then the spinner landed on Melanie.

She padded into the center of the circle, and read her forfeit. “First naked guy to the left of you lies on top of you for sixty seconds. You can do anything, but you can’t do it all. No penetration.”

The guy to her left still had shorts and a t shirt on, and the next guy had briefs, and the next guy…was me.

And that meant I was going to have to…but No still meant No. That was the rule, wasn’t it? I looked over to Darla for support. But to my amazement, was gesturing her head…Go on. You have to do it.

I should have known. Darla has the softest heart in the world. She wasn’t going to let me make the fat girl feel rejected.

Melanie lay down in the center of the circle, and I gingerly lowered myself onto her.

And I felt as though I had passed into a different universe.

I had never felt anything like that body. It seemed to go on and on. Its softness enveloped me. I could hear the others starting to count off the seconds, and the lilt of Darla’s voice above the others, but after the first few seconds I heard nothing. I think her huge, pillowy breasts may have enfolded my ears by that time, but I think maybe a jackhammer could have started up next to us, and I wouldn’t have heard it.

And if there were any rules to this game, I was nowhere near being able to remember them, or follow them. No penetration? I dimly remembered someone saying that, but there was no way that was even possible. As I was sucked into her womanliness, my cock was drawn with a magnetism I had never experience before, into her vagina. Which was wet and ready, and tighter than I would have imagined.

Time rus escort stood still. All I could think was that I had never really experienced a woman before. Or maybe this was what it was like to make love to an an angel. Or an earth mother. I was moved inside her at an unhurried, sensual pace. My whole body was suffused with warmth, and I swear that I could feel the part of me that was inside her glowing.

I don’t have any idea how long we fucked. I know I didn’t want it to ever stop. But gradually, inexorably, I could feel a change in her, and a corresponding change in me, and even though our pace didn’t change, the intensity grew, and grew, until finally we both just floated into an orgasm.

And even then, the connection didn’t disappear. I had to experience every inch of her, every surface, every crevice, with my fingers, my cheeks, my nose, my tongue. I ended up between her thighs, experiencing her folds and her clit, and bringing her to at least two more orgasms, although by that time it was all like one delicious, endless orgasm. I was drawn back up her body again, until almost without realizing it, I was back inside her again.

Finally, we rolled apart. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before,” I told her.

“Any time,” she said.

All the other guests had left. Darla and Mack were sitting there, watching us. They were fully dressed. They were both smiling.

“I guess you had a good time,” Darla said.

I was starting to come back to earth, although not completely. “I don’t know what came over me,” I said. “Where is everyone?”

“They’ve all gone home. Ben and Sally went to bed. Mack and I waited up for you. We did fuck a couple of times while we were waiting.”

“Then you did…you had an OK time too?”

“A very nice time. I…I fucked everyone. We hadn’t talked about that. I hope it was OK.”

“I’m glad you did.”

“Then we’ll come back?”

Suddenly, finally, I was coming to my senses enough to feel embarrassed. “If they’ll have us back.”

“Oh, yes,” Darla said. “Everyone loved watching you. They were saying that even at a swing, sometimes things can start to feel a little routine, so this was a new experience for everyone.”

Melanie and I were putting our clothes back on, and when we were fully dressed, we looked at each other a little awkwardly.

“Do you mind if we just shake hands?” I said. “I’m afraid if I hug you…I wouldn’t be able to stop.”

She held out her hand. “Any time,” she said.

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