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Our first dinner together went so well, we decided to find a hotel, but nothing cheap and sleazy. We agreed since it would be the first encounter we needed to do it right. We got a room at one of the ritzy ones downtown. I will be the first to admit I was really nervous; I had not done anything like this before. As we rode the elevator up to our floor, my heart was racing and my hands seemed to be a little shaky. I had hoped even though you held my hand, you wouldn’t notice. I didn’t want you to think I was scared, I really wasn’t. I just wanted everything to be perfect, a night neither of us would ever forget. Without saying a word you smiled at me and gently squeezed my hand. I would almost bet you were nervous too.

As we walked down the hallway to our room, you had your hand placed on the small of my back and like a perfect gentleman you reached to slide the card in the slot. When we got the green light; you reached over and turned on the light and let me walk ahead of you. The room was very nice a huge bed, undoubtedly a king. There was a puffy down comforter draped neatly across it. There were four oversized pillows propped against the headboard. I walked over to the window and pulled the drapes back, the view was magnificent. We had a room facing the arch and it was perfectly lit against the night sky. The room is just a tad on the cool side but it is nice.

As I looked out kurtuluş escort the window I felt your hand brush the hair back off my shoulder. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to faint. I felt the hot moistness of your breath on my neck just before I felt your soft lips as they gently brushed my skin sending chills all over my body.

I felt you pull me close, wrapping your left arm around my waist, and gently kissing the nape of my neck. I felt as though I was going to melt into a puddle. I could feel you getting hard underneath the layers of clothing that separated our bodies. I was equally aroused. You continued to kiss my neck and shoulders; I began to unbutton my blouse. I felt your fingers slowly pull it back off my body. Your lips never losing contact with my skin for more than a second or two. I let out a heavy, uneven sigh and it seemed to excite you even more. I am standing in front of the huge window facing out when I feel your fingers undo the clasp of my bra and it fall off my shoulders. I am completely excited now as I stand there vulnerable but feeling safe wrapped in your arms at the same time.

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, the smell of your cologne flooded my senses. You reached around and I felt your hand slide gently between my skin and the front of my panties. Your lips followed the curve of my neck and across levent escort my shoulders. I felt your middle finger glide across my clit and it sent a wave of electric through me that almost overcame me and I moaned. With your free hand you undid the button of my jeans and with a slight tug they were on the floor at my feet. I stood there almost completely naked in front of a window with your arms wrapped around my body. I was ready for more. Your fingers gently gliding across my clit in a slow back and forth motion, with each pass sending a charge through my body.

“You’re so wet,” you whispered in my ear, I felt the warmth of your breath on my neck adding to the excitement building inside me.

I am about to explode with anticipation. I spin around and am face to face with you. You delicately cradle the back of my neck and we reach towards each other to kiss. As soon as our mouths touch I feel the charge of energy that passes between us. Obviously you feel it too as we begin to kiss with intensity, I feel your tongue in my mouth and your hands glide across my skin to my ass and I feel you pull me closer to you. I reach between our bodies and undo the button & zipper on your jeans. They fall to the floor and I “accidently” graze your incredibly excited cock with the back of my hand. It sent you into a frenzy. We started kissing more passionately and I helped maçka escort you pull your shirt off. We walked in unison towards the bed our lips never parting.

I fell back and sank into the soft bed. I closed my eyes just for a second and I suddenly felt your soft wet lips gently sucking on my left nipple. Your left hand once again found my clit; as you ran your fingers back and forth, I wanted you more than ever. I rolled over and you laid on your back as I changed positions. I straddled your face and I leaned forward to take your hot throbbing cock in my mouth. I can feel your tongue gliding back & forth across my pussy and my heart is racing out of control. I feel my body tense up and start to shake a bit as I come close to cumming. I slide your cock back in my mouth like I’m trying to swallow it. As I suck I can feel it get hard then relax just a bit as if in rhythm with my mouth. It was then I began to taste the saltiness of your cum.

Just before I came I spun around and slid your cock inside me as I sat back I could feel it slide deep inside. You let out a deep moan as I rocked back and forth until you came. I could feel you get rock hard as you came, I could feel it shoot inside me and I felt a wash of adrenaline take over as I felt my pussy tighten around your dick. I could feel it just rocking back & forth inside me as I came. I about pass out in the bed next to you, our bodies soaking wet with sweat. We are both panting like we ran a marathon. We both start laughing because it has been way too long since either of us has been like that and we both know how bad it would be to come home smelling like sex. We decide a shower for two may be the way to go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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