Empathic Sex

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Dave was in a state far beyond unconsciousness. It is nothing. There are no dreams here, no memories, no thoughts, and no feelings. It is a black void that isn’t quite death, but is very close.

Suddenly the pain hit him like a comet colliding with a planet. He took in a deep, shocked breath. The pain was coming from everywhere, but mostly from the back of his head. He raised his arm to touch the wounded area, but felt something tugging at his arm. He slowly opened his eyes, then quickly closed them again; the light was too bright. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he quickly blinked his eyes. When his vision cleared, he saw a very high ceiling above him. He looked at his arm and saw that it was an IV tube that was pulling against his arm.

“Where am I?” he asked in a raspy voice, not really expecting the answer he received.

“You are in the post-op recovery room,” a voice said to him. Dave turned his head quickly to the side and was rewarded by a sharp increase in pain at the base of his skull. He saw a woman in a white nurse’s uniform standing next to him. “You’ve been in surgery.”

“For what,” he asked. The fog in his mind still hadn’t cleared yet.

“You and your wife had both had sub-cranial telepathic transceivers implanted.”

Now it was starting to come back to him. Dave and his wife, Beth, had heard about these devices from a couple of their friends. They had gotten the Corsican Implants (as they were called by people outside of the medical field) which allowed them to feel everything the other felt while they were having sex. Dave and Beth got very excited over the idea and saved up the money to have the operation themselves.

“Rest now,” the nurse instructed, “you have been under a long time. The effects of the anesthetic will take a while to ware off.” Dave nodded slowly and closed his eyes. Before he knew it he was asleep.


When Dave woke up, he was in his hospital room. The pain was too great to lift his head off the pillow, so he pushed the button to raise the top of the bed up. He looked around but could see little besides the privacy curtain that surrounded his bed. Dave looked down at his arms and noticed that the IV’s had been taken out. He reached up to the base of his skull and felt where they had shaved the back of his head. There was no wound though. The marvels of modern science, Dave thought.

He was about to turn on the Vid-Window when there was a knock at the door. The door opened and a male voice asked, “Hello, are you awake?”

“Yes,” he heard his wife’s voice answer from the other side of the curtain.

“I am too,” Dave replied. He was glad to hear Beth’s voice.

The curtain danced as it caught the air that was pushed by the door opening and closing. As the doctor walked in, he grabbed the end of the curtain as he walked into the room and between the two beds.

Dave smiled at his wife when she came into view. She was wearing a hospital gown just like he was, but she looked much better in hers than he did. Her red hair was up in a ponytail, so Dave could see the shaved area on the back of her head. It was a little red, but there was no wound on her either. Beth turned to look at Dave and winced at the pain throbbing in the back of her head.

Dr. Bowman was a short man with thinning white hair. Dave’s head hurt too much to look him in the eyes, so he just stared at the doctor’s name embroidered on his long white lab coat. He carried a chart in the crook of his left arm.

“The operations seem to have kağıthane escort gone perfectly,” the doctor said as he flipped through the chart. He had a German accent. “There doesn’t seem to be any initial rejection of the devices.” He pulled a small device out of his pocket, which looked like a cellular phone. He passed it over the shaved area on the back of Beth’s head and then did the same to Dave. “And the sub-cortical transceivers seem to be operating normally. Very good. Very Good.” he said while writing the results of his scan down in the chart. “The power-cells are fully charged and your implants are set to the same frequency.”

“What is the chance of someone using the same frequency as us,” Dave asked, giving Beth a wink.

“Ach, almost none,” the Dr. Bowman replied, “we have been assigned millions of different frequencies by the World Communications Commission for use with these devices. Even if we were to run out of frequencies, each pair has a 1000 digit encryption code built into them. This is also to protect you from someone hacking into your link.” He said the last line as he tapped his own head.

“When can we try them out,” Beth asked.

“Not for a week and a half. Your nerve pathways need time to merge with the implant’s connections.”

“When can we go home then,” Dave inquired.

“Well, I want to keep you here over night, to make sure that you haven’t gotten any infections. If none show up, you can go home tomorrow. I want you to come back to my office when it is time for you to start your training.”


Dave and Beth showed up at Dr. Bowman’s office two weeks later. As they sat in the waiting room, Beth was tapping her foot, and Dave was drumming his fingers on the arm of the chair. They were both very anxious to start their training. They couldn’t wait until they could find out just what it felt like to experience the new devices. It was not that either of them were unsatisfied with their sex life. They made love every other day, and neither one had anything to complain about. But the idea of being able to feel the sensations of your partner along with your own excited them both.

The receptionist’s phone buzzed. She picked up the receiver and said “Yes” into it. Then she leaned over her desk and said to Dave and Beth, that the doctor is ready to see them now.

Dr. Bowman met them at the door to his office. He shook their hands as he greeted them. “Ah David, Elizabeth, please have a seat,” he said and walked around the desk. Before he sat down, he pulled a black rectangular box out of a display case and set it down on his blotter. “This is the device that is at the heart of the sub-cranial telepathic transceiver system. This is the unit that receives the signals from your implants and transmits it to you partner.”

Dave picked up the device. It looked like a pager with a few LED’s on it. Under them were the letters TX, RX, and PWR. “Why did you make it look like a pager?” He asked.

“That is so if someone sees it lying around, that will now know exactly what it is.”

Dave flipped it over and saw a USB port on the back. “What’s this for?” he asked.

“That is for an optional VR recorder we are developing,” the doctor explained. “You can record experiences and, later play them back. We will also start selling pre-recorded discs of things like sky diving, orbiting space, and yes even pornography.”

“Well, now that ought to be interesting,” Dave said, just before Beth gave him an elbow to the kartal escort ribs. Dr. Bowman tried to hide his smile.

“How soon will we be able to use the implants?” Beth asked.

“Oh, it will take about a week of training before you can use them to their fullest potential,” the doctor explained as he leaned back into his chair. “You see, the human brain is not used to receiving two different signals at the same time, so we must start you off slow.” He stood up as he continued. “If you would please follow me, we shall begin your training right away.”


Dave and Beth were in a room together. They had attempted to make the room look like a normal bedroom and not an exam room. The bed was a real bed, not a hospital bed. There was carpeting on the floor, and the room had been wallpapered. The only problem was the four-foot by six-foot pane of one way glass set into one of the walls. On the nightstand sat the little black box. Beth was lying naked on the bed, and Dave, also naked, was sitting in a chair facing the foot of the bed.

Dr. Bowman’s voice came booming in from a hidden speaker. “Are you both comfortable?” Dave and Beth gave a hesitant nod. “Good. Now for this first session, we want you to experience what your partner feels without any interference from your own sensations. To do this I want you each to masturbate one at a time. While one of you is doing this, I want the other to be concentrating on the impressions you are getting from your partner. David, if you would please start it off.”

Dave wasn’t sure if he could do it in front of people. He had never even masturbated in front of Beth. As he looked at his naked wife though, he began to get aroused. They had been married for five years now, and still couldn’t believe that he had managed to get this angelic woman to marry him. Her hair was a deep red, and her eyes were a vivid green. Her skin was a pale white, and she had a few freckles on her face and chest. Her breasts were a generous C cup and were perfectly shaped. She had long legs, and between those legs was a shocking patch of bright red pubic hair.

Dave could feel his dick start to rise. When he wrapped his hand around it, he heard a gasp come from Beth. He looked up and saw a shocked expression on her face. “Did you feel that?” he asked his wife.

“I sure did,” she said a little out of breath. “Keep going!”

Not wanting to disappoint her, he continued stroking his still growing erection. The thought of his wife feeling what he was doing to himself made Dave even more aroused. Soon he was pumping away and Beth was moaning like a porno star. Dave looked down between Beth’s legs and saw that her pussy was enflamed and wet. The lips were a deep red, and he could see her clit sticking up through the thick pubic hair.

Dave tried to hold back, but he couldn’t take it any more. He let out a deep moan when the first wave hit him. Beth though let out a huge scream as she felt her husband’s climax. Her hips rose up off the bed, and her hands moved down to her crotch. She tried to grab at something on her pubic mound that wasn’t there.

Dave sat there staring at his wife. She was lying on the bed panting. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed. Dave felt a sense of pride in himself. He had given his wife many orgasms in the past, but this one he could truly say was all his doing.

“How was that?” he asked when her breathing started to return to normal.

“Oh…my…god,” she said between gasps. “Is küçükçekmece escort that what it feels like for you all the time?”

“Usually,” he said with a smile.

They both jumped when they heard Dr. Bowman’s voice come over the loudspeaker. “Well now, that sure looked like a successful test.” He chuckled into the microphone. “If you would be so kind David, there is a towel behind your seat for you.” Dave reached behind the chair for the towel and cleaned up the byproduct of his orgasm.

“Now Elizabeth, when you are ready, would you please continue with the experiment.”

Beth gave Dave a mischievous smile. Dave knew and loved this expression. He called it her “evil look” because when she smiled at him like that, he knew she was going to do something naughty.

Beth’s hands moved first to her breasts. Dave moaned purely out of lust, he hadn’t felt anything yet. When Beth’s fingers touched her areolas though, Dave felt a jolt of pleasure run through him. He had never felt anything like that before (Dave’s own nipples were not sensitive as some men’s are). Beth kneaded her breasts, making sure that her hands rubbed across the nipples as she did. Beth grabbed hold of one of them and twisted. She giggled, and Dave groaned.

Even though Dave had just had an orgasm, he was already starting to get hard, which caught Beth’s attention, and amazed Dave. Not even in his younger days could he recover this fast.

“I see you’re enjoying this,” Beth teased in a deep breathy voice.

“You bet I am,” Dave laughed.

“Well, wait until you get a load of this.” Beth’s hand moved down her tummy to her pubic hair and spread her legs so that Dave could get a good view. She grazed her clit with one finger, and Dave nearly fell out of his seat.

“Did you feel that?”

But Dave couldn’t even talk. He just nodded his head.

“Are you ready for me to go on?”

Again only another nod.

Beth reached down and spread her lips with her fingers. She slid a finger from her other hand up and down her parted vagina, spreading around the juices that had already collected there from watching her husband just a few minutes before. Dave couldn’t even keep his eyes open. His head was thrown back, and he was moaning in time with his wife’s hand.

Beth inserted a finger inside her, and Dave opened his eyes and yelled “Whoa!” Beth giggled again as she started to move her finger in and out. Dave was moving around so much that he almost fell off the chair.

With her free hand she started rubbing circles on her clit. “Holy Shit!” Dave screamed when he felt that. Beth (and Dave) could feel the impending orgasm barreling down on them like an avalanche. If it feels this good now, Dave thought, her orgasm is going to kill me.

Dave didn’t have long to wait though. When the first wave hit, they both screamed (Dave screamed louder, mostly out of surprise). When the second wave hit, Dave ejaculated (Dr. Bowman told them that this usually happened in the first lesson, and that after a while, most men learned how to feel their wife’s orgasm without having one of there own). He couldn’t believe how intense this was. He was about to pass out when it stopped.

When it was over, Dave realized that his hands were clenched into fists so hard that he had to pry them open. He lifted himself out of the chair and staggered over to the bed. He collapsed on it next to Beth who was out of breath. They cuddled together for a while arms and legs tangled together. Dave was about to fall asleep when Dr. Bowman’s voice boomed over the speaker again.

“If you both like that, wait until tomorrow.”

Dave and Beth looked into each other’s eyes and laughed.

* * * * *

Well, that’s all I have for now. If anyone would like me to continue with this story, just let me know.

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