Dinner and a Movie

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It was a beautiful fall day. I was bored almost the whole day long, I cleaned the house yesterday, and there wasn’t even close to enough dishes to do yet, our dog Gracie was apparently really tired today, and Netflix hasn’t had anything good on it for so long, so I’ve stopped even trying.

I cannot wait for Dale to be off work, I almost considered going to the site he works on saying that there is a huge emergency and he has to leave now! but I know that that isn’t a good idea, because Dale SUCKS at lying, and Marc would then never believe me if there was an actual emergency, so I just wait, and think, what would make him happiest when he gets home… I know that he has been feeling kinda starved for sex lately because I just haven’t been feeling like it at all, so I know that he would love that, I just have to find a way to encourage myself to want it too.

He did mention something jokingly a couple of months ago, the idea is exciting, and it makes me a little scared, yet at the same time a little excited. It’s so rebellious, and I could sense that the joke wasn’t completely a joke, it was half serious.

So it’s decided I guess, I’ve talked myself into it, but we certainly wont be doing it in town, or even close to town, I don’t want someone I know to see us just incase it goes wrong.

He’s home now, I heard the car door, and I’m a little wet with excitement. “Can we go out for food tonight?” I ask as the door closes, “I’ve found a new place and the new movie you want to see is playing in the theatre 2 minutes from it, please please please!!”

As he thinks about it for a little I get nervous, but it doesn’t last for long, because its been such a long time since we’ve been out, we have the money, and I’ve already done all the planning, so there’s no reason for him to say no.

“Yeah what the heck hun, lets do it!” I smile as I tell him to go and have a quick shower, cuz we have 45 minutes until we need to be on the road, and so he runs up the stairs, I know he is going to shave, he always does on a Friday night, and especially when we are going out, he just knows what I like.

As he gets in the shower, I get ready, put on a little makeup, brush my hair, put on my sexy dress, its not skin tight, but it definitely shows skin, and its skin that he loves, I don’t put on a bra either, so he will easily be able to see my boobs, and just before he turns off the water, i decide to be crazier tonight, a split second decision that I really hope I don’t end up regretting, I take off my panties, and have only my dress on,

As he gets out I see his sexy body, construction work has really done him well, his muscles are massive, but he isn’t just a rock like those guys that go to the gym, and damn that penis is sexy when its freshly shaved , I need to leave before he notices that i don’t have my bra or panties on, “I’ll be down stairs babe, you gotta be quick, we don’t want to be late!”

As I hit the bottom of the steps, I grab a couple kleenex to stuff in my purse because i just know I’m going to need them to keep everything clean, and as I grab them I feel the liquid from seeing his sexy body already starting to come out, so I wipe it up and throw the kleenex in the garbage, then I put on my coat and grab my purse and the keys and stand waiting at the door.

He comes downstairs wearing his sexy jeans, that are tight, but comfortable for him, and a dress shirt that I can just see under one of his fancy sweaters, and here comes more liquid, “Well lets hurry, I don’t want to miss it!” I say as he quickly puts his shoes on, and grabs his sexy black coat. It may not be as warm but he certainly looks good in it! I can’t help but keep looking at him, but at the same time I don’t want to look at him too much, the last thing I want is to have a wet spot on the dress, but if tonight goes like how I plan it to, I’m sure there will be lots of wetness, on both of our clothes.

As we pull up to the restaurant its now dark out, and I had missed a couple turns but we made it, we just may have to see a later showing for our movie, but whatever, I doubt he will see much of the movie anyways, I’m just trying my best to come up with a sexy way of showing him how little I have on. I could have my boob pop out of my dress when no one is looking, or just direct his hand to my body, I could just let him find out if he does, there are many different ideas, how to do it, how to do it?

“Just for two?” the host asks as we step through the door. “Yes please,” we respond together. “We are really slow tonight, it sucks we have to stay open until 12 tonight, and it certainly doesn’t feel like its 8 ugh… fall though eh? Hopefully it picks up” they say as they walk us to the table, I certainly hope it stays slow, I think to myself, maybe I could actually surprise him with my boob in public, without anyone else seeing it. He brings us to a table, that only seats two, but its in a dark corner of the room, so I’m okay with it.

Dale pulls out my chair like the romantic man he is, and moves maltepe escort it back in as I sit down, then goes over to his side of the table and sits down. He takes his coat off, and drops it over his chair, so I go to do the same thing until our waiter comes along. I see him looking at me in the reflection of the mirror behind Dale, so I keep my coat on for now. What better time to show him than when it would be easily missed. “Can I get you a drink?” the waiter asks, “Our specials tonight are…” I zone out just looking at Dale, sometimes its just so hard to believe that he is mine, with those gorgeous eyes, that amazing smile, just such an attractive man! “and how about you miss?” “Oh i’ll have water, and maybe a hot chocolate if thats possible.” I say, hopefully Dale didn’t already ask for one.

As the waiter leaves, I take my chance and start to undo my coat, I have it unzipped as the waiter starts to come back, so I don’t take it off yet, “Here’s your wifi password btw” he said and just before he walks away, “We aren’t in any huge rush tonight btw, in fact I would like to have us take our time here. We have a movie to go to, but it doesn’t start until 10:30, just to let you know” I say, I just want to keep him away from the table as much as possible, that way I can tease Dale as much as possible. “Okay, well if you want I’ll just come back when I see your menus closed if that works for you guys.” “I think it does, Thank you.” I say.

When I turned back around to Dale, he has a puzzled look on his face. “You’ll thank me soon enough.” I say, and his face got even more puzzled, and so once the mirror was all clear I went ahead and took off my coat and draped it over the chair, and even though I didn’t try to my boob popped right out of the dress, Dale got a full view, and his face changed from puzzled to very happy, very quickly, which made me smile, a lot, as I put myself back in my dress. “I’m gonna have to be careful of that when he comes back, cuz they are for you and only you!” I say.

I can feel some extra wetness coming as I see his reaction to me, I just know that he loves the idea of me being bra-less and wearing quite the top, but only for him. At that moment he went to reach over the table and grab my chest. Gosh how much passion there was in the reach, just feeling his fingers graze my boob makes me want to take him now! But I should wait until later, give him some of that foreplay he’s always talking about. I look in the mirror and see our waiter pass by, looking to see if we’re ready to order yet, so I look down and figure it out, and then threaten to put my coat back on so Dale will focus. He quickly finds something and closes his menu, and so do I, before the waiter comes by again I decide to give him another little view, and so I bend over far as I can to give him a full view of my boobs as I get up from the table while saying “I’m going to get the spaghetti just in case he comes back before I’m back” but I quickly realize how bad of an idea standing up was right then because at that moment I can feel the wetness starting to drop down between my legs and I know that I have to go fast.

As I step into my stall I turn around and lock it shut, the liquids are down by my ankles now and had Dale known that he would be in here licking them all up, and I certainly hope he takes advantage of my lack of underwear later, because I don’t know if I will be able go without underwear to hold these liquids in another time for him. I lift up my dress and let out the little bit of pee that I have in me out, and then grab the toilet paper and wipe up my leg, all the way up to my vagina, I throw it into the toilet and flush it just before heading out of the stall.

I look at myself in the mirror, and damn I must say I look smoking today, my hair is sitting amazingly, my eyes pop like I’ve never even them pop before, my face is just spotless, I really have no reason to be self conscious today! And today my boobs look amazing, the dress hides the perfect amount of them, because you can see right down between them but you can’t see all of them, and it’s just exactly what I had planned for him, I know how much he loves the look of my boobs, and today I can understand it, depending how the rest of this night goes maybe I can deal with no underwear again cuz I think I look hot!

I get a little itch down there as I feel a bunch more liquids come out of me so I slide back into stall and grab more toilet paper and lift up my dress again up get ready to wipe it up and this time I continue looking at my self my shaved legs and vagina just so extremely smooth looking, I’m happy that I did that too, as much as it’s just a vagina to me, it’s not hairy which is nicer and I know that he is going to love that, it always seems to pay off shaving it for him. It may suck to do it, but he then gets himself really in there, and sucks more and deeper which just makes everything much more intense, much more pleasurable! As the liquids finished coming out I wiped them away and mecidiyeköy escort went back to the table.

His eyes never left me as I walked back to the table, they were looking from the top of me back down to the bottom and back up, it feels really nice to know how much he loves me, and finds me attractive! So I did a little sexy walk just for him,swaying my hips, and popping out my chest as much as possible. When I get to the table I can just tell his penis is huge in his pants now so I check the mirror and make sure no one is coming and then I lift my leg and stretch it out to feel it. Just as I thought his penis is definitely sticking up and it makes me want to feel him fill me up, and as that little thought pops into my head I feel myself getting wet again. There’s a part of me that wants to show him, and get him to want me more, or even possibly encourage him to bring me somewhere seclusive, but I won’t, the plan for tonight is much better than him taking me now, so I’ll wait, if he finds out then we’ll see what happens, but I hope my plan works out tonight because it’s gonna be awesome if it does! “So I ordered the food gorgeous, I don’t know when it’s going to be here, but it’ll be coming at some point.” he said, smiling very happily feeling my feet on his penis.

I’m sure he wishes it was purely on his skin, but who knows maybe later.

Once the food arrived he quickly started to eat it, and once he finished he watched me eating mine, which always makes me feel a little self conscious, and so to distract him I decided to pop my boobs out of my dress, and it was both flattering and funny how well it worked, he instantly stared at them and I could’ve made funny faces and he wouldn’t notice he was just so transfixed. I noticed all of a sudden a movement in the mirror and the waiter was coming over. Oh no, how am I going to do this without being obvious. Is someone else going to see me like this, I can’t let this happen! In a flash I whip on my coat, pretending to be cold, just in time to cover myself up without the waiter seeing anything, “How is everything?” he asks, so unknowingly, I’m loving turning on my husband, having my boobs outside of my dress, and being very turned on myself and my liquids soaking into my dress, but no one knowing anything about it, but I certainly cant say that… and I guess he means the food anyways “it’s wonderful!” I respond with, anything to dismiss him, and so I can re-dress myself.

Once he’s out of the mirror, I quickly take off my coat smiling at him, and as I’m about to put myself back inside my dress, Dale reaches over to give them one last touch, and once he did, I almost had to tear myself from his hands, to be able to put my boobs away.

There is something about his love of my body that just excites me. Makes me want to be able to have them out more for him. But now that they are away maybe I can have more of a conversation with him. We talk about our days, what all happened and what our plans are for the next couple of days, I ask him about what he is doing at work next week, and tell him what all I am doing next week. As we continue talking more and more we just keep having a better and better time, more laughter and jokes and just constant smiling. He is just always so loving, and sweet. I am just so glad that I got to marry him, and that he is mine forever and ever and ever. At one point as I was laughing my boob popped out of my dress and his reaction to it was just so funny that I couldn’t help but laugh more!

We ordered dessert and fed it to each other, spoonful of brownie by spoonful of brownie. It’s always so wonderful when he feeds me, and its always good for me to feed him dessert, so he doesn’t eat all of it on me! But once the dessert was done we paid the bill and hopped into the car, I made it into a rush to make it so we got to the theatre sooner, I didn’t want him to ruin the surprise I had for him.

We pulled up to the theatre after he was holding my boob through my coat the whole way to it, and I finally got him to let go of it, so we could go into the theatre and when we got in there he looked at the movie listings and found the one that we had planned on, and led me through the line and paid for our tickets. We then lined up for popcorn and drinks, and we got out usual snack size things and then went right into the theatre. I was surprised and at the same time very very happy at how few people were in the theatre. I led us to a spot at the back row right at the end, that way even if someone came in part way through we would be much less obvious if anything were to be happening, which today I certainly hoped were going to be.

We just sat there watching the trailers. The typical laughs, I wanna see that, and that one isn’t for us type of things. But once the lights dimmed for the feature presentation, I changed things up, I could instantly feel my vagina getting ready for him, I grabbed his hand, and just held it normally for a little bit, but it seemed like he had the merter escort same idea as me when I felt him lift it, but he brought it up to my boobs, which I guess was nice, teasing my nipples kinda, I stood up and sat down on his lap “This should make it easier for you” I whispered, and he chuckled an agreeing laugh with a little “yes” whispered into my ear.

I could easily feel his penis growing in his pants, and as he brought up his other hand to my other boob, I decided to let him in on my sexy little surprise for him, so I grabbed his hand and quickly slipped it down to my vagina, and I could feel his penis growing VERY quickly in his pants now. Wow I don’t think I’ve had liquids coming out of me this intensely before. The feeling of his hands on my bare skinned vagina out in public is scary, but oh so hot. I didn’t know that taking it out of the bedroom could cause me to react this way. Maybe it is worth not wearing underwear more often, I’ll deal with the liquids, for being able to be turned on this intensely from just his hands touching me.

His hands just feel so loving as they pet me, and enjoy my shaved vagina. I can hear in his breath how much he wants me right now, and his fingers start to probe lower, just to see if I’m as turned on as he is, which he will be in for a shock when he feels just how wet I really am. His fingers are so close to where my wetness is, I can feel my body aching for his touch inside me. Once his hands get to my liquids his hands start to rub me, and boy does that feel good, I lean back into him, breathing deeply to let him know how it is feeling for me, and he certainly gets the hint as he puts pressure in different areas that he knows I love. His penis is so big right now and I don’t want this to end too soon, so I hop off of him and undo his pants and pop out his penis. I’m kneeling down in front of him holding his penis in my hands quietly kissing the head of it, I tease him for a little while, just kissing it and very very slight movements of my hands, doing everything I can to hold him off of an orgasm that I know will happen quickly. But I know that I can only do that for so long, because sooner or later he will get there and if its just from teasing, he says its never as good. And I want it to be amazing!

So I get a good grip of his penis, and I squeezed it, not too hard, but certainly a good strength. And before I moved my hands, I slid my mouth over the tip of his penis. Just the way that he always loves. His breathing was already changing to an even deeper breathing, so much so that I had to remember whether there was someone in front of us or not, because they would probably be able to hear it, but as far as I could remember the only other people were at least 4 rows ahead of us, so the only noises they will hear could be me spitting his sperm into a kleenex, but that only depends on how loud the movie is at that point. I guess thats a plus to doing this in an action movie. They have lots of explosions and loud noises.

As I’m kneeling here sucking on him I’m getting more and more turned on by seeing just how much pleasure it is that I’m causing him. I can feel drops of my liquid leaving my vagina, but I’m much more focused on him, I’m staring right into his eyes, and he is staring right back at me, the smile on his face and the breathing just makes me so happy.

I can tell just how much he is loving this. And as his eyes close I can feel his penis starting to jerk in my mouth so I prepare myself for the explosion of sperm thats going to flow into my mouth, but I don’t stop my sucking and rubbing. I want his face to tingle from this, even though this certainly won’t be the last one I give him tonight. Not if I have any say in the matter.

Once his breathing had calmed a little I sit back on my feet and grab a kleenex from my purse, I spit the high amount of sperm into it and then get rid of any excess that may still be inside his penis, and then I put my mouth back on his penis and start to rub it even more.

I can tell this throws him off a little, because usually after one I change it up and either fuck him, or I have him get me there with his mouth, but I felt like I could afford giving him a second blowjob tonight, because I know that I certainly am far from done sexually tonight. I do my best to stay focused on him this time, I lick the piece of extra skin at the bottom of the head and suck on it, and play with it, and then move to the whole head, I move my lips over his head up and down and they all seem to be feeling incredible for him, I use my second hand to play with his balls and that spot below his balls, that the magazines say will change his orgasm for the better for sure. So why not give it a try and see what happens for him.

After what seems like 30 seconds I feel his penis jerking again, and all of a sudden my mouth is full of sperm again, I think something there must’ve felt really good, because I think he got there quicker the second time around. And so I use the same kleenex to spit of the second orgasm into too and then clean him out again. I reach around inside of my purse and pull out a condom that I threw in there for just this possibility, and open it and roll it on him. His penis twitched a couple times while I put it on which made me kind of laugh, but I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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