Confluence of 3 Stories

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Asa Akira

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What one finds pretty may not be of so much appeal to another and vice versa. Some objects and some people on the other hand are liked by most people who set their eyes on them. Annette was that kind of pretty which most men couldn’t take their eyes off.

Annette entered her two bedroom apartment and kicked off her running shoes. She took off the earphones and ditched her bag on the sofa. She ran 5 miles, four days a week, after her shift. She hadn’t run the previous day to save it for that day. She reckoned she’ll need the feel good hormones a plenty.

She bundled and threw her sweat shirt and shorts into the wash basket. She poured some Finnish vodka into a glass over ice and admired her toned form in the full length mirror of her shower. She wanted a stiff drink before Greg came over. She felt a pang again at the thought of Greg and nearly drowned her glass. She poured more.

Annette usually had two energy bars before she ran, so she dined late. She dried her soft hair after the shower, put on a satin robe and bathed in perfume. Irrespective of the complicatedness of the situation, she had to give Greg the time of his life. He deserved it for being the guy he was.

Annette looked at the mirror on her dresser again. The peach satin robe caressed her form as it fell over her. It began in a Chinese collar under her hair at the shoulders and dove into a long ‘V’ between her breasts. Her nipples stood out in anticipation. The robe ended just at the helm of her toned thighs and concealed her verge, that too only if one were looking at her standing. She looked every inch the goddess that she was.

Annette heard Nolan shower in the next bedroom. He hummed tunes when he showered. It was annoying but Nolan was a sweet big guy who was nursing a broken heart the way Annette saw it.

Annette shared her apartment with Nolan who was pursuing his PhD at the university. Contrary to what one would expect a PhD student to look like, he was well built, bulky and did weights. He was also her closest friend Stacey’s ex boyfriend. They had broken up a week ago and Annette suspected that she might have been the reason.

2 years ago, Annette had let Nolan rent in with her at Stacey’s request. She had thought shell see more of Stacey too but she hadn’t known they would split. It was odd. She sympathised with Nolan knowing Stacey was a jealous dominant sort . Nolan was also close to Annette as he had stayed in the same apartment for 2 years. That made Annette’s position quite awkward. Also there was the weird thing he had said to her when she was consoling him about Stacey two nights ago.

Annette rushed to the door when the bell rang. The suave Dr Greg Roberts stood at the doorway with flowers in his arms. Annette thought this guy was the best man she had ever known and yet there he stood.

Dr Greg Roberts was a neurosurgeon at the Medline multispeciality hospital. Friends called him Dr Strange after the Marvel character. He was tall, calm, composed and always in control. He had a toned body which he moved with a swag and artistic hands that did their job in the OR.

Annette at 28 was the physiotherapist that helped many of Dr Greg’s patients rehabilitate after surgery. She knew Greg from childhood though. They went to the same school from the same neighbourhood. Greg was 2 or 3 years her senior. In college, they were inseperable. After few years of med school, they finally ended up working at the same institution. They had a platonic thing going between them like always. Hospital staff often spoke ridiculously about them. But they were just awesome friends. Greg was married and was going good with his wife.

Annette hated that she’d unwittingly forced Greg to come that day especially for the ridiculous reason. She hadn’t had sex for a year since she broke up with Derek. Derek, was a waste of a year. She fell for him when he came for his shoulder therapy sessions to her. He had injured it in a base ball match that he played for his company. Derek sucked. In life and in bed.

Greg handed Annette the bouquet and gave his practiced confident smile. But she was sure he was awkward as hell. Annette had complained to Greg, drunk, a week ago that she had a non existent sex life. That she’d be leaving town for a training programme for 6 months and won’t land a dick for that time. She had pleaded Greg to screw her wild before she left. She was drunk and astonished beyond belief when he had agreed and had meant it. Greg would have done anything for her. And here he was!

Annette turned to hide her doubt and went to fetch him a beer. She knew he didn’t have vodka. She knew him probably more than his wife.

She handed him a beer and sipped vodka not knowing how to begin. She was already light headed from her previous glass. Nolan had just come out from the shower and looked appraisingly at her. In his weaker moment two days ago, he had made a pass at Annette bursa escort and said that he would have gone for Annette any day over Stacey. Annette had thought this was in rebound but it looked like he meant it.

Nolan had walked in twice on Annette and Derek in the past, had stared longingly and left quietly like a gentle giant. Annette had noticed.

Now they stood in the sitting room, Nolan looking hurt, Greg unaware of the Nolan situation and Annette awkward at both ends. She was also wet. She knew she shouldn’t have asked Greg for the favour and definitely not have gone along with it. Greg was married damn it!

She downed her vodka and left for her room. Greg followed her and shut the door gently behind them. Greg may have longed for Annette sometime in the past but that might have been hormonal. He was feeling a stiff erection as he saw Annette’s tight behind through her satins.

Annette breathed in hard and thought, what the hell!

She turned, sipped, left her glass on her dresser and went towards Greg. Greg was calm as ever. She knelt in front of him and brought out Greg’s member. It was bigger than Annette had imagined. She had cravings when they were younger too right? She had thought of his dick more often than she would have liked to admit

She held his throbbing manhood in her hand and stroked gently. Greg didn’t even flinch. Dr Strange! She reluctantly looked up at him with fiery eyes. She was buzzing with the vodka. She gave his raw tip a tentative lick. He beamed and had a swig at his beer. She licked again. He tasted hormonal. Then she held him at his base and swallowed whole. He breathed out gently! How could he be so composed?

Annette sucked hard. She gathered a to and fro movement and slid on and off effortlessly. He stiffened. She wondered why had this never happened before. She was bold now and had lost the entire awkward feeling. She slurped. After a few strokes, he held her hair behind her and pushed into her mouth gently. It filled her mouth full. He was really long. She loved the feeling.

Greg withdrew when Annette sensed he was about to explode. She climbed up his sturdy frame and kissed him deeply. He sucked her lips and pulled her up by her ass. She wrapped her thighs and legs around his trunk. He circled his middle finger on her verge from under her butt cheeks. She moaned passionately.

Annette was buzzing with alcohol, high from what Greg was doing to her and pleased that she was having sex after what she thought was a century. She was also being carried to bed by Greg. The feel of his meat between her thighs was thrilling.

Greg placed her flat onto the bed on the edge. Her robe lay open spread on the bed like Dr Greg would open a sterile pack of instruments. Her back arched in anticipation. Before she knew it, Greg had smoothly entered her and penetrated deeply. She noted again how long he was! With his full length inside her, he was still a millimeter away from her.

Greg had unbuttoned his shirt and rolled his sleeves. Besides this he had on nothing. His toned abs tensed and relaxed as he shoved in and out of her. She was surprised she was so well oiled considering her pussy had had no practice since Derek. Greg’s piston pleasured her no end. She had already come once. She wondered if things would have been different between them if they’d done this earlier..

Greg leaned forwards and put one fist on the bed near Annette. He caressed Annette’s soft breast with the other and propped it up. Shivers went down Annette’s body. She stretched her arms over head and arched with pleasure. While still pistoning, Greg sucked on Annette’s perky breasts. He rolled his tongue around her tense nipple. She moaned, “Mmmhhh!”

He got up to his full height on the edge of the bed and pressed gently on Annette’s soft mound. It changed the feeling in her vault completely. She was now being pounded with a very different feel. She came again..

Annette sensed that Greg was about to come from the increase in his speed. But she was going to play naughty. She pushed him away gently with her feet on his chest. He looked surprised but wicked when he realised what she wanted to do.

She motioned him to lie down. He complied. She went on all 4 and approached his manhood that looked like a rocket ready to launch. It was slick with her juices. She cat crawled to him and took his shaft in her hand. She swallowed it whole. He exhaled. She could taste her juices and his at the same time. It was a heady cocktail. She slid slowly and deliberately. She milked everytime she came back. She lashed against the tip.

Annettes eyes became like saucers with surprise, almost shock, when a pair of extra hands felt her ass. She looked behind with Greg’s cock still in her mouth. Nolan was standing behind her, stark naked, uninvited, with a raging and thick cock pointing ahead of him. Nolan unlike Greg was muscular, beefed up with hours spent in lifting weights. bursa escort bayan He was pure meat and muscle. He had probably walked in on them, probably purposely and probably hadn’t been able to resist his desire. He came up from behind Annette and groped her ass fairly roughly.

Annette’s initial alarm changed into acceptance or probably invitation. She couldn’t regret being pleasured by two men like this could she? She smiled at Nolan and let him go on. She kept a gentle hand on Greg’s chest indicating him to relax and go with the flow when she saw Greg getting ready to go up in flames when he saw Nolan naked and touching Annette. She motioned to him that it would be ok.

Nolan spanked Annette’s tight ass gently and felt her up. His tough callused hands then went over her waist and found both her breasts. He squeezed hard. She could have yelped, but the rough feel of Nolan’s Callused hands made her feel ironically aroused. They were so different from Greg’s gently surgeon’s hands.

She was wet and her juices were almost trickling down her thigh. She kept sucking Greg dry and felt Nolan rub his dick on her verge. He entered her with a definitive firm shove. Boy, was he huge! He wasn’t long unlike Greg as his loins came crashing on her butt. But he was thick and she thought she was being stretched to limits. She was loving the feel!

Nolan shoved in a few strokes, his balls smacking hard against Annette’s tenders. Then he withdrew abruptly. She looked behind at him, Greg’s cock still between her lips and her eyes pleaded Nolan to not stop.

Nolan placed his thickness on Annette’s tight asshole and saw her startle. Was he going to invade her ass?

Annette paused, gulped down the rest of the vodka from her glass and went back to Greg’s cock. She presented her ass high up to Nolan. Well here they were, Annette, her best friend Greg and her room mate Nolan, who was also her closest friends ex boyfriend, going at it, to give solace to carnal needs. It couldn’t be more awkward than this. It shouldn’t be a problem to have one more of her dark fantasies indulged. It was now or never. She braced for impact.

Nolan was more considerate and gentle towards her ass than he was for her pussy. He knew she was an ass virgin. She would need some time. He had pretty much pierced her well oiled pussy like a bullet. He wet his finger with her juice and applied some to her ass hole. He applied some to his cock. Annette was now stroking Greg and looking a tad bit scared at Nolan. Greg was watching calmly as ever.

Nolan spanked Annette and put his thickness on her verge. He held Annette by the waist and pushed gently but resolutely. Annette, buzzing with vodka moaned. Within seconds, which Annette counted as eternity, Nolan was all in. She thought she would never be able to take in Nolan’s girth but there he was all the way in. She bent her neck and felt pleasure like never before as Nolan picked up pace. He was soon ramming into her ass like a log barrel that was historically used to break down fortress gates.

2 years ago, Greg and his wife Florence had hit a dry patch. He had confided in Annette, she being his closest pal. Annette had counselled both and got things going again for them. Greg owed a lot to Annette. So he had even agreed to offer Annette the ultimate pleasure just coz she asked.

Few months ago though, Greg and his wife had relapsed and had nearly grown apart. They were even contemplating divorce but Annette hadn’t known this yet. Annette on the contrary amidst all this sexual overdose, felt for Greg and hoped this didn’t drive Greg’s relationship with his wife downhill..

Amidst Nolan’s pounding, Annette thought Greg ought to get more than just getting stroked by her. Nolan wouldn’t stop his bull charge till he came and it would take him long to come. Stacey had told her this. He was a tireless machine who liked to plough for minutes on end. His pleasure and sexual prowess was all about lasting and pounding.

She stood up on her knees and turned to kiss Nolan while he was still plunging. His barrage slowed down. He caressed her breast with one hand and steadied her waist with another. Smack! Smack! Smack! Relentless..

She demurely pushed him away. He reluctantly decreased pace and then came out of her. She waddled over to the dresser, her ass gaping with the pounding. Poured another glass of vodka and breathed it down. She walked back to Greg who was lying on the bed, his cock still rock hard. She gave his cock a rub and then straddled him, face towards him. His length slid into her just as easily a before. She bit her lip with pleasure as Greg’s length filled her deeply.

Nolan downed a glass of vodka and paced like a caged animal. Annette rocked smoothly on Greg’s member and Nolan saw it disappear inside her and appear again at precisely timed intervals. Annette beckoned Nolan and he obeyed. She took Nolan’s member in her hand and her eyes became escort bursa big as saucers. She couldn’t bring her fingers to close around Nolan’s girth! He was thick with a capital T.

She managed to wrap her lips around Nolan’s girth and slid to and fro. It was a completely different taste than Greg’s. She wondered if he tasted different because of his brawn, his muscle, or was it just because he was another guy. She had never sucked on two cocks at the same time ever. She hadn’t sucked a cock in a year anyways..

Greg had pulled her down close to him now. He held her firmly across the waist and planted both his feet firmly on the bed. Annette let Nolan go and crossed her arms around Greg’s neck. She had never been this close to him. Never in such circumstances anyway. Greg pinned her by the waist and picked up momentum. The surgeon was in control again. Annette just held tight and devoured the graceful, smooth but high speed entries that Greg was affecting. On a seismograph, it would have looked like an earth quake. Only a smooth one. She had lost count of the times she had already come.

Nolan had chugged a shot or two of vodka and was feeling left out from all the action. When Greg slowed, he got his opportunity and came into them from behind. Annettes ass looked divine from where he stood. Greg was still plunging into her. He put one massive thigh across of Greg’s from behind Annette and held her to slow their pace.

Annette guessed what was about to happen. She had a feeling that one gets before a roller coaster is about to plunge towards the ground. A rumble in the tummy, clenched muscles and the anticipation of sheer pleasure. She dug her nails into Greg’s neck as Nolan placed his massiveness on her ass verge and pushed. Greg was still in her pussy. She couldn’t possibly think how they were gonna fit inside her together. But she was gonna brave it.

She kissed Greg deeply and gave Nolan a dirty wicked smile. Nolan shoved and she felt both of them in her. Aaah!

They were both all in. The length and breadth of them.

This was the culmination of her sordid sex life, Greg’s miserable married life and Nolan’s failed love life all at once, through all the awkwardness, through all the uncertainty. She was being pleasured in the most filling way she could have ever imagined by two of the most awesome men. She wished Derek could have watched now! She would have levelled revenge too.

But they weren’t here for revenge. They were all having fun. Coz they deserved it.

Greg and Nolan were alternating entries and Annette was high, gyrating to the smacks, the moans, the groans and the pleasurable yelps. She wondered if one could pass out from pleasure. She knew she would.

After what seemed like hours, she was surprised that Nolan shot into her first and groaned aloud. In her mind, she’d thought Dr Strange would let off first. She had lost a wager with herself!

Nolan slumped and stayed inside her while Greg sped again. He lost control to The erotic visual of Nolan’s big hands cupping Annette’s beautiful breasts while she shut her eyes with unbelievable pleasure as Greg pounded into her. He shot deeply into her and breathed out.

They felt each others hot, raging sweaty bodies. Nolan and Greg sandwiched Annette between them. She felt loved. Cared about. Pleasured. Screwed. At peace with herself and her needs after a year.

She pushed Nolan off her and he fell around and slept on her bed. She kissed Greg gently, and beamed at him. He smiled warmly. She unstraddled him and walked unsteadily and sore to the shower.

Annette entered her tub and opened the warm water spout. Next thing she knew, bright daylight was shining into her bath from the tinted glass. Her pussy and ass felt divine despite the pounding. She also felt a weird kind of relief or may be release. She couldn’t decide which or what exactly. All she knew was that she was feeling ecstatic.

She realised the warm water spout had been turned off and her robe hung neatly on a hanger close to her. A pot of coffee stood warm in her kitchen with a mug next to it and a note under it. It was undoubtedly from the very Suave Dr Greg Roberts. It just read, “Will miss u loads! Wish I’d have known u this way earlier. Guess it’s never too late!” A hot take away of blueberry cake and pretzels awaited her on the snack table when she reached with her coffee. Talk about Greg’s class and chivalry. Only he could do this. And all this before he left for his morning surgery. Surgical machine!

Nolan had left too. She remembered he had spoken of a presentation he had to make in the morning. She worried if he was able to walk normally to class. After breakfast, a text from Nolan read, “You’re awesome! Let’s do this again? Can we clock longer this time though? Do u wanna join me at the gym this evening before we go at it again?” Annette let out a groan! Symbolic of her full faith in Nolan’s vanity! But she smiled inwardly at the terrific evening she had had last. She also blushed when she found herself actually considering running on the treadmill with Nolan sometime at his gym!

Was this the beginning of 3 new stories or the end she wondered?


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