Bisexual Black Policeman

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Howdy, folks. My name is Patrick Stiles and I’m a big and tall black man living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I’m a first-rate sexual adventurer and I’ve got a delightfully raunchy tale to share with you. I’m into the whole swinger thing. It’s fun. A man like myself is quite desirable on the Swinger scene. A six-foot-six, 240-pound former U.S. Marine and Boston City Police Sergeant who happens to have an open mind and a twelve-inch, uncut black super cock. My sex partners line up for an audience with me, if you can believe that.

A long time ago, I led a very different lifestyle. I was a card-carrying member of the toughest fighting unit in the United States Marine Corps. As you know, they’re not really tolerant of gay and bisexual men. So, I kept my bisexuality to myself. I married a Haitian-American woman named Michelle Leveux and for a time, I was happy. Unfortunately, marrying her proved to be a mistake. Michelle was a bitter woman still reeling from a previous marriage. Also, she was a chain smoker. She was not terribly attractive either. A five-foot-four, jet-black and short-haired, kind of gaunt woman with a plain face and a fat ass. We were married in 1984, when I was twenty years old. We had two sons together, Lucas and Stanford. They were both born in 1985.

Life with Michelle was never pleasant. She was quiet and sullen most of the time. We had a big dispute over the health of our sons. Michelle wanted to circumcise them. I don’t believe in male circumcision. I consider it to be an outdated and barbaric practice. I am uncut and I’ve never had any health issues. After much debate, Michelle agreed not to circumcise our sons. They would grow up whole and healthy, just like their dad. I tried to make the best of a bad situation. I loved being a U.S. Marine, and I also loved my sons. Not even an angel could have saved my marriage. It fell apart. Michelle and I separated in 1999. She died in a car accident that same year. I gained sole custody of my sons. That year, I left the United States Marines and joined the Boston Police Department. I liked being a policeman. In 2004, both my sons began their canlı bahis college careers. Stanford went to UMass-Amherst on a football scholarship. Lucas went to Boston College. As for me, I was now free to explore a side of myself which I had repressed for ages. My mostly hidden but always present attraction to both men and women. I decided to make up for lost time. I hooked up with several men and a few women. Along the way, I discovered that I was a sexual dynamo whose attention many people craved.

Presently, I’m spending some time with this middle-aged white couple. They were both Orthodox Jews and lifelong New England residents who dabbled in the Swinger lifestyle. Luther and Marianne Stewart. Luther is a tall, skinny, balding white guy with red hair and green eyes. He’s an Certified Public Accountant whose office is based in the city of Milton. His wife Marianne is tall, large-breasted, plump-bodied and big-bottomed. She has short blonde hair and dark green eyes. She’s a former Milton City Firefighter who became a housewife after an accident ended her career. I met them online. It’s amazing what you can find in those chat rooms. They were both quite eager to get with me. They invited me to a nice pad they had in the Back Bay of Boston. I didn’t disappoint.

We were all in bed, happily romping away. Marianne sucked on my big black cock while Luther licked my ass. The middle-aged white guy really liked licking ass. His wife couldn’t get enough of my cock. This Jewish woman was utterly fascinated by my uncircumcised dick. She kept pulling back the foreskin and playing with it. I shoved my cock into her mouth. She sucked me off. Man, having Marianne sucking my dick while her husband Luther licked my ass was definitely turning me on. It’s good to be a bisexual black man in America! Marianne sucked my dick until I came, then she eagerly drank my manly cum. Watching this plump white woman lick my cum definitely turned me on.

Meanwhile, Luther was fingering my ass. I’m fully versatile, so I didn’t mind. I’m down with all kinds of kinky stuff. Later, the action got even wilder. Luther slid his cock into my ass. bahis siteleri The white dude had an eight-inch cock. It wasn’t as thick as mine but I didn’t complain as he managed to fill my ass completely. Luther placed his hands on my hips as he pumped his cock into my ass. I grunted, and groaned in pleasure. Meanwhile, Marianne resumed sucking my cock. She was really good at that. I must say that I was definitely having the time of my life. Luther pounded his dick into my ass until he came, flooding my ass with his cum.

Afterwards, I had a go with Luther’s ass. I put him on all fours and pressed my big black uncircumcised dick against his tight asshole. Luther had a tight ass. I had a lot of fun fucking him. I gripped his narrow hips as I slammed my cock into his asshole. The white guy squealed in pleasure and begged me for more. Meanwhile, his wife Marianne sucked on his cock and balls. She was really good at that. That I knew for sure. Luther’s tight ass felt wonderful around my dick. It didn’t take me long to cum. I flooded Luther’s tight ass with my hot manly cum. Both Luther and I screamed in pleasure. A few moments later, Luther did some joyfully solo screaming as he came in his wife’s mouth, thanks to her expert cock sucking. Marianne eagerly drank her husband’s cum. Afterwards, the three of us lay on the bed, sighing happily. We rested a bit, then went to work on Marianne.

Luther spread his wife’s plump legs and went to work on her pussy. I busied myself sucking on her big tits. Marianna was thrilled to have the two of us focus on her for a change. Luther fingered and licked his wife’s pussy while I fondled her tits. Afterwards, he slid his cock into her pussy. I watched him as he fucked, slamming his dick into her pussy. The guy was having fun. Marianne squealed as he put it to her. I guess he knew what she liked. I stroked my cock while they did their thing. Afterwards, I had a go with Marianne. Only she didn’t want me in her pussy. She wanted me in her ass. I was a bit surprised. She grinned, and told me that since her hubby loved having my dick up his ass, she couldn’t wait to have me in her own ass. bahis şirketleri I grinned. Let’s roll!

Marianne got on all fours, and spread her plump white butt cheeks wide open. I rubbed my dick, and pressed it against her asshole. With a swift thrust, I went in. Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve had anal sex with about thirty five men and maybe eight to ten women. I enjoy anal sex with both sexes. Everyone’s got an asshole and it deserves to be lubed and fucked. It just might bring us closer to World Peace. I put my hands on Marianne’s wide hips, and pushed my cock into her booty hole. Marianne screamed as I began fucking her in the ass. Her husband Luther sat nearby, stroking his cock as he watched us. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

Marianne’s asshole felt wonderfully warm and tight around my cock. I sensed that she was no stranger to anal sex, though she probably didn’t try it as often as Luther did. His butt hole was slightly less tight, but still thoroughly enjoyable. I shoved my dick deep into Marianne’s asshole. The big white woman bucked wildly as I fucked her. I decided to take it slow. Taking twelve inches of hard black dick up your ass isn’t easy, whether you’re a man or woman. Slowly but surely, my cock pushed further, until it filled every inch of Marianne’s asshole. Until there was nowhere to go. That’s when I came. I shot my load, sending it deep inside the forbidden depths of her tight backdoor. Marianne shrieked in pain mixed with pleasure. Slowly, I squeezed my dick from her buns. She sighed in relieved pleasure. I smiled, and patted her plump booty. This was fun.

Half an hour later, I was fresh from the shower and had my clothes back on. I parted from the wonderful, and pleasurable company of Luther and Marianne, the friendly, and sexually adventurous Jewish couple from Milton. I walked back to my Hummer with an extra bounce on my step. It’s always fun to find like-minded people. Truth be told, I felt somewhat envious of Luther. He was a bisexual man whose wife embraced his dual sexuality and made it a welcome part of their romantic relationship. Most bisexual men aren’t so lucky. I’m not so lucky. But I had what I needed. A good career as a Boston City policeman. Two wonderful collegiate sons. Plus the satisfaction I get for being an openly bisexual man in a city that embraces sexual diversity. This is my life.

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