Douche Kit

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Group Sex

As I look back, I now realize how naive I was when Elaine and I married. I had no clue on the ways of the fairer sex but I knew I was in love and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my love. The sex we had before the wedding was always stolen moments, in the back seat of my car or on a blanket in the woods. Elaine complained that she couldn’t get comfortable and that she always worried about someone interrupting us, so she was unable achieve satisfaction. She told me once we were married she just knew that in a place of our own she finally be able to enjoy our sex life. As for me, I thought our sex was great and I certainly had no problem getting off every time we did it. Still I wanted Elaine to be happy so I agreed to push up our wedding date.

After a small ceremony, we honeymooned in the mountains, staying in a small cabin my uncle owned. To me it was the best times of my life as we had almost non-stop sex for three days. When I asked my new bride if she was now enjoying herself more, she just smiled and said it was getting better. I took this as a good sign and continued to enjoy myself with no more concerns as to her pleasure.

Once the honeymoon was over and we now lived together, we fell into a pattern not much different from most married couples. We both worked, came home ate, then watched some tube and when we went to bed we would usually make love. I found that Elaine was saying she was too tired more often but I didn’t let it bother me.

One day I came home from work to find Elaine’s Auntie Helen there. I always thought of her as prim and proper like someone you would find in a tearoom eating finger sandwiches. On the table sat, an unwrapped wedding gift and I could see it was a purple velveteen box. Elaine seemed embarrassed to show it to me but kaynarca escort Aunt Helen said,

“Nonsense dear you can show your husband, he needs to know about these things now that you are married.”

She opened the box to show me that it was a douche kit including four various nozzles in a top compartment. Now I was embarrassed, I muttered something like very nice, and quickly fled the room. Aunt Helen stayed for dinner and nothing was said about the purple velveteen box but I did notice it was no longer sitting out. As Elaine’s aunt got ready to leave, she hugged us both but as she held my wife, she looked her in the eye,

“Now dear you remember to use that like I told you to and then everything will work out fine.”

I had no idea what she meant, and I was sure that I didn’t want to know.

That night we went to bed and made love, when we were finished Elaine got up and told me she needed some private time for her feminine hygiene. She went into the bathroom, shutting the door and locking it behind her. This now became our regular routine after we made love but I just figured that Aunt Helen had stressed to Elaine about the importance of feminine hygiene after sex.

One Saturday I slept in and when I woke Elaine was already in the kitchen making breakfast. I went into the bathroom and there on the sink was that purple velveteen box. Now alone my curiosity grew about the contents and I peeked inside. It appeared obvious to me what all the parts did but when I went to put them back in the box, I knocked it over into the sink. The top part compartment slid out of the box and under it was another nozzle. This nozzle was much larger than the rest and appeared to me that it looked just like a man’s cock except much larger. In fact, it was orhanlı escort so large it needed to be placed sideways in the box to fit. It also had a big bulbous head, and what appeared to be veins running down the shaft. I was so puzzled by this piece that I took it to the kitchen to ask Elaine about it.

When I showed it to her, she screamed,

“What are you doing with that?”

She snatched it out of my hands and then ran into the bathroom slamming the door behind her. I hadn’t meant to upset and I begged her to come out saying how sorry I was. When she did come out her face was grim and I apologized again. I told her I was just curious and wanted to know what it was for and why the odd shape.

“If you must know it is for after sex and as you can plainly see it is shaped like you that way it makes sure to get all of your germs cleaned out.”

“But it’s so much bigger than I am.”

“Well of course silly, it needs to be bigger to make sure it reaches everywhere.”

Boy did I feel stupid, so once again, I apologized, and as an olive branch, I offered to take her out to breakfast. This seemed to appease her and the rest of our weekend was pleasant. All I knew was that we were making love more often, I didn’t know why but I was happy. I suppose that if you had asked me I would have said that Elaine had been concerned about hygiene before and now that she had the douche kit from Aunt Helen, she felt more relieved.

Elaine had received an extra day off and when I talked to my boss, he allowed me to work just a half day. I went in to the house knowing Elaine would be surprised to see me home so early. I walked the house looking for her and when I got to the bedroom door, I could hear her moaning from the bathroom. I peeked in the bathroom to tepeören escort see Elaine laying in the tub her legs up over the sides. On the floor was that purple velveteen box and I could see that the cock shaped attachment was missing. I moved closer and saw that my wife’s eyes were closed as she kept shoving the cock shaped nozzle in and out of herself. When she threw her head back and screamed, I knew it was time for me to disappear. I snuck back out the front door then drove to the corner and after waiting a few minutes more I called her. I could tell she was out of breath when she answered and when I said I was coming home she put me off by asking me to go to the store for her.

I sat in the parking lot of the store thinking on what I’d seen. There was no doubt in my mind that my wife was fucking herself with a plastic cock while I was at work. I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t just wait until I got home to give her the real thing. The more I thought on it the more I realized that she never sounded like that when we made love. She always just lay there with her eyes closed never moaning or even breathing hard. I should be upset but I found that instead, I was getting an erection and the more I pictured it in my mind the more excited I became. As soon as I got home, I took her to our bedroom where I fucked her like an animal. She seemed quite surprised by my actions and I think she may have enjoyed it as much as I did.

I never told my wife that I’d seen what she was doing that day. However years later after we had included role-play into our sex life we invited an imaginary man into our bed. Elaine then introduced me to the monster from the purple velveteen box and then used it on herself as I watched. It was so erotic and we both came as I watched her fuck herself. She told me Aunt Helen had said that she had needed it when she was first married and she wanted Elaine to have the same satisfaction as she had. After that, I could hardly face Aunt Helen, so prim and proper and yet still using a big dildo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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