David Wilde Returns Home Ch. 03

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I was on the edge of waking, in that zone when you knew there was no pressure to get up and go to work or have to do something. Just the pleasant dreamlike semi wakeful state when my mobile rang softly.

I sighed. Just one day of peace, please!

After I had left Jessica’s house I rode home and crashed out on the bed for the afternoon. That tantric stuff was draining. My stomach woke me early evening and I ordered a take out before crashing out again for another twelve hours.

Sunday. I could relax.

I picked up the device making the incessant noise and looked at the display. It was a mobile number I didn’t recognise. Do I answer? Yes, no, yes, no.

Oh, may as well. Probably some bloody marketing call, or wrong number. Well, I’d had sixteen or seventeen hours sleep, most of it straight and uninterrupted.

“Hello?” I queried.

“Hi David!” came the enthusiastic female voice. “It’s Amber!”

“Hi Amber!” my spirits suddenly soared.

“I asked Mr Wilde, err, Mike for your number. I hope you don’t mind?”

“No, no not at all!” I reassured. “How did you do at your competition?”

“Oh, really great, but my pussy was throbbing all morning!” she said matter of factly.

I reach under the covers and squeezed my dick.

“Really?” I said, “Why was that?” baiting her.

“I met this nice guy who banged my brains out and took my virginity,” she said huskily.

“He took your virginity?”

“Yes,” she said firmly.

“But you still got the box it came in don’t you?” I responded, unable to resist the punch line.

She burst out laughing and took a moment to settle down.

“Yes, but it’s empty and lonely now,” she added a little forlornly.

“Oh Amber! I’m so sad for your plight!”

“Hey,” she whispered, “guess what?”

She continued, not waiting for a reply. “When I got home on Friday night I ate your cum out of my panties.”

My cock stiffened dramatically in my fist and I stroked it slowly.

“Go on”, I urged.

“I didn’t want mom to find them full of spunk when she washed them so I licked them clean. It was a yummy late night snack!”

My god! Were all the women in that household carnal addicts? I wondered about her sister.

“Hey Amber, I was thinking of taking the bike out today, seeing it’s nice. Want to come?”

“Oh, wow! That would be so cool! Yeah!”

“You’ll need some proper gear. Meet me at Mike and Lisa’s in thirty minutes. I saw some women’s leathers there when I was looking around for clothes to wear. I’m sure Lisa will be cool about you borrowing them.”

“Ok! See you there!” the enthusiasm in her voice was clear.

I lay there a moment, eyes closed, stroking myself. Images of our coupling on the bike running through my head and her slurping my cum off her panties, the sticky liquid dripping off her lips and chin, smearing on her face.

I sent a text to Mike to tell him I was coming over, then quickly washed and dressed.

When I arrived at the house, Amber was already there. Lisa was picking out stuff and getting Amber to try it on.

“Amber hey?” Mike said to me out of earshot of the girls. “Good pickup! Anything in the future?”

“Crikey Mike, I hardly know the girl!” I retorted. “Anyway, what is she, eighteen? Nineteen? I’m twenty-seven. The age gap might be a little big.”

“She’s a hot little number though,” Mike said admiringly, as we spied her in the room looking at the selection on the bed. “At least I can say I banged the babysitter by proxy!” and slapped me on the back while he burst out laughing.

“Har, de har har,” I responded. “Do you always have sex on the brain?”

“Yup!” he answered.

“Well, back off buddy. That’s my job!” and punched him playfully in the ribs.

“Here she is guys!” Lisa announced.

Amber stepped from behind Lisa dressed in bike gear.

Mike and I gave a simultaneous wolf whistle. Hot! She was incendiary!

She wore a ladies leather jacket that accentuated her already broad shoulders and slim waist. Half unzipped down the front with her long blonde braided ponytail slung across her left shoulder and hanging down between her breasts to her navel.

Kevlar reinforced denims hung off her hips and tucked into knee high leather boots. I wanted to take her right there on the spot. My eyes ran up and down her form as Lisa explained.

“We couldn’t find any suitable leather pants as I’m a bit longer in the legs and more hippy than Amber, so we settled on the Kevlar jeans, which were easier to tuck into the boots.”

Mike chirped up, breaking the spell, “Hey guys, we’ve got hot pancakes and fresh coffee. Want a bite to eat before you head off?”

We sat at the table and ate our fill of the magnificent breakfast Lisa had made. Young Christopher who had been playing in the lounge came up to me.

“Da da!” he babbled, reaching his arms out to me. He then looked at Mike. “Da da?” he said again, quizzically. We laughed and Lisa picked him up.

“Oh, poor baby! You’ve got two da da’s now,” she informed bizimkent escort him.

“Where you off to Dave?” Mike asked.

“I thought about doing the Great Ocean Road.”

“It’ll be nice down there today,” he added. “Probably every man and his bike will be out. You take care. Love to be going with you, but domestics to attend to you know.” He looked at Lisa then winked at me.

We all walked to the bike. I got on it and started it up, the growl of the engine sounding sweet. Amber jumped up and settled behind me on the pillion, hugging close to me.

Waving goodbye we roared out into the morning sunshine, heading for the bridge and the highway to Geelong and the Ocean Road. Traffic was light and we made good time. Once out on our playground I wound the throttle out and ate up the long sweeping curves of one of the best roads in the world.

The wind whistled past, the bitumen leeringly close on the tightest turns. The exhilaration heightened the senses, adrenalin flooding the body, heart beating fast. It was the most fun you could have without taking your pants off. Amber was a perfect pillion. Hugging close to me, head on my shoulder, leaning with the bike. Perfect balance. I hardly knew she was there.

We stopped a little bit outside of Apollo Bay, in an area off the road overlooking the magnificent view of Bass Strait. Amber leapt off the bike deftly and landed sure footed on the ground bringing her arms up and thrusting her chest out, like she had just completed the best gymnastics routine of her life.

I smiled in my helmet shaking my head. Then took it off. She removed hers and immediately sat astride my legs.

“That was incredible!” she gushed. “I’m feeling sooooo horny,” as she ground her groin into mine. “The speed, the turns, the vibration of the engine, what a rush! I’m so wet, you can’t believe!”

I unzipped her jacket and reached in, my hand closing around a firm breast through her tee shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. A very erect nipple bore into my palm through the thin material.

She moaned softly and kissed me, our mouths opening and tongues playing over each other.

“Take me, please!” she pleaded as we broke our kiss.

I looked around. Cars and bikes zoomed past. This was a bit too public.

I motioned her up and led her by the hand through the bushes and down a slight slope towards the sea. A small grassy clearing shielded by scrub on all sides but the seaward one. It looked perfect.

I lay down on the ground, propped up on my elbows. Amber stood astride me and removed her jacket and tee. Her breasts bounced freely, defying gravity, long nipples stiffened in contact with the cooler sea breeze. She sat astride my hips, unzipping my jacket and ran her hands up under my tee shirt massaging my chest. I returned the favour cupping a delicious firm tit in each hand, pulling and rolling the nipples, massaging the soft flesh.

She groaned and ground her crotch into mine. Eyes closed head thrown back, long ponytail hanging off to one side.

My cock stiffened with the sensations of her breasts in my hands and crotch pressing into me.

“Mmmmmmm,” she hummed. “I think something needs to be released,” and smiled broadly with beautiful white even teeth sparkling in the light, green eyes fixed on mine. She wiggled down and sat just above my knees, pulling the zipper to my leathers down. Busy hands worked at the buckle on my jeans belt. Freeing me of the restrictions, she pulled both pants down my legs, and then removing my boots before taking the garments off me completely.

“Ouch!” I cried, “This grass is sharp!” as pinpricks poked into my delicate behind.

Amber giggled and handed me the trousers, which I quickly placed under me.

“Now, where were we?” I enquired.

“I believe I was going to suck your cock,” she replied. “I want to taste your juice direct from the source!” and then grasped my thick member in both hands and enveloped the knob in her velvety warm mouth.

“Ahhhhhh!” I groaned loudly as her tongue swirled over the sensitive glans. I spread my legs and she settled kneeling between them.

I looked down at the sight. One hand was massaging my tightening testicles and the other was slowly stroking my shaft up and down while she plunged her mouth down over the knob. Saliva drooled out, coating my cock and running down to my balls. Her perky breasts hung firmly down, nipples long and erect.

Pressure started to build as she worked harder on my knob, pushing more and more of me into her throat. She gagged a little each time, but managed to force half my length into her sucking orifice. Her mouth distended around my girth, lips stretched taut.

Grasping her head I pulled it hard down onto me. Her throat opened a little more, the muscles of it tightening around the tip. She gagged slightly and I eased up my grip, allowing her to recover before forcing her down again. This time she didn’t gag and I felt her throat working over half my knob, tongue stroking the thick tube running bostancı escort on the underside of my cock.

She released my balls and slid a finger down over my perineum and probed my anus. Sliding the tip of her finger around it then inserting it part way in and wiggling it, massaging the super sensitive sphincter muscle.

I groaned loudly, thrusting my hips up and pulling her head hard onto me. Muscles deep in my groin spasmed and I felt a surge of fluid shoot up my shaft and explode out of the bloated head of my cock, splashing into Amber’s tightly gripping throat.

My cock throbbed in orgasm, spasming as she swallowed my hot load, each contraction of her throat causing more cum to jet into her mouth.

Spent, I collapsed back down. Her finger withdrew from my anus and she kept my cock in her mouth slowly jacking the shaft and sucking the last of my semen out.

I bent my neck and looked at her. She looked back as she continued, large green eyes locked onto mine.

“Fuck Amber!” I panted. “That was amazing! Where’d you learn that?”

She released me from her mouth, still grasping my turgid member in her small hand.

“Alex gave me some tips.” she replied.

“Who’s Alex?” I asked.

“My sister, Aleksandra.”

My head fell back. Fuck! The image of her in the photo floated through my mind

“I asked her last night about deep throating a big cock. She showed me another way we can try later if you like?” she said teasingly.

“Does she know you lost your virginity?” I asked.

“She knows I was walking kinda funny when I got home Friday night,” she chuckled.

Her tongue flicked out to catch a drip of sperm that had eased out of the hole in my cock.

“I love the taste of your cum! When you spurted in my throat I almost came myself!”

She waited a moment then continued, “She figured it out pretty quick and congratulated me with a big sisterly hug. She asked all kinds of questions. I think she wanted to make sure I was alright. She does look after me. She wants to meet you, to see that you’re not like my other boyfriends.”

Her mouth again lowered and surrounded my glans, gently tonguing it.

I groaned, as much about the feel of her mouth as meeting her sister.

“Easy honey, it’s still a little sensitive.” I said softly. She grinned around my cock head, looking me in the eyes as she grazed her teeth so lightly over my flesh.

“Amber, take your pants off and bring your sweet pussy over here,” I pointed to my mouth.

She jumped up and quickly removed her boots and pants, slipping off her panty thong sexily for me before moving back.

“Wait!” I called. “Put your boots back on!”

She grinned and slipped the knee-high boots back over her legs.

“Just stand over me,” I ordered.

She stood over my knees, legs parted.

The sight was unbelievable. My cock stirred despite its recent workout. The sun came in over her left shoulder, casting a slight shadow over her front. Her breasts rose and fell slightly with her breathing. The curve of her hips and waist formed in the perfect ratio of proportion. Her flat belly sweeping to end in her pubic mound standing out from her groin.

Her labia were swollen; outer lips parted leaving her luscious inner lips protruding out erotically, beautifully silhouetted against the sky beyond. A stream of liquid ran from her pussy half way down each thigh. I wish I’d had my camera with me.

I motioned with my finger and she moved forward and sank to her knees, quivering labia hovering over my mouth. Grasping her tight buttocks I pulled her sex to my mouth, taking her inner labia between my lips, reaching out with my tongue to stroke the weeping hole beneath.

She shivered above me and rotated her hips, fingers entwining in my hair. A deep sigh escaped her lips and she threw her head back. I looked up her body over her pubic mound. Her back was arched, stomach hollowing out causing her ribcage to outline sharply under her flesh. Her small round breasts wobbled on her chest.

She arched further back causing her ponytail to writhe against my belly, tickling it and brushing over my growing penis.

I sucked her inner lips all the way into my warm mouth and spread them out on my palate, flattening my tongue and stroking all the way up the cleft, massaging the delicate skin.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed. “That is sooooo nice!”

I kept up the assault and moved a middle finger around underneath her buttocks and circled the tip of it on her pussy hole, pushing the entrance apart wide with the motion. She was incredibly slick. A stream of her honey ran out coating my finger, into my palm and down my forearm.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh!” she grunted above me, her breath becoming ragged.

I held her buttocks tightly as I lashed her labia deep in my mouth. Moving my tongue further up I sucked her clit and pressing it up against my upper palate rubbed it strongly with my tongue.

A low wail escaped from her mouth, growing in volume and her strong büyükçekmece escort thighs tightened around my head. Sensing her impending climax, I slid my middle finger full into her sopping tight hole and rubbed the front wall of her vagina.

Every muscle in her body tensed, paralysing her in a figure of orgasmic ecstasy mounted on my face.

Suddenly they released and shudders wracked her body as her orgasm broke from the depths of her being.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” a wail issued from deep in her chest and she ground down on my mouth with such ferocity I had no room to breath anymore.

A flood of pussy cum drenched my hand, running down my arm and dripping onto the grass beneath.

As quickly as she had climaxed it stopped and she pulled up releasing her sex from my mouth and fingers. She slumped backwards; lying on my body, head lolling between my legs my cock pressed against her back. She gasped for breath.

Her pussy was directly in front of my face and I poked my tongue out and flicked her anus.

“Ahhhhh!” she hissed.

I licked again, this time teasing the sensitive entrance and then sliding the tip into her still throbbing pussy hole, licking the juice that leaked out.

“Oh, fuck! You are so bad!” she gasped.

I renewed my assault, this time sucking the area between her pussy and anal hole, dipping my tongue tip to penetrate her anus. Her tight hole twitched and gripped my tongue as I worked it in and out.

“Oh SHIT! Stop! STOP! Too much! She cried and pulled her hips back.

She sat up on my chest. I looked up at her and grinned.

“You are so nasty! You were fucking my ass with your tongue!” she said with amazement.

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“It was unbelievable! I’ve never ever felt anything like it!”

“Want more?”

“Not right now. I want that fat sausage to stretch my little pussy till fills me with hot spunk again!”

With that she backed up off her knees and squatted over my erect cock, placing the bulging head at her very moist hole. Her labia dangled between her legs and she rubbed the glans over her pussy hole and up her slit causing the labia to drape themselves over my knob.

It was one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen. She moved my cock higher, so the underside rubbed across her exposed clit, still peeking out of its hood from my recent sucking.

She repeated the movement half a dozen times, moaning deeper with each pass over her clitoris. Then with a sudden motion, squatted down forcing the bloated head of my cock into her incredibly tight pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” she threw her head back and squeezed her cunt around me.

“Oh fuck! Amber!” I cried, bucking my hips up, sliding a few more inches into her tunnel. Balanced only on her feet she slowly lowered herself, inch by inch as I thrust up and down, till finally at the highest stroke my cock touched the end of her vagina. She held still, forcing me to thrust up fully if I wanted the deepest penetration.

He eyes were closed as we fucked. Hands holding her knees wide apart, firm young breasts thrust out from her chest.

I gripped her boot-shod legs at the ankles and drove my straining member into her. I was loosing steam, the prolonged effort draining my strength. Sensing this she suddenly dropped her full weight onto my erection as I pulled down, embedding myself impossibly deep inside of her body.

Clutching her breasts Amber rapidly rocked her hips backwards and forwards on my pole, the muscles all along the length of her pussy flexing around my throbbing shaft.

With a cry she held still, pussy spasming, the end of her vagina pulsing on my glans. The head of my cock expanded beyond all belief and then exploded as my hot semen flooded her. The world went dark as my whole being centred on my throbbing shaft jetting gobs of cum against her cervix, coating her tight tunnel with my sex fluids.

Gradually the world returned. I looked up at sweet Amber. She was breathing hard, staring into space, glassy eyed. Her vagina was randomly contracting around my shaft, eliciting small spasms from me as she milked the sensitive glans of the last of its load.

I stroked her thigh gently and she suddenly snapped back into this world. A huge grin spread across her angelic face and with her hands on her knees pushed herself up, deliberately tightening her pussy on my withdrawing shaft. My cock left her warm recess with a plop and she stood above me looking directly into my eyes.

As she did a huge glob of our combined cum dripped out of her sodden cunt landing on my softening cock. It was quickly followed by another that formed a sticky string hanging from her open hole to her knees. It hung there for what seemed an eternity before breaking loose and landing on my stomach.

A hand snaked down her belly and two fingers dug deep into her snatch, pulling out another load. The glistening fingers went into her mouth, sucking them clean. All the while her eyes never left mine.

We continued with eyes locked on one another as she clean her pussy of our juices. Finally she knelt over me, hands placed either side of my head.

“I thought I had died and gone to heaven,” she said softy, looking deeply into my eyes.

I stroked her cheek lightly.

“Perhaps you had,” I replied. “Maybe you’ve been sent back for more punishment.”

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