Empty Nester Chronicles Ch. 01

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After 20 years of raising two kids, the journey is nearly over. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys (aged 20 and 18), but now that the youngest is ready to graduate high school, I am ready for a new chapter in my life. My wife Jean and I are both 46, black, and relatively well-off. We can afford to send our kids to very nice colleges, save for retirement, and go on nice vacations. These are things we never thought we would be able to afford to do, but things have worked out nicely.

Prior to getting married my wife and I lived together for a year. During that year, I got my wife to suck my cock (something most black women at that time would never admit that they do), and take it up her ass on a regular basis. This continued after marriage and even after the kids. But over the past few years, there has been a severe decline in our sexual activities. This is partly due to the fact that we both work long hours to support our lifestyle. We also put on a lot of weight, and that can put a damper on the sex. That is something we are both working on.

My wife had a conference to attend in Orlando. She left on Sunday, but I was unable to join her until Wednesday. I was looking forward to a few days of playing golf while she worked. Then we would get together for drinks, dinner, and a little late-night fun. I arrived pendik escort in Orlando at about 2:00 pm and caught a cab to the hotel. At that time she was still at the conference, so I checked in and took a little nap. She came in around 4:30 and found me on the bed, naked. I didn’t even hear her open the door.

“Dave, wake up! You really shouldn’t be just lying around naked. What if the maid walked in?” she said. I responded, “Well, then she might get this.” I got off the bed, walked around behind her and cupped her breasts while rubbing my cock on her ass. It is a big ass, as she is about 50 pounds overweight. Hopefully she will bring that down to size, but in the meantime, I say, fuck the ass you’re with!

I work one hand under her skirt to rub her pussy, while the other squeezes her left nipple. I can feel the heat and wetness start to build in her pussy. She lets out that little gasp of breath that lets me know that she likes this. After a couple of minutes of this, combined with me nibbling her neck and ear, she turns around and jams her tongue into my mouth. A drop of pre-sum leaks out of my cock and onto her skirt, but she doesn’t notice. I’ll sneak that off to the dry cleaners when we get home.

After I get her clothes off, I run to get a warm washcloth. She lays facedown on the bed because escort pendik she knows what is coming next. I carefully clean her asscrack with the cloth, and throw it aside. Now it is time for me to indulge my particular fetish. She spreads her legs, and I dive right in. I don’t spend time kissing her ass cheeks, or licking around the hole, I dive right into the dark starfish. She wiggles her big, black butt as I try to get my tongue up into her asshole. I know it is disgusting, but maybe that’s why I like it! I lick, suck, and tongue fuck that asshole for a good twenty minutes.

After I have finished my feast, she turns over to offer her pussy. I pay as much attention to her pussy as I did to her ass. But the added bonus? I start putting my finger into her ass while I eat her. First one, then two, and then three fingers are in, and she is bucking against my mouth. I ask her, “Do you like those fingers up your ass, slut?” All she does is push her ass back against my hand in response. So I pull my fingers out and slap her thigh. “Do you like those fingers up your ass, slut?” I ask again. She doesn’t answer. I told her, “If you don’t tell me, you won’t get the fingers back.” She responds, “Yes, put them back.”

“Yes, what?”

“Put them back!”

“Tell me you like it.”

“I like it!”

“Tell pendik escort bayan me you’re my slut.”

“I’m your slut!”

“What do you want?”

“Your fingers up my ass!”

“Who owns this ass?”

“You do!”

“That’s my bitch.”

And I shove two fingers back in.

After I finger fuck her ass while licking her pussy, it’s time for her to get banged. I climb on and shove my 7 inch cock into her pussy. I fuck her hard and fast, while holding her arms down above her head. I don’t know why she like this, but what the hell! After fucking her pussy for about 10 minutes, I want the ass. I turn her over and lick her ass for a little while to ensure that it is still wet and loose. I rub a copious amount of spit onto my dick and start to ease it into her ass. She hasn’t gotten fucked up the ass in quite a while, I just work the head in a wait. When she starts to grind back, I know its time to go a little further. I get about four inches in, and know that it is time to stop. So I fuck her ass nice, slow and shallow. I am so excited that it only takes about five minutes before I am pumping her butthole full of cum. Once my cock has deflated, I pull out. She expects me to reach for the washcloth, but I have other thoughts.

I start lick down her back, and she asks “What are you doing?” I keep licking until I get to her abused hole. As I lick her ass, the cum starts to leak out. I lick it up until her ass is nice and clean. She turns over, and I kiss her with my cum covered lips. Then I grab the washcloth.

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