Dr. Debra Will See You Now

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I had to change doctors because of some reasons (that I still don’t understand) related to my insurance coverage. My new primary care physician’s office set up an appointment for me to come in for an initial visit to make sure my meds were right and whether or not I needed a different doctor.

I showed up and filled out a twelve-page questionnaire, gave blood and urine, was weighed and my height measured, and eventually got called to the back to see my new doctor (“Dr. Debra”). She came in and I was surprised. My new doctor was a gorgeous black lady but with a very “sturdy” looking frame. (This is not to say it was unattractive, it was just definitely not the body of a super model.)

To be honest, I was intimidated. She was friendly, though, and tried to put me at ease right away. I expected some questions and then I’d be on my way, but she told me she wanted to give me a “once-over.” She told me to undress down to my underwear and socks and she’d be back and then she stepped out of the room.

I felt very self-conscious about this situation because I was clean-shaven down there. If I’d known I was getting examined, I’d have let my hair grow at güvenilir bahis least a little prior to coming in. I really had no choice but to go through with it. I had to maintain my insurance coverage because I would find it very hard to replace it.

She knocked and then re-entered. Once she was in, she said, “Okay, I need you to take off your underwear.” I hesitated for a moment and then I took them off and laid them on the chair. She stifled a giggle and tried to maintain a straight face. I was still flaccid at that point, but definitely not anything impressive, that’s for sure.

She listened to my breathing with a beat-up stethoscope. Then she said she would look in my ears, but that she didn’t have any of those little plastic cones that go on the ear-checking equipment. She picked up the phone and buzzed the nurses. She asked for Sue and then told her that she needed some ear cones. We just chit-chatted about health-related stuff until April came in. She was a white nurse in her late 20’s.

When she walked in the door, the first thing she did was look at my crotch. She had a big smile on her face after that. I stood there while the doc looked türkçe bahis in my ears and Sue offered to take notes. The doctor says, “Sure!” and, of course, I get no vote in this.

Once the preliminary items are done, the doctor and Sue get gloved up and Dr. Debra says, “Now for the important parts.” I could feel my scrotum start to draw up when she said that. The doctor and her nurse moved in. The doctor starts palpating my scrotum.

“Please hold his penis out of my way,” she asked the nurse and Sue was quick to respond. Having the doctor palpate me while the nurse held my penis was too much; I began to get an erection. Dr. Debra said, “Well, that stuff happens, don’t worry about it.” I saw a look pass between them. Then, the doctor said, “Maybe it would be best if you were on the table and lying down.”

When Sue released my penis, it sprang into a fully upright position and she stifled a giggle. I climbed up on the table and before I could get comfortable, the nurse started putting my feet in the stirrups. That put me on my back with my feet in the stirrups, totally nude except for my socks, and I was still fully erect.

“I would guess güvenilir bahis siteleri maybe four-and-a-half to five,” Sue said while looking directly between my legs.

“Certainly no more than that,” Dr. Debra said. She put some lube on her finger and began my prostate exam. Once she inserted her finger, my erection began to shrink quickly. (Both of them seemed surprised by that.) Her poking my prostate caused a few small clear drops of fluid to ooze out of my penis. Sue took a tissue and cleaned off my penis.

Once the doctor was done, I was anxious to get dressed and get the hell out of there. Thing is, they were standing between me and my clothes and they kept talking to me and asking questions which just prolonged a situation where I’m standing there naked and talking to them. My semi-erect penis was bobbing up and down as I tried to maneuver past them to get my clothes.

Sue pointed out that I was dripping again and handed me some tissue. As they continued to talk to me, I was wiping off. They finally left the room and I started to get dressed. As I was dressing, I noticed that on the counter, in plain sight, there were plenty of ear cones. She had no need to call for more.

As I headed for the front desk, I could see the nurses station. I could not hear the conversation, but Dr. Debra, Sue, and a couple of other nurses were laughing and seemed to be having a good time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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