Crash and Burn

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One eye open. The ceiling looks unfamiliar. Panels and a ceiling fan, which moves slowly and sways a little from side to side. She struggles to open the other eye but it’s heavy, as is her head. The room is semi-dark, but she can make out the shape of a window across from her as she manages to raise her head slightly from the pillow. She lies back again, feeling confused, without a sense of time or place. She hears a voice say “Here, drink this,” and becomes conscious of a warm liquid being offered to her from a china mug. She swallows, tasting tea as it slips down her throat, feels a hand on her forehead and drifts back into sleep again.

It’s dark now, and she wakes again. Manages to get both eyes open and lift her head more this time, but the room is a blur, she can detect shapes which are becoming clearer as her eyes accustom themselves to the gloom. She thinks she hears breathing, but she’s not sure…is it the wind? Where is she? In hospital? Her head hurts, but her body is free of pain, still it feels constrained and she isn’t sure why. She hears footsteps, she can’t see but she can feel the presence of someone in the room with her. Somehow she can’t stay awake and drifts off again.

She dreams. Driving along the wet road, off to…where? To visit her friend, yes, she remembers now. She has a vision of the car sliding sideways, a sickening crash and blackness following, then a voice…reaching out to her, a sense of moving, being carried, but then she wakes…

With a start this time. She sits bolt upright. It’s morning. She is able to move and the heaviness in her head has cleared. She feels an urge to pee, throws the covers off.

Holy shit! Where are my clothes? She thinks, she sees that she is dressed only in the camisole and knickers she put on…yesterday? Why can’t she remember? And what is she doing here?

She sits back down, not knowing what to do.

She looks around the room, it’s what seems to be a motel room. One bed, a chest of drawers, a mirror, a chair in each corner. Garishly decorated in tan and orange. There’s a print on one wall, and the other has a door which leads to what appears to be the bathroom.

She heads for the bathroom, pulls down her knickers and begins to pee, feeling completely disorientated. She hears a key turn in the lock, gets up with a start, stumbles into the other room.

There’s a man standing there, paper bag in arms, looking at her. “Oh god I am sorry, I thought you would be asleep for hours,” he says. “You must be wondering what’s going on?”

He proceeds to tell her he found her car driven off the road, in the rain. Night before last. He brought her here because she seemed ok, maybe a bit of concussion but otherwise ok. He gave her painkillers, he has some first aid training, he knew what to do. Brought her here to rest, looked for her phone to call someone but it must have been lost, or maybe she didn’t have one?

“Anyway now you’re better we can take care of that,” he says.

“God. Thanks so much.I had no idea where I was!”

“I know, you were out to it. Are you ok? How’s your head? Can I make you something?” he asks and she agrees to a coffee.

“I feel ok, a bit woozy but otherwise fine. Can’t believe I did that,” she answers.

“Phew,” he says “I haven’t slept since I found you, I was too worried to leave you even to shower,” he says. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yeah I actually feel fine. I’m surprised myself really,” she says, amazed at how much better she feels since the last time she tried to wake.

She watches him as he makes the coffee. She judges him to be about her age, somewhere in his late thirties, he’s tall, over 6 foot, but then at her just-over-5 foot height everyone seems tall. He looks dishevelled, his dark, grey streaked beylikdüzü otele gelen escort hair is a wreck, he hasn’t shaved, and his clothes are crumpled. But his eyes draw her in. Light grey, with a corona of black,intense, unblinking. She is transfixed by them. He looks so familiar to her, she is having some recollection of seeing his face in her half awake state, his hands touching her as he undressed her carefully, his voice in her ear. She feels a strange sensation of falling going through her as she looks at his eyes, and an odd weakness run down to her belly. He doesn’t speak as he makes the coffee, just hands it to her silently. She fixes his gaze as he does so.

His hand brushes hers as she takes it, and she feels how soft and warm it is. She’s groggy but his attractiveness hasn’t gone unnoticed to her. They sit in a chair each facing each other. She’s almost forgotten her state of semi undress, the silky and see through cami she knows must be showing everything, the brief panties she’s wearing must be showing her pubic hair. She knows given the circumstances she shouldn’t even be thinking about this, but she can’t help herself, she feels a current of something tangible running between them. She thinks of covering herself. But then he might have looked while she was out to it, mightn’t he? So what does that matter? She’s enjoying the silence, knows she should get dressed and go and make some calls, but for some reason finds herself fixed to the spot, watching him, as he watches her.

She leans back in her chair, pulling her arms back slightly, knowing how this will stretch the satin of her camisole tightly across her breasts. It’s a bit cold in the room and she can feel her nipples pressing against the fabric. He’s been looking at her face, but she sees his gaze move downwards to her breasts for a moment, then catches himself and looks away. She watches him, and his eyes move to hers again, then flicker down to her breasts, this time with a look of desire noticeable in his expression.

A surge of pleasure goes through her as she sees him looking.

“You should probably, you know, get dressed and call someone,” he says. Jolts her back into reality. “And I should have a shower, I must stink.”

“No, you don’t,” she says too quickly.

“I must, I feel as manky as anything,” he says.

“Anyway, yeah, course I should call someone. I need to call my friend, she’ll be worried…and find out where my car’s gone,” she says absently, still looking at him.

“Look, I am going to shower, then I can drive you into town if you like,” he says.

As they stand she sees that he’s trying to hide an erection, he looks embarrassed when he sees her notice. He stops for a moment in front of her, reaches a hand up to push her hair back, opens his mouth to say something but then turns, heads for the bathroom.

She’s restless waiting for him to finish. She knows she should be getting dressed, but she can’t seem to make herself. She is listening to the running water of the shower, and wondering what he looks like in there. She gets up, feels a bit unsteady but her body propels her, she ignores any unsteadiness.

She can’t resist, she goes to the bathroom door and pushes it open a crack. The shower screen is cheap glass, see through, but the room is full of steam. She feels like a voyeur and is about to close the door again when through the steam and the door she makes out the shape of his body. She can’t drag her eyes away, and feels a surge of warmth run to her pussy. She is gawking at him now. He is totally lost in the sensations of the hot water, doesn’t notice her, soaping himself with his eyes closed, his large hands running over his body, which is muscular but spare, dark beylikdüzü rus escort sworls of hair on his chest receding into a V down his flat and well muscled belly. Her eyes travel down further as she sees his cock, fully erect, through the steam.

His hands are still soaping his body and one moves down to encircle his cock, underneath to soap his balls gently and slowly. She has never watched a man like this before, but feels her pussy contract and moisten as she watches. He grips his cock for a moment, obviously enjoying the sensations, his eyes closed the whole time, oblivious to her eager eyes taking in the scene.

She feels her nipples harden as his hand runs across his, feels a hot rush of sensation as his free hand moves up his pliant, wet, tanned skin, as if his hand is on her skin. Watches as his hand once again travels to his cock, as her own hand travels to her pussy and she plunges a finger inside.

Her pussy is hot and as wet as the rivulets of water running down his body. Her mouth is dry, she feels dizzy, from arousal this time and not the bump on her head. She drifts again for a moment, etches the image of the beauty in front of her into her brain for a moment, then closes her eyes, until she hears the water stop. She jumps, shuts the door abruptly and rushes back to the bedroom where her clothes are.

He comes out, a towel wrapped round his waist. She’s standing there staring at his body, she can see his still hard cock pushing the folds of the towel. Can he want her as she wants him now? She has to take a chance here.

“Lie down” she says, marvelling at the authority in her voice.

“What?” he begins. “But you’re not well, you should be the one lying down,” he looks puzzled. “I want you to lie down” she says again, and this time he doesn’t question it, and in a confused state lies down on the bed, still wet and clad in the towel.

Looking at him stretched out semi naked and deliciously damp makes her pussy swell, her labia becoming fatter and hotter, her clitoris hardening. She feels a trickle of dampness run down her leg.

“Close your eyes” she says, tracing her finger inside her pussy and inserting it into his mouth. He sucks her finger, drawing it deeply inside his mouth. “But,” he starts and she just draws her finger from his mouth and puts it against his lips in a “ssshhh” motion.

She takes her camisole off with one hand. hearing him gasp as her breasts fall free, seeing him raise a hand to hold one. She allows him to do so for a moment, feeling the warmth and dampness of his skin on hers, enjoying the sensation against her erect nipple, then takes both his hands and ties them above his head with the satiny camisole. He moans softly as she does so.

“You are beautiful,” she says “Let me have all of you,” not believing she is even up to this but her body is telling her to have him, she can’t stop herself, and he nods, his body shaking, as she lowers her pussy onto his face, straddling him with her thighs. His tongue pushes against the sodden fabric of her undies. The crotch of them is soft and yielding, and she knows he can feel the heat and wetness of her pussy behind the fabric. His tongue pushes them aside, darting hard inside her open pussy. His hands are straining to reach her but she holds them restrained in their satin shackle, riding his face. She moves one hand down struggling to pull off her underwear. His mouth now totally engulfs her pussy, his tongue exploring her inner lips and thrusting inside her as she grinds her pubic bone and downy hair against his face.

He’s frantically sucking at her pussy biting and sucking her clitoris, pushing back the hood and sucking it harder and harder, now and then moving down to fuck her pussy with beylikdüzü türbanlı escort his tongue, then moving back to her clit. She can’t hold on any longer, cums and cums against his frantic mouth, feeling wave upon wave of pleasure go through her entire being.

She wants his cock which by now has fallen free of the towel, inside her, lifts herself off his face which is wet and shiny with her juices, holds his hands still and plunges her sopping pussy down onto his raging hardon. He is straining to touch her body as she rides his cock hard, her breasts dangling heavily in his face, her nipples grazing his tongue as it darts out to catch them. His cock is buried deep inside her, she fucks him harder and rides him, using his hot hard flesh to feel ecstatic pleasure…until his hands break free of their bonds.

He pushes her off him, flips her over and slides her cock into her from behind. He groans, she hears her own moans of pleasure at feeling her pussy filled with his beautiful cock. He slides into her hard and deep, her nipples rubbing against the sheets, his balls banging against her, squeezing her ass, fucking her harder now, slapping her ass as she urges him harder, faster….she rubs her clit as his movements are more frantic, reaches round to grab his balls just in time to feel him cum, with a growl as he collapses against her in ecstasy.

He withdraws from her, and she feels him tie her hands together with the same camisole. Feels a rush of pleasure again.

His mouth is at her ear.

“Your turn.” he breathes.

He lays her down on her side, her hands behind her back. He lies down behind her, spooning her, his body against hers, and she feels his warmth and still hard and wet cock against her. Gently he reaches around and holds her breasts in both hands, stimulating her nipples and kissing her hair, her neck, stopping to suck and bite her there. Her bound hands can move enough to reach behind her and find his cock, she caresses it lightly and hears him moan as she does.

Sliding along the crack of her bum, he reaches one finger behind her and pushes it inside her arse hole. She moans as he slides it in gently at first, and begins moving it in and out of her. His cock nudges her labia, sliding up and down its slick wetness, teasing her, she can’t move her hands, they’re against his body as he slowly slides his cock into her pussy from behind, finger fucking her arse in unison with his thrusts.

His mouth latches onto her neck and sucks, one hand pinches and tweaks her nipple, as he fucks her deep and hard, her soft bum pushing against his pelvis, her arms stretched behind her, feeling every inch of him sliding in and out of her soaking pussy, loving his mouth on her neck, loving being held captive by him, the sheer pleasure of his body running through her.

His free hand moves around in front of her body to rub her clit, pinching it between his fingers in time with the pinching and rolling of her nipple. She pushes against him as he’s fucking her harder now, rubbing her clit and playing with her hard nipple. She hears him gasp as he continues to suck and kiss her neck, his cock hard and bulbous inside her wet and open pussy, his hand grinding into her mound, feeling her orgasm build another time it’s taking her over, she feels the wave coming again, he’s fucking her harder and faster now building the tension her arms still behind her feeling his body tense, shudder and release, feels the pulse of his cock against her most sensitive skin and cum inside her, pulsing and pumping as her own orgasm takes her over with wave after wave of sheer pleasure.

He unties her hands. She turns towards him and wraps her body around his, nuzzling into him and feeling him stroke her hair as she dozes. She knows time has passed, doesn’t think of the outside world and the responsibilities that await her.

She sleeps, as does he. Hears his soft breathing. She wakes later in the darkness, only she and he exist now, the noise of passing cars and footsteps outside receding. In the darkness she leans over, kisses his face, opens his lips with her tongue.

Knows her journey ends here, with him.

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