Elise Ch. 17: Elise the Carniwhore

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Big Tits

Jacques was sitting in the easy chair watching Elise dress. It was evening on a Saturday night and they were in their hotel bedroom in the fabulous Lisboa Hotel, Macao.

Jacques was taking it easy as he had not been feeling too well of late, and so they had booked a break and taken the morning jet-foil from HK to Macao. They had spent the afternoon exploring the fabulous hotel and had noted a small bar with a small circular dance floor and a quartet booked to play starting at 8 p.m. Elise had insisted they go back for some fun in the evening. Fun? Jacques did not bother to ask what kind of fun. He had lived with his cocketish wife long enough, and had actively stoked the raging fire in her that was her life, and of course usually his too.

Elise was getting dressed, and Jacques was inwardly amused. Elise was not normally one for dressing-up and usually kept things real simple, but tonight was different. He had watched with growing interest as she had pulled on those sheer, black nylons, and then hooked them to a lacy black suspender belt. Over the suspender belt, a tiny pair of matching black, lacy panties, fitting snugly to outline her prominent Mons Pubis with the classical vertical camel-toe. Next came the complementary lacy black bra to manage those 36D orbitals, with the 3 hooks at the back and over-the-shoulder straps to boot. Next came the white blouse with frilly cuffs and a frill down the centre, unbuttoned down to the top of the lacy black bra, leaving her awesome cleavage in no doubt. A black pencil skirt with a six-inch slit at the rear showed off her wide hips and flat tummy. She had pulled her long, shiny black hair back into a pony tail held by a shiny black elastic grip. Finally, she was putting on her black stilettos with 4-inch silver heels and clean, pink under-soles.

There was no discussion needed about the why of this outfit: Elise is a graduate carniwhore, a meat-eater, your meat, my meat, in fact, ANY meat that meets her needs and criteria, which means BIG. You got a Frankfurter or Chipolata then forget it. Jacques had been off-colour over a week, and furthermore, had brought home no stray business guests for her to fish for some time, and so her hormones had to be screaming for a fuck. So was she on the pull? Elise had no need to pull. Do you turn on a magnet? Any red-blooded male within 20 yards of her was in her carni-energyfield, a moth to the flame, and wanted to fuck her, which often they did, with Jacques’ full approval and usual participation. Her dressing-up tonight was simply putting a little chain round her ankle and declaring to the World her awesome whoredom a tad further.

Half-an-hour later found them seated comfortably at a table for two in the piano-bar they had chosen, set well back from the dance floor. The band had already arrived and were playing ad lib waiting for someone to call for a particular number.

Jacques became aware that across the room, somewhat behind Elise, was a table with a single guy and a large lit candle. She would have had to turn to her left to see him, but Jacques, across the table, could watch him without being obvious. The guy had a side view of Elise, but he was clearly watching every move of hers, especially when she moved her long, black-stockinged legs. Clearly she had fished a fish without even putting her hook in the water. He seemed European, albeit a shade dark, and clearly very hairy. with thick hair on his wrists. Heavily-built and aged in his early 40s, Jacques assumed.

A couple of numbers followed with gradually several couples taking the floor. A waiter came over to The Guy’s table with a bottle of bubbly and two glasses, so where was his partner? That question would need to wait as the next move, as expected, bypassed it. Here he was, alongside Elise, but looking at Jacques. “Excuse me,” he started, “I see you are not dancing with your beautiful partner, may I possibly request a dance with her?”

For Jacques, the request from The Guy came as no surprise, but for Elise, turning her head to the left, she found herself looking directly at the crotch of a Big Guy, and the Big referred to his meat which was clearly living a life of its own from the movements that were occurring as he shifted his stance.

Jacques looked across at Elise, “Up to you, sweetie,” said Jacques. “Are you up to it?” he continued, with a twinkle in his eye.

Elise stifled a laugh and smiled at Jacques, then turning to The Guy, said, “Of course, I shall be delighted.”

Elise rose, turning towards The Guy as she stood up. Taking her right hand in his left, he walked her to the dance floor, and soon they were spinning around in a quickstep. “Please come back to my table for a few minutes,” said The Guy to Elise as the music stopped. “I have something I need you to hear,” he continued.

As the music finished, Jacques was a little surprised to see Elise eryaman genç escort and the Guy head straight for His table, and as he watched ,The Guy undid the wire and opened the bubbly, filling the two glasses. The Guy and Elise raised the glasses and emptied the contents, toasting each other.

Elise and The Guy then were engaged in a rapid discussion for several minutes, until finally, The Guy rose and conducted Elise back to her table.

“What was all THAT about?” queried Jacques.

Elise was flushed and clearly very excited. “Well,” she started, “His name is Romeo. He is from Italy, and this is his 10th wedding anniversary, but his wife is back home in Italy, so he just asked me to stand in for her to toast the event.”

Jacques smiled, “Cute one. Very clever, real or otherwise. Have to hand it to him he has a great game plan. We are fully aware where this is leading. How do you feel about it?”

“Well, honestly,” commenced Elise, “I am already wet with anticipation. You know full well that I have been sex-starved of late, and I am in need of a hard fuck. I know he has a package down there as it kept bumping into me as we danced.”

“Elise.” said Jacques, “We both know what you want and need and I have no issue with that as you well know, but we are in a new city, in a new hotel with a new guy. I have concerns for your safety, so do not make it too easy so we can see more of his character.” Elise nodded.

A few more dances went by , and then there was Romeo back beaming at Jacques.

“Your lady is enjoying her night dancing, please can I continue to assist?” asked Romeo.

“Best ask the lady,” replied Jacques, “She knows better than me what she wants to do.”

Elise beamed at Jacques and rose. She and Romeo walked back to the dance floor, but this time Romeo had his arm around Elise’s waist, and Jacques could see Romeo’s hand moving up and down as Elise’s broad J.Lo ass moved as she walked.

Jacques was taking a great interest in the dancing pair, and he felt a welcoming twitch in his cock which had been very quiet of late. The pair were doing a rumba, and Elise had turned her back to Romeo, who was holding her tight and clearly dry-humping her. His tent-pole was quite obvious, and had it not been for the material, his cock would have been inside her. Romeo put his head over Elise’s shoulder and she turned and kissed him, not a peck but a long one and Jacques was sure they were tonguing each other.

Once again they went back to his table, and Romeo poured two more glasses of bubbly which they drank while having another long conversation.

Eventually, Romeo returned Elise to her table, and, now even more flushed and excited, Elise launched into her story without being asked. “Romeo told me about his wife. Apparently they have a very open relationship, and he says she would probably be celebrating with someone else herself right now. He says that she would be honoured to have me celebrate with him for her in bed and he asked me what my dad would say. He thinks you are my dad! I said I would think about it and see if I could talk you into it.”

“OK. Tell him that I am your husband and I say no. Let’s see what he will do. You are sure you are going ahead?”

“Yes, I am sure,” replied Elise. “There is no going back now. I am dripping wet and I intend to get fucked senseless tonight.”

Several more dances went by, and Romeo clearly did not know what to do, since there was no signal from Elise. The band were going to close, and announced the Last Waltz, dimming the lights. He made a decision and moved quickly over to Elise. Ignoring Jacques, he said to Elise, “Will you join me in the Last Waltz?”

Elise, without looking at Jacques, rose and rushed hand in hand with Romeo to the dance floor. The lights were dim, and the pair moved to the back of the dance floor where there were no tables. Jacques watched carefully as he saw a flash of white skin from Elise’s leg, and her suspender strap was clearly visible. Jacques realised Romeo must have slid her skirt up and back over the top of her stockings, and was now probably massaging her erect clit through the soaked fabric of her tight, little panties, as he could see rapid movement from the left hand of Romeo. There was clearly no rebuttal from Elise. There is more, Elise’s left hand was moving slowly down the front of Romeo’s pants, clearly doing a quality check on his meat. Jacques could not believe that no-one noticed or cared that this beautiful woman was being jacked off in public. Jacques cock took another massive leap.

“What did he say? Did you tell your dad?” queried Romeo.

“Yes I did. He is not my dad, he is my husband, and said no. He is concerned for my safety mostly,” said Elise. Elise pulled Romeo close to her and said, “I told him, “I am going get fucked by Romeo tonight. I am sorry that you disagree, ankara escort bayan but I cannot help it.” Romeo, you need to go and tell him I am going with you. I shall be by your side.”

Romeo did not speak a word. He grabbed Elise by the hand, and walked briskly over to Jacques’ table. Standing in front of Jacques, he put his arm around Elise’s shoulder, and said, “I am taking your wife to my room now and I shall be fucking her. She will be back in an hour, or you may come and watch if you are up to it. Here is my room number. I shall leave the door unlocked.”

“Elise, is this what you want?” asked Jacques, looking up at Elise. Elise, leaning on Romeo’s shoulder, meekly nodded her head, avoiding looking at Jacques.

Romeo turned, and holding Elise by the waist, headed for the door.

Jacques sat back and examined his feelings. His cock was well into the internal conversation, straining at the leash. Furthermore, his stomach was churning with anticipation: he knew he was about to witness Romeo, with his heavyweight package, plowing his adorable, sex-starved wife, and her screaming in ecstasy. His rational mind was still concerned for her safety, but at least he would be there. He would have loved to be in a 69 with Elise, and Romeo plowing her, but to-night he was the cuckold and being humiliated, and she was the submissive one. So be it. He paid the bill and set-off for Romeo’s room.

Jacques pushed open the door and slowly walked in, closing the door quietly behind him. He headed for the first chair just after the bathroom and sat down. Elise was on her knees on the floor at the end of the bed. Romeo was already totally naked, and now the full extent of his body-hair was apparent: it was thick everywhere on his chest, arms and legs, but especially around his cock, which currently was being rammed in and out of Elise’s lush lips. Romeo had her gripped by the ponytail and was pushing her head onto his meat. This man was like some huge bear, and he was about to paw the sweet, sopping cunt of his eager, hungry wife. Jacques’ cock took another leap.

Suddenly Romeo stopped and pulled his cock clear. Now Jacques could see his erect member in full: it had a massive head like a mushroom. Jacques could imagine it driving down Elise’s wet cunt like a tunnel-boring machine, then retracting scooping out all the pussy-juice to spill out between her legs. The shaft narrowed after the head, then grew larger towards the base until at the base it was as large as the head. He visualised that thick cock when all the way in, stretching Elise’s pussy and making her scream.

Romeo lifted Elise up and dropped her onto her back on the bed. Leaning forward, he gripped the top of her blouse and ripped it wide open. Jacques reacted and rose, taking a step towards Elise. Elise put out her hand and gripped Jacques’ hand, “It’s OK sweetie. This is what it takes sometimes. Be OK. I am.” Jacques, relieved, returned to his chair.

Romeo had not concerned himself with Jacques. He placed his hands inside Elise’s blouse and flipped her bra up and over, letting her lush, pendulous boobs tumble into sight. Pulling back, he bent over her sopping wet panties and pulled them clear with his teeth before placing his large hands into the waistband and tearing them apart, pulling them clear of Elise, and tossing the remains across to Jacques.

Romeo knelt down between Elise’s legs and lifted them over his shoulders while gripping her thighs and pulling her forward. His face met Elise’s large, wet, hairy cunt dripping juice and he worked his face and beard all round that cunt until his face was drenched in pussy-juice. Jacques could smell that unmistakeable pussy-smell aroma and his cock went rock hard.

Romeo reached forward and fondled Elise’s huge tits as he finally drove his tongue into her hole , tonguing her all the way up to her clit which he sucked long and hard. Elise was already writhing and bucking and making small cries as he continued to tongue-fuck her.

Romeo continued his tongue-fucking with Elise screaming in orgasm after orgasm. Suddenly, Romeo had had enough, he could resist no longer, and stood up, bringing his massive meat in line with that big, juicy, sopping-wet pussy. He placed the mushroom head against the entrance of Elise’s vaginal channel and applied pressure. “Oh my God, yessss,” moaned Elise. Romeo pulled back half an inch bringing juice running down to the bed, then pushed in an inch with Elise moaning with pleasure at the forward thrust.

Romeo took his time. His head was already buried tight in Elise’s cunt and he liked it, as her cunt twitched at each thrust. He finally hit the PC muscle which did not yield, so he backed up and pushed forward hard. This time he broke through and found his head now locked with the PC muscle tight behind the head. Romeo continued pushing with Elise gasping sincan escort and Romeo grunting as the thick base of his shaft entered Elise’s pussy. There was no way Romeo was going to handle long strokes as his head was locked by Elise’s PC muscle. Romeo leaned forward and rolled Elise’s tits as he commenced short strokes, pulling back until the mushroom hit the PC muscle, and then driving forward until the head brushed the cervix. Slowly at first, then gradually increasing speed, with Elise uttering long ah’s. Jacques watched in awe as Romeo’s stallion balls slapped furiously into Elise’s cunt, making that erotic slapping sound we all love to hear. Elise kept cumming and Romeo stopped to let her relax, then picked up to speed once more. Was it 3 or 4 times she had cum and Romeo must have been banging away for over ten minutes with sweat starting to run down his chest and off his cock onto the bed. Then there was a slight pause. Jacques noticed Romeo’s balls twitch, and could sense the burst as his ass bucked and his cock swelled, shooting a load of sticky white fluid against Elise’s cervix. Once, twice and a minor third time. Romeo leaned forward and pulled Elise up and towards him, kissing her face and lips furiously, then laying her back down. Slowly he withdrew his shrinking cock, allowing a copious mixture of juice and cum to flow from Elise’s hot pussy down onto the bed.

Jacques rose. “Time to get you back home now” said Jacques looking towards Elise.

Elise turned her head, looking towards Jacques and smiling sweetly said, “Sorry daddy, but the fun has just begun. Romeo fucked his wife all night on their honeymoon, and has asked me to do the same for him today. I love you, you know that, but you must come back for me tomorrow and bring me some clean clothes,”

Jacques turned to Romeo. “My precious doll is in your care now. I can only request you to honour that responsibility. I shall call you at 7am.” With that, Jacques turned and walked out of the suite door.

Sleep was fitful that night for Jacques. His emotions alternated between rock-hard erections, caused by mental images of those stallion balls of Romeo slapping into Elise’s cunt; her opening her legs wider to get more; her cries of ecstasy pleading for more, and his own genuine concern for her safety. He loved what she was doing. He wished he were there to watch and clean-up, but over everything was the shadow of the image of Romeo tearing Elise’s clothes.

7 a.m came at last with the dawn, and with trepidation, Jacques dialled Romeo’s room number on the internal. Romeo immediately answered. “Who is this?” he asked.

“This is her husband calling. How is she?” asked Jacques.

“Oh, she’s fine. Sleeping like a baby. Collect her at 12.” replied Romeo, and then silence.

Jacques realised Romeo had hung up. Relief that all was OK. So 12 it was to be.

Jacques anxiously waited until 11:50 before leaving the room with a small bag with some fresh clothes for Elise. He had tried to pass the time watching the local news, but his mind always drifted back to Elise. Thank God she seemed to be safe. Arriving at the door of Romeo’s room he tried and found it to be unlocked, so he went straight in. There was Elise lying on the bed wearing nothing but her stockings and suspender belt. Her wide-open legs were up on the bed in a big M and cum and pussy-juice was oozing from her cunt. There was no sign of Romeo.

“Where is he?” asked Jacques.

“Gone for lunch. He left you this note,” said Elise handing Jacques a sheet of blue paper.

Jacques took the note, then read it out to Elise,” Daddy, I cannot thank you enough for the loan of your big girl last night. She was phenomenal. Her stamina is incredible. We fucked until six, and she fucked me as often as I fucked her. We managed some photos, which my wife and I will treasure for the rest of our days. I do not know her name as I would not wish to call out her name when fucking my wife or even someone else. I woke her at 11:50 and filled her with what was left in my balls. The cream pie is fresh and for you as she said you enjoyed a clean-up. That is the least I could do. Bye, and thanks again!”

Jacques put the note in his pocket and knelt between Elise’s legs. He licked up the cum and pussy-juice dripping onto the bed. He buried his head in her crotch and gently licked her clean. Then he opened his fly and, pulling Elise close, slipped his throbbing cock into the depths. He knew she would not cum. He knew it would be sloppy and slack due to the continuous hammering from the mushroom, but it mattered not: he had to cum in his own wife’s pussy and reclaim her.

“OK. Let’s clean you up in the bathroom,” said Jacques. Jacques handed Elise the bag of clothes he had brought, and found her bra and skirt behind the bathroom door. The shoes too were on the floor.

“If we hurry, we can catch the 15:00 jet-foil, but if you want to rest a while I can book the 17:00 ferry and we can have a cabin back home,” said Jacques.

So they took the ferry and relaxed in the cabin on the slow journey back home, with Elise sleeping like a baby in Jacques’ arms.

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