Couples Camp Ch. 17

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Brad was in the shower when Brooke finally woke up from her afternoon nap, the late day sun shining through the curtains casting a warm orange glow. He was rinsing the suds from his hair when he was startled by her touch. Brooke had stealthily slid into the shower behind him pushing her way into the refreshing stream of water. Brad jumped when he felt her hand brush his still sore bottom.

“Did I scare you sweetie?” Brooke laughed.

“I didn’t know you were up, I hope I didn’t wake you.” Brad responded.

“Oh that’s ok baby, I needed to get up and get ready anyway.”

Those words get ready, echoed in Brad’s thoughts, as he tried to imagine what they meant. Brooke wrapped her arms around Brad as she slid in front of him stealing his place alone under the falling water. They had taken a shower together a few times over the course of their relationship but something about this was different. More erotic maybe, maybe it was the fact they were both in better physical shape then they had been before, but her body felt different to him. The water dripped off her breasts as she pressed them against his chest, playfully rubbing her nipples across his. They seemed larger maybe, or maybe it was just her attitude about her body. Brooke had become much more confident in her body and she had no problem sharing it either. Perhaps it was just the way she carried herself or maybe it was just the way Brad received her, either way the result was definitely a much more arousing time for all.

Brooke grabbed Brad’s red ass in both her hands as she pressed her wet lips to his, plunging her tongue into his mouth passionately kissing him. Brad responded in kind softly rubbing her dripping ass as he returned the feelings. The two rubbed each other’s wet bodies against one another as they stood passionately kissing under the running water, until Brooke eventually broke her grip.

“Can you give me a few minutes baby? I really need to clean up and get ready or I’ll be late.”

“Late, for what?” Brad questioned, not completely sure he wanted to hear the answer.

“Oh, it’s a surprise, a big surprise.” She answered with a wicked smirk.

Something about the way she said it, scared Brad. He wasn’t sure what kind of surprise she meant but it didn’t seem like it was anything good to him.

“Um ok,” Brad hesitantly responded as he slid the shower door open.

“I will tell you about it at dinner. Ok? But I really need to hurry or I’ll be late for my appointment. So you’ll just have to meet me there.

Brad slid the shower door closed and pulled one of the white towels down from the bar on the wall rubbing it through his hair, as he loudly responded.

“Ok I’ll see you at dinner then.” He said trying to be heard over the running water.

Brad wrapped the fluffy white towel around his waist as he finished getting ready for his evening. As he brushed his teeth and hair, he thought about Brooke’s words. She said appointment; she must have another spa appointment he thought, setting his mind at ease. There was still the issue of her surprise, and that he was a little more uneasy about.

Brooke was still in the shower letting the water sooth her ravaged body, as Brad finished sliding on his dinner clothes. There was only a few hours until dinner and he too was in a little bit of a hurry, but didn’t want to let on to Brooke. Brad slapped on some cologne and slid back out of the bathroom leaving Brooke alone.

“I’ll see you at dinner.” He yelled out as he finished tying his shoes and headed out the door.

Brad had thought about it for years, but had always talked him-self out of it, for one reason or another. He was committed now though and wanted to do it right. He mindlessly revealed his desire to marry Brooke while they lay together drifting off, but he wanted to do it the right way this time. The timing seemed perfect. Tonight at dinner he would officially ask her to marry him.

The last three weeks had taught him so much about him-self and Brooke alike. He had come to realize how much he loved her. Not the kind of love you have for someone you find attractive, or the kind of love you feel for someone you’re comfortable around, but the kind of love you have for someone you can’t imagine ever being without. He had learned to live with the fact she had a sexual awakening, yet she still seemed to rely on him. The fact she said she loved him was enough for him to devote him-self to her completely. If it meant watching her with other men at times, so be it.

Brad felt a blanket of excitement surround him as he walked towards the shops, making use the free time he had while Brooke was off at her spa, he would use the time to pick out the perfect engagement ring. The walk to the jewelry store felt like the culmination of years of dreams. The fact was, it wouldn’t be much longer they would only be boyfriend and girlfriend, soon they would be fiancés and not long after husband and wife.

Brad swung the door open entering the jewelry store. ankara escort The same jewelry story he had helped pick out earrings in for Brooke’s date with Logan, only this time it was to pick out the perfect ring to impress the love of his life. The woman working behind the counter was extremely helpful, taking out different rings and showing Brad the benefits of each. Brad looked at each with a thoughtful eye, doing his best to pick something he thought Brooke would like, before finally deciding on one.

“That’s an amazing choice sir.” The sales lady said, congratulating Brad on his choice.

The engagement ring was a one and a half carat diamond ring with a large center stone set in white gold. The center stone was a beautiful radiant cut diamond that was surrounded by a row of smaller stones, trailing off down the band forming a figure eight on either side. The price tag was everything he had saved in the bank ten thousand dollars, but she was worth every penny.

Brad couldn’t help but think how odd it was hearing him-self referred to as sir. For the last three weeks everyone had referred to him as Ten, except for those few times when Brooke fondly called him babe, or sweetie. It felt good, knowing he was once and for all going to make Brooke his. He had put it off long enough, but now it was time. It took a few hours to pick out the ring and fill out the paperwork, but it was all worth it. The helpful associate put the ring in a small velvet box and handed it to Brad for safe travel.

“I wish you luck sir, hope she says yes.” She said handing the small grey box to Brad.

Brad was taken aback by her revelation. The thought Brooke could say anything other than yes hadn’t even crossed his mind, but she was right. Brooke might not say yes. Maybe she would decide to continue her promiscuity without him. The voices in his head started to argue as he debated the likelihood of her choice. Would she chose to spend her life with him or was the idea of a life of marriage something she no longer desired? Brad had already resolved him-self to except her ongoing activities but the idea she might say no had never crossed his mind.

“Uh, yeah, thank you.” Brad called back as he left the store.

The afternoon sun was quickly falling, almost behind the first tree top when Brad left the jewelry store, still with over an hour to spare before dinner. He decided to take a short stroll around the stores to waste time, as he tried to divert his attention, and quite the voices in his head, when the tornado of emotions swept him up.

As the door to the jewelry store closed behind him the door to the tattoo shop opened. The sun reflecting off the glass door caught his eye, alerting him to the couple exiting. It was Brooke and Nick. Brad was shocked to see her there. He thought she was at the spa perhaps out swimming in the lake but he never expected she was at the tattoo parlor, with Nick no less.

Nick was guiding her with his hand on her back, but obviously trying to avoid going too low. She must have finished her tattoo today. She got Nick’s name on her. She was now the personal property of Nick. Brad was crushed. The love he felt for her was undeniable, and the words out of her mouth confirming she felt the same, but now she had his name on her forever. Brad questioned everything he had envisioned in his future with her now. How could she get his name tattooed on her if she truly loved him? Brad thought as he watched them walk off down the path.

Brad found him-self once again questioning everything as he unconsciously followed the couple from a distance. It wasn’t long before they had worked their way along the path and up a set of stone stairs leading up the hill. Brad followed up the steps desperately wanting to know how Brooke could have chosen to permanently put Nick’s name on her. The odd emotions danced around in Brad’s head like a weird Russian circus. For some reason the idea of her having another man’s mark on her was worse than the idea of her having sex with them. Maybe it was the permanence of it, he thought. When she is having sex with them it’s temporary, but a tattoo is forever. Brad continued up the stairs, peaking over the top to see where they had gone.

There was a clearing a few hundred feet down the path with a large timbered pavilion Brad had never seen before. The large timbered structure was highlighted with natural rock accents to the thick poles that held up the shingled roof. The open pole design allowed for a good view inside where there were a few couches and chairs scattered around, creating seating areas. On the far side of the structure was the only solid wall, built from the same rocks that surrounded the lake. The massive rock wall had a built in fireplace in it flanked on either side by stacks of firewood.

To Brad’s surprise Brooke and Nick weren’t alone. Dr. Kim was standing there waiting as the two approached with a smile on her face. Brad was too far away to hear what they were saying, and fearing he would be escort ankara spotted didn’t want to get too close. Brad cautiously climbed the last few steps before slipping behind one of the large trees along the approaching path, trying his best to hide while spying on the trio.

It appeared that Kim was congratulating Brooke on her newly finished tattoo as Nick gingerly pulled down the waistband on Brooke’s skirt. Brad felt the anger growing as he watched Kim’s excitement over Brooke’s new artwork. He just couldn’t believe she had gotten Nick’s name on her forever. Brad thought if he got her commitment tonight at dinner that spot on her would be his not Nick’s, and the pain he felt the first time he saw her with Nick just flooded back. Brad thought he had gotten over that kind of reaction. He had convinced him-self her sleeping with other men was only sex and the love they shared was special, but now he wasn’t so certain.

Brad watched from his hiding spot as Kim spun Brooke around planting a congratulatory kiss on her lips. Brooke responded by reaching up and running her hands through Kim’s hair as she pulled her in closer to return the favor. The two woman stood there passionately kissing as Nick backed away taking a seat on one of the rustic pine log chairs.

Brooke and Kim made out like long lost lovers exploring one another with their hands as they locked lips. Careful not to touch her recently scribed skin, Kim gently slid her hands into the waistband of Brooke’s sheer white skirt. Dr. Kim wasted no time and within a few minutes had Brooke standing completely naked for all of nature to see.

Nick watched as Kim worked her skillful hands across Brooke’s gorgeous body, illuminated by the thin raise of light streaming through the treetops. The passionate show heated up as Brooke worked Dr. Kim’s clothes off discarding them in a pile on the floor next to her own.

Brad’s mind wanted to explode at the thoughts smoldering in his head, but was overpowered by the arousal he felt watching the two beautiful women as they performed for their seated admirer. Nick watched as his two female companions explored the silky flesh and traded wet kisses.

Kim pulled her lips free placing her hands on Brooke’s shoulders and pushing her down to her knees. Brooke eagerly took her place between Dr. Kim’s parted legs and knew exactly what to do. Brooke enthusiastic lapped away at her friends moistening opening as Nick unbuttoned his pants, pulling them down to expose himself.

Brooke reached up parting Kim, attempting to get at areas otherwise inaccessibly within, the heat of their passion now boiling over and affecting Nick as he pulled him-self free, stroking his growing cock. Dr. Kim lifted her leg placing it over Brooke’s shoulder and carefully balancing herself as Brooke continued her tongue lashing as the soft moans gradually started escaping from Kim’s elated body.

Brooke squeezed Kim’s ass pulling her in tight as she bucked herself into Brooke’s eager mouth, trying hard to maintain her balance and not fall. As Brooke continued her kneading and tasting, the light moans of Kim’s approval gave way to squeals of ecstasy and the bucking of a lustful slut.

Nick took his hand away from his member, apparently trying to prolong his enjoyment as Brooke rose from her knees taking her seat on the table directly in front of Nick.

Brad thought he could read Brooke’s lips when she demanded Kim eat her, leaning back to give Kim a perfect view of her most important spots. Kim dove right in, returning the favor hungrily devouring Brooke’s bubbling pit of desire. The distance may have been far, but the passion had no trouble filling the mountain air wafting its way over to Brad’s secret spot.

Brooke let out a serious of high pitched moans as she filed Kim’s mouth with the wet pleasure of her orgasm. The two women embraced sharing their combined flavor with a great full kiss, as Nick stood up from his padded seat, joining them to share in the reward.

Nick worked his way between the two women darting his tongue from one to the other gathering as much of their combined juice as he could retrieve. The two naked beauties shared their half-naked prince while Brad continued his secret observation from behind the giant oak. Brad forgot all about the pain of Brooke’s betrayal as he once again found him-self overwhelmed with arousal at her activities. She was now on her knees pulling the open pants from nicks waist, pulling them out of her way, and allowing them to bunch up at his feet. She took his already stiffened cock into her waiting mouth as Kim continued wresting his tongue with hers.

Brooke had Nick’s cock worked into a rock hard mass when Kim kneelt next to her, to share in the pleasures. Brooke and Kim shared Nick’s massive tool. Back and forth the women would plunge themselves as deep as possible before withdrawing him and sharing it with the other. The slurping sounds of passion rolled down the hill landing in Brad’s gut, reminding him of ankara escort bayan the sexual power Brooke wielded. Her experienced mouth made quick work of Nick’s resolve and soon his grunts of approval overtook the sucking sounds of the two sluts at his feet.

Kim took Nick in her hand, franticly jerking him into Brooke’s open mouth, as she looked up with her hungry tongue hanging in anticipation. The first burst of white cream shot violently missing its intended target and hitting Brooke in the face. Un deterred by the slight miscalculation Kim adjusted her pumping hand and managed to land the second shot directly on Brooke’s outstretched tongue. One by one Nick’s fountain of passion covered Brooke’s lips and tongue.

As Nick pulled him-self back freeing him-self from Kim’s grip, she turned her attention to Brooke’s cum covered treasure. Kim began licking and sucking the dripping mess from Brooke as the two swirled tongues painting each other white with passion. The two woman savored the flavor, sharing him like the sister sluts they were.

Brad was unconsciously rubbing him-self as he watched the two woman completely exposing there unrestrained sexuality to the whole forest. The pain of his erection, swollen, pushing against the bars of his prison was once again a familiar feeling.

Nick watched the two perform their lewd dance kneeling before him, as he kicked off his shoes and removed his pants, tossing them in the ever growing pile of clothes. As he stepped forward to rejoin the fun, Brooke stood up stepping out of the way. Brooke took Nick’s place in the rustic cabin chair settling in, softly fondling herself as Nick pushed Kim to the floor, rapidly pushing him-self between her spread legs.

Brooke leaned back in the chair kneading her breasts and rubbing her nipples as she watched Nick violently pound Kim. Brad could barely see the two as they fucked in the open air like animals for all of nature to see. The grunts and moans filled the air as the vision of Nick’s ass poked up in time to the sounds of passion, as Brooke used both her hands to pleasure herself at the sight of her two lover’s passion.

Brad had seen enough. The vision of her passion with Kim was amazingly erotic. The vision of her sharing her favorite cock with Kim was incredibly arousing. The sight of her self-pleasuring while she watched her two bed buddies fucking was incredible. But the knowledge that she had given her body forever over to Nick the way she had was just too much. Brad snuck out from behind his redwood cover and slipped down the steps and headed for the only place he could think to go, the bar.

Barely a thought was able to penetrate his mind as he focused solely on getting a drink. The only thing he could think to do was drink to forget the sight of her leaving that shop with Nick, permanently marked as his. Brad rushed up to the bar and ordered a shot of Jack slamming it down and ordering another. Two shots later, and he was ordering a double, trying to figure out where to go from here.

The thought of getting in his car and leaving crossed his mind, but the thought he would never see Brooke again was more than he could stand to consider. There was no use in running back up the hill to confront her and Nick about it, it was already too late for that. There was nothing he could do about it. Brooke had made her choice, and it was Nick not him.

Two more shots and Brad was feeling the buzz of the whisky as it warmed his already boiling soul. His hurt and frustration was warming and turning to anger. The last three weeks of sacrifice and self-exploration had all been for nothing. They came here to improve their relationship and expand on it not to destroy it. The fact that Nick had seduced Brooke away from him was infuriating. Yeah at least it wasn’t the selfish pig Logan that had won her over, but did it really matter at this point?

Brad felt like a fool. He had been broken down and re built. He had gone from believing he had lost his girlfriend completely to hoping he could win her back to believing he had won her heart if not her holes. The only thing he had left was the hope he could hold the only key to her heart, even if she was the one that held the key to his sex.

Shot after shot the pain turned to anger, as he sat at the bar opening and closing the little grey box, that held his dreams, visions of Nick’s name forever on his precious Brooke.

The misty fog of the whisky rolled in as the sun set and the lights of the bar came on, replacing the natural light from outside.

“Hey I think you’ve had enough buddy.” The bartender said, as Brad tried to order another.

“Fine I’ll get one at the cantina instead.” Brad spat pushing his stool away and stumbling towards the door.

Brad was having trouble focusing as he made his way to the cantina where most of the table where already filled. He had completely forgotten about meeting Brooke for dinner, and wondered if she was even there, as he headed over to where their table was.

To Brad’s surprise Brooke was sitting there at the four top with not only Nick but Logan as well. The three of them where cheerfully chatting as Brad stumbled up, leaning on the back of the empty chair to stabilize himself.

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