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Anthony first met Clarice in kindergarten. They were in instant accord with each other – total loathing on both sides. Clarice took his crayon. Anthony hit her with his colouring book. That was the start of an ongoing non-relationship, both avoiding the other at all costs.

A decade and a half later and the antipathy was still there. Clarice had her own set of friends and Anthony had his. While some of the friends were mutual to the hostile pair they all learned not to let the two mingle if it could be avoided.

Age and a certain degree of maturity had brought some wisdom to them. They weren’t going to get into an all-in-brawl but would content themselves with taking shots at each other without totally disrupting the atmosphere of whatever event brought them together. This is not to say that they didn’t both think that an all-in-brawl might be beneficial in teaching the other a lesson.

It was summer of the year that the pair of them had turned eighteen. (That was another irritation to them. A common birthdate.) The weather was hot, which isn’t exactly uncommon in summer, and Clarice had gone swimming with some friends. Living in a small country town meant no convenient swimming pool but there was a convenient river within walking distance with some places that were ideal for swimming.

The girls enjoyed themselves, showing of their bikinis and flirting generally, Clarice’s enjoyment not impaired by having Anthony there. For some reason he hadn’t shown up.

During the afternoon there was some general pairing up, people arrived and people left. As the afternoon progressed there started being more people leaving than arriving, going home for dinner and meeting various commitments. Not having any commitments in particular Clarice stayed on, enjoying the water and the exercise. She swam well and enjoyed water sports.

Returning to the river bank after another energetic swim Clarice was slightly surprised to find that she was now alone. The last few bathers had left while she was in the water. She stood there for a moment, considering. Should she leave or do some more swimming. She was reluctant to swim by herself. If she got into trouble there would be no-one on hand to assist. Maybe she should call it a day.

And maybe she wouldn’t, she thought, hearing someone approaching, whistling tunelessly. She glanced towards the track and her heart sank as Anthony came into view. That settled it, she was for home. She stuffed her things into her bag. No way was she getting dressed with him hanging around. She’d slip on her dress once she was down the track a bit.

“Leaving so soon?” asked Anthony, seeing her hurriedly gathering her things.

“Why, yes. I’m afraid the water is about to become a little contaminated,” she told him, smiling sweetly.

“Nah, it should be fine,” said Anthony with a grin. “You’re out of it now and there’s a reasonable current. The smell will clear away.”

These bursa escort were the kindest of the words they offered each other, snide remarks flying back and forth. With her bag in her hand Clarice edged over to the side of the track, giving Anthony plenty of room. What followed wasn’t her fault. Neither was it Anthony’s, although she would subsequently blame him.

Clarice was wearing a new bikini. It was the first time she’d worn it and the bikini pants were tied with a bow on either side. Normally Clarice would add a stitch to the bow to ensure that it couldn’t come undone accidentally (or deliberately, with malice aforethought). Being a new bikini she hadn’t done it yet, still adjusting the ties slightly to get the perfect fit. The stitch would wait until that was done.

The bikini ties had a small knot at the end of them. This made for easier handling of the ties. An excellent rain during the spring had resulted in equally excellent growth of the shrubbery along the sides of the track. Swinging over to pass Anthony the ties of the bikini flared out to the sides a little. Just enough for the tie on one side to slip along a fork in the branch of a bush, whereupon that little knot got caught.

The sudden jerk as she stepped past the bush pulled the bow on that side of her bikini undone, jerking the bikini to the side. Clarice naturally stopped and took a step back to see what she was hooked on. This let the tie drop free from the branch. Free from constraint the side of her bikini dropped away, and just like that she was standing in front of Anthony with her bikini dangling on one leg, revealing all.

The pair of them froze to the spot. Clarice was too shocked to even think of trying to cover up and just stood there, looking at Anthony, of all people, looking at her. Anthony was also feeling shocked. He’d never expected to find himself checking out Clarice in such close proximity. He just couldn’t help himself with what he did next.

The tie to Clarice’s bikini top was done up in a bow and one of the ends was resting on her shoulder. Anthony simply reached for it and tugged, releasing the bow and letting the top fall away, freeing Clarice’s breasts. She was now standing completely naked before him. The two scraps of cloth dangling from her body not covering anything.

Unable to help himself Anthony reach over and touched one of Clarice’s nipples. It was only the lightest of touches but it seemed to set a fire going. They came together, Anthony’s mouth coming down and finding Clarice’s. They clung together, body pressed against body. Anthony had only been wearing some swimming shorts and an open shirt. He could feel Clarice’s breasts pressed against his chest but it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t even consciously aware of pushing down his shorts and stepping out of them, just finding that he now had full skin contact with Clarice.

It was the same with Clarice. Anthony was kissing her bursa escort bayan and she was kissing him back. She was naked and could feel him pressed against her, could feel his chest rubbing against her breasts, could feel his erection pressing against her lower stomach. She didn’t protest, it just seemed right.

The pair of them sank slowly down onto the grass, lying side by side, arms around each other, continuing to kiss each other. Their mouths would come together then move away, kissing each other’s faces before moving back together, tasting each other.

One of Clarice’s legs lifted and moved over Anthony’s. The change in position shifted his cock around. Where it was deliberate or accidental neither could say but it was now pressing against Clarice’s pussy, probing at her slit. A hand came down and adjusted it. Now it was pressing into Clarice, her lips yielding before it.

Anthony rolled Clarice over onto her back, looming over her. He looked down at her, watching her as she looked back up at him. His cock was starting to sink deeper into her. He saw her wince slightly as something gave way but then he was going deeper, finding she was pushing up against him, urging him on.

Anthony continued pushing forward, finding Clarice lifting her hips until their groins were rubbing against each other. Clarice’s bottom sank back down to the ground, Anthony pressing down to stay with her. He felt absolutely stunned at what they were doing. From the look on Clarice’s face he guessed she was feeling the same.

An odd way to lose your virginity, he mused, even more so for Clarice. He was about to put theory into practice. He gritted his teeth slightly. What he wanted to do was to start moving hell for leather, pounding into her until he blew his load and his mind. It’s only Clarice, his mind told him. Yes, but, his conscience said, even Clarice is entitled to a decent first.

Looking down at Clarice it seemed to him that she was just becoming aware of what was truly happening to her and she was starting to look scared, probably because it was him on top of her. He just didn’t have it in him to cause her real pain. He started moving slowly.

Clarice was just about ready to panic. How the hell had this happened? What was going to happen now? This was Anthony, a monster who should be kept in a cage, not even being let out to feed, and he was, god help her, fucking her. She almost screamed when he started to move. He pulled slowly back and she could feel the rasp of his flesh against her deep inside her, giving off the most peculiar feelings. He stopped and was now sinking back into her, not wildly thrusting but moving slowly and easily. She found herself pushing against him as he came, those strange feelings being exacerbated by her own movements.

The two of them moved together, slowly, carefully, feeling their way with this strange new experience. What they gave to the other, they found, escort bursa they got back in their own pleasure, a pleasure that was intensifying as they continued.

While that frantic urge to take, and keep on taking, just as hard and as fast as he could was still there at the back of Anthony’s awareness he found that he was becoming more and more intrigued as their flesh blended. Just how long could he make this last, he wondered? It was fun, it felt wonderful and, best of all, Clarice was responding to him, of all people. He found a rhythm that seemed to give both of them great pleasure and he struggled to maintain it.

Clarice was breathing hard, making funny little sounds every time he drove into her. She didn’t want to but she couldn’t help herself, those lovely sensations caused by his cock driving into her forced them out of her. It was all getting too much. She was shaking her head. She couldn’t stand it. She couldn’t. She was gasping, needing him to stop before something terrible happened.

Clarice seemed to be groaning beneath him, her face flushing. He was feeling strange himself, pressure was building up inside him. Despite what he wanted he found himself increasing the pace, pressing in harder and faster. He couldn’t stop himself. His cock was starting to hammer Clarice mercilessly and he was just along for the ride. He gave a yell as he found himself climaxing, spilling his seed inside her. That he hadn’t even considered. He was also taken aback to hear Clarice screaming, her passage suddenly too tight as she seemed to clamp down on him, imprisoning his cock while he spent his seed.

The world slowed down again. Clarice had, it dawned on him, leaving him feeling very smug, climaxed, and climaxed noisily. He ignored the fact that he’d been just as noisy, mentally patting himself on the back.

Somehow or other he found himself disengaged, the pair of them lying on their backs next to each other, not quite touching.

“What did you do to me?” demanded Clarice, knowing full well what had happened.

“Me? I was just standing here,” defended Anthony. “You started it.”

“I beg your pardon? I did no such thing,” protested Clarice.

Anthony sat up and glared at her. Then he noticed that she was still naked. So was he. Good god, they were by the swimming hole. Anyone could come along.

He jumped to his feet, grabbing his swimming shorts with one hand, Clarice with the other.

“Into the water,” he commanded. “Someone’s coming.”

Clarice gave a horrified moan and darted towards the water, Anthony following more slowly, struggling into his shorts as he came.

“My mistake,” he murmured as he moved deeper. “Still, now we’re here we can wipe ourselves down. Ah, you might like to do up your bikini. You’re still flashing me, you know.”

“Flashing you,” Clarice shrieked. “I did no such thing. You ripped my bikini off me and you know it. You started the whole thing.”

Anthony smiled. The argument grew from there. Even while they snapped at each other a question was burning in Anthony’s mind. When would he be able to take her a second time? Once was certainly not going to be enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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