Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 07

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The late evening sky was aglow with subtle hues of lavender and blue and the air had a frosty chill as I steered the Benz into the entrance of the underground parking lot at the Grand Hotel thirty minutes before I was to meet Mr. Sebastian in the lobby.

“Evening madam.” the valet said as he came to a stop beside the driver’s door.

He opened the door for me and as I slipped out his eyes traveled up from my white stilettos across my flowing satin evening gown and lacy white shawl that hid my lush breasts. He forced his eyes up to meet mine as I smiled at him “Be extra careful with my Benz.”

“I’ll treat it like it’s mine.” he replied handing me the check I’d need later to claim my vehicle.

I slipped him a twenty to insure he would in fact treat my ride like it was his then slowly walked toward the elevator. I knew he was watching me because I didn’t hear the car door close. My walk was slow seductive and deliberate and as I stepped inside the elevator and turned he was still staring at me mesmerized by the view I’d just given him. I smiled to myself knowing he was only the first man who’d be mesmerized by my appearance that evening.

Pressing the L button I waited for the car to rise then stop at the lobby. The doors silently slid open and I stepped into the magnificent lobby of the only true five star hotel in town. Across the wide expanse a single black male stood at attention behind the counter. As I slowly strolled past towering marble pillars on rich burgundy carpet his brilliant white smile flashed at me.

“Good evening madam.” he said as I came to a stop in front of him “will you be checking in tonight?”

“I’m actually meeting a guest for dinner.” I replied.

He continued smiling keeping his eyes focused on my face “Can I ring his room and let him know you’ve arrived?”

“Actually I’m slightly early so if you’d be so kind and direct me to the ladies room?”

He resisted the urge to let his eyes drop as he lifted one hand to the top of the counter “Certainly madam it’s down that hall on the left.” his long thick black finger pointing to the hall off to my right.

“You’re very kind.” I replied knowing his eyes would be free to roam and his mind free to fantasize as I walked toward the rest room.

I gave him the same slow seductive walk I had the valet earlier and knew he would be staring at how my ass moved as I walked away.

Once in the safety of the ladies rest room I placed my tiny white clutch bag on the counter and open it. It contained only the essentials I need. A small bottle of my favorite perfume a tube of ruby red lip gloss and an equally tiny tube of clear, my cell phone a few twenty dollar bills and a short white leash with a shiny chrome snap. Removing the clear gloss I touched up my lips then used my index finger to twist the tiny ringlets of blonde hair that dangled down from my tightly pulled bun in front of sparkling diamond stud ear rings and just past the distinct line of my jaw. The white satin choker which for now I worn backwards to hide the chrome ring accentuated my long sexy neck. Pulling the knot of my lacy shawl I made sure it completely hid my full ripe tits and the soft cleavage between. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror thinking even a proper English gentleman would be impressed with my appearance.

Just before leaving the rest room I made sure my satin gown flowed perfectly over my hips and smoothed the fabric over my ass. It fit snuggly over my ass and I again smiled after checking that no lines of my thong appeared from beneath.

As I returned to the lobby the antique grandfather clock positioned between two black leather upholstered chairs began to chime the hour. The lovely sound of its Westminster chime resonated through the expanses of the lobby filling the area with its familiar tune.

Precisely as it struck the seventh hour the elevator doors glided open and a stunning specimen of a man walked out. He worn a classic black tux with a brilliant white shirt and perfectly tied bow tie. The jacket was open at the front showing his black cumber bun. As he walked toward me I noticed his perfectly shined black shoes then moved my eyes up to his face. A wide smile showed off perfect teeth whiter than the black man who was watching intently from behind the counter.

As he approached I extended my delicate hand flashing the sexy French manicure with white tipped nails coated with clear gloss “Mr. Sebastian?” I asked already knowing this incredibly handsome man was my client for the evening.

“My pleasure Angel.” he quickly replied.

With a quick smile and a sexy wink of my eye I answered. “Our pleasure sir.”

As he softly shook my hand he moved closer staring directly into my eyes with crystal blue sparkling eyes “You look absolutely stunning.” he complimented.

I smiled knowing already that my report to Daddy tomorrow morning would be that Niles Sebastian was completely satisfied with our evening.

“Do you have any special plans Mr. Sebastian?” I asked enjoying the beşiktaş escort warmth of his hand in mine.

“Please call me Niles.” he quickly replied than added “I’ve made dinner reservations in the Casa Blanca Room.”

“That sounds absolutely lovely.” I replied.

Without releasing my hand Niles slowly walked me past the stud behind the counter toward a massive set of double doors with a scripted neon sign above that read “Casa Blanca Room.”

As we entered I mentioned “I understand the food is spectacular here.”

Niles smiled and answered “The chef Marcel is a personal friend I’m sure he’ll have something outstanding prepared for us.”

“Good evening Mr. Sebastian your table is ready.” The beautiful female maître d’ immediately mentioned as we approached.

She was dressed in a tailored black stove pipe skirt with a white silk blouse and black vest all accentuated by a black neck tie. Her lovely auburn hair pulled back into a tight pony tail that cascaded down her back.

As she led us to our table I noticed her shapely legs and four inch heels wondering how she managed to walk so perfectly after being on her feet for hours at a time.

“Just as you requested sir.” she mentioned as we stopped at a table for two tucked in a very private alcove off the main dining room.

She stepped back allowing Niles to assist me into my chair then before leaving said. “I’ll have the wine steward for you in a moment.” her broad smile acknowledging she’d showed Niles and a few other stunning women to this very table before.

I felt as though I should remove my shawl but decided to wait for Niles to ask me to. He sat down across the small table from me and I could see his blue eyes sparkle even in the dim lighting of our dinner setting.

“Thank you Angel.” He said from out of the blue.

I smiled and asked “Thank you for what?”

“For looking exactly as I’d envisioned you.” Niles explained as his hand slid across the table toward mine.

I held my delicate hand still letting him caress my fingers first then move up to lightly touch the back of my hand.

“Good evening Niles.” an impeccably dress middle age man said as he approached our table “it’s wonderful to see you again.”

Niles looked up from my face to greet him. “How have you been Ramon?”

“I’m doing very well thanks.” Ramon replied.

Ramon glanced toward me then back to Niles.

“Angel I’d like you to meet Ramon he’s been wine steward here since the place opened.” Niles commented.

I slipped my hand from under Niles’ and extended it toward Ramon “It’s a pleasure to meet you sir.”

After a gently hand shake Ramon again looked toward Niles “Marcel and I have selected a wonderful red wine for you tonight.”

He continued “It’s a French Bordeaux vintage 1982. I’m certain you will enjoy its sumptuous flavor.”

Niles grinned “You’ve never steer me wrong.”

Ramon smiled knowing that Mr. Sebastian spared no expense when it came to wine “With your permission I will bring you a bottle to test.”

“That’ll be fine Ramon.” Niles replied.

Ramon turned and walked away allowing Niles to return his attention to me.

“I’m certain you will love this vintage Bordeaux. I’ve had it before and it seems to get better and better with age.” He remarked his fingers again touching my hand.

I glanced down at his hand resting gently on my then as I returned by eyes to his I turned my hand over so I could gently grasp his.

“Thirty year old wine must be very expensive.” I commented.

“It is” he answered “last time I ordered a bottle it cost three hundred but you’ll soon discover that I enjoy the elegant things in life and fortunately I have the resources to allow me to enjoy those things.”

I smiled because he used the word elegant but more so because he inadvertently informed me he was extremely wealthy.

“I notice you don’t have much of an English accent.” I mentioned.

Niles chuckled then explained “I’ve been living in the states for twenty five years and have learned to hide my native accent but if you like I can let you have a little cockney accent.”

“You’ve been here for twenty five years?” I asked.

“Yes my father was in the House of Lords and when I graduated from high school I came to the states to attend Harvard.” Niles explained.

I smiled and continued listening to him intently.

“While attending Harvard I used to travel from Cambridge to New York on the weekends and fell in love with the Big Apple” he explained “after graduation I decided to stay.”

“I can certainly understand that. There is so much to do in New York.” I replied.

Ramon returned carrying our wine which rested in a bed of ice and two crystal wine glasses.

“I hope you approve.” He commented as he poured a tiny amount into one glass and handed it to Niles.

Niles lifted the glass to his nose testing its fragrance then sipped an even smaller amount. I watched beşiktaş eve gelen escort as he swirled the liquid in his mouth and swallowed. “As excellent as I recall.”

Ramon smiled widely confirming that he knew Niles’ taste in wine very well. After pouring both glasses full and placing them in front of us he spoke “Enjoy your meal, I’ll check back a little later to refresh your drinks.”

Alone again I returned our conversation to Niles’ past “So you decided to stay in the United States after graduation?”

“Yes but I did return to London often to visit my parents.” He explained.

I smiled thinking he was quite the jet setter then and perhaps now.

“My mother passed when I was twenty nine and dad retired from the House shortly thereafter.” He explained.

“I’m so sorry to hear that.” my hand gently squeezing his.

“Dad lived another four years but losing the love of his life devastated him and his health failed quickly.”

I squeezed his hand a little firmer “I’m sure you must have been devastated also losing both parents in such short order.”

“That was twelve years ago and time does heal. Inheriting the family fortune helped too.” he added with a grin on his lips.

I did some quick math and realized that Niles is forty one but looked like he was in his early thirties.

As I returned his grin a man dressed in kitchen garb approached our table. “Marcel!” Niles instantly exclaimed seeing his friend.

“It’s great to see you again Niles!” Marcel exclaimed as Niles rose from his seat and hugged his friend.

“Marcel I’d like you to meet Angel.” Niles spoke as he glanced toward me.

Marcel extended his hand and as I accepted it he spoke “Niles you devil where did you ever find such a lovely angel?”

I smiled widely as I looked up into his handsome face “You’re very kind.”

“And you are absolutely stunning.” Marcel replied.

Niles returned to his seat and Marcel returned his attention to his friend “I hope the wine is satisfactory?”

“As always you and Ramon have outdone yourselves.” Niles answered.

“Ramon matches the perfect wine to my menu. I’ve taken the liberty to offer a lovely Rosemary-Pesto rack of lamb complimented with oven-roasted red potato chunks sprinkled with chives; steamed and buttered baby carrots; and a limestone lettuce salad. If you decide on dessert I’ve just finished a scrumptious strawberry-rhubarb pie.” Marcel said.

“Your description makes my mouth water.” I mentioned

Marcel looked toward me and placed his hand softly on my shoulder “Hopefully it will be very pleasing to your palate.”

Niles chimed in “Marcel you could make a grilled cheese sandwich taste incredible.”

He chuckled then extended his hand to Niles “Thank you my friend, but enough of this chit chat I must get back to my kitchen and plate your meals personally.”

Marcel again smiled at me then headed off to the kitchen.

“You’ve known him for a long time.” I commented.

“Yes I have.” Niles replied.

Ever since we’d sat down I had been waiting for Niles to suggest I remove my shawl but he hadn’t even mentioned it. I wanted him to see what savory treats I had in store but couldn’t find the perfect time to untie the knot and slip the lacy cover off my shoulders.

I knew that he had viewed my photos on the web page and that gallery certainly showed of my large breasts so I had to assume he was waiting for me to make the first move.

As I unfolded my linen napkin and carefully placed it in my lap I remarked “It’s a little warm in here do you mind if I remove my shawl?” Remembering that I’d been advised that I was to follow his instructions explicitly I felt a little uncomfortable asking but my fears were instantly put to rest when Niles smiled.

“I’ve been hoping you’d do that from the moment we sat down.”

I slowly untied the knot and slipped the lacy shawl off my shoulders letting it drape over the back of my chair.

Niles smile widened as my lush full breasts came under his intense scrutiny and his eyes dropped to gaze at the plunging neck line which exposed most if not all of my soft cleavage.

His eyes remained fixed on the lovely mounds of pleasure as he commented “Absolutely beautiful.”

I giggled and whispered “So you like big tits?”

Niles lifted his eyes to mine and quickly replied “I was speaking of your gown.”

I felt a little embarrassed having blurted out such an inappropriate comment and thought for a moment of apologizing from my mistake. I felt my cheeks flush a bit which Niles instantly noticed.

He leaned front and put my mind at ease “Your gown perfectly accentuates your lovely breasts.”

I smiled feeling better knowing that in his own proper English way he had just confirmed that he loves big tits.

His eyes returned to gaze upon my, as he put it, lovely breasts but his enjoyment was interrupted by two young men carrying our first course.

Served beşiktaş grup yapan escort on crystal clear plates the Limestone Lettuce salad looked as if it could be photographed for a food magazine. Marcel had taken a head of the compact lettuce and cut it in half. It was topped with a Green Goddess dressing which included a savory blend of cottage cheese, yogurt, olive oil and anchovies. The dressing enhanced the taste of the firm pale green lettuce.

Alone again and both enjoying the first delectable offering of his master chef friend our conversation began to take on a more seductive manner.

“I love how the plunging neck line of your dress reveals your cleavage.” he complimented.

I smiled and offered “It fits much better since my surgery.” letting him know in my own subtle way that I’d had augmentation preformed on my tits.

He placed his fork beside this salad plate and slid his hand across the table. Taking my hand in his he whispered. “I understand that operation has the added benefit of making a woman’s nipples very sensitive.”

I squeezed his hand “Absolutely.”

Our conversation also had the benefit of causing my nipples to harden some and Niles smiled widely as the nubs of hardening flesh pressed into the satin fabric covering them. I hoped that later that evening he would be sliding his erect cock through the soft warm flesh he so lovingly admired now.

The wait staff cleared our salad dishes and Ramon appeared from out of nowhere “Please let me freshen up your drinks.”

Ramon placed two fresh wine glasses on the table then carefully filled each one to within a half inch of the rim. Stepping back from the table he smiled as the two handsome waiters placed our main course in front of Niles and me.

Once again Marcel had plated our meal so that it could easily be photographed for a magazine. The aroma wafting from the sizzling lamb was heavenly and I could hardly wait to savor the tasted of his offering.

“Enjoy.” Ramon said as he turned to leave us with our meal.

Niles glanced at his plate then returned his eyes to mine “This is somewhat of a distraction.” he commented waving his fork over the plate.

“Why is that.” I asked.

He smiled “It’s distracting me from the other savory dish I was enjoying.”

I leaned forward causing my breasts to press together more “I’ll tell you what” I paused “enjoy your lamb we’ll skip dessert and you can have these as an after dinner treat.”

Niles smile widened as he picked up his fork and knife and dug into his meal “You’ve got a deal.”

The lamb tasted incredible the tender meat melted in my mouth roasted to perfection by Niles good friend. It was complimented by the red skin potato chunks and tender baby carrots.

“A meal I’ll not soon forget.” I commented as Niles and I enjoyed every delicious bite.

Our dinner conversation consisted of small talk of other unforgettable meals we’d enjoyed but between bites Niles took time to enjoy looking at what he’d be served for dessert.

I wanted to be a little more suggestive so at one point I pierced a tiny baby carrot near the end and lifted it toward my lips.

His eyes widened as I extended the tip of my tongue and caressed the vegetable before taking a tiny bite.

“Are you showcasing some hidden talent?” He quietly asked.

I ran the end of the carrot around my lips savoring the taste and the expression on his face “I have many hidden talents.”

Niles giggled knowing exactly what I spoke of then asked “I hope you don’t bite the end of everything that touches your lips.”

I slipped the carrot between my lips and after chewing it for what seems like an eternity to Niles I replied “Not completely off.”

I placed my utensils beside my plate “I’m getting full.” I commented.

Niles followed my lead and placed his down “I want to save room for dessert.”

As we sat there enjoying the last of our wine my flirtatious allure began to have the desired effect on him. I noticed he would occasionally fidget in his chair and at one point he slipped his hand off the table to I assumed adjust a growing erection.

“Tell me about that lovely choker you’re wearing.” Niles asked.

I lifted one sexy finger to the line of satin circling my neck “Don’t you like it?”

“It doesn’t seem to go completely with your gown.” He remarked.

I smiled widely as I used my finger and thumb to slide it around showing him the shiny chrome ring “It’s actually an accessory for later.” my fingernail hooked into the ring and pulled it away from the front of my neck.

Niles grinned then said “So it’s actually more of a collar than a choker.”

“Yes I suppose it is.” I quickly answered.

“And does it come with a leash?” Niles asked with a lecherous grin on his lips.

I reached over and patted my clutch handbag “Perhaps.”

His grin turned to a wide smile knowing that perhaps meant absolutely.

Niles lifted his glass to his lips and finished its contents in one healthy gulp just as Marcel appeared from the kitchen.

“Marcel that was perhaps your finest offering.” Niles complimented.

I smiled at Marcel and added “I’ve never had such succulent lamb.”

“I’m so glad you both enjoyed it now how about a slice of my strawberry rhubarb pie to finish with?” Marcel asked.

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