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We’re sitting at home watching TV and the shows are boring. I ask if you would rather watch a movie instead and you say yes. A smile crosses your face as you go over to the shelf, pull out a movie and stick it in the VCR. Instead of seeing the latest Hollywood movie, a picture of two naked bodies spring upon the screen and I realize that you are feeling especially horny tonight. The movie has no plot, just a lot of sex. I look over towards you as you sit down close to me and rest your hand on my thigh and your head on my shoulder and I catch that same smile again. After the movie has been on for a while, I notice your hand sliding up your leg to your pussy to rub your hard clit. Your other hand reaches over to slide up my thigh to caress my hardening cock. I look at your face, but you are still focused on the movie and the sex. After a while, you look over, turn off the movie and proceeds to jump on top of me, kissing me with growing lust. I return the favor, my tongue dueling with yours, my hands traveling all over your body and feeling your growing excitement. Your hands reach under my shirt to feel my chest and to pull my shirt over my head. I feel sarıyer escort your lips and teeth teasing my skin and nipples, making them hard and making my body twitch. At the same time, I’m pulling your clothes off and running my tongue along your neck to your ears to tease them with my teeth, making you moan softly. I then move down to your breasts and squeeze and tease them, feeling you try to force them harder into my hands. I lightly pinch and pull your nipples till they are hard and sticking out into the air. I feel my belt being loosened and my pants pulled down around my knees as you dive for my cock. Your tongue lightly runs around the head and down the shaft. Suddenly, your mouth engulfs my dick all the way to my balls, making me gasp with pleasure. Up and down your head moves, sliding all over my shaft and even down to my balls, your tongue always moving. After what seems like eternity, I feel my shaft grow even larger and then explode into your mouth, my cum flowing like a river down your throat. I feel my body relaxing onto the floor.

When I recover, you’re looking at me with that little smirk on your sefaköy escort face and I decide that it’s time for some payback. I remove the rest of your clothes and proceed to tease you like you’ve never been before. You feel my lips and tongue everywhere, from your lips to your hips, from your neck to your thighs and beyond. As soon as you get used to my lips in one spot, I suddenly move to another, keeping you off-balance and increasing your pleasure. I then latch onto your breasts and nipples, feeling your body arch from the couch. I continue the torture, feeling your body start to begin its climb to climax. Just as you’re reaching the peak, I back off and start to move down towards your pussy. By this time, you’re begging for release and trying to catch my head in your hands but I pull away. Then I slide down and ease a finger into you, feeling your walls grip my finger and suck it in deeper. I add another finger, widening you out, feeling you buck against my fingers and hearing your moans of desire. Knowing your time is close, I suddenly latch onto your hard clit with my mouth, sucking it and flicking it with my tongue. silivri escort You let out a scream that could be heard in the next town as you cum like you never have before. Then I move my fingers and trip your G-spot, making you scream again and drowning in your juices as they flow from your pussy. After a while, you push my head away and collapse on the couch.

We just sit there, holding each other close and lightly touching each other. After a while, we feel our passion growing again and I roll over on top of you. I take the head of my cock and run it along the lips of your pussy, just teasing you again. Then I slowly ease my way inside of you, feeling you open up to all of me. Then I reach the end as I feel my balls hit against your ass and I start to pull out to start over again. I get into a rhythm, in and out, in and out, feeling you move with me. After that, I pull out and roll you over to your hands and knees so I can enter you from behind. I slide my way in, reaching around to squeeze your tits and pinch your nipples. I feel you arch your back against me and then I slide my hands to your hips to hold them as I slam into you. We move like this for what seems like ages, till I feel you tense up and scream out your climax. At the same time, I let out a scream of my own and empty myself into you, feeling your walls squeeze every drop out of me. We then hold each other close, kissing gently and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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