Coworker Ch. 01

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Lisa and I had been working together for about 3 years, and we had always been friendly with each other. I was well aware that she was engaged, yet we still shared in harmless flirtation and joking around in the office. Recently, however, it had become more than that for me, and I became obsessed with Lisa and her sexy body.

Let me first describe Lisa so your dick can get as hard as mine as I write this. She is a tiny girl, maybe 5’3”, with smallish but above average sized tits for her frame. Because of her Latin background, she has jet black hair, and of course a perfect shapely ass. The tight outfits she wears at work accentuate her tight ass and usually show off her ample cleavage. As for myself, I am 6′, brow hair and eyes, and a 7 inch cock thick enough to fill Lisa up real nice.

As I was saying, in the past few weeks when Lisa would visit my desk, I couldn’t help but stare at her perky tits peeking through her flimsy shirts, and I would never miss the parting shot of that gorgeous ass on her way out. Her visits were usually to tell me about her gym workouts and how her stomach is getting firm. She would always show me and have me feel the area in question to confirm.

Recently, I would have to untuck my shirt to hide my erections when she stopped by, because her body made me want to cum right there. There were a few instances when I knew I was caught gazing at her nipples poking through her shirts and I had a feeling she was checking out my ankara escort crotch after catching me. On the days when Lisa decided to wear a skirt, forget it, I prayed she would not come by that day because her skirts left little to the imagination, and my dick turned to steel dreaming of what her panties may look like underneath.

When the company email came around that there was a corporate happy hour that Friday night, Lisa swung by to make sure I was going, and that it would be a lot of fun. Friday came and we hit up the local bar, which had a dance floor and all types of music playing. A few drinks in, Lisa confided in me that her fiancé was being a jerk lately, and that she thinks he is cheating on her. I tried to console her, but the alcohol was doing a better job than me. A hit song came on, and Lisa dragged me onto the dance floor. It started out very casual and friendly but soon Lisa turned around and began grinding that tight Latin ass into my crotch. I held her waist and she continued to rock back and forth as my cock swelled up. I was scared to death as there were other coworkers around and I didn’t want them to see me in this state. I begged Lisa to stop and to turn around and dance like normal, and when she did, she looked down between us and saw my stiff wood poking out toward her.

My eyes scanned upward from my erection to her flat stomach to her tits bursting through her extra small top, to her eyes. Her eyes were dark and mysterious, and escort ankara I did not know what to do, until Lisa decided for me, grabbing my arm and leading us out to her car. My cock kept getting bigger and bigger and Lisa now grabbed it through my pants and led me into her backseat. She rubbed it until it was so painful and then she unbuckled my pants and slid them down. I wanted to resist, and remind her that she was engaged, but my dick suddenly was engulfed by her hot mouth, and all I could do was moan. She slid my thick head into her tiny mouth and little by little slid down over my shaft, slurping me like a lollipop. She looked incredibly sexy and I would not last long so I pushed her head away and slipped her tight top over her head, exposing a silky black bra. I buried my tongue between her tit valley and caressed her sexy tits through her bra while she wrapped her legs around my body.

My fat cock pressed into her mid section as I freed her tits and playfully sucked each nipple until they stuck out like erasers. Lisa was so turned on, I could tell by her moans and I could smell her arousal. I helped her slide off her black pants and was not overly surprised to find her without underwear. What I was surprised to see was the mass of cunt hair between her legs. I had an idea that she may be hairy based on the black arm hairs and dark complexion, but I had no idea that she would have such a sexy forest of hair covering her pussy. The smell of her cunt was ankara escort bayan driving me nuts but I knew there was no time to taste her since the other workers would leave soon. Lisa grabbed my dick and guided it into her snatch, and because she was so fucking wet and slimy down there, I went right in, filling her small body up good. She yelled out, and I left my dick like that for a moment while she oozed juices in pleasure all over my balls. Then I went to town, ramming her tight pussy over and over, as fast as I could, so fast that Lisa had no time to yell or moan, just hold on tight while she was fucked hard.

I felt her orgasm approaching and I knew I would explode soon so I began to pull out of her sweet pussy, but she gripped my cock with her fist and kept me inside her as we came together, her juicy girl cum splashing out all over the place, and my man cream shooting deep inside her Latin cunt. My cock would not deflate afterwards, and I continued to bang away after I came, forcing Lisa to again convulse and spew her juices onto my heavy balls. By now I was shot, and I passed out next to her on the seat.

Just then, the door to the bar opened and my fellow co workers began to pour out into the parking lot. I glanced at Lisa who’s perky tits were heaving and dripping sweat, and her black forest of pussy was sticky and gooey. I then looked down at myself and saw a still hard cock. I thought for sure we were fucked but at the last second Lisa found her beach blanket in the backseat and covered us both. The workers all left and Lisa drove me home, but not before cleaning off my thick cock and balls with her tongue. As I walked to my door, I wondered what Monday morning would bring.

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