Eating Susan Ch. 01

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Lets face it, I am addicted to eating pussy – have been for nearly fifty years! I know some people might not be so keen but for me there is nothing like going down between two soft smooth thighs and getting my tongue deep into a woman’s juice filled cunt….can’t get enough of it….especially when you are kissing them on the lips and they push your head down their body to heaven’s gate!!!!

Fortunately I have been doing that with my wife for over forty years and she is even juicier now than she was when we began – but maybe I can tell you about her another time, if anyone is interested………

No, for now I am telling you about Susan – she was a fellow student with me in a provincial university way back in 1960. She was a tall, slim, attractive redhead, but somehow the other guys in the class saw her as a rather snooty, cold type because she wasn’t flirty and wore rather conservative clothes – conservative but smart. One afternoon as we all left a lecture, however, we started chatting and were still in the common room three hours later. She was wearing a blue sweater, tweed pencil skirt and dark stockings….I had to force myself not to keep on looking at her crossed legs as I wondered what delights were beneath that skirt!

I walked her back to her room and that night used every part of my memory to recall all of the details of those legs as background to a nice long wank and over the next few days we found ourselves meeting quite regularly and at the weekend we went out on a date, we kissed and cuddled and she was really responsive.

Back then, of course things were not quite so free and easy as they are today and there were certain steps you followed before you went all the way….furthermore there were not so many opportunities for privacy – there were strict rules about having visitors of the opposite sex in your rooms and so the cinema was beşiktaş masöz escort usually the best place to explore how far a girl would let you go……so our first cinema date was the first big test – and Susan passed it with flying colours – within ten minutes of the start of the film my fingers had undone two buttons of her blouse and my hand was resting on a soft warm breast and her hard little nipple was pressed against my palm. After twenty minutes our tongues were down each others throats and she was parting her thighs very slightly so that my hand could reach up over her stocking tops and caress the smoothness of her silky thighs. After thirty minutes my finger was brushing against the dampness of her panties while her hand was pushing on the hardness of my cock….

As we walked home afterwards we were desperate to get even closer but I had to be content with a final feel outside her lodging but before she went in she told me to go to the student union coffee bar that Sunday afternoon…I must have seemed puzzled but she told me that she was on serving duty that day and would volunteer to clear up after the bar closed….this would mean she would hold the key so definitely something nice could happen – but in return I was to help her collect the cups and wash up first and the way she laughed got me wanking even harder that night when I returned to my own room.

That Sunday afternoon I waited patiently in the coffee bar as it filled with students. I watched as Susan and her friend served coffees and chatted and kept my eye on the clock willing it to reach 3.30pm which was when the bar was supposed to close……………at last the moment was reached and the two girls called time and pulled down the grill which fronted the counter. I helped Susan collect the cups as her friend washed them up. Gradually people beşiktaş otele gelen escort began to drift away although for a while a handful remained, less willing to go out into a cold damp winter 1950s Sunday. Eventually, however, they were all gone and the cups had been collected, washed and put away. All that was left to be done was sweeping the floor and emptying the bins and ashtrays. Susan told her friend that we would do that then lock up and return the key to the caretakers office. She was grateful and at last we were alone.

Susan smiled and kissed me gently on my mouth – I went to hold her and she laughed and handed me the broom.

“Not so fast, tiger” she laughed “chores first then fun next…”

At last everything was done and put away. She went to the door and locked it from the inside then came back into the room to sit beside me on a large sofa – I shall never forget the freshness of her skin and the brightness of her eyes as we finally embraced.

“The key has to get back by 5.00pm so we have just over an hour to get…..better acquainted”

She held me tightly and pressed her mouth against mine and our tongues played together. Then I went to kiss her neck as my fingers fumbled with the buttons of her blouse but then her hand pulled mine down to her knees and left it there as I felt her legs open and close………my hand went between her knees and slid up her stockinged thighs as I worked to lift her skirt with the other….at last it was above her waist and my fingers brushed her bare thighs and stroked the sweet mound between her legs, covered only by her panties which were already damp with desire.

I went again to kiss the tops of her breasts but instead I felt her hands push my head down until it lay between her thighs. Then she let go of my head and used her hands beşiktaş rus escort to loosen and pull down her panties – I took over and eased them over her knees and feet and dropped them on the floor beside me…….then she looked down at me kneeling before her and smiled and opened her legs wide.

I gasped with admiration…dark stockings contrasted with creamy smooth thighs as soft as satin, her sweet cunt lips moist and inviting and crowned with delicate wisps of scarlet hair. My cock hardened and she smiled down at me again..

“Like what you see?” she whispered, running her fingers through my hair “…..then it is all yours, my darling.

My mouth fell onto her cunt, as my tongue began probing inside the softness and tasting the sweetness of her juices, she briefly squeezed her thighs tightly around my head then gently loosened as her eyes closed with pleasure…….

Her cunt was so slippery, so full of juice that it dribbled out and down my chin and the taste…….the taste was so delicious. I worked my tongue around her for a while and every now and then she would shift slightly to make certain my tongue was in the best area until it rested on her firm little clit. She began to moan, very quietly and, as I tongued her clit I pushed my finger deep into her cunt and worked it around……….each time I moved it this sweet squelching sound came out because her cunt was so full of juice…….and then she began to cum…I felt her shudder as the waves of pleasure began to surge through her. She shuddered and shivered time after time, making sharp little cries each time. I lifted my mouth from her cunt and just watched her face as she continued to shiver and gasp with ecstasy…it seemed to last for ever until eventually she gradually came back to the world. She looked down at me, running her fingers through my hair and smiled………

“Mmmm…that was good, darling…….please do it again…..”

I realised then what a prize I had won – this rather conservative, shy girl was simply sex on legs and as hot as hell………and it was all for me…………or so I thought. What I didn’t realise was I had unlocked the wild spirit within her, a spirit which no man could tame….

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