Denise’s Date Night at The Gator Club

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My Cougar wife (ex now, but we’re still very close), Denise, has had a lifelong obsession with seducing new partners. No one man would ever be enough for such a total WOMAN as she!

For her very first sexual encounter Denise had intentionally seduced a man who was well into his forties while she was just barely of a legal age in her home state at the time. The power and control over another person and her own self-gratification that she realized from that encounter totally enthralled her and made a lifelong impact on her life, sexually and socially. From that moment forward, obsessive sexual encounters and being in control of her partners has definitely been an overpowering need of hers.

Denise could never decide if it was the sex she was addicted to or if it was the seduction. We finally decided that it was the seduction and control that thrilled her so much because massive amounts of sex with any one man did nothing to satisfy her, but massive numbers of different lovers could…at least temporarily.

When you love a woman as much as I love Denise, it is heartbreaking to see her in want and going unsatisfied. It’s not fair to her that I can’t keep up with her sexually, so why should I be so selfish as to deny her the pleasures that she so desperately NEEDS. It’s not just a selfish want for her, it truly is a genuine NEED. I don’t use the word “need” lightly because her need to dominate, seduce and control is the very thing that she cannot control.

In a loving relationship, and this truly is, one tries to provide for all of their partners needs. She is such an amazing woman that there is no way not to love her and succumb to her charms. I assure you that seeing her happy is so much pleasure for me that everything we did was a total joy for me. She satisfied my every need by allowing me to participate in her pleasure. It was 100% a two-way street. Her sexual voracity countered my need to be submissive and dominated…even cuckolded if you will, and was complimented by my sincere desire to see Denise happy and satisfied.

As we have already established, obviously there was no way that I could ever even dream of keeping her sexually satisfied, so on nights when I needed a break, we came up with “Date Night”.

This is how it worked…

When Denise aged into her 40’s her obsession turned from older men to younger and younger men. There are obvious physiological and egotistical reasons for that. She turned into a total Cougar. It was awesome to watch that transformation!

Denise would meet young men at one place or another for a date while I stayed at home waiting anxiously for her periodic reports. She would always text me and tell me about what she was doing with them. We called this our Date Night.

My role was to stay home and read her text’s and look at the pictures that she usually sent along with the texts. I was encouraged to masturbate, but I was NOT allowed to cum without her permission. Denise enjoyed controlling me at the same time she was controlling her young dates.

This night started out as a regular Date Night. Denise was about 43 yrs old at the time. She told me that she was going to The Gator Club in Sarasota tonight.

The Gator Club is one of her favorite bars because there are always a lot of really young college guys there. If they were too young to drink they could come into the club but they had to wear a colored rubber bracelet so the bartender didn’t accidentally serve them alcohol. So it was a hot spot for young horny studs! Plus, Denise could always tell which ones were youngest by the bracelets. She liked that.

She had been gone from our place for about an hour and I was sitting on our bed naked and staring at my cell phone waiting for any sign from Denise.

I was beginning to wonder what she was up to. I knew she had been at the club for about 45mins, so she had probably had at least two beers by now and that is enough to make her horny as hell. I was expecting a text at any minute telling me what she was up to. She always loved to keep me informed of her every sexy move.

Just about then I got a text telling me that the place was “…packed with Freshmen…” That’s what she always called the younger guys.

Denise had been super-horny before she left the house. She made me lick her pussy until she was near climax. She made me stop eating her and said;

“You can finish that later tonight. I promise it will be a LOT tastier by then.”

Tonight she was in full Cougar mode and had her heart set on the young college cock waiting at The Gator Club. Those guys had no idea that they were going to have a hot MILF tonight, but they were definitely in for quite a treat!

She told me in the text that she had a special surprise for me tonight since I had been such a “Good Little Boy.” That’s her nickname for my dick, “Little Boy.” It’s about 3 inches when completely hard…and it seldom gets completely hard since the chemo etc…etc…and I’m about 12 years older than Denise anyway şirinevler türbanlı escort so there is NO hope of me keeping up with her sexually.

She text’d me that;

“My good fortune has started already! If you hurry, I will be sucking a guy in my car in the parking lot in about 20 minutes. If you can get here in time, you can watch me suck his cock in my car. You had better hurry, I can’t wait much longer. He looks SO tasty!”

Denise had never let me watch on Date Night before!

She said she wanted me to see this one so she could prove to me how young and hot he was, rather than just take her word for it like I usually have to do.

For some reason she thought it important to prove to me that at 43, she could still seduce the young boys; not that I ever doubted it. I had seen several pictures of her in action before and I KNOW what cum tastes like in her pussy. But if she wanted me to actually watch, there was no way I was going to miss this show!

I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt (no time for underwear! LOL) and rushed out to my pick-up truck and away I went!

I was excited when I got there and found her car in the crowded parking lot. I parked across the driveway facing the front of her car. A front row seat and my truck seat was high enough that I could look right down into her little Ford Escort through her front windshield.

I thought she was messing with me because I had never been allowed to participate in Date Night before, although she HAD fucked a lot of men since we got married. She was always very open and matter-of-fact about it, so I never really knew what to expect from my pretty, blond haired, blue eyed hot wife!

Denise is 5’2″, really nice tits but not big, maybe 34c. Her waist is a little thick, but really nice and very well defined. And her nice ass is much sexier than the average, high and wide, not at all fat, but big and firm.

After just a few minutes that seemed like an eternity, I saw her walking out of the club snuggled up next to this young college kid with her hand on his ass as they walked. Her other hand was on his flat stomach as she rested her head flirtingly on his chest.

I could see his wristband so I knew Denise was excited about this conquest. He was about 6’2″ at least, with a REALLY broad chest and shoulders. He was a beautiful boy in anybody’s estimation. As hot as Denise looked right now, I found my eyes lingering on him just a little too long. He was indeed beautiful. My heart was racing!

They walked straight past me and up to her car. Denise was all over him outside of the car. They were kissing passionately and rubbing their hands all over each other right there in the parking lot. I felt like I could almost reach out and touch them. Dee was obviously putting on a show for me.

She had his cock out in no time while they were leaning against the car kissing and fondling each other. He was already stone hard. I think she wanted to make sure I could see just how big his hard young cock was before she took him into the car. I watched as she stroked his big hard cock and he groped her titties! I also knew that alone had her pussy soaked and ready.

She handed him the keys to her car and she walked around to the passenger side. That’s when she let me know that had seen me. She winked and flashed me a little wave. I almost came right then. Yes, my cock was in my hand by now. He got in the drivers seat and raised the tilt wheel all the way up.

I saw her practically rip her blouse off and toss it onto the front dashboard. There was no bra. She was completely topless right there in the lighted parking lot of this crowded night club.

Now her head disappeared into his lap and he reclined the seat all the way back. As his seat went back, his pelvis arched upward and I could clearly see my loving wife’s head bobbing up and down on his young, super hard cock!

It was awesome watching this and knowing that my 43 year old wife was sucking off a college kid in a car that I bought for her! LOL!

I was just hoping I didn’t get caught jerking off in my truck in the parking lot. I was SO about to CUM!

After a nice long BJ, I watched his cock erupting into my beautiful wife’s hot mouth. She made a show of swallowing it all, or so it appeared. I had to squeeze the base of my cock tightly to keep from cumming right then, but Dee had not yet given me permission to cum, so I dare not.

“Junior” got out of her car zipping up and I could see that he was STILL hard. He finally got his beautiful cock tucked back into his pants as he walked back into the club.

WOW! What a show. I felt so honored that Denise had allowed me to watch. I couldn’t wait to get back home and eat her sweet pussy and kiss those cum-sticky lips.

She text’d me right away;

“Walk over to my car. NOW! HURRY!”

I did as I was commanded. She got out with her top still off and grabbed my hard-on through my şirinevler ucuz escort pants and kissed me deep and long! OMG!! His hot, sweet cum filled my mouth!! WOW what a load! She is such a DOM!! Such a sweet dirty trick she had played on me.

“Swallow his sweet cum Little Boy. He might be young, but he’s more of a man than you’ll ever be.”

I swallowed it all like a good little boy.

“Open your mouth wide and let me see that you swallowed it all” she ordered.

I excitedly complied, proud that I had done as she willed. When I opened my mouth and leaned down so she could see, Denise grabbed the back of my head and spat his remaining cum forcefully into my open mouth. OMG she is SEXY!!

“That’s all I have for you. I have no further need of you for now. Keep that flavor in your mouth as long as you can to remind you of all the fresh cum I’ll be getting here while you’re at home masturbating.”

Standing there in the parking lot topless and without any apparent concern of being seen, Denise explained that the first kid was going to hook her up with his buddies who were also in the club. She had told him that her husband had ordered her to go suck and fuck at least three different guys before she came home and she was very afraid not to do as he (I) had ordered. She was begging him for all the help he could give her.

Denise then told me that she was; “…going to have AT LEAST three different guys tonight and he is just the first one.”

The others, she said, “…will probably get to fuck me as well as getting sucked.”

She made it plain that I was not allowed to watch anymore of them and I “…had better scurry along home now and do as you are told. Go home like a good Little Boy…and don’t you DARE cum till I give you permission!”

She put her blue blazer on, without her blouse or bra, no panties under the short white mini-skirt. Her white stay up top hose nearly glowed in the streetlights and were plainly visible below the hem of her miniskirt. She buttoned one button of her blazer, it only has two, and turned to walk back to the club.

Denise looked stunningly sexy. I was SO proud that she is MY wife and so proud that so many men want to fuck her.

She turned back toward me, put her arms out wide, shook her whole body and yelled across the parking lot as she walked, “Do you think this will attract any attention while I’m dancing. Do you think anybody will want to fuck this old lady?”

I heard a nameless, faceless voice yell from somewhere in the parking lot, “OH Hell fucking YEAH, Momma! Bring it ON!”

She was showing SO much skin!

All I could say was “Damn! Can I PLEASE come in there and just watch from across the room.”

Then she said “NO!! Now go on home, get naked and jerk off while I finish up here. There are a lot of kids in here who need to be taught a thing or two about a real woman. And three is just the minimum for tonight. I will be pretty late coming home. You KNOW what I’ll be doing…so keep playing with that little thing you call a dick till I get there and don’t you dare cum till I tell you to. I’ll try to text you some pictures to keep you interested…GO! Do what I told you! Maybe I’ll let you eat me when I get home.”

The voice in the night just muttered a loud and drawn out “DAMUMMMN, she killed him!”

And I heard laughter.

So I tucked my tail between my legs and went home and did as I was told. I was so thankful for the opportunity to watch her giving that blow job that I was happy with whatever else might happen tonight.

It took about 20 minutes before I received her next text. I had been home about five minutes and was already hard again in anticipation.

Denise’s text read. “Well, his cock wasn’t as big as his friend, but he tasted great and he held my head tight against his body while he came straight down my throat. His cock was SO damn hard too! OMG, he was hard! If he had been bigger, I would have fucked him. I’m REALLY getting horny now! OK, back into the club for me. They are both supposed to be telling their friends how easy and horny this old blonde cocksucking whore is! LOL! If they were watching me in the club, it should be obvious why I’m here. But, young guys are SO dumb. LOL. HOT, but dumb. I’m fucking the next one no matter what. TTYL, keep jerking off till you hear from me again.”

I typed a timid “OK. Thank you.” in response.

I felt like such a wimp and it was such a turn-on!

I can’t tell you how sexy it is to hear my own wife talk to me that way and knowing that she is out slutting around without me.

BTW, “Slut” is a term of endearment for us. She considers it quite a compliment when used in the proper context, so please don’t be offended. Denise likes it.

I read her texts over and over imagining what she was doing while she wasn’t texting. It was SO difficult not to cum!

About an hour later Denise messaged me again and told me that she was dancing her şişli escort ass off with all these college kids. They were feeling her up on the dance floor and a couple of them have even reached under her skirt and found her with no panties.

“It is really difficult to dance with three fingers in my pussy and a couple of other guys spreading my ass cheeks at the same time! LOL!”

She said “I’m so wet! A BJ alone is NOT gonna cut it now. Rubbing up on all of them now, trying to find the biggest and hardest cock. TTYL, Sweetie.”

Then she called me and I could hear all the music and voices in the background.

She said “I am going to fuck somebody in just a few minutes and I want you to know it beforehand so you can jerk off with the proper picture in your mind.”

“I want you to tell me to fuck at least three young college guys tonight and don’t come home until I have. I want it to feel like my mean old husband is ordering me to do this so that I don’t have any choice.”

She said that she wanted to tell these young guys that her domineering husband had ordered her to “Go fuck some college guys.”

I complied and told her:

“Denise you are such a whore! Get your slutty ass down to the Gator Club and get yourself fucked! I want you to have at least three college cocks tonight and you had better come home with your pussy full of cum to prove it!”

She asked me to text that to her so she could read it and get off on it while finding her next victim. So I sent her a text that read something like this:

“Denise, you have not been a good wife lately. I have told you to do several things that you have failed to do. I will tolerate this disrespect no longer. I am going to give you some orders tonight and you had better do exactly like I say…or don’t even bother to come home! Tonight is your last chance to prove to me that you are sincere about doing absolutely anything to prove your love to me. I am ORDERING you to dress sexy as hell…no bra…no panties. Wear a short mini-skirt. Wear a top that is either see-through or open all the way down the front. I want you to look as slutty as you can…in a Cougar kind of way. You MUST have at least three different young cocks tonight. You can suck or fuck, but I want a few pictures…enough to prove to me what you’re up too. You will fuck at least one of these guys and you must find a very large cock to fuck. You WILL make him cum in your pussy…NO EXCUSES…do whatever it takes but go get at least three young cocks tonight and then come home and prove it to me. There had BETTER be a ton of cum in your pussy when you get home tonight. Now shut up and go get some cock! Don’t even think about coming home until you have done everything I have told you to do!”

I felt very odd giving her orders. She is ALWAYS the one giving orders to me. But then again, I was only following her orders.

So…she got the first two guys I told you about earlier. Now I was at home waiting to hear about the third guy. I KNEW she was fucking this one as I waited. My little dicklette was SO hard!

I got a short text from her that read:

“I found him. I felt him through his pants at the bar and his cock is huge! I am in the ladies room so I could text you and let you know what is happening. I will be fucking this beautiful boy very soon. I would have never had the nerve to be this bold if it were not for your loving encouragement. Think about me while I go back to him. I’ll let you know when I’m done with him.”

I was so freakin’ hot waiting to hear from her. The time went by SO slowly. Just knowing that at this very moment my wife had a strangers cock deep in her pussy was such an awesome feeling. I was actually very proud of her, proud to be HER husband! About an hour later I got a short text from Denise.

The text seemed to explode from the screen of my phone!

“OMG!! Two more of them double teamed me after the third one fucked me. They had followed us out to my car. I still can’t believe I had a cock that big, that deep up my ass! Rushing home now so I can prove to you what I’ve been up to. I hope you’re proud of me! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!”

I was naked, looking out of our bedroom window, waiting as she pulled into the parking lot in front of our condo. She was taking off her jacket and skirt as she exited her car and walked hurriedly toward the front door. She was totally naked before she even got off the sidewalk and up to the front door.

I met her at the bedroom door. As she walked into the bedroom she pushed my shoulders with the palms of both hands forcefully knocking me down onto the bed. She climbed on top of me and planted her hot ass right onto my mouth! OMG she was SO forceful!!

I had rimmed her ass a lot, but I had never sucked another man’s cum out of it! This was GREAT!

She rose up slightly and held her pussy over my mouth just long enough for me to watch her relax her muscles and allow the masses of cum to roll out onto my tongue. Her pussy gushed cum into my mouth and all over my face! What a load! She rode my face as I swallowed all I could.

As she rocked over my face and mouth, she said:

“I have been squeezing my pussy and ass tight all the way home trying to hold the cum inside me to prove to you what I had been telling you.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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