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My daughter, Melinda, likes to play bingo. I’ve pointed out that the chances of her winning enough to make up for her losses are negligible, but she just laughs at me. It’s fun and a cheap night out, she tells me, and she has a point, I suppose. So far I’ve proved correct, although Melinda says the TV counts as a win. I say it doesn’t as she didn’t get any money – just the TV set.

Apparently they had a special door prize one week, donated by one of the local stores. (Probably because they couldn’t sell it.) It was a big TV, really large. Sixty inch plasma screen smart TV. Worth big bucks, but few people would actually spend that much on a TV. Melinda didn’t even tell me she’d won it until after it was delivered and installed. Then she invited me over bright and early the next morning to see her new TV.

I rolled up, bright and early as instructed, and found Melinda ensconced in front of the new TV with Becky, my granddaughter, and Madeline, the daughter of Sandy, my daughter’s best friend.

After hugs and kisses all around I nodded towards Madeline.

“Sandy in hiding somewhere?” I asked whimsically. Sandy is a single parent and I’ve been carrying on a casual flirtation with her for the past couple of years. She doesn’t exactly encourage me, but neither does she beat me off with a stick. If she was there I’d have expected her to be with the others, not hiding away.

“Sandy’s at home,” Melinda said with a grin. “She had a rare night to herself, with Madeline sleeping over. The girls wanted to play games on a big TV.”

“Speaking of big TV’s,” I said, “what are you going to do with your old set. It’s pretty large, and not really all that old.”

“I’m glad you asked that question,” came the quick reply and I mentally kicked myself. I had a feeling I’d just been had.

“I told Sandy that she could have it and that you’d be only too happy to deliver it. When suits you? The old set is just there and it’s sort of in the way now.”

In other words, now is a good time. I gave her a look to let her know she wasn’t fooling anyone and said I’d take it along. Why didn’t she call Sandy and let her know I was on the way?

“I’ll do that,” Melinda said, and then blushed when Madeline spoke up.

“You don’t need to, Auntie Melinda. You called her as soon as your dad drove up to say he’d be there soon, remember.”

Score one for the men, I thought, as I carried the TV out and slung it in the car. I’d be able to hold that little stunt over her head for a while.

I sounded the horn as soon as I arrived to let Sandy know I was there and fished the TV out and staggered inside. I didn’t really have a chance to look at Sandy until after I’d set the TV down on her entertainment unit.

With the TV in place all that was required was for it to be plugged in and wired up. Sandy could do that, but I was willing to bet that she’d get it done by asking me to do it.

I finally turned to properly greet her and she was standing there, hair dishevelled, wearing some flannelette pyjamas, and looking like a sleepy child.

I waggled my eyebrows as I checked out her pyjamas and she laughed.

“Don’t start on me,” she said. “Madeline’s not here and I was having a lie in and a really lazy morning.”

“So I see,” I said, running my eyes over her pyjamas again and smiling with evil intent.

Sandy grabbed a blanket that was lying on the couch and clutched it to her, smirking.

I sauntered closer and gave the blanket a gentle tug, and şirinevler escort then a firmer one. Sandy was holding tight, her eyes laughing at me.

“You would seem to have ample protection,” I said and then slid my arms around her waist. Not just around her waist, but under the waistband of her pyjamas and lightly cupped her bottom.

“Naughty girl,” I said softly. “No nickers.”

“Stop it,” she hissed at me. “I was in bed.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you have that blanket,” I observed, and she looked at me suspiciously.

“You’ll still be covered,” I said, hooking my thumbs under the waist band and pushing her pyjama bottoms down.

Sandy gave a squeak of horror and I could see her hands clutching the blanket even tighter. I was now stroking her bottom and she couldn’t push me away without letting go of the blanket.

“Stop that,” she hissed at me. “You stop that at once.”

I trailed my hands across her bottom, moving towards the front, my fingertips just lightly touching her.

“No! Don’t you dare,” she wailed as my hands came perilously close to her mons.

I didn’t, but I don’t think that consoled her very much. I took the blanket she was clutching and just casually flipped it up and over her shoulder.

“The trouble with a blanket is that you can only hold one end,” I murmured, while Sandy gave another squeak and let the blanket go, her hands diving down to cover herself.

I caught her hands as they descended and moved them firmly behind her, holding them there in one hand. Then I started undoing the buttons to her top, alternating between highest and lowest until there was only one solitary button in the middle.

I waited until she was looking at me, shaking her head in protest, then I popped the last button and her top parted, revealing all her charms.

“You,” I said warmly, running my hand lightly across her breasts, “are magnificent.”

I stepped back a little and ran my eyes over her nudity, letting her see how much I appreciated it. She was in a bit of a quandary, upset with me for revealing her figure but flattered that I appreciated it.

“I think,” I said carefully, “That we can consider this a win to me.”

Sandy glared but didn’t say anything. I ran my hand lightly over her, just skimming across her flesh, but still managing to brush against her mons and both nipples.

“You know what they say. To the victor go the spoils, and what lovely spoils they are.” This time my hand closed a lot more firmly over her breast.

She knew just what I meant and jumped in immediately.

“If you think I’m going to bed with you just because you pulled down my pyjamas, you can think again.”

“Now, Sandy, you’re being very unfair. I wouldn’t take you to bed for such a paltry reason. I might take you to bed because I want you, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m not taking you to bed right now.”

I waited until she relaxed a little, looking both relieved and irritated that I wasn’t following through. Then I continued.

“I was actually thinking of just bending you over the arm of that nice convenient couch and taking my prize right now. So you have a choice. You can come up with a valid reason why I shouldn’t, fight me off, or succumb to my charms.”

With that I put my hand on Sandy’s back and started easing her towards the couch. She was taking shuffling little steps as her pyjama bottoms were still tangled around her lower legs, hobbling şirinevler elit escort her.

She moved over to the couch, protesting every inch of the way. She pointed out that I had no right to do this, and seemed annoyed when I agreed. Then why am I doing it? Because I want to.

Don’t I realise that no means no? Yes, I did realise that but her saying no was just a knee-jerk reaction. She would have to supple a reason. Did she have any valid reasons? She just glared at me.

“Apparently not,” I said softly. “Are you going to fight me off?”

“You’re bigger than me,” she muttered.

“That’s never prevented you from punching me in the past,” I observed, and got another glare.

Sandy bent over the arm of the couch, turning her head to glare at me.

“You do understand that I’m saying no, don’t you?” she asked, and I nodded.

That seemed to satisfy her. Her official objection was on record. She turned back to completing the positioning of herself over the arm of the couch and promptly ran into a problem. As soon as she tried to move her legs apart she nearly tripped. She said a rude word, turned and propped against the couch while she finished stripping of the pyjama bottoms.

“And the top,” I suggested, and she shook that off, still giving me those angry looks.

“Before you bend over,” I said, “wouldn’t you prefer to just lean back so you can see what you’re going to get?”

“You’re going to have sex with me against my will and you want me to watch and applaud?”

“And possibly make a suggestion or two. It’s been a while. I might have forgotten how.”

Sandy was muttering under her breath but I noticed that she was leaning back instead of bending over. And for all her protests she hadn’t made a single effort to push me away. Now she was waiting, legs parted, breathing hard. Her nipples were nicely peaked and I could see her lips were already puffy, her inner lips pushing out and opening, waiting. Interesting, seeing I hadn’t really done more than brush my fingers lightly against her mound.

I stripped while Sandy watched. She may have been trying to look as though she wasn’t, but watch she most certainly did. Her breathing picked up another notch when my shorts went down and my erection was exposed.

I didn’t just grab her and take her, although my erection was twitching and wanting to get to work. I just stood close, running my hands over her body, warming her up. Warming hell. I was heating her up and we both knew it. The fact that my erection was brushing against her tummy didn’t cool things down very much, either.

She suddenly said something very rude to me, grabbed my cock and pushed it down between her legs, moving the head to the point she wanted. A slight push from Sandy and I was slipping into her, followed by a much more solid push from me that drove me fully home, our bellies slapping together.

It quickly became clear to both of us that I hadn’t forgotten anything. I drove in hard and fast, Sandy pushing urgently against me, meeting me and asking for more. I very quickly pushed her up to where her passion allowed itself free reign, leaving her writhing under me as her hips moved restlessly, eagerly joining with me when I drove home.

With that initial blaze ignited I slowed down a touch, maintaining the fire but stopping it building any higher. It was plain that Sandy appreciated this at first, gleefully taking me into her, letting the excitement ride şirinevler escort her. She didn’t appreciate it quite so much when she found that I was prolonging it past the point she wanted.

Her legs had lifted to wrap around me and she was clinging to me, loving what she had but wanting that little extra that I was denying her. I kept on stalling, the sensations driving me wild as well as her, both of us hovering just below the point of no return.

“Finish it, damn you,” Sandy shrieked at me, almost wailing when I shook my head.

“Why not?” she pleaded.

“Because you’ve been a bad girl,” I told her, “and must be punished.”

She looked horrified. And guilty.

“I don’t know what you mean,” she moaned. “Oh, please.”

“You and my beloved daughter set me up,” I told her, smiling and stroking just a little harder.

“We didn’t. Not really,” she gasped. “She told me you were coming over and I just wondered what would happen.”

That’s what I’d thought. Flannel pyjamas and no undies and no inquisitive daughter in the house and alone with me. Well, she’d found out.

I started driving in harder. Sandy gasped and hurried to meet me, eagerly anticipating her climax. I was going harder than ever now, really driving into her while she babbled and squealed and chased her elusive prize.

She gave a small shriek when she came, followed closely by a groan from me when she tightened convulsively around me, forcing a climax upon me.

I laid Sandy on the couch, dressed and then wired up the TV with the rest of her equipment while waiting for her to get herself back together.

She was sitting up just as I finished. She threw a look at me, one of those ‘now you’re for it’ looks.

“How could you,” she proclaimed. “I said I didn’t want to and you just ignored me.”

I shook my head and sat down next to her.

“Sandy, my love,” I said mournfully. “Some people are slow learners.”

Then I hauled her across my knee and dropped a couple on quick spanks on her bottom. She squealed and wriggled, but it didn’t get her anywhere.

“Do you remember us talking about a setup while we were playing?” I asked.

Sandy shook her head, all dumb innocence. I dropped a couple more firm spanks.

“You don’t remember saying ‘I just wondered what would happen’?”

She groaned. “I didn’t, did I?”

I gave her an affirmation spank and she gave me a little yelp.

“Now do you want to finish this discussion here,” I said, patting her bottom, “or in your room, in your bed?”

She dithered for a moment, then yelped, “In my room,” when she sensed my hand lifting for another spank.

I stood up, holding out my hand. She took it and rose.

“Are you capable of continuing this discussion in my bed?” she jibed in a polite little voice.

“I’m sure I’ll be able to cope,” I said with a sigh, “especially as we probably won’t get to it for several hours. I love my daughter but she picks the damndest times.”

My daughter had just driven up with Becky and Madeline.

“Would you like me to answer the door?” I asked as Sandy looked down at her naked self and then dived desperately for her bedroom and some clothes.

I picked up her pyjamas and stuffed them under the couch and then proceeded to let in the chattering throng. Sandy came out of the bedroom after one of the fastest times she’d ever taken in getting dressed.

Sandy made some coffee for the adults while the girls checked to ensure that the TV worked in all its attributes. I then took my leave and Sandy, perforce, had to walk me to the door.

“I’ll be back to finish our discussion this evening,” I told her.

She chewed on her lip, and gave a little sigh, but didn’t tell me not to bother. It seemed I just might have a very interesting night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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